Vile Indignation

Vile Indignation

The democratic process has always engaged in the passionate conduct. Over the years, it transforms the mudslinging that resulted in harsh and ill-minded feelings but, in a small display, decency played a minor-league role somehow. The agony of defeat can impose on the emotions of the one who must concede to the victor. Graciously, and humbly accepting a loss is always the most dignify way to behave after a defeat by a concession speech, which advocates goodwill and solace for your opponent future position. The norm of such apparent actions looks almost inevitably a non-starter for Donald’s vile indignation when he losses on Election Day! The theme pushed by Donald and his surrogates, “This election is rigged” echoes like a beating drum that questions the integrity of the democratic process as fraudulently fixed to change the outcome in his opponent’s favor. Deflecting the self-inflicted wounds from a Hollywood Access video that surface – where he admitted to sexual criminal acts he felt entitled to.

The vile indignation delivered by the Trump campaign sets a new low for politics. When losing an election fairly, and you fictitiously create doubt in the integrity of the electoral process through dangerous baseless conspiracies – chaos is the only outcome. Can we continue to accept the divisive rhetoric in this election course? The media lowered the bar when they started peddling hack emails through a known source of unscrupulosity reporting as a reliable and truthful player of information. WikiLeaks is a controversial element resource linked to Russia as a conduit to deliver unsavory information to the public. They target their enemies in the name of public interest that empowers the citizens in world societies with much-needed revelations against governments, and powerful individuals. The scary thing about an outfit like WikiLeaks is that anytime, they could reverse their target collection by violating the private servers containing information without regards.

The media must maintain some integrity measures that show responsible journalism as a model they thrive on without compromise. They should display-investigated journalism as a badge of honor. Yeah, sure, many people would like to have sound-bite news that penetrates the hidden walls of secrecy regardless how it was obtained, but “careful on what you wish for!” National Security is at stake; when you endorse information acquire by (Russian Hackers) those who have the capability to intrude upon financial, military, and private business systems carrying vital and relative public information. Any security breach of that proportion would devastate our norms, and Donald Trump is encouraging Russia to invade the privacy of his opponent for political gains. I, myself, find it impossible that the danger signs of supporting a presidential candidate with vile indignation that Donald J Trump possess seems disturbing and un-American. Thank God, we only have a third of un-American people in the country that supports Trump, because the two/third is the Americans that keep some type of sanity for a robust and balanced nation to exist.

You can think of my modest opinion on the subjects as over the top, but the entire election cycle is over the top. Standard practices of civil engagement are like some foreign operation that deem civility as capitulating or compromising your position, so insulting and embarrassing your opponent is more feasible – changes the decency of a goodwill system in politics. I call it as I see it. The supporters of Donald Trump are deplorable people who feel fact base principles need not apply for a rational discussion, and conspiracies are the viable practice to a more realistic society. Their chagrin exposes strive that propels the parapet of conviviality as a challenging opposition that destroys decent-proposals. They are the people who foment unrealistic statistics that serve their appetite for hate – until they cannot see the aspect of truth in an economy that constructively afforded them job increases, not decreases. The flaccid health system that denied preexistent sickness, which jeopardizes the lives of hundreds of thousands in America from receiving the health care they deserved. Today, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) reverse the death rate of people who died from insurance companies refusing care for preexisting sickness, an outcome that produced thousands of early deaths in America.

Our dependency on foreign oil has diminished dramatically during President Obama eight years tenure, making us a more autonomous nation from the years prior to his presidency. The representation on the foreign and domestic stage by the Obama family is without a doubt astonishing and esteemed in the eyes of the world… something we all can take pride with seeing in a family. This president diplomacy only presented great orator abilities that demonstrated poise, analytical consciousness, and at times professorial in his vernacular but never too overwhelming for one to comprehend. President Obama’s demeanor programmed a model persona that complimented the opposition who tried to sabotage every position or proposal he embraced… a climate that never reduces him to combative and irrational thinking or dereliction of his presidential duties. I have nothing but appreciation for a family and president who can possess such high qualities that the Obama’s shown yet, the Trump supporters hold some sort of aberration for our first black presidential family seems amusing.

The Trump supporters’ racial animus is so obvious that they rather see a birdbrain embarrassment in the oval office just because they cannot get over the fact that a black man ran this country for eight years – shows the division in this country is rooted from the stem of ignorance more so than realistic concerns. Most of the people who want their country back to iterative and stagnated principles are the very people who benefited from President Obama’s economic management of this country, despite the republicans’ dereliction of their sworn constitutional duties. Stupidity is bliss…! We can never achieve economic prosperity by austerity because it acts contrary to the elite’s key component of capitalism, which thrives from the consumption of debt. Conservatism opposes the operation of a robust economy base on capitalism because of the stagnation effect derails economic viability. Reducing sovereignty conditions into a oppress state that inflates monetary conditions, which will devour the value of goods and service that hinders growth. The government must always maintain prudently and rationally economic spending posture with every expenditure undertake by a government as responsible stewards that represent the people’s currency, but we cannot derail progress for the name of conservatism.

The republicans want to create a system of plutocracy for the good of conservatism knowingly. Their master plan bears the banner of separatism that will historically heist the safety net system right from under our noses, so they can privatize entitlement programs making it a risk factor program for the stock market to experiment and engage in frivolous exercises to gain wealth. Anytime the republicans run the oval office, we are plunged into a recession when they leave office – burdening the successor who normally is a democrat with the reality of raising taxes to get our fiscal house in order. We saw this fiscal irresponsibility of the republicans play out repeatedly throughout our economic history. I cannot fathom the mindset of the median income workers who vote for republicans because they believe their constitutional values are protected under a conservative party, meanwhile; their economic stability is being destroyed simultaneously by conservative principles.

Donald J Trump epitomes a plutocratic system candidate who have not solidify any real policies via public announcement, except for vague rhetoric. Hillary Clinton advocates a robust and unequivocal policy stance in every area that viewpoint goals for this country. Hillary has a history of fighting the fight that represents minorities in this country and received the bruises and cuts that assassinated her character along the way. Heroic events always render the action of regret because we question the performance of our decisions that does not rescue all, but the reality only allows the recovery of a few who must reach for the many for a hero to succeed. Those who say they do not trust Hillary but accepts the barrage of mendacity that flows from the mouth of Donald injects blatant hypocrisy. Donald Trump whole enterprises were built on lies, mistrust, bankruptcies, and astronomical tax deductions that cheated our economic coffers for civil and military services around the world and country.

Donald incredible rant on the integrity of the voting franchise as a rigged system is an invitation to his supporters to take action, “any means necessary” for him to win this election. The subliminal message carries a form of disruptive principles that could inspire a violation of our political process – even fraudulent behavior, which can influence a win for Donald Trump by his supporters. “The dog whistle that encourages his voters to rig this election,” he thinks it is a smart strategy!

I will end my essayistic commentary with this; “we are responsible for our actions this 2016 election.” Electing a president should never make us dilemma on a suitable and logical choice because it is incumbent upon us to put partisan interest aside for us to make a sound and reasonable decision on who represents this country. That type of power cannot be taking in vain because of personal and selfish desires. We need a president with the temperament, poise, encyclopedic wisdom, intuitive nature, as well as experience, and Hillary R Clinton holds the entire gamut. The skill set qualities of Donald, are mediocre at best in comparison to Hillary or will we continue to “cut off the nose to spite the face.” Vote smart this year, vote democrat for prosperity or republican for oppressive policies you make the choice our future depends on it. Thank you for reading God bless you all that is MMO…

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Morning Stupidity

Morning Stupidity

I cannot fathom or entertain the criticism that cosigned some degree of respectful position for the actions Donald Trump has engaged in over the series of campaign revelations that offset the decency, which is pursuant of the presidency. I have the highest regards for Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and the morning Team that is why I feel disillusioned by their latest opinion on the 2nd Presidential Debate as some sought of winning strategy by Trump’s via performance. Mr. Trump behavior was erratic, combative, accusatory, disengaged, angry, and very juvenile with no penitence or sincere atonement for those he offended. There were no excoriating remarks weighing the dismal behavior of Donald Trump in any serious manner by the Morning Team. Instead, the morning team collapsed on the backbone and strong pundit attitude to inject an honest description that references truth, by implying those Trump dissenters in the Republican Party should feel regretful. Mika went as far as calling the dissenters, “pathetic, weak, and spineless.”

Comments like those that Morning Joe Team peddles, unfortunately, can mislead a segway understanding that perpetuates a determine force of people that feels obligated to support someone like Trump. Joe’s team diminishing the importance of calling out the madness that surface in the video of Donald Trump, exposed this past Friday as something not shocking for the misguided individuals who support for Donald is influential media-hype; explains the fact-free rhetoric of Trump comes from impropriety concerning the media responsibility to vet Donald’s claims. Donald has managed to maneuver the political landscape unchallenged, unscathed, and purposely enabled by the news-flash interest of journalism over fact base reporting, so we get the results of a Donald Trump supported by the typical association of bigotry.

Joe, Mika, and the Morning Team are a popular opinion of propaganda, buffoonery, and discontent for a realistic point of view. The complicit nature that compelled those journalists to condone the misbehavior of an idiot like Donald Trump, and now the frightened discourse has surrendered a shred of decency to appear – now publication is feeling responsible enough to report a long waited truth about Trump by doing something that should be generic seems hypocritical. The makeup system for total disrespect for one of the most analytical, prolific, professorial president that tenure the walls of the nation’s executive office; still cannot get you right-wing conspirators to put the title “president” before his name, being black or brown in this country is a hardship! I see the biased rhetoric that gets a push in some clandestine manner derailing truth by ‘Morning Stupidity’ only astounds me that such arrogance can be so contagious. MMO… over and out.

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Wake Up America!!

Wake Up America!!

Unveiling the truth always hurt but we must confront today’s combustive atmosphere orchestrated by a nostalgic nature to conserve an order of oppressive ideas that is baked-into antithesis behavior, which rivals the status-quo of progression. The key component that creates the Frankenstein illusion, which says, “Change is bad.” The phrase that echoes the society of the alt-right begins with thinking in a cocoon of freeze-framing a desired measure of time adopted through parental influence of the good old days. The hidden animus that opposes libertarian propriety and the will to enjoy practical freedoms endowed with equitable entitlement. No, no one can qualify the comfort of their kind; a foolish supreme race of people that prejudices comes uniformly through isolation and enslavement of others.

The 2016 Presidential Debate….

What can conspire the notion that prescript the mind frame that ignorance is the capital conclusion for plenary control over those different or an outfit that breaches your constituted ideas. Trump has gain habitual support from people who believe in capital conclusion; the aristocratic station of wealth that commands the right to unfairly mistreat, disrespect, intimidate, assassinate, and take advantage of others without consequences being dole out. Although, Trump’s supporters don’t sway his capital conclusion, they are inspired by his character to possess that optical-illusion of that rich slave master who ran the plantation humanely, but always made sure his slaves knew their place in life according to the good old days. So, they want to make “America Great Again” is not some inclusive idea that stretches a welcome mat for all walks of life… it regions only extends the shores of the feeble minded folks.

The Presidential Debate Fact Check…..

Many people cannot imagine that those types of people still exist. They do and their insane ideology was breast-fed from childhood through generation after generation, by no fault of their own except for pure ignorance. The Alt-Right generational influence is diminishing slowly but steadily over years, and because of a new interactive generation springing out of the trenches of the womb capable of overcoming generational prejudices due to advancement in technology. Technology allows them to learn and interphase pluralistic involvement that evade the superstitious persuasion maintain by paternalistic ideas passed down over the years that isolated inclusion. About 58% of republicans suffer the fate of prejudice persuasion passed down by their parents, which offsets the balance of equality, through the lens of conservatism, capitalism, austerity, and drape under the guise of fiscal-responsibility that infringes upon the freedom of progression.

The identity of myopic thinking people can always be notice by their antisocial characteristics, and their obstipation to compromise with reason no matter if the circumstances of wrong devalue their argument. They will cut off their nose to spite their face. They will convince themselves as a majority rule although they are really the minority, and if they lose, an argument or vote it is to a detriment regarding their ego no matter if the outcome is advantageous for both sides. They’re the imperialistic archives that pillage continents, countries, cities, and towns by any means necessary. The minions that supports Donald Trump believes in his declaration that taking the oil of an sovereign nation of people is a good thing without the burden of consequences, otherwise, “fair-gain” is how they see things.

Hillary Clinton Emails Is Just A Distraction…..

They have ostracize President Obama by delegitimizing him as one who is not considered a natural citizen base on their own loony belief, and Trump carried the mantle that raise the flag of the birther movement against our first black president. It did not matter if he’s truly a citizen, and the vetting process to becoming a president of this country is so rigorous, no, their goal was to punish the majority vote that put him in office, starting right from besmirching the executive station they held at such high regards once a black man presence grace its walls. The republicans in congress blatantly stopped the operation of practical function – by refusing to carry out the people’s business granted under the constitution as a mandatory sword oath of office requirement. The republicans short-change the mandate given by the people for President Obama to mitigate the burden of the financial crisis brought on by irresponsibility of governmental malfeasance. The right-wing unhappiness with having a black man control the sanctity of their must honorable enterprise did not sit-well for them so they denigrate its authoritative value by not serving the due-diligence of office obligated by the constitution.

These people call themselves patriots and loyal citizens when it fit their criteria only, and when it do not go their way, well, this country is going to hell in a hand basket, we are in dire straits and all hope is loss scenarios are the way they paint the picture of our country’s future. Because rational thinking people still exist is the only reason why their alternate reality can have an inkling of existence. Yes, we are the good of the world you wrongly consider the minority who balances this world from the chaos system implemented by your ludicrous ideology that only impoverish the growth of prosperity. You may think you’re the majority rule, and scorn at the idea of us superseding your authority by a faux minority belief, but we have outnumbered you since the 1900’s and expanding in population despite your eugenic programs and divisional tactics. They crippled the mandate of President Obama by austerity and divisionary propaganda that make us think we living in Gotham City the capitol of dire circumstances under our first black president – now they on the verge of duping us again by default, just because we think our first black president let us down. No, the contrary is we let our first black president down by giving him a filibustering congress of republicans.

“What Is Aleppo?” Gary Johnson Intelligence Crisis…

We cannot afford them to paint this picture of dystopia before us about President Obama left alone uphill battle achievements, as the worse thing since natural disaster hit this planet, on the contrary we must build on his achievements so it can become a realistic fixture in our lives by electing Hillary R Clinton for our next president. Gary Johnson is the biggest hoax since Santa Claus and an implant by the conservative to extract from Hillary’s chances of winning this election. Donald Trump doesn’t even mention this guy name, and it is because he knows it keeps him competitive with Hillary from blowing him out the water. A Narcissist like Donald would have attack Gary Johnson a long time ago if he thought for one moment he was interfering with his lead in anyway. My advice to all undecided voters that will never go for Donald but have reservation with voting for Hillary, so you think wasting a vote on a third or fourth place candidate is a statement. It will not value you in anyway and it will guarantee Donald Trump chances of succeeding in this election. The consequences of making an ill-advice statement could mean the next four years of a crook, liar, cheat, irrational, bloviating idiot the keys to the most prestige executive position ever, just to destroy our lives is the most dangerous thing we can do. Just look at the true patriotic Americans in the Republican Party that put country over party coming to the aid of Hillary Clinton by crossing over should tell you young people something about the importance with voting this year and voting for the right person matters base on dissident republicans’ actions. Please young people and undecided voters use sound judgment when casting your votes this election, and may The Most High Bless You All MMO out.

Gary Johnson Brain Freeze Makes Him A Joke…

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The Donald, The Ricky Of Our Future

The Donald


The Ricky Of Our Future

ricky_of_the_futureMany would say that the presidential primary of 2015 and 2016 delivered a roller coaster ride that held a hidden gem of surprise, at least on the GOP side. Seventeen candidates competing for the right to become the one left standing to represent the Republican Party for president of the United State of America. The emerging candidate who out performed sixteen political candidates of governmental experience – the insiders who seem lightly to capture the presumptive position as the standard-bearer for the GOP presidential nominee never stood a chance against the inexperience, obnoxious, loudmouth, unorthodox contestant named Donald J Trump.

Donald a self-claimed billionaire who borrowed 14 million dollars from his father that helped launched his real-estate business that exponentially exceeded his father’s real-estate business. Donald has managed to supersede all expectations by turning his skills taught by his father in real estate, and the political influence of his father’s into an enormous empire that facets reached the shores of Atlantic City, New Jersey’s fabulous casino & hotels. Donald in his own rite secured his place as a tycoon in the casino industry, and trademarked the Trump name into a logo that symbolized success. Donald’s brand has become a well know emblem throughout the world in the executive clothesline to the hotel apparatus globally.

Call it an enigma that manifested itself into a nightmare for the Republican Party leaders, when their presumptive nominee turns up to be Donald J Trump. The GOP leadership slowly and cold-heartedly extended their hands of commitment and acceptance, as they stagnantly endorsed Donald Trump, but how will they manage to stand by his side, how will they convince those whom just can’t crossover to embrace a elected presidential nominee that was chosen by the primary electorate? The dilemma that the GOP faces is more of a manufactured predicament than a coincidental misfortune of bad karma. Let’s replay our thoughts for just a moment….

Donald announces his bit for the presidency….

Back in 2011 when President Barack Obama was running against Mitt Romney as an incumbent candidate, the country along with the GOP tried to delegitimize Barack H Obama as an illegal immigrant. One of the most outspoken mouthpieces in the disgraceful accusations was no other than Donald Trump. Donald carried the banner for the birther movement; the movement that claimed President Obama was born in Kenya, therefore he does not qualify to be president under the constitution. When journalist asked members of the GOP the question about Obama’s birth status, they retorted with Disingenuous and vague responses that inflamed the insanity. We must come to the realization that this country called America has always practice racial animus that set a divide in America since the civil war.

Donald rode the horse of that animus right into today’s currency that voted him as the republican presumptive presidential nominee for 2016 to face the formidable democratic presumptive presidential nominee Hillary R Clinton for the general election. Bernie Sanders ignited a platform as a presidential candidate of the Democratic Party that galvanized young people in such a revolutionary way, he help set the tone of socialism through a looking glass, which implicates an economic unfairness perpetuated by the 1% money earners as creating a plutocratic society.

Although, Donald ran under the GOP banner, his unorthodoxy cultivate a estrange mannerism that has attracted the republican base as a candidate who defies the status-quo. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus finding it impossible to keep Donald outbursts in check, so he pretend to have some grips on the situation without pulling all his hair out. The republicans problem did not started with Trump. The GOP problem started when they decided to use the plight of fear as their secret weapon in a subliminal form that painted the picture, “the other guy is much worse than me,” scenario. Donald taken their same tactic to the fifth power and ran with it unchallenged, which wiped out their entire presidential line-up for 2016 primary. Conviction of principles is noble attributes anyone could respect but when you dishonestly embellish reality to create doubts in the minds of voters so you can gain advantage is despicable.

The GOP has lost the respect of their constituents while in the same practice managed to divide this country through racial animus. Donald may have become the recipient who benefited from the social disorder created by the GOP, and now they are stuck with this Frankenstein circumstances that can effectually send losses down-ballot this November 2016 election. Donald announced his candidacy on racial epithets against Hispanic immigrants in an accusatory way that incites a disproportionate segment of this country to galvanize around his racial platform. Donald beefed-up his insanely divide rhetoric by talking wall building, and deportation that aroused the hidden desires of racial animus lurking in the hearts of this country, which were oozing to explode into some, “take our country back,” episode. A marketing genius, Donald himself has always claim to be, used that impetus of ‘us against them’ secret code by subliminally converting it into the slogan, “Make America Great Again.” GOP had to known Donald’s platform slogan would help him not only galvanize the bitter taste people has for Washington DC, but set the momentum that afforded his win over sixteen other republican candidates.

Slogans are a keystone generator that can inspire support for those who really do not have any substantial policies or positive message. What a slogan does is open up a psychological initiation of feeling a part of a movement structure that supports your internal thoughts – even if the massaging may derail from your original excitement. Slogans can make you order a menu of items just to get one particular item that you desire. President Obama wired the minds of support with, “Yes We Can” in a time of economic distress. It fulfilled the impetus that an underdog situation can defeat the rich and powerful who crippled the economy through hope and perseverance of a unify America. The power of a slogan can make an army of three hundred; defeat an enemy of two thousand, just through the pure version of inspiring words.

Donald is not a prolific speaker, and he do get off message with conspiracies but he holds an unrelenting support among people who believe he can supply jobs. He leads Hillary Clinton in two categories that she should be leading in strongly, and that is the economy 51% to 43% and keeping America safe 50% to 46%, Donald leads in both polls. Seems bizarre that someone with no political experience can be leading one with extreme political experience – just do not add up… or maybe this country is so misled on the political process that they are deceived to believe that Donald can stir us on the right course undoubtedly.

Now moving forward to today’s currency, Hillary still has a shackle of nondisclosures involving emails, and the Clinton’s Foundation. Relevantly, the conundrum faced by Hillary and her campaign surrounds the questions dealing with the “integrity of trust,” something every voter has the right to inquire about before they support the position of employing anyone to the highest office in the land…! Although, Donald is the most unworthy opponent any opposition has ever faced. Donald has a workable path to victory if Hillary does not bury this lingering excerption of her character that continues to paint the picture of untrustworthiness as her hallmark nature of her modus operandi. The structure of Washington and Government as a whole has gone distorted, not because their own infractions and lust for money and power, but by the general failure of citizens that curves the responsibility to hold their public official to their sworn obligations. The obligatory methods of due diligence falls under the constitution oath every public official within civil service must be held to as a standard, we the people is the check and balance that assures those public responsibilities are met honestly and judicially according to constitution law.

Every public official come in with modest yearly salaries, but leave office with a hefty millionaire status after a four-year term seems incredibly genius on an accountant standpoint, would not you say… so yes you can suggest the system is corrupted and broken. The private sector monstrously operates in this environment of productive exchange as a natural way to do and conduct business, which we consider quid pro quo when our public servant behaves under such criteria. The management of government incorporates and intertwines the same criteria of the private industries as an everyday perspective to conduct the people’s affairs under plenary intentions without consequences or public scrutiny. Yes, we the people gave the government the platform to operate with such infractions that has reached epic proportions! Now, we must live with the monster we created.

So if we think that Donald Trump would be this personality that will conspire to take down a system that uses the very practices he himself describe to throughout his entire business life is a total wishing-well of nonsensical intelligence that blinded the rabbit who thought the snake was his ally over the wolf. Donald would use the authoritative control of presidential powers as his investment pool of profit to the forth power. He has no intentions to “Make America Great Again,” but he does have every intention to make his bankrupt pockets great again. We are trying to vindicate a known manipulator, as an eligible person for office just because he is not Hillary, than one need to recalibrate their judgment before making such foul and flagrant mistake.

Let me ask a question as a quick survey to gauge who are the intelligent voters. Let us say you were in a burning building on the top floor. Let us say you’re given a choice to have someone rescue you. Your choice is between an arsonist who never been convicted but says he’s great at rescuing people out of burning buildings or a firefighter with great experience and a stellar report for saving people out of burning buildings, but was accused of allegedly starting a few fires but it was never proven, who would you choose? Those who would choose the arsonist are the people who have become aghast with the status-quo so they are willing to take a chance on the unfamiliar, the outsider no matter how dangerous it may seem. Those who chosen the firefighter are those who are the rational thinker and regards the abilities of an experience person who carries a scar of culpability but bears the mindset of a heroic operator.

Donald Trump is the arsonist that will set fire to our entire governmental apparatus for the purpose of his own amusement for power and greed with having executive authority over a massive system that is out of his reach of intellectually understanding or the capability to grasp the level of deliberate recourse. Hillary Clinton is the firefighter that has cause concern with her wiliness to play ball in the prohibited area of life without good explanation. She never gives up the fight with trying to recover the infractions of her actions with deeds that may get lambast by opposition because of her foul plays, but it never makes her discourage from holding her head high. Overall, Hillary experience is a definite product of stability and practical judgment with operating executive authority of global importance.

Donald have not cited one legitimate policy except for building a wall that will make America look like an asylum for the Red Army, instead of a shining city on a hill that President Ronald Reagan envisioned. We are America not an internal prison of ignorance that portraits itself as an isolationist as if a wall can only reveal. Donald Trump is a clueless rhino-skinned myopic thinking racist, who is clever enough to mislead hundredths of thousands by the animus of their own prejudice nature that brought us Jim Crow, slavery, and the civil war that diminished the very harmony to the right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness as a prelude. Donald idea for courting minority voters is by invective rhetoric that is so condescending that it almost sounds like a threat. He thinks he could convince a certain demographic of people that their dystopian lifestyle is dangerously in jeopardy, unless they cast their votes for him because he alone has the answers for the safeguards that will prevent them from being shot…! How apprehensive can he become?

Hillary can springboard her lead over Donald permanently by coming clean with her email infractions, and just ride the wave of people opinions in hope that they will overlook her misdemeanors as a human with flaws but not total improprieties, because once the smoke clears she would have complete advantage without a closet filled with worries. I think a sincere commitment of reversing the narrative with her email controversies from the hands of the GOP by confessing the truth on primetime news. I think it is time to put this general enigma away for good Hillary – all or nothing! I want her to take all fifty states from this bloviating idiot Donald Trump. I think it is doable because America eyes will open enough to start seeing Donald for the true person he really is inside, which I believe will ruin his monetary interest in this country.

Donald love for Putin is something we should worry about….

There is no limit to how far or low he would go just to gain advantage over people, just look how he managed to make money by increasing the rent space in Trump Towers for his campaign headquarters by 75% from the original price of $34,458 during the primary to $169,758 for the general according to Huffington Post. If Donald wins this election, we have three entities to thank! The media with their inability to vigorously report and investigate Donald’s illegalities in several areas, the republicans for their irresponsible role to exaggerate the eligibility of their presidential candidate as legit even though they know he’s a fraud, and Russia’s cyber-attacks on our voting system’s infrastructure accountability as a trustworthy apparatus. I feel that there are major ties to this republican presidential nominee and Vladimir Putin than we literally expect. Maybe our Media and Internal Affairs should vet the potential relations of these implications.

I do think that the FBI has disgracefully attempted to tip the scale against Hillary Clinton right from the start, and the Director James Comey, has conducted a bias interest by pursuing the email controversy with such dilemma in hashing the conclusion of his findings, report, and recommendation concerning the email saga with continuing circumstances as his final analysis. Donald factual character holds the elements of untruth, underhanded dealings, unprepared, unfit, and just unbelievably confusing that a person like Donald can manipulate the entire country almost unilaterally seems bizarre. Yet I respect Donald’s ability of persuasion and unorthodoxy from the norm. Nevertheless, this country is responsible for the future of this country by their decision on what candidate they choose to lead the conundrums of United States in November.

Revealing the reality of today, again, racial tension has become the vanguard topic of discussion when the hands of police officers killed two black men. These repeated incidents come in the wake of exemplary work by local law enforcement apprehending a terrorist just days before. We respect and honor the work done by the law enforcement personnel on all levels but the lives of our citizens are the primary reason we employed enforcers of law in the first place… so the resonating anger is an anticipating flow among those citizens who feel targeted. The solution for both sides of this equation will take more than marches, riots, push-back, rhetoric by pundits whose life do not reflect the conscious realities of those who are suffering although, optical exposure is needed to shine light on the problem.

The real engagement must come through revealing that this is a divided country monetarily, and greed has set precedence over those who are impoverish due to the very laws that aggregate wealth base on unjust usury by conglomerates, governments, and principalities designed to extract without fair reciprocity. Donald is the biggest recipient of such aristocracy, so he may pander to those with kind insults as he tries to relate to regular people, but don’t believe the hype! Donald has gain wealth by scheming, skimming, and skipping out of obligations to contractors and vendors for monies owed. The man is a brilliant manipulator.

The Birther Candidate should release his taxes or the proof he’s being audited….

Donald says he’s going to make everything great again… bring the country back to the good old days when America was great. My sentiment to his punch-line rhetoric of rolling back the clock of rear-view enthusiasm can only mean one thing, oppression and despair for those who aren’t like us policies. He will rake America of every percent in taxation schemes that will increase our debt to the 6th power while using the treasury’s coffer to pay-down his personal domestic and foreign debt a conflict-of-interest we cannot afford. This is Donald Trump real reason why he refuses to release his tax information to America but he wants America to employ him to a executive position managing our lives, a one sided deal we must consider vigorously. Show America your tax returns or the audit papers that says you’re being audit, Mr. Donald Clever Trump! Donald pushed President Obama to reveal his birth credentials; well the country is challenging you to reveal the audit papers, Mr. Donald Clever Trump.

“Maybe I do the tax returns, when Obama does his birth certificate.”

Tonight, it’s the first presidential debate between Hillary and Donald. Everyone thinks it will be a close debate, and the underdog Donald Trump has a low-bar to hurdle because of his outside status to politics. Donald’s camp says he has not prepared for this debate, according to traditional sense; he’s just going to step into this debate as a sub-base candidate. Hillary’s camp feels Donald will be graded on a curve, making her performance a steep hill to climb. I believe that not only is Donald studying, but also he’s fully prepared, although they pushing the narrative of a low sell for his performance.

This entire presidential debate tonight will depend on how NBC News anchor Lester Holt moderates the presidential debate. Impartiality, fact base intervention, and time allowance control should take precedence in Lester Holt management of this debate. How Lester Holt moderates the debate tonight, will definitely determine the outcome of this debate for both sides. Hillary has an edge if there’s a communal exchange between her and Donald, but an all out fight-fest gives Donald the edge because his persona craves that type of atmosphere. We will see, what remain to be seen tonight from all three key components that will sure bring us all to a questionable and opinionated tomorrow.

And again, I cannot begin to state the importance of the ‘get out in vote campaign,’ and the various factor it serves the public when we have a full turnout vs. a low turnout electorate this year, so I urge everyone to get out in vote because it is exclusively vital for 2016’s election! Let’s not make the Donald the Ricky of our future. I pray ‘The Most High’ lead your hearts and minds this coming election, and thanks for reading MMO.

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The True State of the Union

The True State of the Union

State of the Union 2

We the people have settled into a complacent mindset, that comfortable trust of security, which can surrender you to relinquish freedom. I have examine the social contract of America as a challenge; the place of perfection that the forefathers envision, where freedom can operate as the primary cause, without intrusive endeavors by the government against its citizens.

The true state of the union evaluation report today would have disturbed the founders of the constitution: due to the gross negligence of the three branches of government inappropriate nature of doing business as usual, without ever employing the constitution, the brilliant documents of declaration that underwrites the government role and responsibilities to protect citizen’s natural rights.

We can start our internal critique with congress wiliness to continue to protect the freedoms of corporations and their insatiable way of gaining wealth by extracting from the average citizen. It became a typical bed fellow of business that undermines our social contract of this society; the production of corruption in such a flamboyant manner by our government, only dismantles the framework of the constitution and renders it ineffective. The trust deficit for government amongst its citizens has increase tremendously with valid reasons.

Congress assembly

Just as congress assembles for the President’s State of the Union Address, the people need to assemble to hold their feet to the fire with upholding their sacred trust to our constitution. Those same representatives you see above are the ones who premise in operating proper conduct to the code of ethics; the very same principles enshrined in our constitution, in which ensures the protections of our natural rights will never get encroach upon by the body that was elected to serve the people, has violated that order.

