Sandra Fluke

That name is not a fluke in her timing to take the helm of this contraception debate against the right of women’s healthcare choice by giving it a face. Sandra Fluke is a Georgetown University Law Student, who spoke up in a hearing held by Nancy Pelosi and the democrats after house republicans refuse to let her testify at the initial birth control hearing held by Darrell E Issa the chair of the oversight committee. Since then the right to insure contraceptives became a red-hot issue that carries a face, the face of Sandra Fluke who spoke at the hearing in behalf of a friend that undergone surgery removing her ovary because she could not afford the oral contraception needed to prevent ovarian cysts. Rush Limbaugh, the fat disgusting slob everyone knows he is spun Sandra Fluke testimony into a desperate need for contraception because of uncontrollable sexual escapades going on at Georgetown University. The video below will capture his deplorable and idiotic comments regarding Sandra Fluke.

Affordable Health Care Act of 2010

My regret is that the men in congress, mainly republicans, has taken the contraception issue and turned it on its head as a religious proposition, which somehow became a violation by the intrusive maneuver of the Obama Administration. We know this is an assault to abolish the Affordable Health Care Act passed in 2010 by President Obama. What the republicans want to do is avoid any benefits the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010, will accomplish as that law becomes more effectual. The republicans are trying to cloud the mind of Americans, so that they would not realize the magnitude of the Affordable Health Care Act would have once it reaches its peak around this country. The democrats have silence themselves when it comes to defending the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010, against the outrageous claims the republicans made against the bill the democrats helped President Obama passed in 2010. This pursuit to attack the rights of women’s health is nothing more than a red-herring issue to divert us from the attention of our economy.

Economic Revival

I do not know if anyone notice, but we are in our 24th month of economic growth in this country. The economic revival led by the unremitting efforts by the President who successfully implement strong leadership with financially supporting measures that strengthen the solvency of the auto industry. What good is money if it loses the symbolic order that gratified the worthiness of the role it plays as a financial instrument of exchange in our lives? Than economic revival will never exist and the value system for goods and service will never define the measurement levels of commerce. Therefore, the involvement of government to act as a safeguard that assures the potential of the welfare of our economic revival during a crisis is inevitable. Willard Mitt Romney thinks running a business that practices on capitalizing from the failure of companies through downsizing and bankruptcy, have no concept of economic revival. The President’s job is not comforts of boardroom decisions that consists of cutting and tighten the belt to advantage the shareholder’s investments, while passing out layoff notices to the unprivileged. The President’s job involves the wherewithal to make collective and analytical assessments that will influence an entire country. A CEO can avoid those who lives he affected by his unconscious decision making, but a President has to be accountable at all times to direct criticism. The last business sector president that ran this country was President Herbert C Hoover and we all know the history of the “Great Depression.” The art of economic revival does not take the mindset of a businessperson for it to reach the highest achievement it takes the mind faculty of a sound thinker to promote the best results.

Romney versus President Obama plans

The dichotomy between Willard Mitt Romney and President Obama’s job plan is political hype versus full-hearted conviction.

Political hype:

Full-hearted conviction:

One-man display a sign that says “One Day One Job,” which sounds mutually exclusively geared to operate for the one percent, while the other has the “America Jobs Act,” which sounds like a targeted program that is inclusive. One Job sounds like a person that is concern only about his own, and One-Day sounds like he’s going to do very little work to restore the economy. America Jobs Act sounds like a broad-minded plan that focuses on this country, and premise is set for a long-term commitment to restoring this country’s economy. We have a choice between political hype that holds no substance versus full-hearted conviction that will benefit our society’s economy. The choices this year is about dropping senseless ideologies and replaces it with realistic decisions that will benefit us as a whole group, and not as individuals. Vote for the person who slogan is, “I believe and you,” so let us give him the right to finish the job he started. That is MyMO.


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