How do you discredit the validity of a man that overwhelmed the position of Chief in Commander almost flawlessly? The death of Libya’s 40 years tyrant Khadafy ended, without boots on the ground or occupation of a long-term war. The Obama’s Administration started a new way to engage the foreign landscape, by providing a doctrine that has set a new precedent with managing foreign obligation. The very area of the President’s leadership overwhelmed the critic from the republican’s side, which indicates him operating in a more privilege environment outside congress, reaps greater awards for America. The President’s astuteness and affable nature scares the GOP into a partisan mentality to prevent his successes with domestic policy. The societies all around the world are overwhelmed with the inequality of wealth the 1% produced by a vertical percentage of 300, while the middle-class and lower wages suffered a flat-line income.

The impropriety that affected the democratic process exists because of the flagrant entitlement to raise infinite cash through a competitive party system, namely Citizens United. Once you engage with competitive influences, it diminishes the merit of governance and injects greed over satisfactory performance. There is no accountability, transparency, loyalty, and dedication to the Constitution with two parties operating and managing our solvency without restricting where the campaign fund comes from. The public official’s obligation to the people is warp by a financial exchange of overwhelmed and blatant behavior of corruption. There are many ways to congeal a formidable campaign, and still operate with the dignity and respect to the Constitution without the competitive influence of big businesses involvement. The mediocrity that produced the inequitable balance of wealth is impossible to sustain, without causing society “social unrest.” Today, the demonstrations are peaceful, but tomorrow, can ignite anger into madness – because no decent parent will allow their children to starve.


The entire democracy system is underdeveloped and isolated from the true reality of a change world in technology. An antiquated apparatus measured to control the voting process disenfranchises us. “Just imagine,” the full freedom of exercising the voter’s experience to the franchise with the ability to vote in any state in this country, and it registers to your district. We used the technology every day and it will discourage the need of buying all of those campaign ads. Part of the greed in politics comes from people who are running for office raising campaign donation just to compete in the process, we can change the way candidates compete by eliminating the need for additive cash with employing the AVM as the general apparatus of the voting process.

AVMAutomatic Voting Machine

The ATM we use every day to do our banking, the AVM will follow the same abilities except it is enterprise for voting process only. Today, we go to visit a sick family member during election week, you no longer have the right to exercise your voter’s privilege, disenfranchises us from the process just because you are two states away. The AVM will allow us to vote anywhere in the 50 states, and give you full coverage on any candidate’s Bio and any ads the candidates uploaded from a touch screen except on Election Day. You will register for an AVM card with your ID number and picture on the card, a temporary PIN to activate you to the system that you can change later as a register voter. When you vote it will give you a receipt displaying your district, voter ID, actual district where the vote will count (including candidate’s lead and party, along with what voter number you are during time of vote), the amount of electoral votes your district carries. Transparency, reliability, accessibility, availability, security, and more…, the AVM will offer as a universal and practical vehicle to the future of voting.

The quest to give us a more reliable voter’s system that will allow us greater access to the franchise is absolute if we want to improve our union. The republicans is trying to disenfranchise our voter’s system as we speak in over 32 states, through passing over-reached laws that ask for certain state ID’s before you can vote. I ask us to come together to stop the extreme measures pushed to suppress the voter’s right of minorities. The right to vote should never become jeopardize or undergo scrutinized political interest for the prospect of gaining advantages over the other party. The NCAAP has taken the fight to those guilty of perpetrating such actions against minorities by educating people abroad. The GOP voter disenfranchisement plan expected to pass assembly despite threat to legal voters, and we should engage by speaking out and donating.

 Getting the money out of the system

Getting the money out of the system will mean changing the system of electing candidates, and replace it with a reliable system that assures credibility throughout the landscape. You can join the gallant effort of Dylan Ratigan by signing his petition to get money out of Washington DC politics. The AVM will change the infrastructure with how we vote and having accessibility to the franchise throughout the 50 states will change the monetary component to compete without a two party interest of manipulation. The security of the AVM will be under an independent body that is control by the voter system process, but operates autonomous with its security apparatus; therefore, it is not subject to Washington’s influences that can breach the system. You can track your vote with second by second updates with the latest poll analysis and keep acquainted with your favorite candidates, while fact checking the things they said or someone else said about your candidate. The candidates can upload their videos for viewing or create their own personal videos that will appear on a 70” inch screen at every AVM location. The candidates will have complete access to the automatic voting machine’s website and every citizen as a registered member, allowing you limited setting changes to your profile.

Something of such magnitude like a new universal voter system, will take time to implement through a do-nothing-congress that has literally broken oath to the Constitution, by not legislating to conduct the protection of our democracy. The time for action is now! Getting the money out of the system could be as simple as employing a new voting apparatus like the AVM, and imagine the jobs it will create in building its infrastructure.