The true state of the union contains broken promises, false rhetoric, scams, hyperbole, and total corruption stoke with the veil of facilitating those in need. Too big to fail corporations formed an alliance with our government, and together they have created a market of trade, which stays consistently opaque to the masses, while they measure their fiat position over this economy. The luminosity of it all is that we have become the assistant model that enables their ability to market our labor and downsize its quality of worth by cheapening job position through minimum wages. This limits jobs, due to individuals need to hold down more than one job, just to maintain their station in life.

Setting the stage for unemployment to continue to keep rising, because of the equilibrium between prices and wages are incredibly unbalance, sustaining an credible lifestyle seems almost impossible for ordinary citizens. Then they dupe us by quantitatively easing indebt derivative of our market with buying up all assets and lower interest to fit their agenda that everything is okay, and we are revitalizing into a recovery. By assuring calm in our market the Federal Reserve went as far as QE4 and continuing… so panic will never become an issue to their lucrative agenda of the New World Order.

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is the minstrel of monetary delivery, playing and controlling the world’s economy through various instruments, knowing its powers has been ordained by people’s ability to entrust those very powers with consent – making them a god of financial belief; the devil’s advocate. Accordingly and proportionally aggravating poverty throughout the world with accuracy is just some of mitigating and marvelous deceptions orchestrated by the Federal Reserve. Money is just a belief system of interest that governs our ability to interact with others as an acquisition for service and goods on a scale that measures our station to maintain a lifestyle of diversity.

Deficit has taken the world by storm and the primary director that subject us to fall into their web of lies, thus producing a allegiance of monetary enslavement around the globe. The fundamentals of debt is essential for capitalism to exist, therefore, credit play its role with accumulating wealth via interest on that debt by the lender on the borrower under a promissory agreement. The terms in which is set between the lender and borrower can amount to interest that reaches gains of 25 to 700 percent return to the lender in profit, a state of usury that never should had incur.


Taxation is the dimensional enterprise reconstructed by the government to cement their partnership between conglomerates to refer their tax burdens on the citizens of United States of America. The standard purpose of taxation was obligated to rein in money for the egregious operations committed by corporation’s method of preying on the people and environment from charges of overbearing laborious conditions and toxic waste that damage our environment as well as countless other violations. Causing government to setup agencies of protection so citizens and our environment would be sheltered, therefore a tax system was imposed upon corporations. Today, that same tax obligation has gotten referred onto citizens by corporations with the aid of government to withdraw from wages to meet their burdens of taxation.

W4 Form 2

Income tax is a form of taxing for those who profit through capital gains due to product or services rendered to the public at large. Only a business can make a profit versus an individual exchanging personal time and labor for the receivable interest of wages, making it not considered an act of receiving an income, therefore, wages is not a taxable item. What hoodwinked us into willingly acquiescing to their incorporative measures of taxation is the promissory we sign during our hiring status call W4 form, the brilliant device that give the corporations allowance of referring their taxation obligation onto their employees. Congress administered their prowess as a vehicle that serves corporations over the people, by assuaging the corporation’s tax burdens, and by setting up loopholes that extract those burdens, which put the burdens on the backs of the middle class.

Throughout the preamble of the constitution each article gives an instructive premise on government’s role of conduct by the branches of power amongst its citizens. Have government lived up to the principles founded in the framework of the constitution? Well let’s look at how the republicans abandon the social contract of fair wages, affordable housing, and healthcare by labeling it as socialism; a fortress against capitalism and free enterprise, according to their definition as they seek conservatism as the best practices of having unbridled control over our economy. Their manuscript is a self-gratifying mantra used to weaken the social contract, and prevent constructive dialogue from ever reaching its rightful place in our lives.

Their true goals is a simple-minded grenade planted into the heart of those who cannot see pass the explosion of confusion, and these are the people, who get brainwash into believing in the demagoguery that right is wrong, so wrong is the best resolution to aspire, even over their own interest. Those people who aspire to inject their demagoguery into the mainstream become a fugitive of their own paramount interest. Being a member of an extreme group of people has its moment of gratifying imbursement – just look at ordinary statespersons in congress, from senators to representatives who live above the plight of mediocrity even with their modest salaries – after four years become rich.

Self interest does has its place in a despot society, but in a democracy it perpetuate poverty through the granted state of voracity – while enabling levels of scarcity for the unfortunate. The game that’s being played by government against the citizens of this country is a disgrace to our constitutional rights. The true state of our union is in jeopardy of reaching the humble allowance of a true free state, the place where education, healthcare, equal opportunity, fair wages, and natural rights become the primary source we struggle to protect and maintain.

Usually my writing speaks on a wide variety of topics, mainly backing the President and his policies – lately I’ve been a little disappointed by the political landscape as a whole. We must find a way to engage the political arena through a much conducive conduit of attention, which advocates progressive involvement in a subtle but effective manner; less disruptive from the TEA Party method, but diligently as engaging as the rightwing apparatus. The attitude of persuading congress to act with the due-diligence that serve the people’s interest – seems as far fetch as tropical weather in the arctic hemisphere, but in today’s society even the impossible could become possible.

We are in a delicate time where people like Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator John Cornyn, whom of which are both up for reelection, stepped up to the plate of courage with a yes vote that opened the door for other republicans to do the right thing to overcome TEA Party Senator Ted Cruz snob of allowing a simple majority passage of the debt ceiling by filibustering – their change of heart helped passed the debt ceiling with a 67-31 super majority. The craved insane young TEA Party senator, Ted Cruz, again force the hands of fellow republicans in the senate by pushing for a procedural vote through filibustering the 55-43 democrat only, simple majority to pass the debt ceiling – into a super majority procedural vote threshold that put certain republicans on Front Street.

Debt ceiling is a fundamental imperative that has govern the spending liabilities that congress allowed through budget allocations afforded to the president, so he or she can operate the required acquisitions for government to function for debt already incurred. Anyone who thinks disturbing the natural process of those functions is only engaging into dangerous territory and jeopardizing the trust worthiness of the dollar. When you hear and see congress make a mockery of this natural budget process through demagoguery, while they pretend that they are the fiscally responsible party or individual pushing for the safeguards of our tax dollars – they’re selling you the bridge of make-believe. “Make no mistake about it, republicans has proven to be the reckless spenders, whose history shows higher unemployment and big deficits under their tenure in office!”


The prophecy of Revelations, gives great references on the future according to the visions of John the Apostle. The seven churches in the Bible in the book of Revelations represent the timeline of our future. The timeline we are living in as of now, happen to be the church of Philadelphia’s timeline according to Revelations. Many Theologians are oblivious to the word of the Lord, and do not know the appropriate analyzes to the meaning of the churches in Revelations. Those with ears will hear, and those with eyes will see the true meaning of the works of the churches. The last state of churches is Laodiceans, which represents the New World Order of autocratic interactions that will manifest the state of plutocracy.

The many-factors of truth will become convoluted by the growth bluster of rebels trying to persuade those to hearken unto their belief system, while leading infidels into the fire of ignorance. The unveiling prophecies has reached passing of the times in a remarkable way that cannot be elucidated by historians right up until today, because the word of God will not fail…! The religious factions that has embarked upon the innocent to defuse the hopeful into falsely believing they are prophets of the Lord, when the last and true prophet is Jesus Christ himself, and thereafter there will be no more. Jesus Christ is the reason the Book of Revelations became the closure of the Bible Books, making it a sin to add or omit the contents of the Bible, because only a true prophet has that permission to continue God’s words, therefore, there are no more prophets in the world.

The center component of The True State of Union is to revisit the actualities engulfed in the lives of individuals so everyone who reads this will let their people know that our government has hindered natural freedoms due to our lack-luster-actions to do nothing vs. the momentum of a united front with the goal to meet a check and balance of the people’s government. We enable the rich to become richer because of our contributed behavior to desire their products and services. You want cable to lower their prices, then closed your accounts and go without television for awhile, stop using and buying there gadgets of technology and they will come down on their prices. We set the true state of the union, the people, not the president – because his control and position is titular compare to the people.

Stop letting government hold the sacred control on how we live by austerity measures that fatten the pockets of corporations, while putting us in mediocrity through extracting their wealth on the backs of the middleclass. They finagle the gifted notion of securing our debt for the children of the future, while suffering our children of today seems scandalous and downright cruel, because tomorrow is not promise to nobody. They poison our earth and enrich their enterprise by violating the constitution with mockery, while setting the separatism of state as a way of life – you see it in their goal to undermine our voter’s franchise in the states under republican rule.

Now they are invoking the prophecy of the Book of Revelations in chapter 17 about America the Harlot that burns on fire, by trying to build the Keystone Pipeline Project that splits America in half with the pipeline infernal that will burn this whole country, without a way or means of extinguishing the fire. They are enriching themselves by the deadly apparatus that has corroded the mind of those individuals who practice a heart of prejudice intent with laws that protects the actions of vigilantes and bigots under “stand your ground.” The true murderers are the gun makers and law makers, who encourage the proliferation of weapons over the convenience of peace; because there is money in war, just look at the Rothschild’s rise to power.

I must say that we can change the direction of our current state to a more vigorous mobility to step up for the right of the social contract that wraps the very fiber of the constitution as the red, white, and blue of natural freedoms, which represents the bloodshed loss by those who sacrificed their lives for this country. The place where conglomerates loses their power to erect the plutocratic government, in which protects companies over individuals interest – the place that protect our climate future over the monetary programs of federal control.

The True State of the Union depends on us, and the essential will to preserve the constitution over the Federal Reserve power to persuade that interest base on levies that pays for conglomerate’s responsibilities to the people by the people’s promissory that’s unbeknownst to them.

That’s my MMO

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Opportunity BHO

When we think of opportunity, we look for the chance with gaining or favoring our time with beneficial outcomes. Opportunity allows the ability to elevate your situation into a more fortunate and conducive reality for the average person. Opportunity entices people to look forwarded to creating a more prosperous future for all walks of life. Without having the chance for opportunity, than cause and effect becomes delineated as a loss source that hinders natural potential of able bodies creating a more modern society. Anytime, you take away those opportunities that increases the chance to grow society by applying austerity, you cripple and stagnate growth; it produces poverty, and misfortunes that devastates the circulation of monetary exertion.


Today, the republicans convoluted the voyage of our Nation’s future with ideological speeches of mortgaging our kid’s future, stopping government spending, and smaller Capitol Bldggovernment. Here’s the breakdown on all that erroneous rhetoric, by reminding everyone on how the economy works. There are three major money franchises of society; one is the Government System, two is the Banking System, and each is controlled and monitored by a central system called the Federal Reserve System. Their enlightenment on society is to create financial instruments via: money, checks, credit cards, and other fiat components used to induce debt know as capitalism.


Why we will always need debt to produce a capitalist society?

Contrary to popular opinion push by republicans, debt is the main ingredients that introduce money interests of capital in our society. The consumption of money fermented by service and goods built the modernization of a healthy and updated society. Money is the practical way of life for every citizen or person who exists in the world. Your day starts with usage of things that money afforded you the right of having, from food to the clothes you wear. What accomplishes wealth is the ability to incur capital through labor, investment, and credit with the intention of having that money work for you to produce a form of interest.


The Government, Banks, and Federal Reserve System has engage into misappropriating funds in several categories that undermined our economy for the last eleven years. The first category is pricing, yes our prices has inflated beyond the productive levels of household income, causing poverty to increase among minorities. Second category is interest fees, our interest fees has become astronomical and erroneously over charged – which will implode on the internal working class of this economy. Third category is redistribution of wealth, money is concentrated into areas that has downgraded society, and handicap us with the formulated imposition of credit scrutiny by agencies to determine our financial worthiness.


Within the framework of credit redistribution, comes the mindset of monetary enslavement, which forces us to serve the interest of a promissory condition. The fourth category is media deception; our first amendment rights can also become the conundrum that services the fact free zone that the right-wing media operates in – causes an irrational belief system that separates the social enterprise from coping as a unit of common goals. The fifth is anonymity in the medical field, we go to hospitals unaware of the prices they charged for various procedures and medicine administered by that particular facility. When the bills comes you are almost comatose by the numbers that accompanies the total, and the irony of it all is that you feel helpless to do anything but pay it.


 The seven deadly sins of this world weakens us to do things against the virtue spirit of righteousness, and it consist of the following; wrath, sloth, greed, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.


The Government practices can be critique in many ways but, the biggest flaws of government is their greed and mismanagement of taxpayer’s money. The sloth government shows when it comes to resolving fundamental problems that are manageable. You can see the wrath towards those who voted for President Obama by legislators who are now trying to impede on our liberties as a way to silence the average voter from the ability to exercise voter’s choice. The attractive form of lust is fair gain in politics, when it comes to taking bribes or quid quo pro for writing bills that ensures certain rights for big money conglomerates.


The ability to write-off their mistakes with no apology engulf the pride in the body of politics. The state of mind to envy each other accomplishments goes too far but, it exists when it comes to the preoccupation of trying to carryout Mitt Romney’s post election policies, although he’s not the occupier of the White House. The gluttony to extract more from the median level of wages, while keeping the more fortunate from paying their share demonstrates the seven deadly sins in government.

Banks are regulated by federal and state governments as an organization structure that Bank picservices the monetary needs of the community. The largest five banks are JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citigroup, Well Fargo, and Goldman Sachs, which assets equal 56 percent of the American economy. In 2008 too big to fail banks created a bubble from their high interest credit swop predatory lending, helped to implode our economy into a free fall of depleting funds. The government during President Bush’s tenure deregulated the banks that caused them to package these faulty loans in the housing industry that was remortgaged by other financial industries with incredibly high interest on the borrowers. Unbeknownst to the borrower their mortgages extended the debt ratio to income agreement the original loan was predicated under, forcing borrowers to default on their payments.


Today, the Banks and Financial Markets are sitting on billions, if not trillions of reserve funds due to the generous bailout of taxpayer’s resources that secured their ledgers, restoring their viability in the banking community is the corollary of government intervention. There was no uncertainty with the banks shoring up the need of taxpayer’s money when the bubble burst from their reckless behavior that nearly destroyed the economy. Now, the financial institutions refuses to boost the economy, when it comes to hiring and investing their lending process, because of uncertainty with the political long term commitment to setup a safety net system – something that will divulge government’s intentions on debt and policies.


The strategy of the republicans are extreme because of their ill-minded views to destruct the political landscape until they could win back the White House from the democrats – can be a very dangerous miscalculation on their part! Because the geographic map has shifted, and continue to keep shifting towards a more unified approach to governance. The conservative mantra has worn out its welcome in America – people are claiming philosophical views over mediocrity and deception to balance the future. I think it’s because we’re more interconnected as a country then years of divisive thinking that plague our stationary thought with the attitude, “I got mine, now you get yours,” belief system.

Opportunity matters and this is what helped the banks rebound from a calamity in 2008, because they were given an opportunity to correct their endeavors. Where will we be without the opportunity to cope and change our directive approach to correct mistakes – which summons our internal inner core potentials to go beyond the scope of failure? The future cannot exist without opportunity, something the republicans and conservatives seem to have forgotten.


The Federal Reserve is the power that is! Beyond our everyday lives sits the watchful eyes over our monetary system – maneuvering the plight of our economy’s solvency through meticulous calculations over the easing and tightening of our money livelihood. The Chairman of the Fed and its Board of Governors controls our massive monetary policies in a modest way that disguises their powers. Ben Banake FedBen Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve is the wizard behind the curtain of our financial system’s security and readiness to ride the wave of this economy without capsizing. During the two weeks before our 2012 presidential election the job report was anything but promising with the numbers of jobs gained, yet the unemployment when down by a couple percentage points. The right-wing blogger’s field went crazy calling the report lies, false information, and went as far as liberals cooking the numbers so the President could win the election theory. None of which was true, but it fed their contempt for President Obama.


What never cross the minds of ignorance is why the unemployment numbers went down – instead they was trying to imply how it went down, not knowing the why would had brought in the what scenario. Qe3 is the culprit that manipulated the numbers because it flush in the opportunity for banks to cover their liability access – which able the banks to supply spending levels into the economy for consumers that triggered price sales. The complexity of quantitative easing goes beyond the scope of my understanding because of all of the devices it takes to comprehend. I do know that without the watchful eyes of the Feds our economy’s bottom will plunge into total chaos under plenary control of congress conflicting interest.


The bottom-line is this; we must invest for us to maintain a future for our kids to have that will provide the opportunities for gifted potentials. Austerity measures denigrates the health of our economy, because suffering our kids today for the replenish savings of tomorrow undermines any chance for us to behold a modern society. Debt cannot abolish because it will diminish the power of money and promote stagnation in our economy’s capital. You cannot stifle the poor for the means of paying down our debt crisis – unless you have plans to exterminate the poor all together or influence enslavement as a way of life in America. Inciting Chained-CPI as a way to deal with social security because you are hurting its potential monetary growth levels from a suffocated economy derails social security lifeline achievements.


Chained-CPI is the reverse effect and rhetoric that the republicans is using to disguise their true opposition with maintaining the government’s contractual commitment with the chained cpi folderimplementation of securing the social security benefits by keeping employment growth levels stabilized. The less employment in our economy’s nest, the less replenishing funds goes into social security reserve tank. We do not have a spending problem on our domestic side as much as we do on the foreign frontier. The government engages with foreign expenditures like drinking water and pissing it in the tub of debt that is drowning our country’s economy. We never truly benefit from abroad spending because its returns on the dollar is dismal – compare to domestic investment of infrastructure, clean energy as an alternative to oil, could usher a future that sustains growth and enhance job opportunity.


CPI (consumer price index) evaluates the average consumer’s spending habits that reflects a latent report that says, “When the price of one product increases we seek out the more reasonable priced product,” therefore gives us savings in a overpriced world that is not cpi fruit basketaccounted for during inflationary times. In other words they think the cost of living increases you receive from social security is overstated, and should become downsize to reflect Chained-CPI’s reporting. This could shave off hundreds of dollars for social security beneficiaries over the years and set their support system in jeopardy. Because Chained-CPI doesn’t take into account the excessive differences for housing increases, medication expenses, and energy prices etc. Do we have the freedoms that will allow us to become thrifty in those areas? I could assume not!


We must enforce hospitals and private practices to provide some transparency with their prices to assure quality and service would not burden you with outrages prices. I think if government would pass a law that will make the medical industry post their prices online Medicalor in the receptionist area, so that patients have a choice with picking the best price for checkups and walk-in visits. It is a proven fact that Healthcare charges 40 to 75 percent more in this country, than other countries and makeup about 27 percent of the US deficit. The agony is our legislators are making tons of money passing laws that condone the gouging of prices in the medical field. They give you an aspirin and the price can cost you between 95 cents to $2.75 for one aspirin. With such uncontrolled and unrestricted behavior in the medical field – it becomes part of the business application to conduct service in that form.


The formula that caused the “Great Depression,” in the late 1920’s is the same formula the republicans want to push on this country right now! Smaller government, less government spending, deregulation, and let the free market run-a-muck with their risk taking, and everything will be fine… We all can recite the brilliance of that conservative ideology!  America became the financial global titanic of the world… because of their innovation and risk taking philosophy that elevated an industrial environment that helped inspired the “New Deal Era” during President Roosevelt. When you invest in America, it reaps high yield rewards that reflect the global strength of our greatness and President Obama has that same belief with the policies he has pursued.


Opportunity in this country is the stepping stone that help enrich those in poverty with the chance to elevate their social status. It repairs the gaping hole in the economy’s job unemployment rate and manufactures revenue in the economy. Republican has crippled growth in this country because of the exacerbating results of draconian measures taking place in those states where they control the legislator body. There’s nothing wrong with smart discretionary spending that acquisition goes to the proper appropriated projects, which will enhance the people in this country. Giving more tax breaks to the rich while overwhelming the poor and middle-class with tax burdens on homeowner taxes, property taxes, and sale taxes to meet the gap in revenue for maintaining our wars and more, kills the opportunity to revive our economy.

Opportunity 6

The Paul Ryan’s recycled ideas for budget planning is the biggest joke and fraud that will increase the poverty in this country by 7% annually… if it goes into effect! Although, the chances of his budget surviving the senate is ephemeral – the very thought of his vacuous budget only shows his extreme disdain for the median status of this country. Paul Ryan and the Republican Party are trying to create an oligarchy government – where a few Americacontrol the many through monetary austerity. Once they cut of the supply of capital for those in need while expanding their laws that would imprison our freedoms; it would help erect their oligarchy right-wing government system. That’s one opportunity America must oppose if we want a unified America. Thanks for reading that’s MMO.



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The State of Decisions

The State of Decisions

On Tuesday February 12, 2013, The President addressed the Nation. The podium rose as the Speaker of the House introduced the President of the United States. He opened his address with a quote from President John F. Kennedy, “That the Constitution makes us not rivals for power, but partners for progress. It is my task to report the state of the union, to improve it is the task for us all,” he said of Kennedy. He then exercises his opinion on the condition of our state of union as being stronger. While almost diving into a lecture on how to maintain and strengthening the union more… This President look poised and announced with confidence that says, “Bring it on.”

The very essence of his speech was devoted to the three big E’s, ‘Education, Economy and Energy.’ The President broad stroked his address by including topics from: immigration to equal pay, climate change to infrastructure, and gun control to increasing minimum wages, areas that went passed the normality of expected addresses.

Some may say that the President over committed his address with unrealistic goals for legislative achievement, but I argue that anything is possible when we have bipartisanship amongst those who are the legislators of reaching those goals. The divisionism in Washington has several distinctive practices that corrupts the fiber of due diligence, and creates the intransigence which stagnates the progressive nature in our government. The inactive behavior in government freezes the will to perform as respective legislators for the better good of this country, it has moth the conclusion that resembles a divided state.

The President shown optimism when he proclaimed, “The State of Our Union is stronger,” making it almost impossible for the republicans to criticize his patriotic position. Again, the republicans convoluted the President words by letting it just pass through one ear and out the other leaving them with pessimistic criticism and vitriolic rebuttals that doesn’t resemble any of the President’s address to the Nation. There is one special thing I could say about the President, and it is that he has matured.

The President’s State of the Union Address: with Sen. Marco Rubio’s rebuttal

The assembly gathered in a unified arrangement, with republicans sitting beside democrats a wonderful sight to see. John McCain stood cheerfully when the President said, “We need to pass a comprehensive immigration bill.” Marvelous look until the President agrees on the way the bill is accumulated, than harsh criticism and oppositions seems to plague the Republican Party. Our government cannot be made a mockery of or used as a bargaining chip for special interest; because once the core position exists for only a few, than incrementalism in government becomes discourage. The perfection of our union comes from our ability to summon the best ideas from both parties, and letting those ideas compromise an end result of best practices.

Draconian and austerity measures geared to cut budget for the middleclass, while demonstrating avoidance for the wealthy to pay more, a policy that deprive the many and enrich the few, only rejects the notion of a stronger union. The President has stabilized our economy when we were in the brink of destruction, and managed a prosperous financial market, staying well above 12000 percent. He has the true patriotic interest for the welfare of this country, while republicans refuse to work with this President even when he adopts their own ideas.

He is not the panacea to America’s problem, but his heart is definitely in the right place, a lot more than we could say for the opposition party, whom seem to be stuck in a time chamber of the 1800’s. Conservatism does not encourages a better future, no it is a infinitesimal look of excepting optimism that leaves progress dismantled and our future grim. The misuse of conservatism becomes a hindrance to our legislative endeavors and deludes the fundamental attention of resolving our problems with the immediate involvement for compromise.

Senator Marco Rubio, started out implying that America is exceptional, and how his parents made it because of government programs for the poor with one hand, while chopping down the government system with the other hand. Mr. Rubio went on to incite all of the opportunity government afforded him, while stating that government is out of control and overreaching in its scope of providing aid. I think that Senate Marco Rubio gave a wonderful response, except it was for the wrong President or wrong timeline. The republicans hyped this young man up to fill the shoes of being the answer to confronting the democrat’s leader of the party with Romney’s campaign rhetoric that did not cross reference the President’s address.

I do believe Senator Marco Rubio will have a stellar career with the Republican Party; his only albatross will be their earmarked banner of conservatism as the main ingredient of their party’s ideas. He must reinvent his party’s goal principles as a segment of progressive imagination, coupled with their standard believes.

Senator Marco Rubio awkward moment:

Overall account of Marco Rubio’s performance is that his delivery was standard, the rhetoric was a boilerplate message, and he foils the high expectation with the water bottle and touching of the face instances. My true confession is that the republicans put too much pressure on the young lad, hoping that he was ready to be their Barack H Obama, and there could be only one every fifty to a hundred years who wield the power of the assembly.

Senator Ran Paul’s Tea Party response:

Senator Ran Paul stood behind a back drop banner that said, “Restore Liberty – Honor the Constitution.” Ran Paul stage is a divergence, when you compare the actual belief system of his actions against the poor. He mentioned, “Adam Smith,” A Scottish moral philosopher who believed that gluttony of the rich helps the poor endure. That type of admiration of a person by Ran Paul makes me realize why his first name is Ran, because we should run far away from a person with such ugly understandings of life. Although, Adam Smith was a great mind and lecturer of moral principles, he was an odd man who spent a great part of his life buried in books.

Senator Ran Paul would like to strip the government of any possible solvencies to maintain a society or protect those individuals who are unable to manage the expenses of modern society. It’s every man for themselves, and may the best man wins in his world of immoral conditions. Ran Paul along with republicans feels that austerity is the answer to our economic woes and, those who manufactures wealth should not have to depart with their fortunes in behalf of helping us out of this economic depravity.

Both Rubio and Paul accuse the President of exceedingly purging our stability by over spending us into unprecedented levels of waste, which they say created the biggest debt in history. Not true, on the contrary this President inherited a residual expenditure prior to his tenure in office that overlapped his budget report. The President has made remarkable strives in budget cuts that actually scaled back our government deficit by 1.2 trillion dollars. Guess Marco and Ran along with their entire party missed that report.

The State of Decisions

The state of decisions is never easy when you navigating a terrain of traps and opposition. I do think that the state of decisions for this President will come with a price because his role includes all of America, regardless of those who may despise of him. Those are the same people he kept in mind when he gave up his trump card during the fiscal cliff debate, by pushing back on the threshold of 250,000 to 1,000,000 in taxation increases. My assessment on his capitulation with the exchange he made to avoid the fiscal cliff was a bad move, and the same people he’s trying to protect will get the short end of the bargaining stick in the long run.

The President’s addressed the Nation on Tuesday the 12th of February laying out a long agenda that conservatives already has grown opposition to with disdain rhetoric. Marco Rubio said, “The President’s immigration plan was DOA,” and others accuse him as being afraid to lead on massive budget cuts. Sequestration is an automatic undertaking both parties want to evade from happening. The harsh reality of sequestration will undermined our economy, and downsizes employment and minuscule employee’s weekly hours, resulting to shorter paychecks.

People need to understand the truth about the problems we’re facing, and the importance on our ability to become engage in the process. Some of Ran Paul response did painted real concerns with the wasteful spending in our government system. Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (Gitmo) is one of the most wasteful expenditure on our budget that costs us billions every year. The republicans will cast the stone of austerity measures for programs on education, must needed social programs without looking at areas that could save billions without hurting the poor.

The President ends his address by talking about improving our franchise of the voters system, and acknowledging the cruel actuality of our titular gun laws and the need of voting on a bill that will put stronger laws in place. The state of decisions for the President will not be easy, but together as citizens who hold the vast interest in the President’s approach to improve our union can help bring it into fruition. Thanks for reading that’s MMO.

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Second Amendment


Second Amendment


The power of the Second Amendment controls our lives without solace for those who mourn the life of a loved one. Guns do not kill, but people are the perpetrator that senselessly causes the loss of life. Man cannot responsibly maintain the mental capacity of calmness in every intense situation, because we are emotional creatures who reacts base on impulsive output. People use the Second Amendment as a safe haven for the right to own instruments of violence. The mass killing that taken place in Newtown, Connecticut was an act of matricide, as well as horrific, unfathomable, senseless, heartless, and evil, because of having the right to bear arms promotes a trend of terror in this country. Twenty children between the ages of 5 and 10 lost their lives and six adults at an elementary school and many other kids are emotionally traumatize from the unforgettable tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut on 12-14-12.

When will the time for discussion on gun control be the right time in this country? Half-Staff Flags and Candlelight Visuals only shows respect for the dead victims for the moment. We mourn the lives lost because our hearts trade the place of thought concerning our children and loved ones who we keep in hope of hearing from and seeing at the end of each day. Everyday my heart lingers in pain for the innocent people who are killed in this country for no reason, while our legal system creates the false impression of the second amendment as a right for all citizens. The framework of the second amendment is a narrative convoluted by special interest groups. The NRA most powerful talking point comes out of the fear of gun owners having their guns taken away by government – making government treatment of the implementation of smart gun laws as hands-off engagement for lawmakers.

The mass hysteria that follows each tragic event reflects on the social conscious, forcing our will to want a change in the laws surrounding the weakness in a system that protects our social contract of citizenry. The news special reports give scattered information that relies on sources that comes in vague as the developing information concentrate on a more reliable report days later, which creates the proportionate narrative into a full picture. We start to learn how abstract our reality becomes from all the days of reporting tragic events versus the will to make the changes in our laws that may have manicure a safety-net system that addresses the magnitude of violence in America. The government system must set forth a resolution that compliments the second amendment and provide a safety net in our laws we all can feel comfortable living by in this society.


In this sad time, my thoughts and prayers goes out to those families that lost a loved one on 12-14-12, in Newtown, Connecticut and, those who are suffering that horrific event on that peculiar morning. I want to share a poem of condolences for the victims and their families in hope of bringing some comfort.



Our Love

Every day we walk in hope for our love

Seeking a path of eternity that protects our love

The heart will never allow us to forget our love

Because it is always there to remind us of our love

Life can seem so unbearable without our love

Nothing can take the place of our love

There is no sense of living without our love

We must remember, we are here because our love

So we must keep living because our love

Stronger than any substance on earth is our love

In the time of tragedy, commence the action of our love

That brings forth hope and promise of our love

No evil can conquer the existence of our love

Because of the everlasting goodness of our love

Comes from a awesome source that create our love

He died on the cross to represent the truth of our love

There is no greater sacrifice for the eternity of our love

It live forever in this humanity for the place of our love

The spirit that glows in the ever-beating moment of our love

As the electrolytes in the heart of life, that sustains our love

The two side of the equation that controls the demeanor of our love

The knowledge of good and evil that preserves the conduct of our love

The perpetual state of that knowledge is the fruit that confuses our love

Dismantles the path of righteousness in spite of our love

Born innocent in the beginning to the world is our love

Until the knowledge of evil victimizes the action of our love

Do we persecute the bad behavior of our love?

