We can look back in retrospect to 2008, “And boy what a difference!” The job losses were at an enormous rate and the economy was at the brink of destruction. Today, thanks to the leadership of a true innovator, this economy is on a rebound despite the effort of the hindrance of the Republican Party to incapacitate President Obama’s policies. You must put aside the strong hatred many might feel against this President, and look at the big picture despite the personal dislike the opposition imposes. There is a lot of ingrown pain that has resonated because of the plutocracy development forming around this country since the bailout. Many blame President Obama for acquiescing to the framework of President Bush’s bailout policy and capitulating on prosecuting the culprits of the financial debacle. I will agree to the respective opinion of those who feel shortchanged by this Administration vigilance to investigate and prosecute.

We like to see justice in this country because our legal system requires the ordinance that provokes the legislated authority permitting the legal posture to uphold the Constitution. Despite President Obama swore position to the Constitution, his reservation to refrain any pursue of absorbing countless efforts of prosecution, saved him from asininity in the wake of more needed interest, like a failing economy. President Obama’s assessment on the financial crisis was the right one, and so we needed to put that past behind us.

Despite all of the lies coming from the republican side, every once and a while the truth will come out of their mouths. Just listen to John McCain telling the truth as he stomp for Mitt Romney, even McCain doesn’t believe in the candidate he’s stomping for over the current President.

Bad Choice

What will exacerbate the progress of this economy’s recovery? Having this country rejecting this President’s political foundation of economic recovery to engage with another president’s ideology that caused 2008’s financial disaster is a bad choice. All of the rhetoric on how ghastly this economy is under the current Administration made by the republicans, undermines the 23 months of improvement in steady job growth and with unemployment fallen to 8.5 percent, still asserts distortion by the republicans with the true condition of the economy. We cannot make the bad choice of hindering the exponential recovery advancement we are receiving from the gallant sagacity under this President’s leadership, for a dormant mind-frame of a republican trickle-down philosophy.

Mitt Romney proclaimed he knows best and holds the wherewithal that will magically reset the days of prosperity in this country. Next Mitt Romney will claim he can part the ocean and lead us to utopia! Mitt Romney is the guy who head up the CEO position of Bain Capital, a firm that eliminated thousands of jobs, decrease pay and cut benefits. Mitt Romney refuses to divulge his tax returns, because of his ongoing connection to the Bain Capital’s payroll and the 15% taxes he pays from the 35% in taxes the 99% pays. Mitt Romney is a bad choice for this economy and country for president… because of his corporate mentality – something that will surely create a plutocracy. You can checkout the videos below on Mitt Romney and his out-of-touch understanding and policies for the poor.

Mitt Romney profited from the misery of poor people losing their jobs.

Unemployment decreases

The unemployment decreases to 8.5%, the lowest since three years, and the republicans still cannot bring themselves to give this President any credit. I think that America can find it in their conscience to be rational when it comes to voting in 2012 by retaining the current Administration to restore this country’s solvency. During the end of this summer, you will see the unemployment decreasing to 7.2% just before the election in November. When the unemployment decreases to 7.2%, the republicans will lose their stronghold fight against this President’s job status.


The landscape discussion on the republican stage for president is so anticlimactic, because they are self-indulge with talking points that diverts from the real conundrums of America’s kitchen-table-problems. The draconian measures of degrading and nonsensical weigh on the middle-class welfare of healthcare is a anticlimactic push to end something that is important to America, while veering towards the right of not putting a product in play to help America’s health system.

We can debate rather the so-called Obama-care is a total cure from the woes of astronomical spending the uninsured cost our economy over decades that helped increase our deficit or we can choose the anticlimactic fervor of taking down a important program and replace it with nothing. The choice is yours for 2012 election to make the right alternative, and I hope we manage our vote with prudence. That’s the MMO.


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