The Constitution gives every citizen the right to exercise peaceful assemblies, without the threat of arrests by authority. Many of the “Occupied Wall St.” protesters experienced arrests by police officers, officers who are compassionate towards the Occupiers but forced to do their jobs. The United States Congress has violated the proper behavior as an elected official when they decided to put politics over governance, creating a total mockery of our government system by refusing to consider policy by the executive branch is a complete failure to our Constitution. The Constitution was design to protect the right of the people from tyranny and a zealous government out to cause an internal disaster of its state enterprise due to personal vendetta against the President.

President Obama conducted his entire executive deportment in a grownup fashion throughout the whole series of running this Nation. The problem is our two party systems have caused a divide in our government. Right-wing pundits, presidential hopefuls, and republican politicians continue to report the achievements of President Obama in an erroneous nature. We have republican hopefuls asking for a chance to accomplish the right to seat the highest office in this country with no real résumé that will reflect their ability to plan. You have republican candidates who are losing their mind along with their party leaders with defeating the President without a plan to restore this Nation. Destroying a kingdom to occupy its throne would leave you with no kingdom. The theory of the republicans, suit the character of destroyers for one goal – that will put this country in such ruins that government will loss all consent of the republic.

 Working together

Working together, will strengthening this economy, it will open our eyes to the potential that success comes out of unity, and together nothing can be too far a challenge for us to achieve. The future of this entire globe depends on a nation that can blueprint a better life that consists on global structuring of this entire planet for a prospect that can maintain continuity economically, and a healthy environment that will restore this earth. Working together is a zenith approach to manifest the radiance of this world, and mistaken it for weakness or intrusive interactions can be vital. We had obliterated the future through wars and senseless killings, slowing down our chance to advance from the minds of those whom perished. God want humans to receive the treasures he placed in us as a practical unit that takes a harmonious effort to release its brilliance. As a country that once positions itself as the leader of the free world, seems ironic that we cannot lead an operable assembly in government to enhance this nation.

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street is not the originators of the recent protest against the 1%, and a stifled government, but it has become the most sustainable movement since the TEA Party. The big difference between Occupy and the TEA Party movement is it will remain autonomous to special interest by not incorporating the integrity of this movement with the special interest groups as the TEA Party has done. The objective to banner the concept of validating the movement by occupiers, as the 99% plays to the understanding that compromise must include 100% of fairness for the system to work. The 1% for years has undermined the equality of our economy, leading up to the financial collapse and beyond. The 1% of the population control 34% of this country’s wealth. While negligently evading the principles of forbearer to a system that help erected their wealth, the 1% rather see the interest of this country stay in a debilitating condition for their pocket only. Occupy Wall Street is a movement made to demonstrate the seriousness with not operating from a 100% product, weakens the total economic system. The 1% forgot about the educators who helped foster their magnificence, the civil services that protect the solvency of their businesses abroad and domestically, the laborers who sacrifice precious time to help grow their company and the patronizing that enriched their businesses is part of the 99% ownership to 100% fairness.

I love to see a nation that fights back through peaceful demonstration.

The 99% Occupiers are doing what is required, and everyone should support the efforts they’re trying to achieve for the benefit of all societies around the world. Over a 174 different cities around the world taken to the street, because the banking systems are the piranhas that are devouring the integrity of trust. They prey on the middle-class and the lower class budgets, just for the malfeasance of government to pardon the corruption of bankers. Where is the accountability of law that authoritatively conducts inquiries against criminal mischief, how did the bankers get bailout and pardon for their misdeed? It is more or less a 98% movement when you include the government as an additional 1% that has assist in the monstrosity of this country’s economy. We must beset the government with phone calls, emails, tweets and letters proclaiming our position for congress to pass some job policies. The “American Jobs Act” is not a panacea in any means, but it is something we can start from with reshaping this economy. President Obama needs congress to come together, and work something out with improving the economic situation for this country. Grandeur that chauffeurs the thought process of the republicans is the very things that formulated the reallocate wealth system to flow upward only.

My anguish stem from the total negligence of government to manage our tax dollars with the understanding and realization of applying the true recipients with the “bailout” that went to the banks. The monies that the banks so properly inherited, equal to 100,000.00 thousand for every American citizen in this country. The economy would have benefit by the government rightfully “bailing out” the American people of its debt, and it surely would had serve the reciprocity of economic growth thus implementing restoration of this country’s economic health from the eight year depravity of Bush.

The reality

The reality is President Obama managed to sustain a market that has experienced slow growth, but he converted it into a steady growth in a high unemployment society means – America still trust in this President. The lies coming from the GOP is starting to fall off the wall, and hit the floor of shame. Resulting to Rick Perry desperately reviving the birth issue and college manuscripts indicates his believe with attracting votes from the crazies.