When we are guilty of providing the tools of evil used by our love

We must take some responsibility for the action of our love

By opening the revelations of the mental health of our love

That will implement a healing process of professional help for our love

Please do not isolate the mental suffering of our love

Learn a way of rehabilitating the mental conscious of our love

For a more healthy state in this society for our love

I wish that there were a way; I could bring everlasting comfort to all of our love

Allowing the promise of hope, love, and prosperity for all of our love

God blessed the strength of our love

The fallen soldiers, victims of tragedy, and all that are the product of our love

Our hope and prayers will always play a role for a better tomorrow for our love

As we manage to live on in the memories of our love

We must lift the voices of concern for the ongoing problem in this country. Many innocent young people die every day in America, without cause to the hands of gun violence and, we cannot keep avoiding the much-needed affair to tackle gun violence. Those who resist the discussion of protecting our children from becoming the target of a stray bullet from the hands of an assailant or mental-ill person, who falls prey to the temptation of reckless behavior, are contractor of a failing system. Our kids and citizens deserve more… because life is too precious to have wasted by a barrel of a gun. I pray for the day when this world can choose life over war and, senseless killing, than this world will be a better place. God blessed the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School and let their souls rest in peace. That’s MMO.





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Thirteen and three quarter years ago, we experienced a robust and solvent economy before President Bush tenure. Today, we are in a delicate time and how we vote does matter. Over a decade ago, America made the biggest mistake in their lives, not once but twice when they elected President Bush. The people came to their senses when they decided to elect an African American president for the first time in our history in this country. To repackage our decision to go back to policies that are emblematic to the ideologies that brought us eight years of economic renunciation in fiscal prosperity, that it created a deep recession will be the worst-case scenario for this country. Romney repackaged this worst-case scenario ideology of the eight years we do not want to go back to in this country. Too many lives depend on getting this one right again, so voters please do not repackaged the eight years of President Bush, by hiring Mitt Romney who makes President Bush look like a mathematical genius in comparison.

Four years ago, America got it right by hiring President Barack Obama, and I will tell you why he was the only candidate who has the wherewithal to reverse the years of President Bush. In two thousand President Bush and the Republican Party, alter the hands of time by stealing an election that derailed the fate of time. Anytime, the devil reverses the fate of time, our Heavenly Father sends a restorer to reset the damages created from a drastic change in the matrix system of time. “Barack” the faithful, was the perfect mixture of two people from very different worlds who produced a child that one day would be president. A child tormented by the raiment of his own external self and consciously dignified by the shortcomings to fit into a society that could not absorb his personality trace. He was mold to endure the criticism of others without inviting the continence of malevolence into the scope of his philosophy.

He lived the life of the unfortunate, while having the offspring of the privilege ethnic group to the freedoms his own skin restricted him from benefiting from although he is of the Caucasian progeny. I can only admire the spirit of such remarkable triumph that compelled President Obama not to find excuses or blame for his fixture development, he instead embrace those consequences through determination and hard work. President Obama seize the opportunity to elevate his panorama for the meaningful adornment of higher education, accolades that soon paid off for him to experience the “American dream.” The temperament of President Obama persona derived from a past of hardship and inspired by his ability to take oath of the executive position to the highest office in this land. The President achievements caused the republicans to envy such remarkable altitude that they decided to sabotage his resolve with epic and unprecedented changes through filibusters and voter suppression, a unique concept of plutocracy.

2012 Presidential Debate:

Big Plane, Big House

Allow me to digress, President Obama and Mitt Romney staged together before millions in a debate that measured the desperate task of a candidate who needed to overcome his 47% remarks and an incumbent who seemed surprise by the deliverance. Right from the start Mitt Romney was charge up with a shot of adrenaline in confidence, because he brushed his shoulders and maneuvered counter attacks of rhetoric that said, “Big plane, big house will be mines.” Every time the President incited a policy of Mitt Romney’s that would never work for this country, he reverses any assumptions against him by going at the President’s record. The debate became a ‘shut him down strategy’ for Mitt that built up momentum going into the next debate.

The right is patting their backs thinking we got them now! Anytime a party takes whatever they can get from their candidate for a win, you must ask yourself are they trust worthy enough for my vote. There was a lot of contemptuous attitude towards the President by Mitt Romney when he said, “You are entitle as president to your own plane and your own house, but not your own facts.” He envies the big house, big plane the President has as compliment perks of the taxpayers. Romney don’t care about America, he cares more about the big house, big plane that he will not have to pay the heating, air condition, or energy and gas for compliments of the taxpayers.

Let’s dissect the propaganda executed by Romney that the Right is so jubilant about after the debate last Wednesday night. Romney became a recluse to the conservative emblem of extremist policies that believe in protecting the interest of the rich over the care for the poor and middle class. The 47% Mitt Romney said he would disown was his guarded admission of concern in the debate and he relish the chance of taking care of them all, if he’s president of United States. “Will the real Mitt Romney, please stand up,” the President should have asked, instead he wobbled like a prizefighter who just taken a right hook. The 20% tax cut across the board that economist examine as unobtainable to draw down the deficit, as an alternative would increase the deficit by 5 trillion dollars. In Romney’s world, arithmetic doesn’t exist, because he walks on water so his devout greatness will just make it a reality. Mitt Romney repackaged his entire being to contort his message.

Everyone according to Mitt Romney will receive all of the major care the Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers, but his plan will cover all of the uninsured and keep all of the popular benefits the ACA does after he repeals it. The mendacity of Mitt Romney makes you wonder why they say, “The devil is in the details.” People thought the man on stage was a different person that flips his whole script to pander to the middle. Romney indulge on fictitious rhetoric without any regards for the truth when he said, “He won’t reduce the tax burden on high end incomes and guarantees that the middle class will not see any tax increase.” Again, the mechanics of Mitt Romney’s tongue can make the truth disappear without the acknowledgment of his own brain participation. This guy is a crypto advocator of every detail of his life… this could be part of the reason the President was taken by surprise.

Poor Big Bird is the revenue neutrality of Romney’s 20% across the board tax cut plan, according to Mitt Romney analysis. Maybe, brilliance is the only way to describe the republican candidate the night of the 2012 presidential debate. He freelance his policies to support the center core principles of independent voters, while pivoting from the extreme policies of his conservative party. Who is this guy…? The humble stare down at his opponent, the heartfelt interest for the middle class is the mantra he will cite, because he cares for everyone, and must rescue America from the claws of calamity. “Listen out your ears can deceive you his lies will relieve you from the truth, it’s Romney Fraud.” Able to change his mind at the drop of an opinion, can beat down any truth with a slip of his tongue, can transform his words to match any environment – yes, Romney Fraud will save a economy from the brinks of recovery with just some tax cuts, and the lowering of our deficit by firing Big Bird. Yes, ‘Romney Fraud’ is what this economy needs to take us from a positive job growth, to a negative job growth.

We must not get discourage over a poor performance by the President; it does not erase the facts of what President Obama done for the economy, when the other side criticized his intent. The republicans hammer him on the unemployment issues throughout the President tenure, and continue to sabotage his efforts to improve the job growth in this country. The job report came out on October 05, 2012 showing a 7.8% unemployment rate, leaving the republicans without the promise the President made of bringing the rate fewer than 8.0 percent. This is not something to celebrate having the unemployment decreasing to 7.8%, but it shows that we are moving in the right direction. It would require foolishness to expect or suspect three years of a gridlock congress will equal an expedient recovery under the President’s watch, but in spite of the derailment of a do-nothing republican congress, he still accomplished 30 months of positive job growth.

President Obama elevation to the juncture, when he reduced the burden of health care cost by implementing the Affordable Care Acts, the Lily Ledbetter “Equal Pay,” the Car Auto “Bailout,” over 18 tax cuts for small businesses, he setup the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, expanded the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). The list goes on and on in accomplishments for President Obama and all voters need to check all of his deeds before writing him off. Mitt Romney claimed he was bipartisan as Governor of Massachusetts, his claim is untrue and it is always easier to exchange some type of camaraderie with democrats because their will to benefit the constituents whom put them in office, rather than the big money that supported their campaign like the republicans’ ideology protection concerns entails.

Reference sites that give exclusive details of the President’s accomplishments are:

• 3 Chics Politico
• The PCTC Blog
• People’s World
• The Photographer 4 You

“Many may come but only a few are chosen,” and President Obama was chosen for this job by a higher source that does not take reference from man. This election is the people’s choice and not the choice of a few billionaires and millionaires who has taken advantage of ‘Citizen United’…! To offset the voting process of the people by a few conservative Supreme Court Judges, who wanted to keep this President from achieving the objective assignment of God through a second term. Big money cannot win this election no matter how many obstacles they set before us, we will overcome! Get out and vote our future depend on it, and look at the next debate that’s MMO.

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Don’t Blame Mitt!

I know it has been a rough week for the republicans, but don’t blame Mitt, for a party that became a run-away train of extremism. You see, Mitt is a victim of his own reckless ambition – an ambition that lack substance or direction. When you want something just because you think you deserve it, you become not worthy and obsess with the need to have it. Mitt never develops a plan, he never prepared for the obvious, he decided to run base on false pretenses and the presidency would be hand over because it was his turn. Mitt never understood the rule when it comes to campaigning that says, “You can fool some of the people through a primary election, but you cannot fool all of the people through the general election.”

The irony of it all is that the republicans never respected the tenure of a black man being president; therefore, it was impossible to respect the people that sent him there. President Barack Obama is not only a formidable opponent, but also one that you must take seriously in order to win. President Obama heard the call in the wilderness and he answered, because the people needed a true leader with the know how to accomplish the impossible. What the republicans embedded with their thinking is they can walk away with the electorate this year because of two particular beliefs. The first belief of the republicans, was their delusion that the President’s winning was a complete fluke due to incompetence with watching the electoral gate for cheaters. The second belief of the republicans was the mandate never existed so they can delegitimize the President’s order by the people to operate his executive authorities.

Republicans under estimated the President’s zeal to woo voters, although they deemed him unelectable for 2012 from the hardships they created for him legislatively – made all republicans salivate at the opportunity to run for president in 2011. It formed a cantankerous Republican Party that disdain for the voting bloc whom elected President Obama… made the republicans promote unpopular laws and policies that appeals only to the TEA Party elements. In the midst of it raises a conformed candidate named Mitt Romney as the republican standard-bearer to lead the misguided party to a hopeful presidential victory for 2012. Don’t blame Mitt, for a party who never properly vetted their choice for a presidential leader. Don’t blame Mitt, for his presumptuous plight that led the belief it was his presidency for the taken – just because his party helped sabotage the full recovery potential of the economy.

Where the Republican Party conundrum comes from is the wiliness to disregard the truthful legitimacy of the electorate genuine selection of a black man becoming a president in 2008. The republicans therefore decided to challenge the voters with strings of ways to suppress the vote – an idea that in retrospect they will realize has a reverse impact and will only rallying liberals and progressives to vote. I for one, always thought that the voter system is inadequate, and in a subliminal way is the epitome of a disenfranchise system that needs a complete overhaul. We are Americans, and voting is the right of all citizens in this country – no matter where their presences are during the time of voting. If you live in NY and visiting Utah on Election Day than you still should have the ability to cast your vote for your district while in Utah. We are not primitive but our voter system is an antiquated apparatus that needs a serious upgrade.

Don’t blame Mitt, for thinking he can run his entire campaign on the base of denigrating the President as a plan. America embodies some of the most intelligent vessels on this earth, so the republicans can change the economic landscape by interrupting the policies of the President through filibusters; but they cannot, erase the past from the minds of Americans. The residual effect of two wars, trillion dollars in tax cuts during a time of war, prescription drug plan, deregulating Wall Street; are the true reasons for an explosive deficit, which roll over effect managed the deficit you see today. President Obama was false to prolong the fiscal policies of President Bush inadvertently to calm the waters of the right-wing implication of calling him radical. In spite of the republicans, hostage takeover maneuvers, President Obama still implemented historic legislation during his tenure.

The intact feature of a functional government consists of a conciliatory system, which primary goals are not a pledge of monetary interest, but a constitutional interest. The violation of deliberately relegating the due diligence of congressional and senate obligations to legislate – cripples and extinguish the chance for a well robust economy. If we continue to expunge the resources meant to support education, infrastructure, agriculture, and environmental protection, which is all part of the fundamental aspects for solvency than it becomes impossible to sustain the reciprocity of society’s economic health. You must realize that our deficit were not caused because we are spending too much money on domestic interest; our deficit expanded from foreign and military spending that was grossly mismanaged by the check and balance of congress, and not solely on the President’s malpractices of fiscal ineptitude.

The Constitution was designed with a check and balance system that describes the obligation of congressional due diligence to maintain our reciprocity. Those who insinuate that the President’s role is to manage our spending behavior unilaterally outside congress control, has misled the conduct of executive powers. Congress is the accountant system for the check and balance of this country’s pocketbook. Every policy the president passes must await the scrutiny of a budget committee or financial committee before it can go into effect. Those committees are head up by members of congress. It is part of a safeguard system meant to keep one person from having plenary powers of mismanaging the financial being of our solvency.

Don’t blame Mitt, for his constant reference of accusing the President with mismanaging our economic system, because he really does not know any better. I only hope that America knows better, when they head to the polls this November. The truth is our government system is lacking the revenue it needs to reverse the course of the insufficiency in capital due to an overlap of spending levels from two wars and high-end income tax breaks that is bleeding our financial stability. The Romney/Ryan plan will never cure the woes of this country, because it target spending cuts without replenishing the revenue. The country cannot go with a fantasize plan, we need the realistic plan of Obama/Biden in order to accomplish the goal of a full recovery. They got my vote because I know they will work hard in behalf of this entire country, without dismissing 47% of those Mitt Romney called moochers and lazy. That’s MMO

The 47% video:

Press conference responds to 47% video:

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In a leader, the biggest component of a chief’s personality rectitude depends on restraint and the calculative measure to engage upon crucial situations. He must practice resolve to handle the tough calls with sound and comprehensive conclusion. The internal power of leadership possesses natural qualities one is born with from the very start of their life. Anytime someone leap first and look afterwards, the results would be a miscalculation. Mitt Romney has become such an opportunist that he mindlessly makes decisions, which demonstrates his lack of restraint and virtuoso capability. The President continues to lead with vigor and presidential conviction as a confident leader.

Mitt Romney reacted to the Libya crisis with reckless intent to belittle the Obama Administration by putting out critical statements without chronological awareness to the timeline of events surrounding the Embassy in Libya. Mitt Romney going after President Obama and his Administration while the American Embassy in Libya diplomatic personnel was still not account for seems appalling and grotesque. Mitt Romney then doubles down on his insane position by having a press conference that morning without categorical intelligence on the depth of the crisis in Libya.

Never has a presidential candidate go before the press with nonsensical rhetoric before the CIA renders the full account to the President so he can address the situation more accurately from the Rose Garden. Everyone knows Mitt Romney is not ready for prime-time when you have the onus responsibility to conduct restraint, instead he spend every moment wishing for a dismal job report implicates his jubilance for the failure of America’s economy. The President has stabilized the economy although the republican congress obviates every proposal to lift the economy by President Obama. With the hope of benefiting from the results of portraying the President as incompetent, the republicans keep talking as if congress does not have any skin in the game of America’s economic failure.

President Barack Obama Addresses the DNC Convention:

As the President come off a bounce from his DNC Convention, making Mitt desperate for the loopholes that he can explore to demagogue the posture and gravity of the President’s analytical brilliance. Those who try to share some sense of purpose for the blunder of Mitt’s adroit character are just fooling themselves into thinking he is prime-time material. To sound off like a raven buffoon full of blustering stupidity about foreign policy and appeasement of American values is unseemly coming from a presidential candidate. At no time has this President ever apologized for America, but Mitt Romney running his entire campaign base on fraudulent accusations about President Obama regardless if there isn’t any factual existence to support his position. Mitt Romney thinks we should not show contrition for the actions of Americans, although America holds a past that can show a lot to apologize for ‘slavery’ being one, to show contrite only heighten our exceptionalism around the world.

Romney and the republicans’ biggest upheaval is their wiliness to disrespect the executive power of this country during a critical foreign state of engagement. They have literally besmirched the executive office all because of their hopeless desire to command power as the majority and chief. Because such disdain for President Obama by republicans – coupled with Mitt desperation compelled him to overreact Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning behind the embassy crisis.

Timeline: 6:17am September 11, 2012 – Embassy in Cairo, Egypt

“The Embassy… condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feeling of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believes of all religions.”

The Embassy released the above statement due to the anti-Muslim video produced here in America by an individual, who never care about the ramifications of his actions for the men and women abroad – who sacrificing their lives everyday representing America for peaceful missions. Mitt Romney’s leadership should have attack the idiot who is playing Russian roulette with the lives of our service women and men abroad by making the anti-Muslim video that spark the protests, instead; he embarrasses himself by attacking the President with platitudes of inattentive rhetoric.

Timeline: Mitt Romney releases statement to press after 10:00pm 9/11/2012

“It’s disgraceful that Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but he sympathizes with those who waged the attacks.”

Timeline: Mitt Romney call for a press conference that morning 9/12/2012

Restraint, would have afforded a more intelligent approach for the delicate situation in the Middle East by the Romney Administration – a position him and his administration refuses to walk back. I guess Mitt is following the title of his book, “No Apologies” recompense for his insatiable need to accuse the President for being apologetic. While Romney and his clueless Administration continues to stick their chest out without condemning the disgusting video – Secretary Hillary Clinton is on the job condemning the despicable anti-Muslim video produced here in America that help set the tension in the Middle East.

Secretary Hillary Clinton gives press conference on video and Embassy crisis:

Mitt Romney will now get intelligence briefings every morning, I guess simulating the position of president is the closes he will ever come to the real thing. The right-wing must practice restraint in what they say, because it can metastasized the anti rhetorical against those who are looking for anything to fuel the fire in the Middle East. Supporting the effort of this president is the right thing to do as Americans. The predictors of outcomes cannot possibly prevented the attack if Mitt Romney were president, and for them to imply such nonsense only form the nostalgia… when it did happened under their watch, just check history.

The origin of it all stem from biblical times when the Angel of the Lord said to Hagar in Genesis: 16 v 11 and 12 reads,
“Behold, thou art with child, “and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmeal; because the Lord hath heard thy affliction.”
And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.

Those who think they could have prevented something the Lord himself given account for need to understand the depth of it all, before criticizing the measures this President has taken. Romney blustering and cowboy vernacular against China even cause their news agency to react with this statement.

Xinhua, China’s official news agency: made this statement

“It is advisable that politicians, including Romney, should abandon… short-sighted China-bashing tricks and adopt at least a little bit of statesmanship on China-US ties.

Mitt-Liar Romney could never lead this Nation without involving us into a series of external conflicts, because of his inability to practice restraint. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on the other hand are steady at the tiller compare to Mitt and Paul Ryan irrational behavior. I know whom my vote will be for in November, and I hope America make the wise decision when they vote on 11/6/2012. Thank you for stopping by that’s MMO.

I let President Bill Clinton make the case:


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Reckless Endangerment

Some things we do becomes a reckless endangerment to the welfare and security of our lives. The biggest excerption of this example would come from the conduct of congress in Washington D.C. lately. Years ago, congress fought to improve public conditions for the average citizens through compromising and exchanging positions between two parties. Today, the word compromise is the sign of weakness, therefore you should never engage into the fundamentals of a compromise. The element of insurmountable negotiation creates gridlock in congress, and this is a reckless endangerment at its best.


John Boehner, the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Congress ran on the slogan in 2010, “Where are the jobs Mr. President.”  The condescending position of such rhetoric falls on the heels of hypocrisy, because the President is not the sole proprietor of job policies. The functioning of government requires the quintessential cooperation of congress for the President to pass policies that would affect the country. To run the executive office of this country, you need a supporting cast we call congress that consist of two divisions, one the Senate the primary check and balance of laws and policies, and two the House of Representatives the primary check and balance of laws and budgets. One system controls the bylaws and the other controls the pocketbook, while the President is the primary check and balance of laws and constitutional conduct that maintains the due diligences of our government system.


The government system as a whole is not base solely on one premise in order for it to maintain solvency. The system entails the due diligence of an operative system as a whole for it to produce proper means. Anyone who completely blame the President for our current situation, are the same people who devise the plan for the failure of this economy under President Obama’s watch. John Boehner the Speaker of the House and Mitch McConnell the minority leader of the Senate has blocked every policy for job interest for this country’s economy. The Infinitesimal position on jobs by the republicans is a reckless endangerment to the security of our solvency as a country. Our country cannot allow this current behavior by republicans to continue by employing them with our votes. It is an incumbent duty to exercise the importance of voting no matter what hindrance the republicans has created to disenfranchise our voting rights through voting identification and the elimination of early voting.


We should not recompense the republican’s senseless efforts by failing not to vote or voting for those who engage in the unscrupulous behavior to undermine the voting process. We must exercise the practice of a sound and responsible voting privilege of selecting the right person to compliment the due diligence of office, not those who conducts an ulterior motive. I believe there is no place in this country for those who want to see this country burn, then to have a African American for a president or support a system that assist the welfare of the poor, the same socialistic system they ancestor built their riches from when they enslave the free labor of black people. The reckless endangerment is not the fact we recognize the harm, is when we standby and remain silent because it does not have a direct affect on the immediate welfare of our lives. Rich or poor, we still have to live together and the effect of the reckless endangerment resonant upon us all, no matter how lethargic the process of reaching your front door.


President Obama has a positive record of accomplishment, of not only saving this economy from the brink of disaster, but he managed this achievement against the extreme intransigence of a do-nothing-congress led by the republicans. They distorted the benefits of the Affordable Care Act with hyperbole in hope that the people never recognize all of the advantages the health program offers. The republicans and Mitt “Liar” Romney hopes we become mesmerize by their hollow rhetoric that the President cannot run on his record. On the contrary, the President should do nothing else but run on his record, because it will expose the sabotage effort of the republicans to manufacture an advantage for whoever runs against him on their side. Tell me who would vote for Mitt “Liar” Romney and I will show you a person who wants the poor and middle class to suffer. This election is about the future of the middle class and the solvency of this economy under the stewardship of a responsible party that cares for this country; please get it right when you vote because we are all connected.


Thank you for reading and God Bless us all that’s MMO.

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Assassination of our Democracy

The world of austerity and plutocratic measures that support the superiority of capitalism will assassinate the life of democracy, as we know it. Everything in this universe must work through the basic functions of causality, action and reaction, cause and effect. The purpose of greed is kernel with the natural apparatus of ambition time’s selfishness, which equal voracity. Therefore, those who believe in the superiority of capitalism cannot surely protect the fundamentals of democracy without gravitating to the ideology of assassinating the liberty of others. Assassination of our democracy is in full effect through the branches of government beginning from the legislation branch culminated with the judicial branch’s ruling that unleash, “Citizen United” on the voting process of campaign funding.

The only crusader within the ranks of government that still supports the lifeline of democracy is the executive branch through partial means only; nevertheless, not all is hopeless for revival. The Republican Party has behave with the disregard for the needs of women, and relentlessly gone after women’s right while carrying the banner of smaller government. Their ideal of smaller government is to increase the austerity measures on the poor by cutting programs that support those in poverty, while passing laws that will only cause government to overreach the authoritative control of local citizens. The republicans are trying to suppress our voter’s right with ID laws and gerrymandering certain districts to maintain control of the voter’s block. The republicans won the House of Representatives in November of 2010 and commence with the duties of control in January of 2011 without sponsoring or permitting one job’s bill to make it to the floor.


Willard Mitt Romney the front-runner / nominee of the Republican Party’s presidential candidacy will roll back the clock on progress in America. In a retrospective marker this country needed President Obama analytical wherewithal to navigate the anticlimactic field of the political divide, that has assassinated the health of this economy. The front-runner / nominee, Mitt Romney is said to be a fix doctor with economic wisdom that will restore our economic woes. As Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney ranked 47th in job creation a record his campaign will not embrace, Romney ran a financial firm that shaved more jobs than he created, yet they try to spin him as a panacea of economic restoration. Romney paraded the “Paul Ryan Budget Plan” as marvelous; contrary to the impoverished intend the Ryan’s budget will trifle our economy with over the years for the middle class and poor. Front-runner / nominee Romney has employed the elitist brand of thinking with inserting the talking points of the right as a mindset policy of conservatism. The assassination of our democracy is at hand this election, and Romney is leading the way with endorsing the radical extreme of handicapping our constitutional rights in this country.

Ryan’s budget plan favors the rich:


I for one hold no nostalgia for taking this country back, because I can recall the devastation of the eight years of republican control did to this country. Focusing on the Bush Administration’s eight years in office …now in a retrospective manner imagine a President Romney taking the helm during the years of crises… Our country would have fallen into an economic black hole of total despair. The auto industry would have collapsed, sparking a domino effect of job loss for the manufacturer industry around the country. The retrospective of a Mitt Romney presidency would have set massive layoff in the public sector in education, first responders, crushing all municipal occupation that would have starved the economy for every city and state in this country. Mitt Romney accuses President Obama of producing a stagnated economy …although President Obama faces a reluctant congress on the republican side, which pledge they are going to do everything in their power to disrupt any policy the President put forth… a violation of due diligence in office is surely a act of treason. The Supreme Court decided to interact with the assassination of our democracy by passing “Citizens United” as a retrospective marker of stopping the Obama’s fund raising machine of 2008, by unleashing the biggest money laundering system that ever existed in the history of humanity.


The rights of this country is under attack – so it does not matter if you are republican, independent or democrat, we are all in this together to save our democracy. The “Affordable Care Act” preserves the rights to access medical privileges that the Insurance Companies reneged on for years …although they taken our payments with the agreement of providing full coverage… the disclosure agreement encrypted certain clauses that denied you the rights to full cover access. This is what burden our economy and pushed President Obama to repair the healthcare system in order to reach some resolution with lifting those burdens from suppressing our economic growth. Scott Brown a republican senator who wants to repeal the “Affordable Care Act,” while wasting no time using the privileges the so-called Obama Care provides, by putting his 23-year-old daughter on his government healthcare plan – hypocrisy at its best. The republicans have proven to be the worst stewards of this economy over the last decade with the respect of job growth. The rights to living wages have always become a non-starter for our legislators, keeping back the properties of the equilibrium balance of price and spend to control the aggravated levels of inflation. The true effect of such demeans of wages scales back the potential of consumption, while allowing the freedom of pricing to perform with impunity producing high levels of poverty. The nature of an affluent society will make capitalism an anemic in regards to its power of persuasion abilities to control supply and demand. Rightfully, in a world of capitalism, it needs debt to strive, but also economic solvency keeps it healthy within a social state.


Capitalism and conservatism cannot coexist without social welfare within a society – the republicans’ realization with this understanding is skew with misgivings and this is part of the reason for economic downturns. Just look at the eight years under Bush and times that by four when you include the “Paul Ryan budget,” and the hypothetical measures that austerity will somehow produce solvency sounds ludicrous. Mitt Romney supports the “Ryan’s Budget” full heartedly, regardless of the distinctive history of non-growth this country have experienced under the republican presidents whom sought such measures. You can look at the bionetwork of the Bush years, which present over 4.5 million in job losses during his two terms in office, and over 650 thousand jobs depletion in the remaining months of 2008. Between President Bush and President Obama is a stark dichotomy; in the first three years of the Obama Administration, he manage a 27 months growth that created 3.2 million jobs, despite the antithetic push by the republicans for failure. Mitt Romney is still trying to mold his presidential candidacy to identify his conservative credentials, for an extreme republican base that have reservation on his moral stands to sustain a conservative character. The realization of it all is can America trust Mitt to do what is right for this economy to stay on the path of recovery that President Obama sacrifice his own views and policies to compromise his presidency to do what was right over political expediency.

GOP passes Paul Ryan’s budget plan:

Moral compass

I cannot easily separate from the product of my core values, a realization that may have alienated my moral compass to a changing world around me. The President made history this past week when he announced affirmation with an avoidable topic that insisted on his unequivocal dispensation of support for the LGBT community. Today, the world become divided when we decide that our position in life is to assume the supreme order of God by passing judgment on the way people suppose to live. “Those without sin cast the first stone,” and I would confess there is no one on this earth that can cast that stone. One of the inevitable reasons for the incarnation of Jesus Christ is because none of us was without sin. In which Jesus Christ died for the sin of all people, without making any revocation due to the assignment of an individual way of life. It does not mean he condones the behavior of sin, but he made provision for the salvation of all people base on his judgment and not our judgment towards each other. I think we are accountable for our own lives, but the moral compass is to assure the freedom of all people to have civil liberties that consist of them having the rights to pursue happiness. President Obama brought the realization to the moral compass that says you do not have to compromise your core values to respect the civil liberties of other people happiness. I thank my President for his leadership that opened my eyes to understand that God is the judgment of our sins; we are just the overseer of our actions.

I feel the charge of thinking that setting provisions for those that falls under hardship is the right thing to do. The republicans have met a new low, when they passed the “Paul Ryan Budget” in the House of Representatives this past week. One of the very reasons America cannot afford to take the risk of giving them plenary power of government. The sad part about it all, is those whom the republicans claim they are trying to protect because they will provide the expansion of an solvent model for this economy, are sitting in silence although they know that paying less taxes has very little effect with improving the economy. In The Biology Of Our Economy’s Health, I break down the components of our economy using the analogy of the body and the importance of the system as a whole. We need everyone to act with some level of responsibility for the health of this economy, by speaking out against mindless austerity measures push by those who chose greed over sound policies. Our moral compass compelled many to compose an internal evaluation that features the self-subservient nature to overlook the consciousness of right for the settlement of what is publicly expedient or less controversy. I think when it mattered too so many, the President did what was consciously and morally right, he shown great leadership and encouragement with a controversy subject that some may consider a net-negative for his reelection.

Children’s well being

The big landscape topics of social issues have revolutionize the state of mind with opening a broad discussing that reflects our children’s well being. The ironic temperament of fighting for the rights to pro-life seem counterproductive when you narrowly push the argument of denying poor children the right of being provided with safety nets that enhance their way of life. The republicans has engaged in a pettifog against policies that involve keeping the interest level low for student’s loans, funding for food programs for children and seniors, while protecting tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires, and oil companies. You must ask yourself, “does this type of austerity on the poor, make a person feel good with bringing a child into a world of assured poverty?” Hypocrisy is the biggest mantra of the GOP sermon on abortion and contraceptive issues – without granting provision for a safety net system for children’s well being. America must remember that we are the keeper of every child that exists in this nation. When you start to undermined the children’s well being in life, you set the trap for a byproduct of impoverish conditions.

The Republicans throw students under the bus:

Fix the looming increase in student loan rates:


Part of the problem is democrats share the incredible burden of ripping the taxpayers off with unnecessary bureaucracy that only impede the flow of good governance. The loyalty the GOP shows to their big money donors is remarkably notable, but rescinds on the components of constitutional ordinance with governance. Together both parties are guilty of cheating America of operating within the confinements of the constitution – making their reckless behavior to conduct the check and balance system of managing our tax dollars criminal. Democrats can challenge every filibuster with bringing it to a cloture vote that continues until the last delay tactic of a filibuster ends, even if it takes three weeks without going home. The democrats do not have the moxie to put the republicans to task, instead, they uses the republican’s filibuster method as a scapegoat for not representing the American people. My problem with the government system is their concern for this economy’s health been infinitesimal at best. Congress has shown something of a lackadaisical interest with performing according to protocol of our constitution – democrats and republicans alike are guilty of committing these hideous infractions in government. The constitution has giving us the right to retract power from those in congress who abuse their position in government by the people, the only exemption immune to the retraction of power is the judicial and executive branches. The Constitution predicates congress to inherit impeachment powers vis-à-vis a sitting president’s infractions in office becomes contrary to our constitution.


