No one does it better

The Republican Party want to scare you with pessimism about this President’s record, but, no one does it better with turning the republican’s begrudge, into hope. Reality check, people, where were we during 2008 when over 6 million jobs was loss at a rate of 650, 000 thousand jobs a month? The republicans will not give an answer to the recovery course this President has us on, except to say they refuse to look at reality with the promise of hope. You can accuse the President of many things, but you must admit he does have a plan, in comparison to cynicism of talking points like, “the economy is worse” and “social welfare European State.” That type of arguments does not fit the veracity we are facing, when corporations are still receiving record sells and reciprocity seems to show a sign of play in the lives of America.

The republican’s mantra always resemble hate, pessimism, anti-sentiments, and the bogie-man is under your bed attitudes on why you should vote for them. No one does it better, because this President galvanizes the aspiration of hope even in a hostile climate in congress. It is almost as if he is design just for this moment in history by some purpose to carry this country’s burden, and, no one does it better.

State of mind

The republicans keep citing President Reagan in all that they do, although, he ran a debt bigger than most presidents did. The republicans are stuck in a state of mind of the Reagan years, without really knowing why they are so obsess. Nothing in their attitudes comes remotely close to resembling the shadow of President Reagan leadership qualities. President Reagan was an optimist that playfully identified the stark difference between him and his opponent, without igniting fear into the people at large. The state of mind the republicans should run on should be affable against the opposition, while inserting their ideals on what direction this country needs to go.

Today, we have the republican hopefuls with nothing to offer the medium level of society, while talking about how worse this country’s economy is under the other person’s leadership is a negative state of mind. They can avoid the stupidity by doing the following:

• Never putting down the other person’s position before you can sell your own position
• Tell the truth about the other person’s record, while showing why you have a better approach
• Show that a fairer taxation system can work with incentives that will reward those corporations and small businesses who bring jobs back to our shores
• Stay optimistic on where this country is heading, and lose the scare tactics

The state of mind above will work better for the republicans than the lies and racial insults the current republican candidates keep spurring. I must commend the President’s State of the Union Address as remarkable just on the strength of leadership. The President did not attack the republicans as a political fabric of campaign mode, although, the republican field notoriety spawns an objective opinion that deserves some criticism. The state of mind that President Obama animated, displayed a luxury of future achievements for a foreseeing goal that is in our reach through a cluster of workable concurrence, while joking about spilled milk.

The State of the Union Address:

I see the President’s rhetoric contours confidence in the future; while gallantly stating the success of our military team that devour the safe-havens of Al Qaeda forces, diminishing the threat levels they once muster during the Bush years. The President reminds us of the momentum created under his leadership in spite the stagnation from the opposition. Again, President Obama, offered a handout of let us work together attitude, and promising that he would not allow any obstruction by opposition to exacerbate the momentum currently in play. The President encourages a positive state of mind trajectory for America, while approving our leadership and abroad amity with other countries. The President’s stance to reform the tax system for a more fair tax system seems promising, but vague with the current opposition party in control of the congress.

Mitch Daniels

I think Mitch Daniels response was gentle towards advocating his opposition, but misleading from the hope the President offered in his address. He spoke of the Republican Party offering hope, upward mobility, and greater equality, while reciting the policies of an illegitimate model that happens to be the reason we are facing the conundrum of this country’s woes. It amazes me how out-of-touch the Republican Party has become, when it comes to their awareness to the mid-line issues of America. The time has come for us to show congress that we reject the notion that they are speaking for America with attitudes resonating from the Republican Party, by voting them out of office so we can jump-start this economy. Mitch Daniels has enough problems in his own state with his position on “The right to work” union busting policy.

We need a president that shows optimism over pessimism, and the republican candidates seems to paint a dire picture of a promising future. That’s my MMO


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