Reince Priebus

The chairman of the RNC Reince Priebus made a statement; he should retract, if he had any shred of decency for the Oval Office. We all know there are certain elements in the country regardless how the President may be doing, wants him replace as president in spite of the 23 months of positive job growth. Right from the start of his presidency the Republican Party in congress vow to make him a one-term president – so they sabotaged every policy President Obama put forth for the restoration of this country’s economy. Thank God! The American people sees straight through their game-plan and know that we did not get into this debacle overnight, and it will take time to come out of it, especially when you’re working against legislators who wants you to fail.

Reince Priebus, the shadow of Michael Steele who was force out of leadership of the RNC and replaced with Reince Priebus. Michael Steele was a flamboyant and audacious chairperson, who did things his way and helped, led the republicans to the shellacking victory of 2010. Reince could not fill the shoes of Michael because he does not have the mindset or confidence that will make him an autonomous thinker, who can navigate the political landscape.

Priebus compared the President to the Captain Francesco Shcettino, the Italian captain of the ship that crashed and killed 17 and 16 still unaccounted for – abandon ship while leaving many left in peril. At what point will the disrespect of the Oval Office come to a halt! Reince Priebus made his debate on Face the Nation with the incendiary comments, which, I feel he should immediately apologize to the victims and the President for such horrible comments.

No Plan

The real problem is they have no plan for this country, so the republicans stay on the attack, while President Obama on the stomp letting America know he have not forgotten them. His message will never be resonated through a do-nothing-republican-congress who whole agenda is to depict the President as the monster in the room. President Obama was force to take it to the people who put congress and him in office, so he can get the momentum of support that will force the no plan republicans in congress to back his plan. President Obama so-called campaigning is what we need, instead of a campaign for a war, which cost us trillions and thousands of lives base on lies. Guess the republicans keep getting amnesia about the last eleven years, when they campaigned full heartedly for the Iraq war.

Today, the President unveiled a plan to help homeowners who are still suffering the residual effects of the housing crash of 2008. He proposed a Home Owners Bill of Rights Act that will eliminate the red tape of long confusing forms made to manipulate those into one-sided contracts, which created fictitious loads during the Bush Administration. These proposals are worth campaigning for that has substance to set the foundation for the middle class. While Mitt Romney is going around saying, “he is not worry about the poor, because they have safety nets that are already in place.” Mitt Romney mean what he says, and says what he means without any empathy for the unfortunate. Mitt has no plan for the middle class or the lower class of this country, but he wants us to make him president just to reverse any progress we made. My vote goes to the man with a plan, and that man is President Obama for 2012. That’s MyMO.


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