Any representative of government vis-à-vis congress must respect the canon for which the constitution was implemented, and abide by the laws that construct the operation of due diligence in office. To plot or conspire with the notion to take down a president elect through impeding the natural order of governance is treasonous, because it undermines the will of the people that the constitution suppose to protect. The framework of the Constitution isn’t a document made to constrain the people’s conduct of due diligence, but it was ascertain to keep a check and balance of a governmental system. Congress controls the pocketbook so that they can scrutinize any unnecessary spending committed by the executive branch, making it very absurd to accuse any president of the sole responsibility of our deficit. The people have control over their representatives in office, and this allows us to picket outside their office held in every district until they assure proper representation. Congress has gotten too big to listen to a whisper, so we must elevate our voices for them to listen by demanding representation or step down from position! The people must stifle congress flamboyant ways in office that allows them to favor big money over votes – otherwise the constitution will never assure the due diligence base on its words alone, the people is the power that constitutes the language of conduct in government. We must exercise some sort of interest in the conduct of our government before they commit the greatest infraction of all times! The assassination of our democracy… will be the results of a lame duck America refusal to engage!


The CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, the global market whiz kid of smart investments loss 2 billion and counting base on derivatives, a flashback of 2008 seems to be emerging. The reckless sport of risk betting by the financial firms that led to the recession in 2008, extend from deregulation of the investment markets. The flashback of those years can make you quiver, but the fight in Washington right now is over greater regulations by the democrats and less regulations by the republicans. The crisis phenomenon of 2008 consists of bankers swapping credit debt of home ownership through derivatives and back by hedge fund insurance. The bubble started to occur by homes going into default and exposing the false numbers of the original note repackaged to reflect extreme interest on predatory lending. You sign a promissory note on a home created by a felonious salary base on low interest secured by a flexible-rate model. The interest rate shots up due to market changes the payee goes in default because the interest rate added over three to four hundred dollars more to the monthly payments. The bank than repackage your loan as a derivative for a credit swap to a clearinghouse at wholesale value protected by a hedge fund that counterparts investors capitalizes through gouging the interest rate on the original note. The flashback moment is when the bubble started to burst and it caused the recession of 2008.


The deficit in this country is being played like a swollen-thumb that gotten slammed in the door of democratic bad spending habits. The republicans are behaving like frugality have been their fiscal policy since 2001 – 2008 under the Bush Administration, although their stewardship has been a fiscal disaster they manage to convoluted those years as Obama’s policies that collapse the economy. The deficit raised by President Obama stems from the residual economic avalanche that created a recession that forced the President into deficit spending to reverse the downward motion into a recovery status. The recovery has never reached its aspiration because of the sabotaging the republican have been doing to discourage Obama’s policies from ever manifesting its maximal potential. Mitt Romney can never solve the problem of this country because he continues to tell bold face lies on the status of this country’s economy and his true intentions to turn us into a plutocratic state. The Romney / Ryan budget plan will increase the deficit in this country by 7 trillion dollars and make the safety-net system in this country obsolete because of the depletion of revenue for our government to function in a viable manner. One of the culprits for causing the high deficit is the central bank i.e. (Federal Reserve), because they lend out capital to banks at 0.01 in interest at the discount window to financial institution that lends those monies out at astronomical interest to the public. The Federal Reserve lending methods to financial institutions makes the safety-net systems of government burdensome in depleted funds because of the interest rate levels lend to the public by financial institutions that impoverish the society.

The end game

The end game comes down to rather you want a country that is infested with civil wars to restore the freedom of our Constitution and regain our democracy. We cannot afford to rollback the years of progress for the regressive intent of the republicans’ ideology. The end game is capitalism cannot work without responsible lending by the central bank system known as the (Federal Reserve), without charging a deficit fee of 0.05 percent on every dollar lend to financial institutions that get used to pay down our deficit. When the Federal Reserve takes on a sound approach to lending, it strengthens the dollar and controls inflationary spending that can devalue our capital system. The end game is in order for our government to return, it needs revenue not draconian cuts pushed by the Republican Party, because they want to cut off the lifeline for a safety-net system that once benefit the same people who opposes it. The end game is the President’s policies has us on the right track, and the only thing that is holding our recovery back are the treasonous behavior of those who proclaimed they would do everything in their power for him to fail is a blatant assassination of our democracy. The end game is do we want to let the most capable president we ever had fail because of the intransigence and bigotry of the Republican Party purposely preventing America from succeeding? I think this is the question one must ask themselves when you claim your love for America this November! That is MyMO.

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Trayvon cannot defend

The idea of someone shooting and killing an innocent 17 years old kid, while the authorities set free the killer with no reprehensible charges ever brought against him is despicable. Trayvon Martin cannot defend the new developments proclaimed by George Zimmerman, reporting that Trayvon attacked him seems fictitious. We will let the facts speak for itself as I walk you through the nonsensical practices committed by the Sanford Florida Police when they failed to apprehend George Zimmerman, due to a trifling law called “Stand Your Ground,” the wild wild west of laws.

On February 26, 2012 approximately 7:16pm, George Zimmerman, a self-appointed neighborhood-watch captain fatally shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Before that very incident taken place on the day in question, Trayvon was walking to his Father’s girlfriend home after purchasing skittles and Arizona ice tea according to sources. Zimmerman invoked self-defense based on his story or recall of events that advocates him as a victim beaten by Trayvon on the night in question. Trayvon cannot defend himself because the dead can’t speak, but evidence does. The facts in this case was made to support George Zimmerman from the very start of him pulling the trigger by the Sanford Police tampering and overlooking the scope of evidence to the case.

The ineptitude of the Sanford Police was massive, but supposedly hindered by a law that refrain their enforcement obligation to make an arrest. The “Stand Your Ground Law,” is a law that should had never existed base on the magnitude of its expansion to create vigilantism among this society. George Zimmerman was a man who needed power and prestige according to his own pursuant nature to become an enforcement officer, but failed to succeed in his endeavors. Stand Your Ground Law, created this force sense of power in George, therefore, made him developed the in-charge character of an unofficial neighborhood watch captain. Anyone with a mentality of that sought will always become the aggressor in any delicate situation, but Trayvon cannot defend his position that George pursued him from the grave, so the evidence must speak for him.

George Zimmerman 911 call:


Everyone by now heard parts of the evidence of the 911 tape of George talking with the operator. The time was about 7:11pm when George reported that he spotted a suspicious character (Trayvon), and he looked like he is looking for trouble. Mind you, George is making this accusation from a distance of Trayvon walking to his father’s place from a convenient store. Trayvon receives a phone call from his girlfriend about 7:12pm as he’s answering his cell phone in his pocket, George is reporting to the 911 operator, “Look like he’s reaching for a weapon and he’s coming towards me, I think he’s up to no good.” Trayvon cannot defend himself from the grave, so the evidence must speak for him. Trayvon passes George as he put his hoodie on because it started to drizzle, George still on the phone says to the operator he’s getting away and the operator warns him not to pursue Trayvon. George makes a derogatory reference about Trayvon to the operator saying, “They always get away,” and the operator asked, “Are you following him,” George cited, “yeah,” and the operator forcefully repeated for George not to pursue him and she had dispatched the police.

Trayvon girlfriend’s retrospect of that moment picks up from George following Trayvon, because Trayvon tells his girlfriend, “I think some guy is following me.” His girlfriend tells him to run and Trayvon told her that he’s not going to run, but he will start walking faster to lose him. The time is about 7:15pm when he tells his girlfriend he doesn’t see the man following him anymore. George catches up with Trayvon and this is when his girlfriend says Trayvon asked, “Why are you’re following me man?” according to his girlfriend. George confronted him by asking, “What are you doing in this neighborhood?” before the phone went blank according to Trayvon’s girlfriend. Trayvon cannot defend himself, so the evidence must speak for him.

At 7:16pm, an ear-witness is on the phone with a 911 operator reporting that she hears a young person crying for help, and in the background of the call, you can hear Trayvon yelling for help just before the single shot rings out and the yelling goes silent. According to the officers on the scene, they arrived at 7:17pm to encounter Trayvon on the ground bleeding from a chest wound. The evidence of that timeline leads you to the understanding that the officers was in close proximity to bear witness to the screaming and the sound of the gunshot.

The Father’s testimony:

My take

My take on what happen is the officers treated George with the code-of-silence because of his ties to the infrastructure of law enforcement. Too many people tried to sweep this incident as if it didn’t existed. Thanks to black leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, it received the level of attention it deserved. Those who say the incident that arise shouldn’t reach the circulation of concern on a national level, think of your child profiled and killed by the hands of an overacted individual who took the law in his hand against your innocent child. My take on George in protection and safeguarded from facing an arrest due to the evidence looks suspicious. The whole claim of him screaming for help, and his head pounded on the ground by Trayvon as well as his broken nose is suspicious. Just base on the timeline of events, the 911 call and girlfriend’s recollection of that night contradicts George whole claim. The screams were fluent and continuous without interruption, until you heard the gun shot. Therefore, I will give you my take on what really happen on that very day base on the account of events.

Anyone who knows about trauma knows that when a person getting his or her head pounded on the ground makes it impossible for anyone to maintain a continuous scream without interruption. Any medical profession could agree to my indication base on the 911 tape, the voice of a pounded head screaming could not keep a fluent cry for help, while at the same time being pounded on concrete the night in question. The voice heard was Trayvon’s screams for his life without a doubt. George claimed Trayvon broken his nose just before pounding his head on the pavement. My take on George claims do not render the reason why in the video of him entering the precinct coming out of the patrol car his blood was not on his clothing, nor was there any sign of swelling in his facial area of the nose. Usually when a person receives a broken nose the area surrounding becomes black and blue. Case in point, George perfused bleeding of the nose would had flooded the sinus canal cavity when his head was pounded causing him to choke preventing the ability to scream.

Trayvon Martin’s last call:

All of the evidence points to George acting irresponsibly against an innocent young African American kid for no real or justified means, resulting to the death of that young man. George was a punk with a gun and attitude that decided to take the law into his hands without any crime in progress or reason for his actions of shooting Trayvon Martin because his ill-minded belief he was protecting his neighborhood. The Sanford Police aid and abetted George’s crusade on crime because they affiliated the assumption of authority was on his side when he made those seventy or more frivolous emergency dog-watch calls with no reprimanded action coming from the Sanford Police to stop misusing the call-in privilege. George vigilantism was create by his community and state law making him a product of his own surroundings – leaves the question of how many George Zimmerman are out in this world with the belief they are doing the community at large some good.

There is only one true victim

There is only one true victim in the death of Trayvon Martin and it is Trayvon. The others are his parents for not getting a fair procedure enacted upon following their son’s death by the Sanford Police. There is only one true victim in the death of Trayvon we know, but he’s no longer here to feel the pain of the aftermath following his death, so we must look at the assailant George as a victim of the society that created him. The society that privileges those because the esteem positions their parents assures in the community. The lawmakers who passed laws they know may become a prospect of criticism though it is pass regardless. The community that invokes the contra of prejudicious behavior base on inherited differences. The silences of those who can make impressive inroads against inequality yet remain stifled by their own selfishness. The essential role played by the media that mislead and exuviated the layers of truth by creating lies to benefit the political hype. The medical field of science that develop the drugs administered to us from birth ceasing our ability to cope without some dependencies – helped abduct the next drug user and dealer.

Government need to build more prison facilities than schools with the strong derivative and preoccupation to pursue that type of environment among our society help encourage crime. All of the things I mention are the products that manifest misgivings with our way of life – erecting the monster in the room that seizes apprehension with how we think about each other. The peculiar character you must engage or else attitude become an outreach call for action by the individual. I know George is a person, who wishes he had another way out of the criminal implication of that day, but there is only one true victim that day on February 26, 2012 at 7:16pm and his name was Trayvon Martin. I pray that God blessed the soul of Trayvon Martin and bring him the justice he and his family deserve, so he can rest in peace. The wheels of motion must get it right in Sanford Florida, because the whole world is watching.

Defense team

The Zimmerman’s defense team is recklessly trying to tie their client to the crying voice of Trayvon, as George who is crying for help is a serious gross negligence of practice. It will never meet a passion of doubt with jurors of his peers because of the obvious circumstances adopted around this case nationally. The arrogance of George’s Defense Team to cowardly use the stress-call identity of a victim as their client’s identity and their client to have initiated such nonsense is despicable. The only defense that could reach any level of doubt with a jury of George’s peers would be he thought Trayvon was reaching for a weapon base on his original call he made with 911, when he said, “I think he is reaching for a weapon or something. That would have been more believable for George’s Defense Team than the fabricated claim of getting your head bashed in while yelling for help.

Everyone knows when a person is winning a fight, you become vigilant to every move your opponent is making because your adrenaline flow will exaggerate those abilities; making it impossible for a fight of that magnitude, to allow such a short timeline in events. Secondly, Trayvon would not surrender so quickly the upper hand with a cry for help without primarily trying to retrieve the gun. George Zimmerman confronted Trayvon than knock the cell phone out of his hand causing the connection with his girlfriend to disconnect, and George pulls out his gun causing Trayvon to yell for his life and pulls the trigger killing Trayvon, accounts for the one-minute period of event. George committed premeditated murder because he had ample time to reconsider his pursue of an unarmed kid, who never devoted to any crime that day. That’s MyMO, what is your understanding?


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My Heart Keeps Beating

The loss of Trayvon Martin’s life has not only devastated a community, but it hurts every black man in America though my heart keeps beating. The day we elected President Barack H. Obama to the sacred office of the white, men only house club, America the beautiful started looking not so beautiful! The blue tinted glasses everyone seemed to have been looking through over the years have transformed beauty into bigotry, though my heart keeps beating.

George Zimmerman is one of many men living in Florida with the sick privilege of thinking they have the right to use deadly force without facing consequences. Florida Statue 776.012 (Stand Your Ground Law):
A person is justified in the use of deadly force and does not have a duty to retreat if… He or She reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or bodily harm… This law to me sounds like the wild wild west of laws! You need to ask yourself something with laws that grant the right for civilians to take matters into their own hands, along with the easy access to guns, how many minorities understood the existence of that law? My guess not many, because so many minorities fail to draft the common interest of laws, if they feel it does not involve any immediate interest to them. Knowing outrageous laws like the one that exist in Florida should become a marquee interest of all American citizens, because I’ve vacationed numerous of times there oblivious to the danger of that existent law in Florida, though my heart keeps beating.

The Young Turks report on Trayvon Martin:

My heart keeps beating in the memory of a young black man living in a society that tips the scale of justice against him who probably never really understood the wrongs of bigotry or hatred, because we have padded that understanding with lies of change. The lawmakers and leaders of society have victimized Trayvon Martin’s generation with the belief that those days of racism is long gone… so let us move on without addressing the truth, helped killed Trayvon Martin, though my heart keeps beating. The comfort of this society is we indulged our whole demeanor based on documents that outlined the conductivity of America in which we call, The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights and The US Constitution in which most of America do not understand the full disclosure of its operative authority, but let us digress for a moment.

The Great Men

The great men whom doctored the scrolls we so dearly hold as the beatitudes to our daily functions, may be turning in their graves from the mockery we have brought to the true meanings of the precious penmanship of language we misinterpreted. In the second amendment of the Bill of Rights it states; A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The second amendment was appropriate due to a Militia structure within an infringement against natural citizen’s right to a Free State in a time of war. We are States of laws that protects those very rights for our citizens, enforced by a government system structured by The Constitution of United States. Therefore, the great men who written the second amendment has been taking out of contents to service the need of the NRA’s interest to get rich. We actually do not have the right to bear arms without a threat against a Free State Society. The Great Men of marvelous thinkers would feel depress over the wrongful misinterpretation of such a well-accomplished document, inflicting the right to kill the innocent of our society as it has today.

Our Society

I cried tears over the young man Trayvon Martin, killed by George Zimmerman in Florida, because he is the son of our society. Our society that failed him includes the officers, who responded to the scene, it includes the lawmakers who sponsored the law that let George Zimmerman escape the responsibility of his reckless actions. The (Stand Your Ground Law), must become outlawed and void in the name of Trayvon Martin. He was the son of our society, who became a victim of America’s tolerates towards these kinds of travesties by circumventing our position to act in favor of not dealing with racism. It really hurts to know our society will not come together as human beings with the will to love one another, regardless to your position of race or wealth, because the sun shines on us all the same.

Witness speaks out:

I will end by sending my condolences to the family of Trayvon Martin, and I pray that God help them to get justice and comfort for the loss of their son. It is not easy living in our society when there are those who still believe that the right of one is not good enough for all. When people decide it is okay to criticize one group, but think you are exempt from those same criticisms. When lawmakers encroach on women’s right to control their decisions with their own bodies, and divide the principles of good from ever reaching preventive care with their health. Our society let thousands of people live in starvation and homelessness, while candidates going around spending hundredth of millions on campaign wars. The ill-minded ways of this society is remarkable and callous when you think of the streamline core belief of those who wants to take us back to the hardships we are slowly climbing out of since the recession.

God bless this country and the world beyond, because at the rate we are going I feel we are going to need it… and at long as my heart keeps beating, I will always speak out against bigotry and racism. Thank you for reading that’s MyMO.


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Sandra Fluke

That name is not a fluke in her timing to take the helm of this contraception debate against the right of women’s healthcare choice by giving it a face. Sandra Fluke is a Georgetown University Law Student, who spoke up in a hearing held by Nancy Pelosi and the democrats after house republicans refuse to let her testify at the initial birth control hearing held by Darrell E Issa the chair of the oversight committee. Since then the right to insure contraceptives became a red-hot issue that carries a face, the face of Sandra Fluke who spoke at the hearing in behalf of a friend that undergone surgery removing her ovary because she could not afford the oral contraception needed to prevent ovarian cysts. Rush Limbaugh, the fat disgusting slob everyone knows he is spun Sandra Fluke testimony into a desperate need for contraception because of uncontrollable sexual escapades going on at Georgetown University. The video below will capture his deplorable and idiotic comments regarding Sandra Fluke.

Affordable Health Care Act of 2010

My regret is that the men in congress, mainly republicans, has taken the contraception issue and turned it on its head as a religious proposition, which somehow became a violation by the intrusive maneuver of the Obama Administration. We know this is an assault to abolish the Affordable Health Care Act passed in 2010 by President Obama. What the republicans want to do is avoid any benefits the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010, will accomplish as that law becomes more effectual. The republicans are trying to cloud the mind of Americans, so that they would not realize the magnitude of the Affordable Health Care Act would have once it reaches its peak around this country. The democrats have silence themselves when it comes to defending the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010, against the outrageous claims the republicans made against the bill the democrats helped President Obama passed in 2010. This pursuit to attack the rights of women’s health is nothing more than a red-herring issue to divert us from the attention of our economy.

Economic Revival

I do not know if anyone notice, but we are in our 24th month of economic growth in this country. The economic revival led by the unremitting efforts by the President who successfully implement strong leadership with financially supporting measures that strengthen the solvency of the auto industry. What good is money if it loses the symbolic order that gratified the worthiness of the role it plays as a financial instrument of exchange in our lives? Than economic revival will never exist and the value system for goods and service will never define the measurement levels of commerce. Therefore, the involvement of government to act as a safeguard that assures the potential of the welfare of our economic revival during a crisis is inevitable. Willard Mitt Romney thinks running a business that practices on capitalizing from the failure of companies through downsizing and bankruptcy, have no concept of economic revival. The President’s job is not comforts of boardroom decisions that consists of cutting and tighten the belt to advantage the shareholder’s investments, while passing out layoff notices to the unprivileged. The President’s job involves the wherewithal to make collective and analytical assessments that will influence an entire country. A CEO can avoid those who lives he affected by his unconscious decision making, but a President has to be accountable at all times to direct criticism. The last business sector president that ran this country was President Herbert C Hoover and we all know the history of the “Great Depression.” The art of economic revival does not take the mindset of a businessperson for it to reach the highest achievement it takes the mind faculty of a sound thinker to promote the best results.

Romney versus President Obama plans

The dichotomy between Willard Mitt Romney and President Obama’s job plan is political hype versus full-hearted conviction.

Political hype:

Full-hearted conviction:

One-man display a sign that says “One Day One Job,” which sounds mutually exclusively geared to operate for the one percent, while the other has the “America Jobs Act,” which sounds like a targeted program that is inclusive. One Job sounds like a person that is concern only about his own, and One-Day sounds like he’s going to do very little work to restore the economy. America Jobs Act sounds like a broad-minded plan that focuses on this country, and premise is set for a long-term commitment to restoring this country’s economy. We have a choice between political hype that holds no substance versus full-hearted conviction that will benefit our society’s economy. The choices this year is about dropping senseless ideologies and replaces it with realistic decisions that will benefit us as a whole group, and not as individuals. Vote for the person who slogan is, “I believe and you,” so let us give him the right to finish the job he started. That is MyMO.


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Reince Priebus

The chairman of the RNC Reince Priebus made a statement; he should retract, if he had any shred of decency for the Oval Office. We all know there are certain elements in the country regardless how the President may be doing, wants him replace as president in spite of the 23 months of positive job growth. Right from the start of his presidency the Republican Party in congress vow to make him a one-term president – so they sabotaged every policy President Obama put forth for the restoration of this country’s economy. Thank God! The American people sees straight through their game-plan and know that we did not get into this debacle overnight, and it will take time to come out of it, especially when you’re working against legislators who wants you to fail.

Reince Priebus, the shadow of Michael Steele who was force out of leadership of the RNC and replaced with Reince Priebus. Michael Steele was a flamboyant and audacious chairperson, who did things his way and helped, led the republicans to the shellacking victory of 2010. Reince could not fill the shoes of Michael because he does not have the mindset or confidence that will make him an autonomous thinker, who can navigate the political landscape.

Priebus compared the President to the Captain Francesco Shcettino, the Italian captain of the ship that crashed and killed 17 and 16 still unaccounted for – abandon ship while leaving many left in peril. At what point will the disrespect of the Oval Office come to a halt! Reince Priebus made his debate on Face the Nation with the incendiary comments, which, I feel he should immediately apologize to the victims and the President for such horrible comments.

No Plan

The real problem is they have no plan for this country, so the republicans stay on the attack, while President Obama on the stomp letting America know he have not forgotten them. His message will never be resonated through a do-nothing-republican-congress who whole agenda is to depict the President as the monster in the room. President Obama was force to take it to the people who put congress and him in office, so he can get the momentum of support that will force the no plan republicans in congress to back his plan. President Obama so-called campaigning is what we need, instead of a campaign for a war, which cost us trillions and thousands of lives base on lies. Guess the republicans keep getting amnesia about the last eleven years, when they campaigned full heartedly for the Iraq war.

Today, the President unveiled a plan to help homeowners who are still suffering the residual effects of the housing crash of 2008. He proposed a Home Owners Bill of Rights Act that will eliminate the red tape of long confusing forms made to manipulate those into one-sided contracts, which created fictitious loads during the Bush Administration. These proposals are worth campaigning for that has substance to set the foundation for the middle class. While Mitt Romney is going around saying, “he is not worry about the poor, because they have safety nets that are already in place.” Mitt Romney mean what he says, and says what he means without any empathy for the unfortunate. Mitt has no plan for the middle class or the lower class of this country, but he wants us to make him president just to reverse any progress we made. My vote goes to the man with a plan, and that man is President Obama for 2012. That’s MyMO.


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The Self-Destruction of Newt

Maybe Mitt Romney knew the stakes of losing was too high, so he throws right cross and left hooks damaging his opponent, causing the self-destruction of Newt! Gingrich couldn’t find his footing seemed defenseless against the firestorm of Romney. The condescending Newt the duke deflated like the big bag of wind that gotten hit by the sharp jabs of his contenders. Some may say Gingrich did not prepare for the obvious and underestimated the climate of challenge – leaving him off guard and speechless!

I still feel that he is a contentious person who debates feeding from the cheers he hears around the room – the only difference is the cheers was not delivered at him only, throwing Gingrich off his game. Like most arrogant personalities, their grandiosity always gets the best of them; until they think anything out their mouths becomes acceptable, making their out-of-touch language sound zany and space out.

The self-destruction of Newt started when he put colonies on the moon during his pretentious second term as president. I think the beltway-pressure of the conservative establishment encroach on Newt’s momentum causing him to deliberately self-destruct because of the burden of being blame for the loss to President Obama come 2012 election. Santorum is like the Lone-Ranger of solitary moments defending the day of craziness with a little sanity. Santorum was hitting the areas of uncivilized bickering between Mitt and Newt with doses of coherent injections of reality, when he cited that the focus should be on the issues.

The Republican Debate 2012:

The scrimmage that foster the non-importance of issues can preoccupy everyone by the candidate wannabes who will never see the White House, talk about things that does not show any support for fixing this country. Each feel the policies of the Bush’s years are good, just limit the spending, and everything will work fine. We should be afraid, very afraid of an oligarchy system mindset coming out of mouths of these candidates. Ron Paul is the only candidate who sounds more like a libertarian, compared to the other candidates.

My prediction is Mitt will take Florida by a 4 to 6 percentage gap over Gingrich, with Santorum and Paul following by double digits. I think Gingrich sabotage his chances because he could not deal with the onslaught of the republican establishment taking him down – consciously he does not want to be the candidate that handed the President his victory. My perspective is it does not matter who is the nominee, no one could beat President Obama come this fall. That’s MyMO.


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No one does it better

The Republican Party want to scare you with pessimism about this President’s record, but, no one does it better with turning the republican’s begrudge, into hope. Reality check, people, where were we during 2008 when over 6 million jobs was loss at a rate of 650, 000 thousand jobs a month? The republicans will not give an answer to the recovery course this President has us on, except to say they refuse to look at reality with the promise of hope. You can accuse the President of many things, but you must admit he does have a plan, in comparison to cynicism of talking points like, “the economy is worse” and “social welfare European State.” That type of arguments does not fit the veracity we are facing, when corporations are still receiving record sells and reciprocity seems to show a sign of play in the lives of America.

The republican’s mantra always resemble hate, pessimism, anti-sentiments, and the bogie-man is under your bed attitudes on why you should vote for them. No one does it better, because this President galvanizes the aspiration of hope even in a hostile climate in congress. It is almost as if he is design just for this moment in history by some purpose to carry this country’s burden, and, no one does it better.

State of mind

The republicans keep citing President Reagan in all that they do, although, he ran a debt bigger than most presidents did. The republicans are stuck in a state of mind of the Reagan years, without really knowing why they are so obsess. Nothing in their attitudes comes remotely close to resembling the shadow of President Reagan leadership qualities. President Reagan was an optimist that playfully identified the stark difference between him and his opponent, without igniting fear into the people at large. The state of mind the republicans should run on should be affable against the opposition, while inserting their ideals on what direction this country needs to go.

Today, we have the republican hopefuls with nothing to offer the medium level of society, while talking about how worse this country’s economy is under the other person’s leadership is a negative state of mind. They can avoid the stupidity by doing the following:

• Never putting down the other person’s position before you can sell your own position
• Tell the truth about the other person’s record, while showing why you have a better approach
• Show that a fairer taxation system can work with incentives that will reward those corporations and small businesses who bring jobs back to our shores
• Stay optimistic on where this country is heading, and lose the scare tactics

The state of mind above will work better for the republicans than the lies and racial insults the current republican candidates keep spurring. I must commend the President’s State of the Union Address as remarkable just on the strength of leadership. The President did not attack the republicans as a political fabric of campaign mode, although, the republican field notoriety spawns an objective opinion that deserves some criticism. The state of mind that President Obama animated, displayed a luxury of future achievements for a foreseeing goal that is in our reach through a cluster of workable concurrence, while joking about spilled milk.

The State of the Union Address:

I see the President’s rhetoric contours confidence in the future; while gallantly stating the success of our military team that devour the safe-havens of Al Qaeda forces, diminishing the threat levels they once muster during the Bush years. The President reminds us of the momentum created under his leadership in spite the stagnation from the opposition. Again, President Obama, offered a handout of let us work together attitude, and promising that he would not allow any obstruction by opposition to exacerbate the momentum currently in play. The President encourages a positive state of mind trajectory for America, while approving our leadership and abroad amity with other countries. The President’s stance to reform the tax system for a more fair tax system seems promising, but vague with the current opposition party in control of the congress.

Mitch Daniels

I think Mitch Daniels response was gentle towards advocating his opposition, but misleading from the hope the President offered in his address. He spoke of the Republican Party offering hope, upward mobility, and greater equality, while reciting the policies of an illegitimate model that happens to be the reason we are facing the conundrum of this country’s woes. It amazes me how out-of-touch the Republican Party has become, when it comes to their awareness to the mid-line issues of America. The time has come for us to show congress that we reject the notion that they are speaking for America with attitudes resonating from the Republican Party, by voting them out of office so we can jump-start this economy. Mitch Daniels has enough problems in his own state with his position on “The right to work” union busting policy.

We need a president that shows optimism over pessimism, and the republican candidates seems to paint a dire picture of a promising future. That’s my MMO


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My humble desire is that we stop putting poison into the thought process of people, so that those who are not worthy can gain privileges they do not deserve. The current field of republican candidates isn’t worthy to stand in the shoes of restoration that this President has fitted in accomplishments that the right seems to vitiate with untrue talking points. When you have years of reverse-socialism that causes labor to inherit the tyranny of capitalism – catapulting the riches of the one percent by astronomical margins that causes a deficit to the cost of living for the middle-class is called reverse-socialism. They used the tax breaks and bailouts of government revenues gain by taxing the average citizens to create a socialize structure that privilege the interest of the one percent.

Now, they want us to be poison with thinking socialism is a bad thing when it comes to taking care of those in need of some support. The design of government was set as a support-haven to keep the stability of our citizenship viable as a society. Today, it has become a mockery system that gotten hijack by big corporations that turned our democracy into a plutocracy. The republicans will tell you; we need to save America from the current President, they will tell you the President never help create one job, and that the President is destroying this country.

President Bush taken a surplus of 200 billion and turned it into a deficit of 14 trillion; two wars, tax cuts for the upper-class, stretching our military so thin that it made us vulnerable, and never once has the left try to poison the American people with incendiaries like our current President is receiving by the right. They had degraded the threshold of the executive office in such a way; it will never have the respect of office it once carried. The pernicious rhetoric that has poison the minds of our American citizens is appalling, and should become stricken with the criticism it deserves for the havoc it is causing to the unanimity of this country’s social safety net.

The Choice

Big money has always and will always be the devil’s advocate that separate the good hearted from those who fall prey to deceitful intend. The choice we have before us holds such a stark difference that it questions the character of greed over moderation in the area of the conduct with life. The media has conducted a false entry of interviewing by accepting lies over truth out of the mouths of the republican candidates, and their surrogates. The choice this country has before them is whether we want to stick with the progress before us economically or stifle the economy with a retreat from what slow positive momentum the economy does have under the current President leadership. None of the republic candidates, given any real tangible solutions on where they plan to take this country under their leadership as president, except to bash the current President on what they think he’s doing wrong.

While President Obama is busy, creating strives toward improving this country’s economy; the republicans in congress are doing everything possible to foil his efforts with unrelated job policies contrary to relative job solutions the President has imposed. We need to make the choice between progressive momentum of this President or the regressive impediment the republican candidates are trying to push. They claim this President is trying to divide this country through class warfare, while, Newt Gingrich run around calling the President, “the food stamp President,” and “minorities has no work ethics.” The division started long time ago with an inequality system, which, imposed on the rights of minorities that created the disadvantage gap of wealth in America.

