Bain Capital

The big talk all this week is ‘Bain Capital’ and it is tearing the stratum off the definition of capitalism. Mitt Romney the republican frontrunner whom seem to become the undisputed nominee to face President Obama in November, headed Bain Capital as its CEO before retiring in 1999. Newt Gingrich is a republican candidate who wants to vet Romney on his supposed 100,000 thousand-job creation; he has paraded as his position on having the qualification from the experience gained at Bain Capital to turn the country’s job stagnation around. Newt the political-mystro has sung the music of vulture capitalism against Romney’s claim as a job creator; has troubled the Republican Party to coalesce behind the frontrunner, despite their distrust with his true conservative character.

The positive side of this whole attack on Bain Capital is it opened the eyes to how capitalism works in this modern environment. We see capitalism as a free enterprise that allows entrepreneurship the ability to grow and prosper from the inventive and creativity of hard work. The society of such definition; failed to incorporate the obvious and gruel nature of the modern aspect, in which became the front and center modus operandi with how it all works. Bain Capital the epitome of today’s standards of capitalism. Bain Capital performed according to the nature of what it was all about; which consisted on identifying companies with equitable assets, in which appears to reflect a negative disposition with its livelihood to compete or exist within its industry, due to mismanagement and wasted expenditures.

Bain Capital would set the groundwork to find a more cost-effective way to assume the company’s managerial position, while finding iteration to the existing components by downsizing, relocating and retooling to create efficiency at low cost, while making a profit. Bain Capital main operative was to manage a profit for its stockholders, not to create jobs for the average seeker of employment. Mitt Romney claims on being a job creator is disingenuous; because of vulture capitalism, thousands of jobs were loss for the employees at those particular companies. I feel this gives Newt and the other candidates like Rick Perry, the validation to question Romney’s position on his job creation he declared. Mitt Romney ranked 47th in the nation in job creation as a Massachusetts Governor.

Bain Capital twenty eight minutes documentary “When Mitt Romney came to town.”

Corporate Greed

When will the egotistical language of Mitt Romney cease. He accuses the President of envious endeavors because he denounces corporate greed on taxation fairness. Capitalism is what gutted the prosperity of this economy’s health because of “corporate raiders” who choose profit over job security. People may be confuse by thinking a business mentality will work to improve the economy’s solvency; not only misunderstand the role of government, but they will ensure a plutocracy under the managerial mindset of a business orient president. The origin of government erected under the premise of social safety net provisions for the protection against corporate greed and environmental despair, while upholding the constitution of our society for its citizens. To want a corporate ideologue in the White House will cheat its citizens of the compassion to relate to the value system of our constitution.

Treating corporations as people is the same mentality by the Supreme Court Judges that lead to “Citizens United,” which open the floodgate to money laundering of our electoral process. Corporate greed has cause many viable agencies to fall into a pauperize condition that rendered society to depend on government assistance to survive. Without government society will become dismantled and uncivilized, which creates a toxic environment leading to an anarchy society. Fairness most become the center vernacular of discussion in this country’s society as a caveat for the betterment of affording a stabilize economy. President Obama has taken approach of injecting fairness into his policy discussion with leveraging the responsibility of our taxation system.

Mitt Romney will keep taxes for the rich low, while finding the way of paying for the tax cut for millionaires and billionaires, by extracting the money from Social Security, Medicare, and other needed programs for this country. We must come to some sense of compassion for those who cannot afford to lose their entitlements or other social programs that maintain the health of this economy, while the one percent continues to live off the hog of prosperity. President Obama is the only answer this country has to restore this country’s solvency. I hope that those at the top recognize how they gotten there when they go to the polls in November! That’s my MMO.


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