The Self-Destruction of Newt

Maybe Mitt Romney knew the stakes of losing was too high, so he throws right cross and left hooks damaging his opponent, causing the self-destruction of Newt! Gingrich couldn’t find his footing seemed defenseless against the firestorm of Romney. The condescending Newt the duke deflated like the big bag of wind that gotten hit by the sharp jabs of his contenders. Some may say Gingrich did not prepare for the obvious and underestimated the climate of challenge – leaving him off guard and speechless!

I still feel that he is a contentious person who debates feeding from the cheers he hears around the room – the only difference is the cheers was not delivered at him only, throwing Gingrich off his game. Like most arrogant personalities, their grandiosity always gets the best of them; until they think anything out their mouths becomes acceptable, making their out-of-touch language sound zany and space out.

The self-destruction of Newt started when he put colonies on the moon during his pretentious second term as president. I think the beltway-pressure of the conservative establishment encroach on Newt’s momentum causing him to deliberately self-destruct because of the burden of being blame for the loss to President Obama come 2012 election. Santorum is like the Lone-Ranger of solitary moments defending the day of craziness with a little sanity. Santorum was hitting the areas of uncivilized bickering between Mitt and Newt with doses of coherent injections of reality, when he cited that the focus should be on the issues.

The Republican Debate 2012:

The scrimmage that foster the non-importance of issues can preoccupy everyone by the candidate wannabes who will never see the White House, talk about things that does not show any support for fixing this country. Each feel the policies of the Bush’s years are good, just limit the spending, and everything will work fine. We should be afraid, very afraid of an oligarchy system mindset coming out of mouths of these candidates. Ron Paul is the only candidate who sounds more like a libertarian, compared to the other candidates.

My prediction is Mitt will take Florida by a 4 to 6 percentage gap over Gingrich, with Santorum and Paul following by double digits. I think Gingrich sabotage his chances because he could not deal with the onslaught of the republican establishment taking him down – consciously he does not want to be the candidate that handed the President his victory. My perspective is it does not matter who is the nominee, no one could beat President Obama come this fall. That’s MyMO.


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