The bureaucratic system introduced to the minorities, welfare to pacify their fight against the inequality they were experiencing from the redistribution of wealth. Today, what you see is they are trying to scrutinize the very system they created to quiet those who wanted to receive equality, as a socialistic program that is ruining the country solvency. The hypocrisy does not stop there! Loosen the bolts to the tires, and call the driver a bad driver because the wheels came off on the hard turns – sabotage is the game the republicans are playing in Washington D.C. with our legislation process. Sabotage, sabotage, and sabotage with viable legislation that will help restore this country’s solvency, which the President has tried to pass, with his “American Jobs Act.” The choice is simple enough to know who’s truly trying to improve our economy from the do-nothing Republican Party who have not implemented one job’s bill since they taken over the House of Representatives in January of 2011.


Regulation is the very thing that has created more jobs in this country, since the time of progressivism, regulation increased on businesses enhanced the environmental safety net, under the leadership of President Theodore Roosevelt that helped built a nation of innovation. The economy strives and jobs increased because regulation set laws that even the playing fields for businesses and safeguard the environment for our citizens. Regulation has always been a job creator, and not the job-killing deterrent the republicans would have you believe. Regulation protects our environment; by ensuring that certain safeguard systems are in play, rewarding best practices for those businesses who finds energy efficient ways with running their businesses, and requiring that all businesses meet EPA standards builds a stronger America.

Do not believe that removing the safety components we have in play will create more jobs – it will actually do the opposite because businesses could hire less required labor to conduct certain jobs. They will have the ability to dump waste material in the backyard of residential areas, instead of hiring the right people to discard the waste material. The toxicity will increase by the thousands destroying residential neighborhoods of minority communities, causing ailment to thousands of local residence. WE NEED REGULATION!


We cannot raise taxes on the ‘job-creators,’ is a tire, broken down, rhetoric that never manifested any actual results since the trickle down sequence, started under President Reagan. Even, President Reagan aborted such foolish beliefs in an economic theory. Today, the spokespersons, for such a ludicrous economic theory are the Republican Party. The wealthy have not weigh-in on their proclamations, because they know it has no merit of truth, yet, the republicans are so loyal to yesterday’s remuneration from the lobbyists, that they forgotten who they truly work for in congress. They, congress, had supposed to represent the people of USA as spokespersons; instead, they are fighting tooth and nail for corporations. The only way to end this hypocrisy, would, mean that we need to change our voter’s system to an more accessible apparatus – capable of eliminating the need for big money, like the Automatic Voter Machine (AVM), I introduced in my earlier post called Overwhelmed!.

The republicans are pushing hard to protect the interest of those whom are doing well, since President Obama the stock market, though, volatile as it always been, has reap in strong dividends of profit for the last three years. During the Bush’s years, the market suffered massive losses from 2006 to 2009, recovering in April of 2009. Wall St. is making larger profit under this President than the whole entire two terms of the Bush Administration. Yet, the corporations refuse to do what is right, in the most prosperous time in their lives, just because of political support for the right-wing agenda.

We need congress to be spokespersons for the people, and, not just for the remuneration interest that align their pockets with riches. They have no real agenda that would help restore this country’s economy in the republican’s party, and, we’re tired of the spokespersons fighting for the one percent over the 99 percent, while the one percent isn’t complaining about tax increases on their own behalf.

The President is so in love with you!

The President is surely the one who loves this country; he even sung a tune to prove it…, I’m convinced with a voice like that!

On a more serious note, we need to look at the last few years, and compare it to now. And, I promise you can agree that this president done more in his few years in office for the middle class, than, President Bush done his entire two terms. The same candidates running for president in the Republican Party, holds the same ideology that cost us eight years of a diminishing economy that force us into a recession. That’s my MMO.


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Bain Capital

The big talk all this week is ‘Bain Capital’ and it is tearing the stratum off the definition of capitalism. Mitt Romney the republican frontrunner whom seem to become the undisputed nominee to face President Obama in November, headed Bain Capital as its CEO before retiring in 1999. Newt Gingrich is a republican candidate who wants to vet Romney on his supposed 100,000 thousand-job creation; he has paraded as his position on having the qualification from the experience gained at Bain Capital to turn the country’s job stagnation around. Newt the political-mystro has sung the music of vulture capitalism against Romney’s claim as a job creator; has troubled the Republican Party to coalesce behind the frontrunner, despite their distrust with his true conservative character.

The positive side of this whole attack on Bain Capital is it opened the eyes to how capitalism works in this modern environment. We see capitalism as a free enterprise that allows entrepreneurship the ability to grow and prosper from the inventive and creativity of hard work. The society of such definition; failed to incorporate the obvious and gruel nature of the modern aspect, in which became the front and center modus operandi with how it all works. Bain Capital the epitome of today’s standards of capitalism. Bain Capital performed according to the nature of what it was all about; which consisted on identifying companies with equitable assets, in which appears to reflect a negative disposition with its livelihood to compete or exist within its industry, due to mismanagement and wasted expenditures.

Bain Capital would set the groundwork to find a more cost-effective way to assume the company’s managerial position, while finding iteration to the existing components by downsizing, relocating and retooling to create efficiency at low cost, while making a profit. Bain Capital main operative was to manage a profit for its stockholders, not to create jobs for the average seeker of employment. Mitt Romney claims on being a job creator is disingenuous; because of vulture capitalism, thousands of jobs were loss for the employees at those particular companies. I feel this gives Newt and the other candidates like Rick Perry, the validation to question Romney’s position on his job creation he declared. Mitt Romney ranked 47th in the nation in job creation as a Massachusetts Governor.

Bain Capital twenty eight minutes documentary “When Mitt Romney came to town.”

Corporate Greed

When will the egotistical language of Mitt Romney cease. He accuses the President of envious endeavors because he denounces corporate greed on taxation fairness. Capitalism is what gutted the prosperity of this economy’s health because of “corporate raiders” who choose profit over job security. People may be confuse by thinking a business mentality will work to improve the economy’s solvency; not only misunderstand the role of government, but they will ensure a plutocracy under the managerial mindset of a business orient president. The origin of government erected under the premise of social safety net provisions for the protection against corporate greed and environmental despair, while upholding the constitution of our society for its citizens. To want a corporate ideologue in the White House will cheat its citizens of the compassion to relate to the value system of our constitution.

Treating corporations as people is the same mentality by the Supreme Court Judges that lead to “Citizens United,” which open the floodgate to money laundering of our electoral process. Corporate greed has cause many viable agencies to fall into a pauperize condition that rendered society to depend on government assistance to survive. Without government society will become dismantled and uncivilized, which creates a toxic environment leading to an anarchy society. Fairness most become the center vernacular of discussion in this country’s society as a caveat for the betterment of affording a stabilize economy. President Obama has taken approach of injecting fairness into his policy discussion with leveraging the responsibility of our taxation system.

Mitt Romney will keep taxes for the rich low, while finding the way of paying for the tax cut for millionaires and billionaires, by extracting the money from Social Security, Medicare, and other needed programs for this country. We must come to some sense of compassion for those who cannot afford to lose their entitlements or other social programs that maintain the health of this economy, while the one percent continues to live off the hog of prosperity. President Obama is the only answer this country has to restore this country’s solvency. I hope that those at the top recognize how they gotten there when they go to the polls in November! That’s my MMO.


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We can look back in retrospect to 2008, “And boy what a difference!” The job losses were at an enormous rate and the economy was at the brink of destruction. Today, thanks to the leadership of a true innovator, this economy is on a rebound despite the effort of the hindrance of the Republican Party to incapacitate President Obama’s policies. You must put aside the strong hatred many might feel against this President, and look at the big picture despite the personal dislike the opposition imposes. There is a lot of ingrown pain that has resonated because of the plutocracy development forming around this country since the bailout. Many blame President Obama for acquiescing to the framework of President Bush’s bailout policy and capitulating on prosecuting the culprits of the financial debacle. I will agree to the respective opinion of those who feel shortchanged by this Administration vigilance to investigate and prosecute.

We like to see justice in this country because our legal system requires the ordinance that provokes the legislated authority permitting the legal posture to uphold the Constitution. Despite President Obama swore position to the Constitution, his reservation to refrain any pursue of absorbing countless efforts of prosecution, saved him from asininity in the wake of more needed interest, like a failing economy. President Obama’s assessment on the financial crisis was the right one, and so we needed to put that past behind us.

Despite all of the lies coming from the republican side, every once and a while the truth will come out of their mouths. Just listen to John McCain telling the truth as he stomp for Mitt Romney, even McCain doesn’t believe in the candidate he’s stomping for over the current President.

Bad Choice

What will exacerbate the progress of this economy’s recovery? Having this country rejecting this President’s political foundation of economic recovery to engage with another president’s ideology that caused 2008’s financial disaster is a bad choice. All of the rhetoric on how ghastly this economy is under the current Administration made by the republicans, undermines the 23 months of improvement in steady job growth and with unemployment fallen to 8.5 percent, still asserts distortion by the republicans with the true condition of the economy. We cannot make the bad choice of hindering the exponential recovery advancement we are receiving from the gallant sagacity under this President’s leadership, for a dormant mind-frame of a republican trickle-down philosophy.

Mitt Romney proclaimed he knows best and holds the wherewithal that will magically reset the days of prosperity in this country. Next Mitt Romney will claim he can part the ocean and lead us to utopia! Mitt Romney is the guy who head up the CEO position of Bain Capital, a firm that eliminated thousands of jobs, decrease pay and cut benefits. Mitt Romney refuses to divulge his tax returns, because of his ongoing connection to the Bain Capital’s payroll and the 15% taxes he pays from the 35% in taxes the 99% pays. Mitt Romney is a bad choice for this economy and country for president… because of his corporate mentality – something that will surely create a plutocracy. You can checkout the videos below on Mitt Romney and his out-of-touch understanding and policies for the poor.

Mitt Romney profited from the misery of poor people losing their jobs.

Unemployment decreases

The unemployment decreases to 8.5%, the lowest since three years, and the republicans still cannot bring themselves to give this President any credit. I think that America can find it in their conscience to be rational when it comes to voting in 2012 by retaining the current Administration to restore this country’s solvency. During the end of this summer, you will see the unemployment decreasing to 7.2% just before the election in November. When the unemployment decreases to 7.2%, the republicans will lose their stronghold fight against this President’s job status.


The landscape discussion on the republican stage for president is so anticlimactic, because they are self-indulge with talking points that diverts from the real conundrums of America’s kitchen-table-problems. The draconian measures of degrading and nonsensical weigh on the middle-class welfare of healthcare is a anticlimactic push to end something that is important to America, while veering towards the right of not putting a product in play to help America’s health system.

We can debate rather the so-called Obama-care is a total cure from the woes of astronomical spending the uninsured cost our economy over decades that helped increase our deficit or we can choose the anticlimactic fervor of taking down a important program and replace it with nothing. The choice is yours for 2012 election to make the right alternative, and I hope we manage our vote with prudence. That’s the MMO.


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How do you discredit the validity of a man that overwhelmed the position of Chief in Commander almost flawlessly? The death of Libya’s 40 years tyrant Khadafy ended, without boots on the ground or occupation of a long-term war. The Obama’s Administration started a new way to engage the foreign landscape, by providing a doctrine that has set a new precedent with managing foreign obligation. The very area of the President’s leadership overwhelmed the critic from the republican’s side, which indicates him operating in a more privilege environment outside congress, reaps greater awards for America. The President’s astuteness and affable nature scares the GOP into a partisan mentality to prevent his successes with domestic policy. The societies all around the world are overwhelmed with the inequality of wealth the 1% produced by a vertical percentage of 300, while the middle-class and lower wages suffered a flat-line income.

The impropriety that affected the democratic process exists because of the flagrant entitlement to raise infinite cash through a competitive party system, namely Citizens United. Once you engage with competitive influences, it diminishes the merit of governance and injects greed over satisfactory performance. There is no accountability, transparency, loyalty, and dedication to the Constitution with two parties operating and managing our solvency without restricting where the campaign fund comes from. The public official’s obligation to the people is warp by a financial exchange of overwhelmed and blatant behavior of corruption. There are many ways to congeal a formidable campaign, and still operate with the dignity and respect to the Constitution without the competitive influence of big businesses involvement. The mediocrity that produced the inequitable balance of wealth is impossible to sustain, without causing society “social unrest.” Today, the demonstrations are peaceful, but tomorrow, can ignite anger into madness – because no decent parent will allow their children to starve.


The entire democracy system is underdeveloped and isolated from the true reality of a change world in technology. An antiquated apparatus measured to control the voting process disenfranchises us. “Just imagine,” the full freedom of exercising the voter’s experience to the franchise with the ability to vote in any state in this country, and it registers to your district. We used the technology every day and it will discourage the need of buying all of those campaign ads. Part of the greed in politics comes from people who are running for office raising campaign donation just to compete in the process, we can change the way candidates compete by eliminating the need for additive cash with employing the AVM as the general apparatus of the voting process.

AVMAutomatic Voting Machine

The ATM we use every day to do our banking, the AVM will follow the same abilities except it is enterprise for voting process only. Today, we go to visit a sick family member during election week, you no longer have the right to exercise your voter’s privilege, disenfranchises us from the process just because you are two states away. The AVM will allow us to vote anywhere in the 50 states, and give you full coverage on any candidate’s Bio and any ads the candidates uploaded from a touch screen except on Election Day. You will register for an AVM card with your ID number and picture on the card, a temporary PIN to activate you to the system that you can change later as a register voter. When you vote it will give you a receipt displaying your district, voter ID, actual district where the vote will count (including candidate’s lead and party, along with what voter number you are during time of vote), the amount of electoral votes your district carries. Transparency, reliability, accessibility, availability, security, and more…, the AVM will offer as a universal and practical vehicle to the future of voting.

The quest to give us a more reliable voter’s system that will allow us greater access to the franchise is absolute if we want to improve our union. The republicans is trying to disenfranchise our voter’s system as we speak in over 32 states, through passing over-reached laws that ask for certain state ID’s before you can vote. I ask us to come together to stop the extreme measures pushed to suppress the voter’s right of minorities. The right to vote should never become jeopardize or undergo scrutinized political interest for the prospect of gaining advantages over the other party. The NCAAP has taken the fight to those guilty of perpetrating such actions against minorities by educating people abroad. The GOP voter disenfranchisement plan expected to pass assembly despite threat to legal voters, and we should engage by speaking out and donating.

 Getting the money out of the system

Getting the money out of the system will mean changing the system of electing candidates, and replace it with a reliable system that assures credibility throughout the landscape. You can join the gallant effort of Dylan Ratigan by signing his petition to get money out of Washington DC politics. The AVM will change the infrastructure with how we vote and having accessibility to the franchise throughout the 50 states will change the monetary component to compete without a two party interest of manipulation. The security of the AVM will be under an independent body that is control by the voter system process, but operates autonomous with its security apparatus; therefore, it is not subject to Washington’s influences that can breach the system. You can track your vote with second by second updates with the latest poll analysis and keep acquainted with your favorite candidates, while fact checking the things they said or someone else said about your candidate. The candidates can upload their videos for viewing or create their own personal videos that will appear on a 70” inch screen at every AVM location. The candidates will have complete access to the automatic voting machine’s website and every citizen as a registered member, allowing you limited setting changes to your profile.

Something of such magnitude like a new universal voter system, will take time to implement through a do-nothing-congress that has literally broken oath to the Constitution, by not legislating to conduct the protection of our democracy. The time for action is now! Getting the money out of the system could be as simple as employing a new voting apparatus like the AVM, and imagine the jobs it will create in building its infrastructure.

The Constitution gives every citizen the right to exercise peaceful assemblies, without the threat of arrests by authority. Many of the “Occupied Wall St.” protesters experienced arrests by police officers, officers who are compassionate towards the Occupiers but forced to do their jobs. The United States Congress has violated the proper behavior as an elected official when they decided to put politics over governance, creating a total mockery of our government system by refusing to consider policy by the executive branch is a complete failure to our Constitution. The Constitution was design to protect the right of the people from tyranny and a zealous government out to cause an internal disaster of its state enterprise due to personal vendetta against the President.

President Obama conducted his entire executive deportment in a grownup fashion throughout the whole series of running this Nation. The problem is our two party systems have caused a divide in our government. Right-wing pundits, presidential hopefuls, and republican politicians continue to report the achievements of President Obama in an erroneous nature. We have republican hopefuls asking for a chance to accomplish the right to seat the highest office in this country with no real résumé that will reflect their ability to plan. You have republican candidates who are losing their mind along with their party leaders with defeating the President without a plan to restore this Nation. Destroying a kingdom to occupy its throne would leave you with no kingdom. The theory of the republicans, suit the character of destroyers for one goal – that will put this country in such ruins that government will loss all consent of the republic.

 Working together

Working together, will strengthening this economy, it will open our eyes to the potential that success comes out of unity, and together nothing can be too far a challenge for us to achieve. The future of this entire globe depends on a nation that can blueprint a better life that consists on global structuring of this entire planet for a prospect that can maintain continuity economically, and a healthy environment that will restore this earth. Working together is a zenith approach to manifest the radiance of this world, and mistaken it for weakness or intrusive interactions can be vital. We had obliterated the future through wars and senseless killings, slowing down our chance to advance from the minds of those whom perished. God want humans to receive the treasures he placed in us as a practical unit that takes a harmonious effort to release its brilliance. As a country that once positions itself as the leader of the free world, seems ironic that we cannot lead an operable assembly in government to enhance this nation.

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street is not the originators of the recent protest against the 1%, and a stifled government, but it has become the most sustainable movement since the TEA Party. The big difference between Occupy and the TEA Party movement is it will remain autonomous to special interest by not incorporating the integrity of this movement with the special interest groups as the TEA Party has done. The objective to banner the concept of validating the movement by occupiers, as the 99% plays to the understanding that compromise must include 100% of fairness for the system to work. The 1% for years has undermined the equality of our economy, leading up to the financial collapse and beyond. The 1% of the population control 34% of this country’s wealth. While negligently evading the principles of forbearer to a system that help erected their wealth, the 1% rather see the interest of this country stay in a debilitating condition for their pocket only. Occupy Wall Street is a movement made to demonstrate the seriousness with not operating from a 100% product, weakens the total economic system. The 1% forgot about the educators who helped foster their magnificence, the civil services that protect the solvency of their businesses abroad and domestically, the laborers who sacrifice precious time to help grow their company and the patronizing that enriched their businesses is part of the 99% ownership to 100% fairness.

I love to see a nation that fights back through peaceful demonstration.

The 99% Occupiers are doing what is required, and everyone should support the efforts they’re trying to achieve for the benefit of all societies around the world. Over a 174 different cities around the world taken to the street, because the banking systems are the piranhas that are devouring the integrity of trust. They prey on the middle-class and the lower class budgets, just for the malfeasance of government to pardon the corruption of bankers. Where is the accountability of law that authoritatively conducts inquiries against criminal mischief, how did the bankers get bailout and pardon for their misdeed? It is more or less a 98% movement when you include the government as an additional 1% that has assist in the monstrosity of this country’s economy. We must beset the government with phone calls, emails, tweets and letters proclaiming our position for congress to pass some job policies. The “American Jobs Act” is not a panacea in any means, but it is something we can start from with reshaping this economy. President Obama needs congress to come together, and work something out with improving the economic situation for this country. Grandeur that chauffeurs the thought process of the republicans is the very things that formulated the reallocate wealth system to flow upward only.

My anguish stem from the total negligence of government to manage our tax dollars with the understanding and realization of applying the true recipients with the “bailout” that went to the banks. The monies that the banks so properly inherited, equal to 100,000.00 thousand for every American citizen in this country. The economy would have benefit by the government rightfully “bailing out” the American people of its debt, and it surely would had serve the reciprocity of economic growth thus implementing restoration of this country’s economic health from the eight year depravity of Bush.

The reality

The reality is President Obama managed to sustain a market that has experienced slow growth, but he converted it into a steady growth in a high unemployment society means – America still trust in this President. The lies coming from the GOP is starting to fall off the wall, and hit the floor of shame. Resulting to Rick Perry desperately reviving the birth issue and college manuscripts indicates his believe with attracting votes from the crazies.

The reality is President Obama tried to cohabitate on policies that included republicans’ ideas in the structuring of his “America Jobs Act” bill, and the republicans refused to consider a bipartisan process with putting people back to work. The extremist will never show deference towards this President, because you have those who compose some hatred for a President who has the skill set that can restore this country.

Did vanity reach a milestone of no return when it comes to the posture of the republican’s position in this country? You must look at the “dog whistling” coming from the right-wing draconian operators, strategically place around our nation to divide the unanimity of this country. The reality is they cannot win, and will never win a popular vote of America’s support with galvanizing the type of hatred they so delicately encourage. Thank God, for the majority of good hearted people in this country!

 The Stimulus

The stimulus package the republicans keep saying failed, actually performed remarkably well for the economic milieu it had to endure; the amount was insufficient to manage marginal growth with exciting results. Overall, those who wanted it to have dismal effect misused the stimulus projectile intent from reaching its success. What the “party of no” wants to accomplish being an obstructionist was a double-dip recession to occur by default, so they can blame it entirely on the President’s policies. The Stimulus became the resisting factor that is holding us from falling into the abyss. February of 2009, we were losing over 600,000 jobs a month before the stimulus plugged the free-fall in job losses by April of that year. To say the stimulus was a complete and utter failure dramatizes the lies and makes their truth an actor of falsehood.

Who can testify to such lies about the stimulus are the same people that want to gut all entitlement programs. Impeccability President Obama will never perform but he is a complete and analytical decider with remarkable leadership, despite the crazy talk linking like broken chains of misconception around the country. The congressional leadership of the republicans has integrated a discourse of class warfare in a subliminal mantra made to service their goals to the White House. Stripping the American people of their entitlements and gutting programs that enhances their way of life is not the policies that stimulate this country.

 The morning after contraceptive

The secretary of health and human services Kathleen Sebelius denied the approval of the FDA to allow minor children to purchase “The Morning After Contraceptive,” Plan B from being accessible over the counter to children under 17. Although, the pill has no health concerns, it was the right decision on the behalf of the Obama Administration to block access to children. The morning after pill accessibility for children will increase the health risk of sexual transmitted diseases and pregnancies if used carelessly by children. As a father of young adult females, I could not imagine a few years ago some drug that would allow them access to a contraceptive that can prevent pregnancy as a right for children over the counter.

Allowance of the morning after contraceptive to minors over the counter, would encourage unprotected sex because of the eliminating factor of pregnancy. We need to compliment this President and his Administration for having the backbone to stand up to the special interest and political pressures by sticking to the practical decision of putting our children first.

Faded desperation

The republicans has thrown so much crap on the wall in the hope that something would stick against this President that it is faded desperation that keeps falling on their faces. Rick Perry has resulted to the narrative of accusing President Obama of engaging in a war against religion. Mitt Romney is accusing the President of appeasement along with Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich, when it comes to his stance against Iran. The agency of such revelations coming out of the candidate’s mouths is a big distortion of the truth and shows the faded desperation coming out of this candidacy platform.

Newt Gingrich has moved up as the flavor of the month in the polls that anointed his ego with the pontification of front-runner over Mitt Romney. The volatility of this whole clown show is amusing for political theatre, but it has no trace of meritocracy when it comes to choosing the right candidate to lead the republican nomination. Jon Huntsman is the only real candidate worthy of carrying the torch for the Republican Party, although none of them has what it takes to replace the current President. It is sad when they choose party over skill set or better candidate.

Wholesale interest of picking the right candidate is often overlook by the retail of culpability, by a minority hit squad that wants to let their own interest mislead a majority into believing the current occupation in office is the reason for their woes. President Obama is the best man to restore this country’s solvency, if he can get bipartisan support in the House and Senate. The faded desperation of the Republican Party commitment to win back the White House is the political football that created the negligence in office by our representatives.


The word appeasement is an UN-American terminology the right wing has been pushing against President Obama that not only shames the dignify posture of the executive office, but such derogatory vernacular is dangerous in a current and post war climate. Let’s tell it the way it is, and the facts remain the accusations of pacification is a total disrespect to the President; it also discredits our soldiers on the field. It burns me in my heart to see that bigotry and hatred still exist in this country when it comes to any minority affording any executive position in this country. Just look at the personnel in the US Senate and you would see there’s no diversity in its institution. Appeasement is the laid down position the right wing conservative wants us to take while they turn our democracy into a plutocracy.

In Michigan, the republican governor dismantled our democratic assembly by placing elected officials under the control of emergency managers to run their cities and towns. This is an unconstitutional way to Gerrymander districts and hand cuff the power of duty elected officials from carrying out their jobs on the behalf of the voters. When people unequivocally engage in tampering with your Constitutional rights of others, it destroys our democracy and renders this country under distress of an unintentional anarchy. Thus, causes a breach in the civility of this country’s security. I find that if we become more politically involve with our due process by educating our understanding of the current political culture, it will better our chances of eliminating the egregious and incriminating circumstances we are facing.


A filibuster is a political delaying tactic to prevent a passage of legislation by a majority vote. Since President Obama became the leader of the United States, there are an unprecedented cloture votes by the republicans to block and obstruct the passing of our legislative process. The usage of filing a cloture vote in the 1960’s was 8%, in the 1980’s it increased to 27%, since 2007-2009 it increased by 70% in the Senate, making filibuster at an all time high. The purpose of the minority having cloture votes was essential in the legislative process to prevent mercenary or extreme legislation from passing without some delay for the consideration of demonstrating your reason for supporting or opposing that particular legislation. There is no prudent practice of the cloture vote in the Senate or House anymore, excessive and damn near felonious practices has taking standard in a exponential manner.

The sad part about the whole ordeal is congressional loyalty for the people at large, became nonexistent or tolerated in sense of not challenging the filibuster by either party. This would mean suffering the backbone with doing their jobs by hearing and challenging debates without the sign of going home in the chambers of congress. The parties should call the other party’s bluff, and stay for the grand culmination of hearing all cloture votes without the appeal of going home until the majority vote is recognize into law. The only thing is the people at large are not worth the sacrifice of the congress doing their jobs. Congress spends 5% legislating 10% campaigning 45% being lobbied, and 40% on vacation, and you wonder why things is not getting done in Washington. It is time for the people to wake up and stop letting our democratic process weaken! We should demand they stay in Washington until the voting process is resolve on both sides or get the folding beds ready. That is how you break a filibuster!

The Future

Predicting the future is not hard to do when you weigh in the past policies versus new policies equal fairness, and the results are changes matter for a brighter future. You cannot increase taxes on the job creators is an old cliché of the trickle down Reaganomics that President Reagan himself abandoned by raising tax during his term in office. The brilliance of President Reagan was that he was not a brought politician and he cared for this country enough to know when a policy was not working. That is what made America love President Reagan right up to this day, because he knew when to compromise to get the job done. The politicians today has become anti-rational and anti-American with their professional position and made it about their personal goals of reclaiming the White House at the expense of America’s solvency, and that is anti behavior. The future cannot be secure, if we do not let meritocracy be the rightful intellect process of choosing the best man for running this nation.

The future looks grim under the insane positions articulated by the people running for president in the Republican Party. The sad part is the hyperbole that gets push by their surrogates, vouching their support of them doing a better job for this country than the current President does. They need to forfeit their candidacies, and come up with a more suitable opponent or help this President restore this country from the eight years of destruction President Bush Administration taken America through. To continue with lies that the previous Administration ended with and policies that still exist from the past Administration that the republicans are still trying to resuscitate by stagnating President Obama’s current policies is hypocrisy and fraudulent politics. The American people deserve better than that! We cannot trade off the building blocks of recovery for the bulldozer of destruction by electing a republican with the mindset of the Bush Administration. Having the personnel of a republican executor in the White House would take us back to the old policies of deregulation, depletion in revenues, toxic foreign policies and high deficits of the Bush years, and that will be the future of America.

Good deficit and bad deficit

The understanding of a good deficit and bad deficit holds a stark dichotomy in comparison when you consider smart expenditures versus squandered expenditures. When your car breaks down and it is your only source of transportation to get to work, spending 1500.00 dollars out of your savings to have it repair is a good deficit, because it keeps you with a source of transportation to get to work. When you use the same amount of money to bet at a casino on blackjack and lose it all, that is consider a bad deficit because it does not benefit you with a state of recovery. The debt President Obama has put us in is a good deficit, because it helped stabilize our economy. The debt that the previous Administration put us in is a bad deficit, because it deflated the solvency of this country’s economy. Debt is the integral component that reciprocates the demand in order for the manifestation of profit to evolve; therefore, you call this phenomenon investment. Good deficit is you investing in the domestic acquisition of your country’s infrastructure, new energy, innovation projects, education and healthcare. Bad deficit is you misappropriate funds to endorse a manufactured war that does not produce any incentives for your country’s interest.

You may hear talking heads on the republican side that scream foul with the debt levels this President had to endure. Eight years of taking a surplus economy and turning it into an record breaking deficit is easy to do, the hard part is reconstructing that adverse exigent into a positive, it takes money people. It takes years to construct a 200 hundred-story building, but it only take hours to implode the same structure. Those who claim that they would have done a better job than President Obama is selling fantasy over reality and you would be a fool to fall for their fictitious belief. With all of the vicious resistance in Washington that developed the coup to take down this President by a pseudo republican congress gear with outrage against the American people for electing him, is part of the reason they do not care who they try to put in office.


People use the term anti-American to describe others without merit or proof to their accusation. My true definition of anti-American is when you viciously conduct actions as a group or individual to destroy the health and solvency of this country’s democracy. Soldiers die on the battlefield as sons and daughters of all American families, to protect the well-being of this country’s prosperity of health and stability to live free in this society. We never look at what class, race, political party, and religious background they come from, none of those things matter compare to the sacrifice. We honor those courageous soldiers because of the ultimate price they paid and still paying us to have the freedom of democracy, so that we will remain a great nation of unity. Today the division of this country has become anti to the sacrifice of all of those families who children given their lives to protect this country’s freedoms.

They are the families every wounded and dead soldier believed would always be taking care of without any reservation of thought, whether republican, democrat or independent because of their sacrifice. Today the anti-American rhetoric of the Republican Party and those who stand idle while holding on to their riches without talking up for the prosperity of this country is anti-American. Wanting to eliminate programs that help the needy so that you can protect the billionaires and millionaires is anti-American. Imploding the wall of security and unity that every soldier afforded this country with his or her lives, because of divisive politics in Washington is anti-American.

During the debt debate this summer the leadership of the House of Representatives, Speaker John Boehner proclaimed, “He got 99 percent of what he wanted,” in the negotiation fight over the “Debt Ceiling” debacle against the democrats, “so he feels good.” That would be fine in the bizarre world of this country being 99 percent wealthy republicans, in the real world, there are more poor than wealthy, and not all are republicans. This type of thinking spits in the faces of all of those soldiers whom believed in this country’s civility and morality to agree to disagree with solutions that would work for our democracy. That type of talk and ideology is divisive and anti-American, when you think compromise is a bad word. Although all of those soldier’s families are compromising everyday to get by with less because their love one is out there on the battle fields of danger fighting for this country to do the right thing for their families, kills the meaning of sacrifice when the 1% controls 99% of the legislative process in this country is anti-American.

