My humble desire is that we stop putting poison into the thought process of people, so that those who are not worthy can gain privileges they do not deserve. The current field of republican candidates isn’t worthy to stand in the shoes of restoration that this President has fitted in accomplishments that the right seems to vitiate with untrue talking points. When you have years of reverse-socialism that causes labor to inherit the tyranny of capitalism – catapulting the riches of the one percent by astronomical margins that causes a deficit to the cost of living for the middle-class is called reverse-socialism. They used the tax breaks and bailouts of government revenues gain by taxing the average citizens to create a socialize structure that privilege the interest of the one percent.

Now, they want us to be poison with thinking socialism is a bad thing when it comes to taking care of those in need of some support. The design of government was set as a support-haven to keep the stability of our citizenship viable as a society. Today, it has become a mockery system that gotten hijack by big corporations that turned our democracy into a plutocracy. The republicans will tell you; we need to save America from the current President, they will tell you the President never help create one job, and that the President is destroying this country.

President Bush taken a surplus of 200 billion and turned it into a deficit of 14 trillion; two wars, tax cuts for the upper-class, stretching our military so thin that it made us vulnerable, and never once has the left try to poison the American people with incendiaries like our current President is receiving by the right. They had degraded the threshold of the executive office in such a way; it will never have the respect of office it once carried. The pernicious rhetoric that has poison the minds of our American citizens is appalling, and should become stricken with the criticism it deserves for the havoc it is causing to the unanimity of this country’s social safety net.

The Choice

Big money has always and will always be the devil’s advocate that separate the good hearted from those who fall prey to deceitful intend. The choice we have before us holds such a stark difference that it questions the character of greed over moderation in the area of the conduct with life. The media has conducted a false entry of interviewing by accepting lies over truth out of the mouths of the republican candidates, and their surrogates. The choice this country has before them is whether we want to stick with the progress before us economically or stifle the economy with a retreat from what slow positive momentum the economy does have under the current President leadership. None of the republic candidates, given any real tangible solutions on where they plan to take this country under their leadership as president, except to bash the current President on what they think he’s doing wrong.

While President Obama is busy, creating strives toward improving this country’s economy; the republicans in congress are doing everything possible to foil his efforts with unrelated job policies contrary to relative job solutions the President has imposed. We need to make the choice between progressive momentum of this President or the regressive impediment the republican candidates are trying to push. They claim this President is trying to divide this country through class warfare, while, Newt Gingrich run around calling the President, “the food stamp President,” and “minorities has no work ethics.” The division started long time ago with an inequality system, which, imposed on the rights of minorities that created the disadvantage gap of wealth in America.

The bureaucratic system introduced to the minorities, welfare to pacify their fight against the inequality they were experiencing from the redistribution of wealth. Today, what you see is they are trying to scrutinize the very system they created to quiet those who wanted to receive equality, as a socialistic program that is ruining the country solvency. The hypocrisy does not stop there! Loosen the bolts to the tires, and call the driver a bad driver because the wheels came off on the hard turns – sabotage is the game the republicans are playing in Washington D.C. with our legislation process. Sabotage, sabotage, and sabotage with viable legislation that will help restore this country’s solvency, which the President has tried to pass, with his “American Jobs Act.” The choice is simple enough to know who’s truly trying to improve our economy from the do-nothing Republican Party who have not implemented one job’s bill since they taken over the House of Representatives in January of 2011.


Regulation is the very thing that has created more jobs in this country, since the time of progressivism, regulation increased on businesses enhanced the environmental safety net, under the leadership of President Theodore Roosevelt that helped built a nation of innovation. The economy strives and jobs increased because regulation set laws that even the playing fields for businesses and safeguard the environment for our citizens. Regulation has always been a job creator, and not the job-killing deterrent the republicans would have you believe. Regulation protects our environment; by ensuring that certain safeguard systems are in play, rewarding best practices for those businesses who finds energy efficient ways with running their businesses, and requiring that all businesses meet EPA standards builds a stronger America.

Do not believe that removing the safety components we have in play will create more jobs – it will actually do the opposite because businesses could hire less required labor to conduct certain jobs. They will have the ability to dump waste material in the backyard of residential areas, instead of hiring the right people to discard the waste material. The toxicity will increase by the thousands destroying residential neighborhoods of minority communities, causing ailment to thousands of local residence. WE NEED REGULATION!


We cannot raise taxes on the ‘job-creators,’ is a tire, broken down, rhetoric that never manifested any actual results since the trickle down sequence, started under President Reagan. Even, President Reagan aborted such foolish beliefs in an economic theory. Today, the spokespersons, for such a ludicrous economic theory are the Republican Party. The wealthy have not weigh-in on their proclamations, because they know it has no merit of truth, yet, the republicans are so loyal to yesterday’s remuneration from the lobbyists, that they forgotten who they truly work for in congress. They, congress, had supposed to represent the people of USA as spokespersons; instead, they are fighting tooth and nail for corporations. The only way to end this hypocrisy, would, mean that we need to change our voter’s system to an more accessible apparatus – capable of eliminating the need for big money, like the Automatic Voter Machine (AVM), I introduced in my earlier post called Overwhelmed!.

The republicans are pushing hard to protect the interest of those whom are doing well, since President Obama the stock market, though, volatile as it always been, has reap in strong dividends of profit for the last three years. During the Bush’s years, the market suffered massive losses from 2006 to 2009, recovering in April of 2009. Wall St. is making larger profit under this President than the whole entire two terms of the Bush Administration. Yet, the corporations refuse to do what is right, in the most prosperous time in their lives, just because of political support for the right-wing agenda.

We need congress to be spokespersons for the people, and, not just for the remuneration interest that align their pockets with riches. They have no real agenda that would help restore this country’s economy in the republican’s party, and, we’re tired of the spokespersons fighting for the one percent over the 99 percent, while the one percent isn’t complaining about tax increases on their own behalf.

The President is so in love with you!

The President is surely the one who loves this country; he even sung a tune to prove it…, I’m convinced with a voice like that!

On a more serious note, we need to look at the last few years, and compare it to now. And, I promise you can agree that this president done more in his few years in office for the middle class, than, President Bush done his entire two terms. The same candidates running for president in the Republican Party, holds the same ideology that cost us eight years of a diminishing economy that force us into a recession. That’s my MMO.


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