The so-called Obama care

One of the number encumbrances that hemorrhage the country’s economy for decades was our failing healthcare system. Although, President Obama risked a lot of political capital pursuing the Health Care Act of 2010, he helped administer the proper procedure that stop the bleeding of a major expense to our country’s economy. The reason why we have not experience a double dip recession is in part to the health care act passed and signed into law by President Obama and the Democratic Party. The whole bill in its entirety may suffer great criticism by the Republican Party as a “job killer” and deserve to be repeal, without any language on what they intent to replace it with sounds ludicrous in itself. The so-called Obama care actually did not go far enough in its expansion to cover the full scale of the uninsured, but its lasting effects has percolate through the holes of a lifeless healthcare system and revive the system with hope for those with pre-existing conditions with the right of receiving care for over 31,000 thousand people. The so-called Obama care closed the donut hole for seniors by saving 1.5 billion dollars for more than 2.65 million seniors with prescription drugs in this country. The so-called Obama care helped 24 million people receive free preventive care and 1 million kids remain on their parent’s insurance until the age of 26, instead of the age of 21, has saved families millions around this country. The data provided is in compliment to Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation show, aired on MSNBC at 6:00 pm.

The historical data is a stark contrast to the data we would see if the Republican Party has their way with repealing the Health Care Act of 2010. The overwhelming and complete utter thought is the full consequence of the anti-American policies the Republican Party is pursuant with achieving in government. To rollback, the clock on our slow growth economy will cripple our progressive mobility this administration accomplished over the two and a half years of reversing the diminishing growth handed to them by the previous administration.


The conglomerates in this country built their wealth from the contributed effort of every American whose patronize interest invested in their goods and services. Today, those same recipients of America’s contribution to their businesses are outsourcing jobs overseas causing the security of our personal information to be at risk.

The outsourcing of jobs overseas means all of your personal data like full name, address, telephone number, cell number, income, and social security number is transfer along with the relocation of jobs. The conglomerates are outsourcing our personal data with acknowledgement of the high risk of that information being peddle to clearing houses of thieves with the purpose of making money from their credit protection industry and high interest credit card applications. The only way we can find some type of protection from these erroneous behaviors would require a government agency whose sole rationale is set to concentrate its effort entirely to protecting the consumer.

President Obama’s nominee Richard Cordray that would head the New Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is being block by the republicans for no reason at all. Every moral tenet this President wants to put in place to undo the wild and free will of the malfeasance that taken place on Wall Street is being block and languish by a do nothing congress. The outsourcing and reckless business practices will continue if we do not make these politicians accountable for their actions.

Outsourcing is a practical measure among business when leveraging or downsizing their operation to gain profit, while producing the same goods and service quantity. The down side of outsourcing is the quality in goods and service weakens. Unskilled workers result to poorly made product. We are being duped by thinking today’s product is equal to yesterday’s product, if cheaper labor and material are not the same. Prices go up and quality goes down. Outsourcing is what depletes jobs in America, and should be the reason we stop investing in product that does not carry the label, “Made in America.”

 Payroll Tax Holiday and Unemployment Benefits

The republicans last year highjack the payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits by forcing the President to withdraw his position on the Bush tax cuts for the rich. The President allowed the republican to win the battle last year, when he capitulated so that congress would pass a bipartisan bill with extending the payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits for the middle class. This year the President has his game face on and he refuse to surrender the welfare of the middle class to the Wall St. interest of the republicans.

President Obama made the contrast between him and the republicans this year’s fight for the 2012 campaign war on which side the republican will be on, Wall St. or the middle class. The republicans want to use the prospect of the payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits as a bargaining chip to attach draconian and extremes measures against the middle class. The republicans loaded the bill with keystone pipeline proposal, cutting unemployment benefits by 40 weeks, forcing those without a diploma to enroll in GED programs to receive unemployment benefits, and allowing states to drug test the unemployed before you can get unemployment. Not to mention they want to freeze federal workers pay just to avoid increasing taxes on the rich.

President Obama promise to veto a loaded bill with unrelated proposals that does not help the middle class through this hard economic time. The payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits, the President wants to pay for it with a surplus tax on millionaires by a small margin without hurting the economy. Republicans refuse to let the President or the democrats, entertain the notion of tax augmentation on millionaires, but the republicans do not mind cutting benefits on the middle class. The deleterious policies imposed on the middle class by the republicans; will burden everyone in the long haul.

Who is the blame

If I said President Bush or the Republican Party is the blame, it would be a misleading statement, when it comes to who is the blame. We the people fell into a reliable mode of dependency! Every time crisis faced America, we turned to the government for answers without questioning to resolve our woes. Never inserting a check and balance of the panaceas offered by our government to ascertain what was best for our society. The vulnerability that government inherited empowered them to sanction felonious behavior. Consequentially America handed plenary power to government as a lax society of trust. Who is the blame? The American people, for letting an institution erected by the people, become corrupt by the same citizens we elect.

Every person in government comes from a neighborhood, shop in the same stores, eat at dinner tables with their family, but somehow they are never accountable to those around them means we stop caring for our neighbors. The walk of shame is never place upon their conscious for the quid quo pro in government of those who we elected to serve the American people and protect our constitutional rights. The partisan views have distorted the language system in government to its lowest form – until an incendiary exchange is the ways of life over dignify verbal communication. We are guilty for such barbaric behavior because we incite the landscape by being entice, instead of asunder the mix emotion into prospective of a decent dialog.

Without check and balance by the people that forces government to operate like an organization of mature and malleable character, we will never have a productive assembly. Who is the blame? We all are the blame for the acquiescent belief that government can work out its own predicament, while resolving ours. The mindsets of the young people are becoming more vigilant…! They are the masses with a cross to bear for a better future, and the protesters are proving it. You see the determination in their eyes, you can hear it in their chants; they are sick and tired and they are not taking it anymore!

Identity crisis

The crisis of locating their identity for the republicans is a deliberate concern amongst the party line. They have demonstrated that by the volatile disposition, with which of the republican hopefuls running for president would become their nominee. The “flavor of the month” is a phrase used like some ice cream at ‘Basket n Robbins,’ showing that the landscape of voters isn’t happy with the choice of candidates they have to go against the sitting incumbent. They momentum in 2010 shellacking, the republicans served the democrats at the polls, seemed to have loss it gravitas because of the mishaps concerning the candidates; leaving the Republican Voters with an identity crisis.

The identity crisis involve the uncertainty the voters felt with making a big mistake in choosing the wrong candidate to lead this country. The republicans want to replace President Obama; because they are bewildered into thinking, he is doing a terrible job. The voters’ mindset about President Obama is a contribution of the obstructionists in congress, and in state government whom goal is to have him fail. All of the Governors of each state are responsible for his or her state’s economy through the entire hierarchy of governance. Howbeit, the voters’ whole focus remains on only the President when all of government abides responsibility to manage their economy of their own state.

The identity crisis comes from not knowing whom to blame for the abysmal circumstances we find ourselves in awakening the 2008 financial calamity. We must rebuild our trust system by getting the money out of politics. Congress is quick to balance the budget by cutting government jobs and pay, while leaving their pay and job saved from the inspection of cuts. Congress walks around us with immunity from the recklessness they create, while the rest of us undergo the hardships. The congressional salaries of government should rely on performance base pay according to the health of our economy, if the economy goes, so goes their salary. This will restore some dignity and accountability in government.

 Careful on what you wish for

Today the political will of the battle of parties to influence the elected outcome is too radical. You can see evidence of this in Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, South Carolina, and Virginia with the freshmen republican governors. People wished for hard right-wing change, and now they are regretting it. The saying, “Careful on what you wish for,” fit just right for those states that is facing the harsh reality of republican state rule. The anecdotal hype of the right wing has concentrated talking points of manipulation into a craft that seem to work magic with converting those unsure voters.

The republican candidates running to replace President Obama are more radical and devious than any stage of candidates who have run for president in the history of candidates. They will tell America that the present President has not created any private sector jobs through his policies. The truth is President Obama has created more jobs in the three years of his first term than the entire eight years of the Bush Administration. They will tell America that the new regulatory system under President Obama caused uncertainty, which interfered with the job creator’s ability to supply jobs. The truth is President Obama put in safety regulations that protect the average consumer and ascertain prudent measures that would enhance the business paradigm.

Being careful on what you wish for would mean fact checking the beltway press for honest rhetoric, before choosing whom you should vote for in 2012. I hope and pray that you vote by what is best for this country, and not base on the lies coming out of the months of the republicans whom vow to make this President a one-termer way before he initialized any policies.

 Conservatism versus Liberalism

The republicans has convoluted the word conservative, making it into the general definition of today’s GOP talking point. Today, we look at conservative as a new branded meaning cover with an interpretation of fiscal discipline mix with open-minded market freedoms. The real understanding of conservative is a myopic persona that undercuts the true freedoms of fundamental changes.

The liberal on the other hand embraces change; believe in the individual development of freedom in the market place. The non-interventionist of change for a better future; is the characteristics of how a liberal operate. Today, the GOP injected the poison pill that reinvented liberalism as a toxic meaning. The intransigence of conservatism is the principle belief that change is bad; therefore, need not be considered or entertained in today’s society or no society on this earth.

This fixation that rule out our perspective goals for a brighter future, and the clock should be rollback to yesterday, stifles hope and diminishes possibilities. We can operate from a two-sided playbook of caution and moderation, along with progression and excessive innovation. That would mean being wise and adventurous could restore this economy. If the world were ending tomorrow than would our deficit matter? I feel a two-part system of both, conservatism and liberalism coupled as a package deal is a success that would build a stronger future.


Congress gambling with passing the payroll tax holiday and the unemployment benefits for over 160 million people was the biggest oops of 2011. The republican congress strategy to pursue a game of chicken and hostage taking of policies was a reckless endangerment of 160 million people lives that the economy could not afford. Their whole entire agenda is calibrating between the House and Senate republicans to be against any and everything the President is for, no matter the consequences. The biggest oops is the two leaders of the republicans wires gotten cross when Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell came to concession on a deal that was forwarded to John Boehner, who fumbled the high five deal for Mitch, when the TEA Party Republicans decided on not playing ball with passing the deal through the House.

The trifling actions of the republicans has met it plateau of carelessness for oops moments! We need legislated mentalities in our democratic process that will put all feelings aside, and get the job done for the American people. Our democracy cannot stay healthy without grownups exerting some sort of bipartisan efforts. I may write with many charges against the republicans, but the entire institution is corrupt because of the albatross around their necks of the financial influences needed to remain in position. We can eliminate those types of pressures just with changing our apparatus to the franchise. The AVM is the only way to downsize the money traffic of politics into a more respectable and fair process because it would not need big money for advertisement, with the capabilities it allows the candidates with loading their own videos at budget cost.


I must end this post with my deepest appreciation for the troops! They are the heart of this country that allows the true blood of America to flow with the fortification of encouragement and sacrifice. To say just that I love my US Armed Forces would be an understatement to all that they give every day to this country. We owe it to them to conduct our democracy with some harmony and bipartisanship for the America they felt was worth fighting for on the battlefields of chance. We could never pay them back with money that will never equal out to what they given us, and with the waste political capital on damaging the other candidates scorns the meaning of democracy.

Our Troops needed this country to take time out of their lives and show them the recognition the troops so highly deserve, by having a ticket tape parade in every state honoring our troops coming home from Iraq. The other parade should be the grand finale, right outside the White House for all the troops of the 50 states showing our solidarity to their sacrifice. Thanks to the men and women who keep this country safe, abroad and at home! Thanks for your noble and selfless actions on the battlefields of chance! Thanks for just being an American soldier of the US Armed Forces! Thank you and America loves you very much! God blessed our troops and welcome home!That’s the MMO.


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Tribute to Steve Jobs

I will declare that a great architect of imaginational luminosity, have not only incentivize our future, but he created a legacy that has founded a generation of innovated genius. My words can never capture the right sentiment that can describe what Steve Jobs mean to the computer industry, and the sense of quality his hard work has afforded us, through the gift of high tech ingenuity. I never known Steve Jobs personally, but his products given us a personal connection of appreciating his strong leadership to big brother the most computer friendly products we all can enjoy.

Steve Jobs Commencement speech

At Stanford University Steve Jobs, again insert his extraordinary intellect and altruistic honesty to address an audience of college graduates. His address was so astute, and well advised that it captured the hearts of all whom heard. Steve Jobs will always live on through his innovative quality, amazing courage, foresight, and entrepreneur ability to reconstruct future products into everlasting existence. Below is the video of Steve Jobs and his address to Stanford University.

Steve envisioned a world that founded the Apple Company, given us greatness. Rest in peace Steve Jobs, and God blessed.


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Republican Agenda

Women must open their eyes to the transgressions of the Republican Agenda that has imposed on women’s right. It does not matter rather you are Independent, Republican, Democrat or just a citizen who varies on position. It is time to take a stand against those who thinks minorities and women should eat from the wasted field of opportunity. The TEA Party Republican Congress has demonstrated plutocracy over democracy, draconian cuts over sensible acquisition that will stimulate our economy. The do-nothing congress led by Speaker John Boehner (Ohio Rep.) of the republican agenda, are pushing bills that will further hinder job incentives. The republican agenda are trying to cut the EPA, USDA, FDA, and other agencies by over 575 billion dollars, agencies that protect our health and environment. Plan Parenthood is one of the most scrutinized non-profitable programs by the republicans, making cuts in government funding that will take away women’s right to receive special care for those without healthcare.


President Obama gave a speech that may have felt insulting to those who do not understand the true rhetoric he was trying to impress. This President was sent to the White House with a mandate that gotten distorted by the TEA Party because so many of us laid-low while President Obama fought against an opposition determine to destroy him. We point our fingers saying that the President have not done enough for the working class or minorities – only indicates how complacent we become. It was never enough just electing President Obama into the Oval Office – we forgot to keep the momentum going by countering the opposing interest through protesting and flooding congress with phone calls every day in support of the President. We were complacent in many areas that caused the President to capitulate on policies that left him with no other choice, but to compromise because of pressure from the TEA Party Republicans. The Special Interest and the TEA Party Congress are setting traps targeted to poison the political landscape through the right-wing media and Republican Governors by suppressing votes with laws that change the rules on early voting and ID requirements.

Starve the Beast

Starve the Beast,” is a philosophical idea by conservative that implies, “If you cut the tax revenue of government, it will result to lowering and shrinking government spending and size. Starve the Beast sounds good in a theoretical standpoint, but the reality is you cannot starve a beast who seeks to survive. The government will just create other avenues for fulfilling its huge monetary appetite – causing us to face fiscal crisis of astronomical proportions in debt. The worse diet to implement is starvation, because it makes the body unhealthy and speed up the process that alternatively cause you to gain weight at a greater margin. The term “Starve the Beast” is just a metaphor that never carries any true results, except for exacerbating consequences. President George W Bush thought he could implement such weak and unproven methods with the “Starve the Beast” metaphor, and look at where it left this country. The country is now face with an unhealthy economy, unmanageable congress, high unemployment, 14.9 trillion dollar deficit, two unpaid wars, deprecated government, deteriorating infrastructure, and a divided country of leaders who has no answers – yeah let’s keep starving the beast.

American Jobs Act

I will employ the black leaders in this country, not to construe the wrong impression with the President’s address to the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) when he said, “Stop complaining, grumbling and crying we need to press on.” It was not a put down like some black leaders has forsaken it to be, it was a depress cry for us to soldier up and face the opposition that insists on oppression American’s prosperity. Any black leaders who see it otherwise has already helped defeated our struggles and set the barriers to hinder the cause. The “American Jobs Act” must become a priority interest of all Americans for the solvency of this Nation. The TEA Party Congress already has drawn a line in the sand that says, “Protecting big corporations and draconian cuts on the middle class is the republican’s agenda.” The American Jobs Act under the leadership of the Republican Party currently holder the mantle will never pass, without the voices of every citizen, young and old, rich and poor, and yes independent, democratic and republican. This country must acquiesce to overcome our dichotomy and return to the core values that made this country great throughout our history of crises. Conservatism is not the only thing that enriched the strength of this nation, it took envision of entrepreneurship that help forge the interest of acquisition that manifested the dreams of those who were willing to invest and take risk. The American Jobs Act inspires those true values once again; therefore, we must not shy away from making our country great by putting us first. This is what I interpret in the President address to the CBC, and the video below says it all.


The President spoke with passion and not with insulting rhetoric; the media may cause you to believe. He was trying to incite that it is not time for retreat but it was time to beat the street and let your voices, be heard in some subliminal way. The passion must become a seed that microcosms into a force, capable of getting the respect that will gain the interest of congress. The same passion that is starting around the cities of so many states in America today that letting Washington know we are not sitting down anymore. Bring the passion like those in the videos below.

Protest of Wisconsin:

Protest downtown Madison Wisconsin:

Bank of America Protest in the Financial District of Boston:

Bank of America Protest in St. Louis Missouri:

Wall St. Protest in New York:

Protest “Occupy Wall Street” in New York:

United Front

President Obama is actually massing a united front of Americans willing to engage in pushing his American Jobs Act. We must rally the people to form a United Front that expresses the voice of how democracy works. Bank of America is now passing new fees that will charge you $5.00 a month for using your debit card to offset the loss income from the Financial Reform Bill that caps the banks from charging merchants fees for customers using their debit cards for purchases. Bank of America is planning to lay-off over 100,000 thousand in 10 years. We bailed the banks out and their greed just will not stop cheating and beating their customers. The united front movement must become visible and effective when it comes to taking a stand against those who are out there trying to destroy the fabric of this country’s democracy.

Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act

The most employed and reliable service of domestic and foreign mail transportation service is in jeopardy of closing or minimizing their agency costing customers millions in liability. In 2006, congress passed the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act that has weakened the US Postal Service ability to remain solvent. The overreaching arm of the 109th congress led by Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert (Illinois Rep.) demonstrates the ongoing stress the republicans have put on the future of this economy. The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act was sponsor by Republican Rep. Thomas Davis of (VA) and cosponsor by three other Representatives two democrats Danny K Davis of IL, Henry A Waxman of CA, and republican John M McHugh of NY. One of the oldest package and letter-handling agency in this country needs our help to keep surviving, tell your congressperson to pass H.R. 1351. We need our US Postal Service for the future of this economy, because not everyone could afford to use the service of FedEx or UPS.

Chris Christie the Entertainer

The GOP platform for 2012 leaves republicans with a desperate mood. They are longing for that White Knight to come riding in ready to take on President Obama. The field of politicians cannot feed the appeal of that confrontational candidate who will entertain their expectation of defeating President Obama in 2012. Chris Christie the Entertainer knows he has no desire to run for the presidency of 2012, but why not enjoy the flattery of humbly accepting their money. Chris Christie the Entertainer has adamantly said, “I’m not ready and have no desire to run for the highest office in the country,” but he will continue to play their game of coercing the impossible. The problem with the GOP is that they prefer inferiority to quality to put in the Oval Office regardless of how incompetent their candidate might be. Chris Christie the Entertainer is not only smart, but he knows exposing all of his weaknesses in the late stage of the game will eliminate his chances in 2016. Sadly, for him Hillary Clinton will become the first female President of United States for two terms. The GOP will not see the White House again until 2024, and that will depend on rather they change their anti-government and inequality policies.


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Blue Tinted Lens

The trouble with popular opinion is; it can turn a lie into a believable truth, when you keep hearing everyone exalting the same lie. A man walks into a crowd, and a robbery takes placed. Everyone in the crowd was wearing blue tinted lens when the robbery taken placed by the beach. Two men were wearing the same shirts; one was green and the other yellow. The man wearing the yellow shirt robs the crowd, that were wearing the blue tinted glasses, and the other man who had just walked up to the crowd, who also witness the robbery was wearing clear glasses. Well the cops grabbed both men wearing the identical pattern shirts. The crowd wearing the blue tinted lens reported to the officers that a man wearing a green shirt committed the robbery, but the man who were wearing the clear glasses who witnessed the robbery said, “It was the man wearing the yellow shirt.” After the cops talked to the one man who said it was a yellow shirt, they informed him that the others said it was the one wearing the green shirt. That made the man who was wearing the clear glasses that would not had distort his vision, change his story because of popular opinion.

The moral to the story is that an innocent man went to prison, because the crowd wearing the blue tinted glasses never taken into account that blue lens on a yellow surface will look green. The man that seen the robbery through his plain sight vision, change his opinion because the majority said it was green. Today, we are all looking through blue tinted lens, because polls has project the popular opinion of belief into the psyche of our thinking. Lies are push like the “Gospel of Peter” as the undefined truth that redirects our minds from making rational decisions, therefore, alters proper performance. We are brainwashed by a system that causes us to look through blue tinted lens of choices.

Who’s the blame?

The people are subject to have the pundits push information via polls, emails, newspaper, TV, computers, and anyway they can sell popular opinion to the naïve and sophisticated alike. Their job is to capitalize from the information they can circulate through the mainstream of society. Many organization services quality and fact base content as media institutions, but many are out to poison the well of truth with fiction and deceitful content. Manipulation is the oldest con game that exists, and it can trick the most blinded hearted into believing the unbelievable from the black magic it derive from many centuries ago. News was meant to stand behind integrity, the paradigm of dignify information that objective and directive was to inform the uninformed. Today, news is saturate with industries like Fox News that ceased the decisive moment for the exchange of exploitation. Who’s the blame? The people that invite the indecent exposure of lies that Fox News pushes into their home empowered Fox News. Who’s the blame? The people who have the opportunity and the resource to fact-check the things they hear, but take heed to the lies as a reliable source. It may sound cynical, but we are the blame for the nonsense that has plagued our society, because we never challenge those sources of intelligence to deliver the truth.

Indirect Violence

We think and see violence as a direct assault that causes bodily harm. Indirect violence is something of the same affect but of a casual outcome. When someone suffers the right to live through denying them viable means of support from things like food or water, it is a violation of human rights. The denial of any type of common resources to live, you could consider a form of indirect violence.


Today, they are pushing lies through their polls and cheating the voter’s system to coincide with the number trajectory forecasted by their surveys. We keep falling for the wave symbol of lies and deceit that controls our society, the eminent possibility that some things has to exist regardless of the facts that says it is not true. President Obama must be the reason our economy is in this lateral mobility, even though, we are still living under the full policies of President George Bush. Everything President Obama have done so far has never reach a effective policy level, because congress still have most of his policies under the scrutiny of their committees. The sad part is they were able to shift our mindset from a Bush’s failed economy to an Obama’s failed economy. Nothing thus far can be so distance from the truth, and then to look at Obama policies as anti-economic, when President Bush’s whole eight years was anti-economic and counting.


The true cataclysmic of President Obama’s governance is that he went into office with the mentality of forming a bipartisanship arena. His second failure is that he continues to try in shape a bipartisanship with dissenters of the opposite party, who are never going to agree with his policies, even if he incorporates their policies along with his to reach a 50/50 compromise. Republicans are ruthless natured people with selfish intent, their only goal is to disrupt the status quo of compassion, and replace it with misery and despair. The new breed of republicans is not the real Republican Party of President Lincoln, but they had evolved into a greedy, no-good, nonconformist party that has a myopic vision on life. President Obama is a man that is hopeful he can bring about a degree of bipartisanship, because he sees shades of purple, instead red states and blue states. The problem is that he is taking his naïve approach to oblivion, because the end results is he is behind in the polls, something the rightwing element is injecting into the minds of voters. The TEA Party darling Senator Rand Paul said, “The poor is getting richer faster than the richest rich person.” That is an elaborate assault on the poor person’s psyche of indirect violence perpetrated by imbeciles like Rand Paul to boil the pot of despair. The video below states his position on the vast prosperity position on the trajectory of the poor.

Optical illusion

That type of talk get generated enough in the atmosphere of optical illusion and you will start to become a believer to the nonsensical statements of Rand Paul. People need to take into account that if we started from nothing than how can we blame everything on the man who came into a nothing economy. President Obama has tried to pass sound and efficient policies that are economically appealing to the creation of jobs, but he has been block with anti-economic intent by congress. The optical illusion is to project a bad economy under his watch, and when they regain the White House, they can than start properly governing this country, because they know democrats do not have the animus to stifle their policies in the way they did theirs. Optical illusion manipulates the innocents and distorts the truth like black magic it can make a believer out of you. The truth is we are slipping further and further into poverty while the rich selfishly keep counting and protecting their capital.

Our fault

The centralize problem falls on the built up notion that prosperity was going to last, so why plan for a future that we are experiencing the luxury of now. Parents started buying their kids things they could not really afford, and the country setup the borrowing mindset that grew the bubble that burst in the faces of every borrower. The enigma of prosperity was no more than an optical illusion that we all signed up for with no regards for the future. It is our fault because we continue to stand idling by while the republicans keep selling us lies. It is our fault because voters vote by choices of party and not for the choice of choosing the best candidate. It is our fault for letting government spawn a contra of a two party system that derail from the microscope of transparency and accountability. I can only imagine what the authors of the Great Constitution would think, if they could see how their tireless work besmirched to the levels of such low class intent. The framework of the Constitution is an extraordinary document that injects the freedoms of prosperity for the rights of all US citizens, not to distort or descend upon those freedoms through the optical illusion of plutocracy.

We cannot award them

As a child brought up by a single parent along with my other siblings, a value system were part of my upbringing. My mother taught us never to tell a lie, treat others in the way you would want to be treated, stay out of grownup conversations, never steal, share with the unfortunate, and respect the laws of society. My mother is a tough individual whom held us at high expectations, but understood that sometimes we may not succeed in every academic level; she just wanted us to do our best. I learned a lot from that woman and one thing I remembered is she did not award us for not trying or for doing the wrong thing. We cannot award them for saying “no” to everything this President is trying to achieve for the middle class families. We cannot award them by voting in more republicans that has no real agendas that will help improve our living conditions. We cannot award them for belittling the executive office just because a black man holds its position. We cannot award them for undermining every effort the President makes to work with them by refusal of cooperation.

The time has come

The grand standing these public officials are doing when it comes for them to act on solving our woes in this country, is beyond the pale of arrogance, it is a blatant irreverence to the oath of office. We should walk up to the Capitol in Washington in place every congressperson that refuses to work on resolving our crisis under citizen’s arrest. We do have rights as citizens to enforce certain features of our Constitution when they violate the law of a sword oath. The time has come for us to become vigilante and self aware on the rights we have as a citizen, and start exercising those rights. The time has come for us to study our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights so we can combat the transgressions committed by our public officials. The time has come for all bloggers to come together in protect our rights from being violated, because they has strike indirect violence against our livelihood. It is not about democrats or republicans it is about right and wrong, because they have stolen billions if not trillions from our social security, now, they are telling us that the program will be a failure. No, they are the failures, to start wars in Iraq and Afghanistan without collecting the taxes to pay for it, while siphoning our social security to pay for those wars. The tax system is set to support the wages of war, not our social security that the republicans want to privatize. Let us kick the bums out in 2012 and replace them with people who care about democracy and not plutocracy. Thanks for reading and God blessed that’s MMO.


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Where are the Jobs?

Time in the Encarta Dictionary: time as causative force, time conceived as a force capable of acting on people and objects. Time ravages.
I think of my youth years when going jogging, playing basketball and working out was a second nature. Today, just getting up in the morning seems like a struggle, time controls the outcome of our ability. To think you can keep using antiquated ideas on a time of transformational conditions, only stagnate the flexibility to adapt or improve the current condition to advance. Linguistically we are hearing old proposals by republicans in the debates that describe a tangled web weaved through words of deceit. There were no agendas stated by the republicans that address the depleting job situation in United States. Where are the jobs? The republican has not answered this question, throughout the entire debate.

I will try to answer the where is the jobs question; the republicans seem to keep avoiding.

To analyze the job inadequacies lets rollback to when everything first started to fall into a predicament of negative growth. Many years ago the imagination of job creation relied on a unison development system that worked from ideas and determination. Most of our abilities to stay innovated were a welcome mat and an encouraging market for finding new ways to make things better. That brought on competition in the market place, but it made the gift of efficiency a leg-up on enterprising the future. Government and Banks helped solidify the opportunity to use capital as an investment tool for the next big idea. We grew in this country because the future had matter and leading the way of that future was an honor to carry. Politics never interfered with the leg of progress, but it acted on leveling the playing field so monopolies could not cause price frenzies that gotten out of hand.

Like interest rates, implementing price serve several key components. The first is to acquire wealth that can keep and maintain a business commerce, second is to attract sales over your competitor, third is to keep inventory regulated ( through increasing or decreasing price you can change the flow of supply and demand), the other is for research and marketing, and the last is to maintain a staff. The problem with businesses today is that they never learned the balancing act of calculating those components. They had escape into a stratosphere of solace profits, without investing back into the latter component above. The big businesses feel it is worth more to spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions on advertisement, over giving their employees a raise. Stagnating the middle class and limiting the true commerce value of a healthy economy.

The burden

The republicans’ debate the other night seems almost directed at the President than solutions. Gingrich the insignificant candidate, acted as the rebel of goodwill for protecting the honor of the republican’s voice of unity. Ron Paul has the same makeup philosophy of attacking government for not relying on the gold system as a monetary gauge to print money. Romney seems to have a presidential intellect on stage, but has a robotic personality for business and conservatism, while lacking in the truth department and on sensitivity for social concern. Perry is a “Hee-haw-big-Stetson-stick-to-the-guns” straight shooter, who believes in gutting the government and freeing-up businesses of any responsibility to the environment or people. Bachmann faded into the background of masculinity as a voice waiting for her turn to speak. Kane aggressive in his delivery, but short on knowing the field on the way government operates.

The burden of this economy will not and cannot rely on one person, when there are too many participants that are part of the economy’s algorithm. The main retainer of this economy is the banking system; they are the monetary developers that enable the capital scheme for us to measure growth. We heard the republicans talk as if the President and his healthcare bill is what caused the exacerbating economy we all face. When the truth is, the President helped stabilize the free-fall recession from forming into a depression. The Federal Reserve is the real identifier on how the economy will perform – they substance concern is to prevent an inflationary economy; in part this conscious act is actually starving our economy growth. You can observe the current interest rate and the low levels the Federal Reserve is keeping it…purposely, it goals is set to attract borrowers.

The mechanics of borrowing in a time when banks closed the doors to affording new ledgers on their bank’s portfolio – demonstrates the chokehold the banks have with driving us into a high debt society. Debt without creating additional borrowing sheets of liabilities is an oasis for the banks. It deleverages the bank’s responsibilities on taking on novel debt – while capitalizing off committing existing positive loans into higher increases, forcing longer-term balances. People usually withdraw their spending in a recession or they fall deeper into debt trying to maintain a common lifestyle. You couple that with a high unemployment rate and low interest rate, and you get the template for the biggest debt setup in economic history.

The banking system is causing America to starve from monetary depravity – setting up our appetites for their capital at a high interest rate we will be force to borrow. The grand scheme is to cause an esoteric policy of usury and profit – we will never see it coming until it is too late. The government has no control over the economy, its design were made to control our society to operate in a global economy through laws – the banks were design to control our economy to operate in a viable society through monetary premise. The Federal Reserve sits at the head of the cartel’s table of the banking structure in this country. The burden is not the full responsibility of the Executive Office and government to turn around the economy; it’s the job of the Federal Reserve and banks too.


Making claims you cannot deliver on, has become the normal accolade of politicians winning elections. Their lies become an assembly of diverted truths, searching for the right extension of affirmation. The politicians will diminish facts to broaden fiction on their opponent’s true record. In the debate Mitt (The chronic liar) Romney, said he created more jobs as a Governor, than President Obama created his entire term for this country. The truth is he created 48,500 jobs as Governor, and his job growth rated 47th in this country, and President Obama created 1.8 million to 2.9 million jobs while in office. Perpetrators always obscure the truth when they know it will hurt their chances to keep it honest. (Slick) Rick Perry is very adamant with where he wants to take this country, and you can bet your shiny quarter, it has nothing to do with the middle class succeeding. He would privatize social security and gut all regulations, while giving the markets the free-will control of unlimited usury and profiteering, with no protections in place for the average citizen. These perpetrators has no answer for unifying some inclusive solution for this country, it is all about only the strong will survive mantra.

Fat Cat Syndrome

It is incumbent in those who seek massive and unlimited wealth, a spirit of vanity that without measure pursuit’s lucrative wealth regardless the nature of dishonesty or wrong doing it causes in the scheme of detection. The Fat Cat Syndrome has a propensity to never feel satisfy with enormous wealth it accumulates – gluttony becomes the profile of its existence, because what they have is never enough and sharing is not an option. The Rothschild’s mentality markets the epitome of the Fat Cat Syndrome; their empire is the golden brick road to every existing economy in the world. They’re setting us up for a microchip implant that controls the viability of every citizen around the world. President Barack Obama is powerless against a trillionaire empire that the Rothschild family possesses, so they rear their influence around this world anonymously.

Look at the current stock market negative losses, the perfect description to make people sale before their losses compiles. That type of scenario give those the power to buy at low prices, and the companies of those stocks capitalizes from buying back those stocks, and remain idle just long enough before skyrocketing the stock’s value in a debt market society. The current stock market’s losses is blamed on the European’s troubled economy, when they know the Fat Cat Syndrome is part of the Illuminati, perpetrated by the banking system, to economically enslave the world. Waiting to introduce the next big product, they know everyone will desperately want, and then they will resale the stock at astronomical prices to those who can afford to buy their unreasonable stocks.

Set the stage

The presidential debate of all those Nay Sayers who proclaim they know how to resolve our woes will set the stage for the New World Order to take place. Signing pledges that promises to never raise taxes, compromises the solvency of any institution, and some of the republican candidates are guilty of making those pledges that will set the stage for global domination. We must understand the bellicose nature of war is part of a debt application that stacks major deficits for any nation, because you must print money to maintain war or borrow enormous sums of money to uphold the facility of war. We are fighting a war that really has no end game or cutoff period in which we can declare victory. The republican candidates never mention their intent to end this war, except for Ron Paul, who advocates that we should had never enter into the two wars we’re currently fighting from the start. America economy is suffering; while billions are spent, fighting two wars set the stage for us to fall deeper into debt fit the framework of the Illuminati.

The American people need to look at the rhetoric of each candidate in the debate and you will find that none of them has the answer to meet the requirements to fix this economy.

The Republican Debate

Businesses grows job according to the environment it inherits – the actual job creation comes from the structuring incentives the government sets. The republican debate shows they know we have an economic deficiency that has crippled job growth. The problem I have is that I never heard of any corporation initiate rehabilitation projects to improve our infrastructure without the leadership of the federal government. To hear Newt Gingrich talk as if he has the understanding on what the President is thinking and accuses him of inciting class-warfare, only explains the true intention of the Republican Party’s directive.

It is impossible for the Healthcare Bill that they branded Obama-care, can be the actual prime-made setback of this economy that is a total lie and misinformation. The truth is all of the candidates are looking out for the special interest who paid them to repeal the bill, and they just want to make up for the special interest monies they spent before the bill got passed. Repeal with no replacement of our healthcare bill only shows the irresponsibility of the candidates in the Republican Party. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), reported that the healthcare bill that passed in 2010 will help lower our deficit, and without some reform of our healthcare system prior to the new healthcare law this country would had fallen deeper into massive debt.

The true effect

The legibility of the healthcare bill will have more effect that is tangible in 2014, when the main structure for customer protection matures. Many protections are currently in place that has saved customers from carriers taken advantage of patients. The carriers cannot cut access to care for precondition and kids can remain on their parent’s insurance unto 26 years of age. Just those few areas alone is the true effect of saving us millions from people utilizing emergencies to seek care, because of no coverage. The healthcare bill save hospitals millions in liability coverage, from uninsured people taking advantage of the emergency rooms, and help keep the administrator from layoff nurses and doctors. One of this country’s biggest foes was the high cost of the uninsured depleting our budget. The true effect is that Obama care is actually helping this economy to recover from the free-fall of 2008.

Siphoned capital

Social security is a program under attack by many conservatives, and quite so, because it is the most stabilized institution of money safety accounting system ever created. The money generated by social security was so adequate that it service billions in surplus and counting. What interfered with social security ample surpluses were the bad management of congress purse snatching to pay for wars and failed programs that taxes was meant to appropriate the accountability to support. Congress siphoned capital from social security to pay for our wars, while cutting taxes just to gain popularity for reelection. The problem with government is they will take from “Peter” to give to “Paul” as a way to manage the coffer. Congress siphoned capital from social security by finagling funds into areas of government programs that dissipate millions of our tax dollars, so why not use the capital from social security, with intentions of paying it back.

Wage recession and Price inflation

Incredibly, our social security does not need any tampering with; it just needs government to leave it alone and let it recover on its own. Our real problem is in the fungible exchange of our commodity market of labor and bonds to withstand the high levels of negligence in government to strengthen it solvency. During Jimmy Carter’s Presidency, inflation ran rapid and the dollar declined. The Federal Reserve helped to cap-off the inflation and stabilized the dollar for America’s economy. Today, price inflation is a sporadic occurrence and wage recession became the formula that is the playbook for companies. The reason our economy is failing to compete with the down swing of employment has to do with two elements, wage recession and price inflation. Our economy never balanced the inflationary changes in price to stay compatible with wages of the average working family. Companies learned the playbook of over working employees for less money, while downgrading the number of employees. They hindered the unions of collective bargaining rights, and companies at the same time inflated their prices on goods and services, a bad formula for the health of our economy. The congress played along with companies suffering the growth of our economy, in exchange caused the GDP to decline. To indulge in such reckless irresponsibility by government created a bubble in our economic system to exist in a world of extreme wealth without tangible growth.

The greed lives on

Conservatives are telling us, to pull down our pants and continue to take the “back-door-assault” perpetrated by these mega-billion dollar companies. The greed lives on in this country, because those politicians whom are there to do something for America, efforts are stored in legislative gridlock. The Treasury Dept. is selling off bonds as fast as they can print, without any real existing collateral to protect the securities of the bond’s value. The greed lives on because investment in this country has stalled and promises have increased. We cannot sustain such incompetence in the region of job creation because conservatives believe in aiding funds abroad, while neglecting to invest in this country domestically.

Country first

The republican’s strategy is to stifle President Obama’s recovery; while they claim that, they can do better, how about putting country first. Where are the jobs? John Boehner and Eric Cantor are the majority party since nine months in the House of Representative, and they haven’t passed one job’s bill their entire section. The whole plot is to regain control of the White House regardless how much they hurt the country. I think we should make them pay at the polls in 2012 for their deceit. Where are the jobs? All around us, the only thing we need to do is just invest in our country first, before we keep spending billions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bring our troops home and rebuild this country, because it is about country first. Thanks for reading and God blessed that’s MMO.


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The Hidden

Most controlling episode of any one’s life is to fall under the spell of a substance. We fear drugs because of its habitual and phenomenal effect it can have over the stability of your life. Though many understand, drug’s elated and intriguing uses comes through legal tender of a prescript written by a physician, and dispense by a pharmacist for pain or medicated therapy to heal a sickness or cure a disease. The hidden drug that nobody talks about comes in the form of currency. You might ask, “What is he talking about?” Well what are the characteristics of money in comparison to drugs?

The comparisons are as follows: (The characteristics are astonishingly identical)

• Drugs will make a addict labor to get more of it (sell your body)
• Money will make you do overtime to receive more of it
• Drugs causes people to kill over it
• Money causes people to kill over it
• Drugs can make you complacent
• Money can make you become complacent
• Drugs causes war
• Money causes war
• Drugs is control by cartels (Drug Czars)
• Money is control by cartels (Federal Reserve & Banks)
• Drug separate societies (social class)
• Money separate societies (social class)

The videos you about to see explains why we must understand money and the fiat and plenary control it have over our society. We blame President Obama for our current economic conditions, when the actual blame sits on the banking system. The quotidian state in our lives comes in a form of money and who controls all of it are the Banks and Federal Reserve systems around the world. The fluent nature of currency is a versatility that manages its form according to the society it embarks. Rothschild, Morgan and other filthy rich monopolist, formed a cartel on a private island off the coast of Georgia called, “Jekyll,” where they created the Federal Reserve. The place where the Devil’s advocate became a syndicate that pushed the habitual need of selling everyone’s soul. Our wars, our division, our depravity, our poverty, and all of the confusion in our lives comes from the stricken state money has on the true freedom that God bestowed us.

The Matrimony

The deal of creating the Federal Reserve became the matrimony of our dedication of serving the Devil perpetually without any self-reservation that can assert independence. Everything we do has an end goal that concludes money as the last resulting makeup of our actions. God never intended us to live in a world controlled by money. Money devalues the life of a human and replaces it with expendability. I never had been a primary apprehender of money, and I am content with using it to maintain a moderate life style. Most people are obsessed with seeking the source of massive wealth, and that type of interval fantasy from reality can manifest irrational behavior.

These are the hidden lies that appoint the matrimony control in our lives – which stricken our natural freedom for the exchange of democracy. The grotesque nature of it all is that we have penalized our own freedom through our fundamental need for a commerce system. Maybe, there is no other way to exchange service and goods in our lives, but the debt levels and usury confinement only surrender us to sinful acts. You can see it in the government system that manages our society, and look at our judicial system – when the Supreme Court passed “Citizen United.” President Obama is not the reason we face the massive layoffs – he cannot turn this economy around only. The people must educate themselves on the science of politics for us to engage in a proper way.

The Hype

All of the republican candidates traveling the hemisphere of this country are imposters of the truth. The hype of them claiming they can fix this economy through cutting taxes and deregulating the banks to practice plenary banking methods… will submerge this country into a inflated bubble that will make 2008 bank’s financial malfunction a joke. We need to prepare a road of independence from the banking system that has a total control over our lives through their virtual currency. Money is an automatic debt system that keeps us salivating for the use of it – like a drug that keeps you on the comeback. You release the control to the cartel system of the Federal Reserve System and its subsidiaries; you will have financial chaos in this country.

The hype you hear coming out the mouths of these Machiavellian candidates in the Republican Party telling you they know how to fix this country through a formula used by President Bush to a third power, will surely destroy our economy all together. I hope everyone take this upcoming 2012 election seriously, and vote by merit and not by hype. Thank you for reading and God blessed that’s MMO


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Badge of Honor

The world can be a cruel place, this everyone knows. What separated America from most of its neighboring countries is due to the remarkable will to do what is best for our citizens. When the majority of voters seated a president in office to act as our representative for worldly and domestic encounters, it is a badge of honor. The role of congress is to administrate the check and balance system that hashes the acrimony of assuring the president interest supports the people’s viability to have a solvent state. At no time should it become a personal agenda by any party to conduct a stratagem to seek the demise of an acting president. The President’s badge of honor is under attack by a scandalous do-nothing-congress aimed to manufacture dubious quandaries to gain selfish interests.

The simple act of sedition

When a certain party of congress purposely abuses the privilege of filibusters as an minority, and as an majority prevents the minority’s right to bring a bill to the floor for a up and down vote, it jeopardizes our democracy. The flagrant act of sedition has reached the walls of congress right under our noses. The simple act of sedition becomes an uncommitted platform that shreds the propriety of our Constitution, and causes an internal impertinence towards our democracy. They might not like the President personally, but you do not engage in destroying the rudimentary practices of signing legislation needed to aid the citizens of this country. Bills that passed through the House of Congress by a majority’s vote for years suddenly comes into scrutiny, becomes the simple act of sedition. The republicans are now holding out on the extension of the “Transportation Bill,” in congress, just to assure failure for the President is incongruous.

The above video explains the republicans in congress insurgency against this country’s solvency, just to regain control of the White House again. We must examine the people we elect in congress before voting in the type of people who fail to represent our interest. The fact that President Obama tried his hardest to reach out to the republicans, just to have his hand slapped away diminishes the badge of honor given by the people. Today is the day for the Democrats and the President to take it to the people, and regain the respect of that badge of honor. This fight is not with the red states against the blue states, it is the majority rule that mandated the badge of honor to this President, and to have it treated as an illegitimate act undermines our democracy. We did not trust the 2000 election of President Bush’s victory, but we all stood behind him in the time of crises and respected his badge of honor because that is the American way.

Wipe the tears

The republicans need to wipe the tears because it is what it is, he is our President and he deserves the respect of office. You want the White House back! Then get it back on meritocracy and not through hypocrisy. Wipe the tears, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and deadbeat-cannot-take-care-of-my-kids Joe Walsh, and “Man-up” to the challenges of this country by coming out with solutions, instead of just criticism. The President has put the plug into the abyss of a sinking economy, and now we need real soldiers who are fit to live up to the challenge of enhancing this economy. The body of this economy has loss the revenues that floods through its veins and you cannot transfusion an anemic through cuts, because it will only deplete its revenue from reaching a healthy recovery. To cut anything will only drain its strength, just as if placing cuts on the body will bleed it to death, the same metaphor applies to the economy.

Little kids should never be in charge

Eric Cantor reminds me of a little boy in a playground, when the game starts and he loses, the losing side sits down and another side get pick to oppose the winning side. Well there goes Eric Cantor taking home his ball, because he feels that he should play because it is his ball no matter if he is the losing side. The congress cannot run with irrational children and coaches who let the star player call all the shoots because he does not trust his own decisions like John Boehner. Little kids should never be in charge when they would do anything to sabotage the game. Just look at the behavior of the Republican Party since President Obama taken office in 2009. The Republican Congress filibustered more under the administration of this President than any other president ever experience throughout our country’s history, and the math stands a record without him serving a full term.

They have called him “tar baby,” “monkey,” “liar,” and who lied more than President Bush’s WMD. There has never been benevolence for any black man who becomes the tip end of a spear that penetrates the walls of bigotry, and why should it be any better for President Obama. My disappointment comes from the fact that I thought we broken down those walls since Jackie Robinson and many other prominent blacks who survived the self-hatred of others with dignity.

In the background, of the last video you can hear Rep. Joe Wilson yelling, “You lie,” in the chambers of congress. Afterwards, he used his outburst to raise thousands of dollars as one who would stand up against the President. Joe Wilson has faded from the eye of the media since then, but it seems incredible that he ever received the attention of raising money and exposure from calling the President a liar.

Can we all get along

It been years since the Rodney King’s police brutality beaten. That sparked a riot that almost destroyed the streets of LA. When the media asked Rodney King, does he have anything to say and he said quote, “Can we all get along,” unquote. The seriousness of a civil union in this country is as serious as breathing is to the lungs. The vitriol and malicious behavior of a few can spark a divide that elevates into a racial war; if we keep letting, the disgusting acts of a few remain employable to our society. We will find ourselves fully responsible for a fire that is hard to extinguish. As a citizen of this great country, my prescription is for us to all get along, and there will be better days. Thanks for reading and God blessed that’s MMO.


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Ignorance fall upon the mind of the unknown, the lack of knowing the issues at hand does not make you unintelligent, it just a measure of improving your knowledge base on the unknown subject. We know the externals of many things, without including the internals of those things we vicariously engage in conversation with everyday. To monitor the advancement of the liberty of conversation in our mind, we rely on memory and the power to naturally structure words that extemporaneously manner the ability to converse. I find that to compute the civility within our diction, we must first feel it in the heart before it reaches the brain. The brain is where we retain our experiences, and the heart is what governs the value of those encounters.

When we start to let the brain mandate the full control of discourse in conversation – the sense of humanity become a robotic superfluous condition. The countenance of a person comes from the wiliness to seek the heart for guidance. Vanity has reached the heart of this generation, and the black-hearted influx of greed has become a palpable nature of everyday interaction. The sign-of-time is upon us. Revelation is more of a veracity that measures the true effects on where the world is going and the word of the Lord will not fail. We cannot continue to live out our lives staying under the persistence nature of greed, without feeling expendable to the plutocracy we face in this country.

Democracy is just a vivid element of the nostalgic imagination that maintains a façade manufactured by the aristocrats of the world. The Constitution was a document written to control the separatism from seeding growth that would strip the right of liberty from the citizens of this country by government. Today, finally, minorities inherited the right of the Constitution, yet the strong-arm of special interest manage to undermine those rights, and replace it with hyperbole and distractions. They decided the precious document that meant so much to the masses a century ago seems expendable in this current time. The economy that they induced massive riches from when the pathos of slavery was a socialist scheme to labor-in all the riches they could ever dream of – has become expendable.

The executive authority of their secret office that imperative deference was a mandatory excerpt of the mannerism in which it was address, became expendable since a black man hold its edifice. The Supreme Court opened the floodgates to legal money laundering in the political arena, something they had incarcerated many people for under federal law, became expendable. The country is now chasing to implement laws that require state ID for you to vote, so they can discourage and eliminate voters of this country, while they layout egregious inroads on disenfranchising the rights of citizen’s ability to vote, because it is expendable.

“The powers that be,” can cause havoc on those who suffer from things that is beyond their doing – like the victims of this past weekend’s Hurricane Irene that caused devastation throughout the east coast. The republicans decided the emergency relief must meet with the exchange of cuts in programs of education, EPA, entitlements, and anything concerning the middle class before they would release the funds, because the constituents are expendable. They advocate vehemently that no tax shall be raise on the wealthy, because they are the job providers – meanwhile the corporations created a formula of producing astronomical riches in this downsize economy. Efficiency and profit is the manifesto playbook of every CEO’s committable promise to their shareholders. Do you really think they would diminish the leverage of profit for the sake of hiring the unemployed? The answer is explicable that they would not surrender that advantage.

We’re Dupe

The world can be a cruel place to live when the outer core of our desire smites our inner person. The money we make is an integral part on how we live our lives. Most will do anything to possess exceeding control of money. I look at money as the Devil’s advocate, the way of calculating the need of our insufficiency for the momentum of sin. It has no boundaries, and it does not discriminate its interest to initiate the weak, its only goals are to serve the Prince of Darkness as it recruits sinners. Just look at the word lucre and the word Lucifer and it tells you the meaning of money. Money is the “if” factor in our lives, and when you incorporate the word “lucre” with “if” you get Lucifer, the “re” is the “reverse factor,” he has on our lives from God. I hold these sayings to be true from the internal deity of what God put in my heart. People when I write, something takes over and my heart becomes overwhelmed by words that compel me, and I become a conduit for the Lord’s expressions within my heart. We’re duped by the Devil’s ability to marginalize us with the lights of money as the palatal of voices that keeps invoking the nature of sin.

Don’t fall in love

Money we should use to conduct our lives, but money should not use us. The manner in which the Devil uses his derivative to intercept the virtues of our lives comes from his coward nature to reveal his true existence, so he obscures the direct control through money. It can deceive you when you can’t see its endeavors, don’t fall in love with it because it will sell your soul, it aggregate nature can transit from city to city, state to state, and country to country. Money has no bounds and it can transform into any vehicle of exchange, touching the lives of rich and poor alike. It isolates, but cannot be isolated – dividing the have from the have not in a single default as a temporary friend of conditional love it can simplify your life, and at the same time become the corner-stone to your down fall. Don’t fall in love with money, because it will make an innocent kid sell the precious temple of flesh, make your best friend take your life; force a man to leave his wife. The evangelist may preach the tithes of giving money to the church is God’s will, when the true tithe is sharing 10% of your knowledge of God with your love ones, from your knowledge growth of God’s canon is the Lord’s will.

Oblivious will

Divine intervention will have you caught up with the Lord’s spirit and surrendering to the spirit elevates the gifts of beatitude with your travels as a Christian. You stop seeing the ugliness of the world and relieve your dependency of seeing everything through the need of money. Oblivious will of those who oppress others because of vanity and gluttony that manifest a remarkable detachment from other people’s needs. Distort all affirmation that makes them believe their riches belong to them without the care of sharing. The Lord said, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” Promoted our longevity on this earth and qualified our chances for salvation. We can fall under the passion that coins a reflective will to mimic that same passion, but as the Lord said, “The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak.” Our flesh is the obstacle to the fascination for money, thus giving us an oblivious will to serve the devil.

We must find the inner person

To break-free from the Devil’s control, we must find the inner person that will comfort the inner passion to do well. The due diligence of emulating the will of the Lord takes purity in one’s ability to be truthful with those around you with complete devotion of the internal personnel of the spirit, over the external parapet of the flesh. Money and all of the fundamental abilities it promises bequeath our weaknesses. You see it on the commercials, movies, music videos, and other apparatuses used to infiltrate the minds of our children. The kids come up wanting and believing they need to enjoy the finer things in life too. They are the same folks, who feel they must divulge some dichotomy between their life and your life style as an upper class affair.

I will end with saying, “We must find the inner person,” before we can appreciate the outer person of those around us. We are one under the Sun, and it does not pick what color or the limit of your riches to shine upon you. God never excluded or included those through monetary conditions. The Devil’s advocate surely seems to conduct those practices of exclusion in the life of those with less money. The TEA Party, Corporations, Republicans, and Special Interest groups will divide this country and deliver us to the brinks of homelessness, if we let them get full control of our democracy. Stay vigilante and beware of those lies they keep telling you about protecting the rich from tax increases, and they will provide jobs for the unemployed. The government has always and still is the initialization of jobs, how you think most of those corporations made their riches, via socialize incentives. Thanks for reading and God blessed that’s MMO.


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“Got Something To Say”

“Got Something To Say”

The country seems terribly engaged with the high numbers of unemployment, and their unenthusiastic attitude has manifested a noticeable charge towards the republicans. The augmentation of crowds at town halls and the demanding effusive for job solutions, discourage most republicans not to conduct town halls. Those that decided to have town hall meetings were inundate with crowds of “job-shouting-constituents” whom demystify any of the republican’s talking points on deficit concerns and tax cuts for the wealthy. Yet, many republicans try to avoid the freedom of speech, by charging an admission just to allow their constituents to speak. Others had security take away cameras and video recorders from the people who attended the town hall meeting. They are afraid the microcosm of job issues will overwhelm their jobless agenda, perpetrated by the republicans to keep the unemployment high. The country “got something to say,” and the republicans are not listening.

The video shows Republican Representative Steve Chabot of Ohio banning the rights of Americans to express their freedom of the first amendment. Although, they can exercise such bar for private affairs, but this was a public place and there was no prior notice prohibiting video cameras. Here is a closer look at the people whom cameras were confiscated.

Commander in Chief

Libya six months ago was in total chaos and threats by Khadafy promising he would senselessly commit genocide of his own people. Dealing with two wars and the post liberation of Egypt that spark the Arab Spring in the eastern part of the world, President Obama never relinquish his cool rational approach. He quickly summons support of the UN and Arab Nation, along with NATO forces to engage with air support that thwart the cruel dictator plot to slaughter his people. He promise that he would not use any boots on the ground, and he conduct a small price tag involvement, while affording the Libyans the chance to independently provide their own defense of liberating their own country from the hands of Khadafy. Never beating his chest over the achievement of exerting his executive authority with decisive and effectiveness, President Obama shown his ability to deal with foreign affairs on every level. He is the undisputed “Commander in Chief,” and the republicans cannot validate their reason for the hyperbole of their denouncement of his achievements since the extermination of Osama.

Beware of willing critics

When I were younger one of my strongest asset was my gift to draw a crown on the dance floor, because of my ability to dance like a person who invented the articulate motion of moving to the beat of music. Girls would gather around just to get a chance to dance with me. This made many male peers a critic of my dancing. Telling girls that I couldn’t dance like my older brother and I’m stealing his moves, and they know people that would I do me any day of the week. When people cannot do better they always trying to diminish the abilities of others, and I found you will never see them surrender a compliment on any level, so you need to “beware of willing critics” because they will always try to undermined success. President Obama made a central decision to aid Libya without boots on the ground, without reverting to the Bush’s doctrine used to invade Iraq that proven to be a costly war in totality. President Obama sought after his own manifesto with handling all of his executive decisions moving forward on military involvement and planning.

The Perry Facto

Rick Perry climbed at the top of the polls, and claimed the front-runner position over Mitt Romney. Right from the start “Slick Rick” started putting his foot in his mouth. Criticizing the Fed Chairman, and questioning President Obama patriotism. He promised that as president he would repeal the healthcare bill signed by the President, without saying what he would replace it with that could aid those who need medical assistance. Slick Rick applied for over 19 billion dollars of stimulus money that lead to saving and adding 115,000 government jobs, while the private sector in Texas cut 40,000 jobs after receiving a big tax break by Rick Perry. After, promising he would not cut public education, Slick Rick has imposed a 4 billion cut to education, even though Texas ranks 47th in high school dropout rate in the nation. The Perry facto job plan has ruined union level paid jobs and replaces them with minimum paid jobs, because of deregulation in the private sector.

Offshore riches

Perry would like to set sanction for lowering the tax obligation for multi-international corporations to repatriate their funds at a cheaper rate than small businesses pay domestically in taxes at the current 35% rate. Have you tried calling Dell, Apple, and other big money making conglomerates? The phone call is transfer overseas to India and China’s customer service, and the transfer of over the phone sales and internet sales is credit as an overseas sale, so most of the money made by those corporations comes from domestic customers. The capital made by these so-called overseas corporations is disguise as capital accrued through the funneling of domestic sales as overseas assets. We are being cheated by the corporations, and told that their capital was create from “offshore riches,” meanwhile; they filter in billions from the pockets of Americans without us setting foot on foreign soil.

Hurricane Irene has brought the need for Big Brother

Nature is a good indicator of how bad this storm could actually be. The birds has been flying Northwest in my area by the flocks. Beavers are running into their holes and digging holes, I guess some of it may be routine, and again it could be preparation for Irene. I received an automated call from the mayor in my county in Rockland NY to buy batteries for flashlights, and to buy two-way radios if needed. It will always be a need in our lives for government, although many republicans will lead the charge of limiting the government role in our lives. Republican Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia seem to think there should be an exchange of budget cuts to match the expense of emergency monies spent by government via Irene. He advocates budget cuts for something like emergency relief, while the republicans decided to cut FEMA during their section in congress and many other programs for our citizens by billions.

Hurricane Irene is over 500 miles radius, and winds had lower to a category one with torrential rain that causing floods and outages to rural, urban areas in its path. People must take this hurricane seriously and stay indoors. The dereliction of those who risk their lives in this storm can jeopardize emergence responds teams; because they will do everything, they can to rescue those in distress. I pray for you all and hope all is well as we ride out this storm. Hurricane Irene has brought the need for Big Brother (Government) to setup all type of emergency respond units on alert and shelters. The government is an important agent created for the people by people, but the republicans think we must eliminate the role of government to provide deregulation for the rich by cutting programs for the poor. The video below explains it all.

Red state to a blue state

I can only hope and pray the red states that put the overwhelming republicans in the congress post 2010 election will realize they had made the biggest mistake in their lives. They never implemented one job’s bill the entire eight months of controlling the House of Representatives. Their only focus was nugatory cuts and repeals of bills that protect the middle class and poor, while trying to rescind the rights of unions to bargain. When you see other republicans say that the TEA Party has moved the party too far to the right, you know something is wrong with this new breed of young children trying to make adult decisions in politics. We need to change the red states to a blue state for us to win over the radical and intractable mindset of this TEA Party phenomenal movement. The only way to reverse the mess we end is by raising the tax on the rich so that we can return to a fair and balance system.

The world can be a better place

You can fall prey to the lies and misconception of the republicans or you can make them pay at the polls. It does not matter rather you’re red or blue it all stand under the background of a white field of unity, call the American flag of the United States, and we cannot fail the bloodshed for which the freedom of that flag honors. We are one that will never be separate by the incendiaries and ugliness brought to the political arena, because we will prevail as one. My hope is on Americans, because I believe the world can be a better place when we all come together. Thanks for reading and God blessed that’s MMO.


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Blame it on the next Person!

We are human beings who let the premise of our pride dictate our acceptance to culpability with deniability and manipulation of the truth. In the “Garden of Eden” the place of Adam’s expulsion, when he and Eve his wife, eaten from the forbidden fruit. Genesis chapter 3:8-12 and it reads, 8 And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day: and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the trees of the garden. 9 And the Lord God called unto Adam, and said unto him, “Where art thou?” 10 And he said, “I heard thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself.” 11 And he said, “Who told thee that thou was naked? Hast thou eaten of the tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?” 12 And the man said, “The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.”

The question asked in the biblical exchange between Adam and the Lord God was emblematic and of an interrogative nature, but Adam answer it with an accusatory responds. He blame God and the woman for his actions, he had taken with his disobedience to God’s command. It is in our blood to find a scapegoat regardless the obvious. When I listen to the tonality in Washington over the reason we are in this mess this country faces, it remind me of the failure of Adam, for not holding his appointed position God given him; when he said, “To have dominion over the earth.” Today, we produce this blame it on the other person attitude that eschews the value of dissension, others may have in our actions. One man cannot be the sole failure to our present conditions, because he is not the King of United States, but the President of United States. That type of hierarchy starts from other internal executors that can over-ride Obama’s true convictions from proven it to be immoral or unconstitutional through jurisdictional challenges. We see this happening with the healthcare policy that many republican governors are challenging right now in many states.

I had studied the debt clock and the local debt has surpassed the federal debt burdens on this country, yet the mayors get off scot-free from having any blame to our economic decline. To dissect all of the formidable conclusions of our governmental bureaucratic positions, we must keep an open-mind on how the government works within a democracy. We are responsible to elect our representatives of our government system with the empowerment to produce laws freely and collectively that will serve the interest of our ethical, environmental, jurisdictional, economical, and foreign exchange of goods, service and monetary solvency that will stabilize a society. Every part of the system gets devise into parts that will help provide immediate attention to the citizens at-large. It starts from top to bottom, which is comprise of Executive, Legislative and Judicial template in a National, State and Local fiat throughout our entire system.

The template is a functionality network that repeats its order in every sector of government. Our National template produces federal levels that include the President, State Representatives, and the Supreme Court. The next powers-that-be, are the States’ template producing levels are the Governor, Local Representatives and State Supreme Court. The next level includes the Mayor, Local Representatives, and the Local Courts. Notice how each levels of the government system repeats the same order in its template, except under a lower level within the internal ranks of the hierarchy. The higher you climb the ladder the less interaction each positions has with the people at-large. President Obama can have all of the best ideas in the world for this country, by the time the system deludes the full value of that idea, in a trickle-down network of government, it is less effective for the average citizen. The President has the power of the Nation, the Governors have the power of the States, and the Mayors have the power of the Cities.

I know that the President Powers can control the directional outcome of this country, but when you have too many dissenters within the rank of government, it asphyxiate the power of any executor. The people have to become a proponent of what would work for this country, by applying pressure on the local levels of government who are the deterrent to the prosperity of this country just for political fervor of special interest. Rick Perry gave a stump speech where he incited, “that the reason he wanted to run for president, is because the military has to have respect for the leader they serve.” That was not only a trifling and disrespectable statement towards the character of the executive position of the office of president; it implies that our military men and women are disobedient to their superior hierarchies. Never in my lifetime have I ever heard such gross disrespect for the sacred office that our founding fathers erected. The President been called “tar-baby,” “Monkey,” “Non-American,” and other incendiaries I cannot repeat. When you downgrade the echelon of the “Oval Office” then you denigrate the overall perspective on the way it will look for the future.

No matter how many bigots come out of the woodwork because we elected a black man to run their “White House,” this is United States of America, and the heart and soul belongs to the Immigrants, African Americans, and Native Americans who fought and died for this country, and still dying for this country as we speak. The TEA Party and all of the racist representatives who are out to divide this country will fail, because some of my best friends are of all ethnic backgrounds, and I believe in their love for me and this country, as well as my love for them and this country. This country has a story to tell and your blame it on the next person system will not be part of our legacy that are written in the pages of our democracy. You may want your country back by trying to snuff-out the middle class with austerity and draconian cuts in programs that our taxes paid for. This country will never let us go back to enslave policies that will make us work for less than minimum wages. Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and the far-right Representatives of the TEA Party can care less what shape they leave the country in, just as long as they get what they want.

“Blame on the next person” approach will never work, because the Can gets kick down the road. Rick Perry proclaimed he created 40% of our Nation’s employment, from cutting taxes and loosening regulations on corporations. What he fails to tell everyone is that the true decree of his job entitlement creations was spearheaded from the federal level by + 115,000 government jobs compared to – 40,000 private sector jobs resulting to 75,000 jobs when you minus the private sector. Texas unemployment rate is 8.2% compared to the neighboring states it exceeds their unemployment rate. Rick Perry is the third biggest recipient of the stimulus package that helped sustain his state from elevating above the unemployment rate of 8.2% he is now so comfortable with forbearing. In 2012 it does not matter rather you are democrat or republican, what does matter is that you vote through rational intent and not by party. Thanks for reading God blessed that’s the MMO.


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Rick Perry the Machiavellian Candidate

When you take the veil off the face of a bandit him or her, become an unhidden face of terror. The rhetoric of Perry speaks and reeks of remodeling our economy like a third world system, where minimum wage becomes the paradigm of America’s economy. The place where companies pollute our air, sweatshops are born, and retirement comes at the expense of death. The Texas four steps will work well in China or Mexico, but this is America, “The land of the free and the home of the brave,” a mantra that embraces the true meaning of democracy. Governor Rick Perry advocates the government is the problem, and somehow by lessening their role will free-up businesses to employ out of work citizens. Well, our trade program follows those same promising conditions, and its only product encourages the freedom for companies to carry our jobs offshore, seeking cheaper labor.

Rick Perry is pushing this Machiavellian message of untrue product; because he wants to enable companies to gain the narrative of ending bargaining rights to design a slave crave economy. Slick Rick wants the type of toxic atmosphere that will eradicate our clean air act, and substitute it with unsupervised and limited government control. Impeaching government of protecting the citizens through downgrading their civil right abilities will usher in an era of anarchy like you never seen! The Government is the stimulus-product of this society throughout the history of America and President Hoover learned that from his stifling hands off approach that nose-dive us right into “The Great Depression.” Businesses do not create the jobs, they role is to multiply the model that government starts; more like an offspring from the risk taken government had started. Example: the “Cash for Clunkers,” was what helped to boost and encourage buyers to trade in their old for the new through exchange incentives. What company would have invested on a risk taken design, without having some assurance, except our Government? We need to be asking ourselves this question when you think of all of the grants government spent for researching programs that business refuses to invest their own money to achieve improvement that will only benefit them, if the research turns out to be successful.

Government is the risk takers by design and companies are the multipliers of profiting the positive side of those risks factors to stabilize our system solvency. The first year or two a new business can lose money before they starts to see a profit, who do you think absorbs those loses? The Government allows businesses to write-off the losses as an incentive to keep that business at float for two years. Slick Rick the Machiavellian candidate, also tried to convince his state of Texas that they had the right to secede from the union. The Texas Governor is the one who cried for emergency relief fund, when Texas had a natural disaster this year of 2011. The same operator who used the stimulus package to help produce those 40% jobs he keeps bragging so much about. Use the government when you need them and stab them in the back when you can is the model slick Rick believe in and have no shame with pushing that type of showmanship.

We can fall for the Texas four step program of balanced budget, lower taxes, less regulations, and civil justice reform as the panacea to all of our problems slick Rick is trying to hustle or you can believe in working as a proponent with government to resolve our fears. Yesterday, Warren Buffett announced in the papers, “That congress needs to stop coddling the super- rich from paying their fair share in taxes,” because he feels that corporations can pay more to help boost this economy.

The people are the government, and we bailed out the super-rich when they were facing one of the biggest financial crises since “The Great Depression,” and when we need them to do the right thing by America they clamp-up on funds from a crisis they helped build. What kind of people are they and why can’t they listen to real Americans like Warren Buffett who appreciates those who facilitated his riches? My believe is people like, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, and the so-called TEA Party are the derailment of this economy, get rid of them and the system will work again. You never hear the big corporations advocating any disgust with higher taxation, because they know it induces long-term stability and improve the health of the economy. The congress cannot keep negating the sword oath of office by choosing special interest over the constitutional obligations to public interest. Too much money exchanging hands without proper transparency is part of the reason we are in this mess, and the ruling of the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United,” helped disguise a floodgate of money laundering and deception into the political arena.

Standards & Poor’s position on the downgrade surely resulted in the placating mobility of the republican’s playbook to siege the common practice of a procedure that never been politically scrutinize to such extreme throughout our governess history. The deficit is a long-term discussion that needed to get rationalize through the committees of government, and never introduce as part of our debt ceiling allowances. People deal with their debt ceiling by adding on a second job to help pay for the new family car, they do not decide they are going to drive the new car without some means of paying for it. The republican’s behavior was to deny government the right to print the sufficient amount of money needed to absorb accrued debt. This confirmed S&P decision to downgrade America for the first time in our history, “A perfect blotch added on President Obama’s legacy,” orchestrated by the republicans. Now, Rick Perry the Machiavellian candidate is out to capitalize from the plot of taking down President Obama at any means necessary.

Rick Perry has all the answers without the questions, next he will want to sell you a trip to Jupiter for a million. They will try to fool you into believing all of the hype or you can open your eyes, and stay cautious of the man and party who want to implement the same program that got us here. I think America is too bright of a country to elect another President George W Bush in the White House, because we know what that brought us for eight years. Come 2012 it will take rational and sound voting selection, and I trust in America that we will pick the right combination of elected officials that will compliment President Obama’s policies with putting America back on track. Thank you for reading and God blessed that’s MMO.


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Rick Perry: Declared Candidacy for President of the United States/and the debate

Rick Perry stood at the podium in South Carolina complimenting the state for electing Nikki Haley, and calling it the red state, he could appreciate, while bragging that Texas was the largest reddish state in America and he was proud to be from Texas. Secondly, he took a moment of silence for the Navy S.E.A.L.s whom loss their lives a week ago in a horrible air attack; he then concluded by saying their sacrifice was, “Immeasurable and profound.” Rick Perry, introduced a partial Bio of his native Texas roots, and gave acknowledgement to his wife, Anita Thigpen, the childhood first love he pursued since the age of 8 years old. The happy marital union produced his son Griffin and daughter Sidney, and he called out his daughter in-law Meredith to take a stand.

There are many ways to improve this economy, and stifling government is not one of those things. Yet, Texas seems to produce a one-template ideologue, the type of thinking that government is the problem, therefore, it must become less involve. Rick Perry started with the old Texas four step program; balanced budget, lower taxes, less regulations, and civil justice reform as part of his recipe to solving Americas’ ailment. He audaciously imported his job growth record as a governor in Texas for being the highest in the country by 40%, greater than the rest of the states. All sounds remarkable considering that most of those jobs are under minimal requirements and Texas produces the highest air toxins, ranking 47% in the nation for having less safe air quality control.

The persona of Rick Perry is identical to the Texan, George W Bush, you people still remember him, the man who is responsible for what America is going through. Maybe the old saying, “Out of sight out of mind,” provided President GW Bush with a pass of innocence. If you listen to all of the republican hopefuls, President Obama caused all of this in two and three quarter term in office. Any man whom can cause such an massive atrocity in such a short period of time, deserve another term to fix it, because he has more power than what we give him credit for. The only folly in such statement is that he did not cause this disaster, the problem is he is the only one trying his hardest to fix it. The playbook here is blame the other guy and we will look good, while keeping the same agendas that made the problems of remodeling America’s economy the same way China treat their working class citizens. You can learn a lot from the debate they had this passed Thursday.

We can choose to carry on the immaterial understandings that will never serve the true commitment of finding a real solution to a decade old quandary or we can stop listening to the political talking points, which will never implement trouble shot ideas that will cure the ills we suffer. The first form of taxation started in 1764 called the “Molasses Act,” and it become the way of life to help grow our society ever since. You cannot maintain two wars while cutting taxes for businesses making record profits in the billions, and continue to reap the comfort of entitlement protection that our citizens shares. The citizens sacrifices their love one to wars and pays the most taxes when you look at the ratio per growth earnings per capita in this country, compare to the average conglomerate. While business inherits the right to have, their business protected from burning down by firefighters, and safeguarded from theft and rioting by police officers just like the average citizen’s home. You start to contemplate the candidate’s true loyalty to their constituents in this country.

I watch their debate with disbelief by the redundancy this country faces, and their whole rhetoric was feature on President Obama not having a plan for the country. My only escape were the sounds coming from Ron Paul who seems to be focus on the conundrums of our economy, rather than a unimpressive record that will never sooth our needs like the other candidates were trying to boast about during their answering. You cannot solve problems with creations of more problems, we been there and done that now let us move on with unraveling the issues with real solutions. Everything, which is being reveal to us, has its place and the common revoke system they have cast around this President, indeed speaks of their true intent on scapegoating their whole jobless-cut-out-the-middle-class-plan on President Obama. Just look at the companies that has spawned their businesses overseas, and you will find the workers there work for far less income than we do, they have no job security, they have no healthcare plan, and they have no retirement plan for when they reach of age and cannot work. The model comes from the offshore capitalism they have greatly come accustom to, while trying their hardest to push the same model system here.

Ron Paul is the only naïve candidate that is innocent to their descent on America’s freedom to bargain and have affordable benefits that the average citizen work tireless to gain. Michele Buchman assured she would have never increase the debt ceiling. Because the republican toyed with the debt ceiling is the reason we gotten downgraded to an AA+ credit rating. America originally accrued their debt from decades of fiscal incompetence that mainly sits on the backs of the stewardship of the past predecessors. The treatment of making President Obama the sole perpetrator of causing the downgrade and the economic chaos we all face. Mismanages our thinking pattern from looking at his accomplishment and the record braking tax relief ever imposed in the history of our government and saving America’s auto industries; resulting in avoiding an economic calamity that would have cripple this nation’s solvency for years to come. The debt we face needs to be fix and our economy’s train needs to be put back on track, this is something we all agree on. What we cannot afford to keep doing is trying to sabotage the other for political gains, while using the divide in conquer method to push myopic goals that will work for special interest, but not for all of our citizens, because we all have some skin in this game.

If President Obama has the wrong agendas, work with him to ensure the right agenda, because our work will always go undone in the eyes of completeness, so nobody will ever reach the maximum level of omniscience deeds. Even God, has to return for another opportunity to make it right again, so we will spend our life trying to get it right, let us at least get along in the process. We are the human race, our goal is to love each other as we would love ourselves, only then will true progress be our written legacy. Thanks for reading and God blessed that’s MMO


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Silent Cries

The incredible thing about life is that we are our brother’s keeper. I know the conduct of moral judgment has escaped the average internal conscious of us all, and beckon our individual character to justify the lack of a humane recital towards doing what is right. The love between us is so obscure and diminished; you can say it is nonexistent. I write a lot about my concern on where the republican’s motives taking the country. I want to apologize for being such a harsh critic on republicans as a whole, because not all republicans are the same or think the same. The real Republican Party has become hijack by polarizing figures of the TEA Party claiming to be fiscal conservatives. Capitalizing from the divisive atmosphere, they created to undermine this great country from prospering while deceiving the political spectrum to work against the middle class. The President became the target of the fake Republican Party scheme that they perpetrated against this president as some insane European socialist, who wants to destroy this country.

We must drop the silent cries and come together as one voice, the roaring lions of the true America patriotism. The “stimulus package,” that all republicans voted against was scrutinize right from the start before the country could even comprehend its effect. The “Healthcare,” bill is still being dissected by committees in government who wants to pass amendments that will weaken the strength of the bill. The premeditated sabotage of every law this President signed is still flowing through committees scrutinizing the germane legitimacy of its intent. The practice of stalemating a signed law by the President is the republicans’ way on decelerating his success for failure. “I hope he fails.” The true reason why they crippled President Obama’s agendas and programs that was gear to improve the economy.

In the above video, the President is referring to the FAA budget extension that the republicans decided to forfeit on carrying out their duties as public officials by denying something they passed twenty times since 2007. The grand plan is let us not hope he fail, let us make him fail, no matter how many suffer in the process. This is not about right or left, it is not about democrats or republicans, and it is about us standing together as Americans to save our country from the “Grand Plan.” The manifesto of their plan is to grow the riches of corporations, while they reap the award of riches from the suffering of Americas. They are biting off their nose to spite their own faces. We went from losing 800,000 thousand jobs a month from late 2008 to mid 2009, to gaining 120,000 thousand jobs a month ladder half of 2009 up until today. “People must stop watching fox news and start paying attention on what is really happening in this country, because we are all in this together!”

The video of the Young Turks shows the incriminating assault on unions, but it gets more serious than we think, because the republicans managed to change the imperative talk about jobs, while switching our mind frame on budget cuts. They keep protecting Corporate Jets from paying higher taxes on the talking point that they are the job providers. The real deal is that they are part of the Grand Plan, by not hiring and stifling the economy from working, and republicans limit the hands of government from monetary powers through cuts. The perfect combination to make sure America fails under this president is working like a charm. Please wake up people and come to the aid of our President for the good of this country, because we are in this together. Thank you for reading God blessed and let us stop the “Silent Cries,” that’s MMO.

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Weary & Beaten

President Obama walked into the Situation Room at the White House to address the public on the debt ceiling update. President’s eyes looked weary and his body beaten as he spoke to reporters. He announced that the leaders in both parties of the Senate and House reached an agreement, which will avoid a default. The deal is a one trillion in cuts and savings over a ten years period. He talked about his favor of tax reform and getting rid of tax loopholes as a crucial component to restoring some revenue stability to an already weaken economy. Something he felt needed to have been part of the debt discussions. Nevertheless, the President assured the nightmare is over!

The President weary & beaten over the long haul of negotiations the past several weeks had a look in his eyes of a defeated prizefighter. The republicans had gotten their way again; the way they did when they held hostage the extension of unemployment funds in December of 2010. You must ask yourself how long we can continue to let the party of “no” get their way. Governing is not about partisanship of redline ideas that cuts out the right ideas of the other party. This is the “United States of America” and not the “My States of America” where one party rule as dictators. The separatism in Washington undermines the Constitution and jeopardizes the freedom of having a functioning body in government. Many democrats will go against the principles that protected the entitlement programs the republicans had been trying to dismantle from the very birth of its existence. They get their votes put you will not see any democrats smiling or happy about the unbalanced deal the leaders in their party made.

The video above summarizes the conditions the middle class are facing and the fact that 71% of our debt was cause by the republicans’ obsession to safeguard the pockets of the rich. The republicans bamboozled the country with the talking points of debt, deficit and the government is too big as the epidemic of our conundrum. Senate Bernard Sanders exposes the truth, and the truth is there is a class warfare waged against the middle class. They may have won the battle, but we cannot afford to let them win the war! The greed has gotten so bad that they are setting demands on the poor and moderates that are unsustainable. Vanity can ruin the soul of a saint once greed is involved, and this country is corrupt from his or her own refusal to do what is right for those who are unfortunate.

Will the people of America continue to wait for government to fight our fight? I think it is time to send Washington a message. “We are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!” That’s the message we will send the republicans and democrats in 2012 for causing the manufactured crisis in America. President Obama can do more to secure our future if he can govern without the games Washington plays. The weary & beaten President must know that we got his back. The concessions he had to settled for just to get a deal that protects the poor will end during 2012. Republicans will suffer for their deception they imposed on America with this lousy deal they made. The two-part deal that was package only exacerbates our economy over the next several years. The stock market in Japan and China reacted positive to the news of the debt ceiling deal coming close to an end. Hope come morning our market will show the same confidence. God blessed and thanks for reading that’s MMO.


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The Countdown!!!

Washington is now making progress on moving forward with cutting a compromise on debt ceiling. Harry Reid sought to get Mitch McConnell blessing with tag teaming a deal that they expect to pass the house. I know and hope our representatives can put partisanship aside, and do what is right for the sake of the country. We cannot feel good on the way Washington has behaved over the past several weeks. Nobody can have their way 100% of the time, when negotiators are trying to integrate a package that will affect the country as a whole. Some things you cannot avoid and we cannot continue to sweep our problems under the rug, before we try to resolve unavoidable issues.

The veracity of it all comes down to one thing and one thing only, who will sacrifice to reach a panacea we can agree on to make that deal. The only demographic that is being target to put their lives on the line of this runaway train is the middle-class and lower class America. I think the whole deal stinks of regressive measures that will never jump-start this economy. We must vote reasonable people into office come 2012 elections. Harry Reid and the Democrats cannot govern with a bunch of myopic thinking ideologues that thinks, “talking points” matter more than the lives of suffering Americans. The people that matters the most are the ones being hurt the most if the deal crumbles. Harry Reid excerpted to the real people that will suffer in the video below.

The American people are experiencing the countdown of their lives. We must always remember the high-stakes this country is under due to irresponsible public officials. Thank God! The Republicans are not the majority of both houses in Washington, because the republicans would have brought America to their knees. I voted for President Ronald Reagan years ago, even though it went against the fact I was a democrat. I believed that President Reagan was a great negotiator, and a realistic compromiser that wanted to do the right thing for the sake of the country. This intent has always driven presidents to conduct their position as a fair and conscious leader. Today, you have this, “My way or the highway,” politicians who will not compromise in good fate. The minority leader in the senate Mitch McConnell is acting as if he is the majority leader through filibustering any and everything that does not suit his ideals. America must ask Washington, “Since when we started governing base on personal ideals alone without compromise?” Yesterday, Majority Leader Harry Reid proclaimed that a deal is difficult to reach, and Mitch McConnell interleave with a smirk a deal could be reach.

To the republicans this is all a joke, while the democrats is feeling frustrated by the audacity of the opposition. The democrats have given 80% of what the republicans wanted, without the republicans giving up any conciliation on revenue reform. The debt ceiling has been raise without debate in the past, because it is a mandatory passage throughout our history of governing. We must put reasonable leaders in Washington that have America interest at heart and not special interest in their pockets. The entire system has become corrupt, because they do not live up to the expectations of the laws they written and passed. I pray that the bill the President sign, do not hurt this country in some drastic way, because we cannot afford any more austerity and draconian cuts on the poor people. God blessed, and thanks for reading that’s MMO.


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The Blinded Truth

Where is the loyalty for the poor and middle-class in Washington? Why are they putting the wool over our eyes? They are “wagging the dog’s tail,” hoping we stay fooled by the sudden fiscal discipline the republican is selling. The TEA Party and Republicans are manufacturing the crisis of all crises over the Debt Ceiling. The S&P and Moody’s have injected their prospective on the issues transpiring over the debt ceiling. The “panic” on Wall Street over the massive deception the TEA party has cooked up along with the Republicans got Brokers writing letters of concern to the leadership in Washington. Do you really think that President Obama is the reason we’re in this mess? The answer is no, no, and no! In addition, I can explain why he is the best thing we got going for the American people. Let’s listen to one of the whistle blowers over the debt Joe Walsh in the video below.

What the TEA Party representative Joe Walsh is saying in the video sounds more like a preemptive strike against the President’s executive authority as the leader of the free world. Never in my life have any president been so humiliated by a subordinate freshman congressional representative. The status of the oval office should never be undignified and lowered by some big mouth subordinate, who cannot begin to comprehend the complexity of this economy. President Obama had to put a plug into the abyss George Bush created when he, starved the country’s revenue stability. President George Bush’s actions undermined the economy’s growth levels by a 29% dip below the GDP hindering the reciprocity in the US consumption. The lack in revenue intake and the increase in spending form a bubble effect causing a recessionary aggravation in the demand side. Without supply in domestic spending, the demand for growth diminishes creating a cut in the need of labor, product, and service, the three key components of the economy’s anatomy.

Joe Walsh the representative that portraits himself as some kind of fiscal conscious father, cares more about his children’s financial future, then he does about their present financial conditions. Talking about writing the laws that you swore to protect by owing $117,400.00 in back child’s support for three kids is a hypocrite about his concern on what the country is spending. Joe should get charge with ethic violations when he disgraced the office of congress, making his actions a breach of conduct – accepting his job knowing he owed child support. He should resign!

President Obama did not waste money on buying 787 billion worth of hook caps for GM and Chrysler. He did not spend the taxpayer’s money on keeping the White House’s chimney burning with green backs and US treasury bonds. None of the money he spent was wasted; the money was utilized to restore some stability to our failing economy. Howbeit when money is spent on America, it is a bad thing, but when it is spent abroad, it’s humanitarian. Anyone who accuses this President of misappropriating the capital of this country is making a fool out of you. This country has been financially hijack, so they can bring down the economy and distract us from the real issues like jobs. The republicans and many others who practice the talking points of flooding the pundits’ questions with unrelated answers are dodges of policies. We elected President Obama to protect the interest of the small person without having his back, and that is the people’s failure to engage. If Obama is failing to progress the economy and bring down the state of unemployment, take a serious look in the mirror and point the finger there.

The TEA Party couldn’t outnumber the entire pedestrians in Central Park on a stormy day, and yet they manage to take control of our financial credibility. How did we let it come to this without shutting down the minute weasels of central sabotage? The TEA Party is not the voice of America, the people who sent President Obama to the White House carrying the badge of the people’s mandate. Let us shut down the nuisance that is disrupting the people’s business with nonsense, with the voices of the real America. The economy is not really on the brinks of failure, we just need to supply it with government spending on infrastructure, and it will generate an incentive that boosts reciprocity while we pass laws that will bring down our prices. Prices are the biggest albatross this country has – besides our dependency on foreign oil. The biggest culprit that practically brought this country to its knees, are the credit rating agencies. They help empowered the birth of predatory lending by underestimating the full value of someone’s credit worthiness.

Imaging getting charge interest rate of 35% to a lender, when they know that type of aggravated interest becomes compounding into a 300 to 450% of profit. All because the credit agencies help setup the rip-off scenario, it inflated profit levels above a sustainable path of reality. Throw in the mix all of the insurance companies that invented, packaged and restructured a way to have you paying for a new car 15 times passed the life of the vehicle, and you got a financial conspiracy. Doctors are not competitive enough causing their prices to skyrocket in an astronomical way, that it has surpassed the true GDP algorithms. This causes America to rely on other resources for spending, like credit cards and withdrawals from the saving account to pay the high doctor bills. If we can regulate the way doctors’ charge by forcing them to list their prices before procedure, it will help other providers stay competitive. The doctors would have to stay in the price range of their competition cause and effect brings down prices.

The President has handled this manufactured crisis by the republicans with a bipartisan posture in his talk, and in his demeanor without panic. He refuses to start with the name-calling like his subordinates in the opposite party. The republican Speaker of the House John Boehner loss total control of his leadership, and capitulated, by changing Thursday’s bill into the sound-of-music the TEA Party candidates wanted to hear before he could even bring it to a vote. Thankfully, the John Boehner’s bill never made it pass the Senate. The default on this country should start on the backs of the people in Washington, by not paying their salaries before not paying everyone else’s benefits and salaries. President Obama needs to start with the House and the Senate’s payroll, and fix it where they cannot get any retroactive payments for lost wages. That type of line in the sand will make them think twice before taking such hash stands against this economy, because it is much bigger than the TEA Party’s ideological purity. It is about the people of United States and the sovereignty of this “Great Nation.” The seriousness of the caliber of playing the debt ceiling so close to the deadline is cataclysmic. The blinded truth is the Tea party and republicans will dismantle the whole economy, if it meant destroying Barack H Obama.

Stay strong and supportive of this President, by not letting him stay vulnerable to the attacks of the ring-wing’s job killing agenda. Remain vigilante my friends at all times, because they are trying to suppress our right to vote in Wisconsin by Governor Scott Walker. The republicans stripped the FAA of funding their budget causing over 3,000 workers to go on furlough losing billions in revenue, yet they keep saying we only have a spending problem. In their heart, only the white man should have the power to spend America’s money, I supposed. I do not want to come off as narrow-minded person because there are plenty of good republicans who really want the country to succeed no matter whom are in charge, and God blessed their hearts. I also know there are wealthy people who really want to pay their share, but the extremist has taken over the conversation. I hope they can see pass “the blinded truth,” Senator Reid and McConnell along with Speaker Boehner and Nancy Pelosi, by ending the masquerade come Monday. Thanks for reading my post and that’s MMO God Blessed!


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The Game of Deception

When will politicians take priority over the political pomposity going on in Washington concerning the Debt Ceiling? I see a distraction by the Republican Party to withdraw our critique of the candidates running for the presidency of 2012. The more we become engage with the debt ceiling debate it keeps America from tentative discussions on the lousy format of candidates on the republicans’ platform. We must not let all the mendacity the republicans have been spewing about President Obama as a “runaway-tax-n-spend-president,” without a plan for reduction. The president’s job is to put forth an outline in which he expects the House and Senate to use as part of their framework to produce a bill policy that he would sign into law. President Obama advocated his terms on several occasions to both parties as he did last night with his address.

Again, the President spoke with optimism about the opposition party as a straight shooter who preserved room for negotiation, an open door to come to some concession. He clearly has put on the table the cuts in entitlement programs that the republicans ask for without the republicans meeting him halfway with some cuts in tax loopholes for the rich. How long are the republicans going to avoid the compulsory position on shared sacrifice? The country cannot continue to hemorrhage our monetary stability because of a lack of revenue. The money this President spent was a mandatory executive decision he had to make that was compliments of his predecessor George Bush. President Obama kept this country from spiraling into a freefall calamity. Now, you’re told that the President wants a blank check, so he can engage in a spending streak that would destroy this country’s economy, is a bogus and extreme statement manufactured by the republicans.

The President has capitulated with his negotiations with republicans, while going against his own party’s congressional position to stand strong on protecting entitlements from deep cuts. The right-wing talking points are, “Washington does not have revenue problems it has a spending problem.” I would like to ask the republicans, “What planet are they living on since 2008?” They have avoided answering difficult questions, while charging hyperbole about the debt ceiling as part of our dilemma with the economy. Please America it is not about republicans or democrats, it is about putting the right people in office to represent your interest, and the TEA Party is not a preferred choice. Electing Walsh, West, Paul, and a host of other TEA Party freshmen that are all ideologues who put their intolerant and personal views over what is right for this country was the biggest mistake by voters ever made.

We must utilize and exercise common sense when we go to the polls. I think that we need a more informative measure on how they provide us with the candidate’s credentials. The best way to employ such info you must become diligent with your inquiry on that particular candidate. Rather it is a democrat or republican; let us make sure we employ the right candidate for 2012 election and evade the game of deception. Thank you for reading and that’s MMO.


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Incompetent Leadership

What makes leadership something we can all respect and admire is when you are willing to sacrifice the steadfast position for the best outcome of the majority, and not just for selfish reason. To conduct yourself as a leader, you must exercise the hindsight of easing the relative strategy of negotiating a thorough and sound understanding that best serve everyone. Our government must drop the grandiose attitude they are displaying over the debt ceiling. Moody’s the credit rating agency has threatened to lower America’s triple “A” credit rating to a double “A” rating because of Washington’s incompetent leadership. This country’s financial obligation is more than just a national one – it is a global obligation when you think of all of the interconnected financial markets that rely on America’s stability.

Today, President Obama in a disgusted tone reported that the talks with Speaker Boehner have broken down! He took some questions from reporters as he explained the seriousness of passing the debt ceiling. The only thing that keeps poking holes in the negotiation of the debt ceiling is raw-dog freshmen representatives of the house, who really do not understand the detrimental importance of raising the debt. Here is the President on what will happen in a lightly-hood of a default.

Speaker Boehner’s problem with reason the debt ceiling stems from his misconceptions on how the economy actually works. He keeps proclaiming that he is protecting the job providers and the middle class from facing turmoil, from a tax increase on small businesses. I have not seen any small business come to his side defending their position against a tax hike. The small businesses have suffered and are suffering because of the high unemployment, and not because of tax hikes. Under President Clinton, those businesses enjoyed a profitable and striving period during the 1990’s before President Bush became the successor. The economy during 2005 started taking the turn for the worst because of lack of revenue, orchestrated by Bush’s tax cuts and budget expenditures on war. The republicans had no problem raising the debt ceiling seven times for George Bush’s presidency. Their whole makeup to have this sudden need to alter the usual rank and file procedure of conducting the people’s business, after over spending our revenue on two wars and tax cuts for the rich seems ironic. The President today sounds the alarm of urgency!

My personal opinion is that there are those who are so… disturbed with having an African American in the Oval Office that they are letting their hidden internal soul of bigotry show. Everything this President tries to accomplish for the sake of the country, it gets scrutinize, criticize, opposed, transient support, mockery, uncompromised and thrown to the side of failure regardless the consequences it manifests. Where is the leadership on job creation the republicans ran on last year in November when they gave the shellacking to the democrats? So far, they had done everything in their power to undermine this economy since they had control of the House of Representatives. The republicans passed bills that targeted social issues on woman’s right, unions, gay rights and voting practices against minority’s ability to vote, without passing one job bill. All of the groups of people I just mention are the targets of suffering the republican’s wrath for supporting and putting a black man in the White House. Nevertheless, President Obama believe in the integrity of the republicans by still hoping for the best scenario outcome of coming to some conformity with the debt ceiling negotiations.

Rep. John Boehner may have sincere feelings on ending this seriate of talks and come to a decision on the debt-ceiling debacle. He would have to begin by acting more like a leader and not a wimp with standing up to the TEA Party and minority whip Eric Cantor. The President believe that Boehner can impress his leadership on his party enough to get the green light that will settle the opposing rhetoric that has surface between Boehner’s inner circle. Boehner can wrap the whole thing by teaming up with Nancy Pelosi for the numbers he need to pass the raising of the debt. Boehner’s contesting blunder is he has this steadfast position to protect the vast 2% top income from paying their share of rebuilding and increasing the country’s tax revenue because of his incompetent leadership.

I will end this by saying, our Constitution set executive powers in the Constitution that will provide the President with authority to protect the financial stability of this country. He and he only need to look into the framework of the Constitution and find all the areas that will allow him to exercise those privileges. I know that come 2012 the republicans will pay at the polls for their condescending ways. Thank you for reading and that’s MMO.


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