The reality is President Obama tried to cohabitate on policies that included republicans’ ideas in the structuring of his “America Jobs Act” bill, and the republicans refused to consider a bipartisan process with putting people back to work. The extremist will never show deference towards this President, because you have those who compose some hatred for a President who has the skill set that can restore this country.

Did vanity reach a milestone of no return when it comes to the posture of the republican’s position in this country? You must look at the “dog whistling” coming from the right-wing draconian operators, strategically place around our nation to divide the unanimity of this country. The reality is they cannot win, and will never win a popular vote of America’s support with galvanizing the type of hatred they so delicately encourage. Thank God, for the majority of good hearted people in this country!

 The Stimulus

The stimulus package the republicans keep saying failed, actually performed remarkably well for the economic milieu it had to endure; the amount was insufficient to manage marginal growth with exciting results. Overall, those who wanted it to have dismal effect misused the stimulus projectile intent from reaching its success. What the “party of no” wants to accomplish being an obstructionist was a double-dip recession to occur by default, so they can blame it entirely on the President’s policies. The Stimulus became the resisting factor that is holding us from falling into the abyss. February of 2009, we were losing over 600,000 jobs a month before the stimulus plugged the free-fall in job losses by April of that year. To say the stimulus was a complete and utter failure dramatizes the lies and makes their truth an actor of falsehood.

Who can testify to such lies about the stimulus are the same people that want to gut all entitlement programs. Impeccability President Obama will never perform but he is a complete and analytical decider with remarkable leadership, despite the crazy talk linking like broken chains of misconception around the country. The congressional leadership of the republicans has integrated a discourse of class warfare in a subliminal mantra made to service their goals to the White House. Stripping the American people of their entitlements and gutting programs that enhances their way of life is not the policies that stimulate this country.

 The morning after contraceptive

The secretary of health and human services Kathleen Sebelius denied the approval of the FDA to allow minor children to purchase “The Morning After Contraceptive,” Plan B from being accessible over the counter to children under 17. Although, the pill has no health concerns, it was the right decision on the behalf of the Obama Administration to block access to children. The morning after pill accessibility for children will increase the health risk of sexual transmitted diseases and pregnancies if used carelessly by children. As a father of young adult females, I could not imagine a few years ago some drug that would allow them access to a contraceptive that can prevent pregnancy as a right for children over the counter.

Allowance of the morning after contraceptive to minors over the counter, would encourage unprotected sex because of the eliminating factor of pregnancy. We need to compliment this President and his Administration for having the backbone to stand up to the special interest and political pressures by sticking to the practical decision of putting our children first.

Faded desperation

The republicans has thrown so much crap on the wall in the hope that something would stick against this President that it is faded desperation that keeps falling on their faces. Rick Perry has resulted to the narrative of accusing President Obama of engaging in a war against religion. Mitt Romney is accusing the President of appeasement along with Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich, when it comes to his stance against Iran. The agency of such revelations coming out of the candidate’s mouths is a big distortion of the truth and shows the faded desperation coming out of this candidacy platform.

Newt Gingrich has moved up as the flavor of the month in the polls that anointed his ego with the pontification of front-runner over Mitt Romney. The volatility of this whole clown show is amusing for political theatre, but it has no trace of meritocracy when it comes to choosing the right candidate to lead the republican nomination. Jon Huntsman is the only real candidate worthy of carrying the torch for the Republican Party, although none of them has what it takes to replace the current President. It is sad when they choose party over skill set or better candidate.

Wholesale interest of picking the right candidate is often overlook by the retail of culpability, by a minority hit squad that wants to let their own interest mislead a majority into believing the current occupation in office is the reason for their woes. President Obama is the best man to restore this country’s solvency, if he can get bipartisan support in the House and Senate. The faded desperation of the Republican Party commitment to win back the White House is the political football that created the negligence in office by our representatives.


The word appeasement is an UN-American terminology the right wing has been pushing against President Obama that not only shames the dignify posture of the executive office, but such derogatory vernacular is dangerous in a current and post war climate. Let’s tell it the way it is, and the facts remain the accusations of pacification is a total disrespect to the President; it also discredits our soldiers on the field. It burns me in my heart to see that bigotry and hatred still exist in this country when it comes to any minority affording any executive position in this country. Just look at the personnel in the US Senate and you would see there’s no diversity in its institution. Appeasement is the laid down position the right wing conservative wants us to take while they turn our democracy into a plutocracy.

In Michigan, the republican governor dismantled our democratic assembly by placing elected officials under the control of emergency managers to run their cities and towns. This is an unconstitutional way to Gerrymander districts and hand cuff the power of duty elected officials from carrying out their jobs on the behalf of the voters. When people unequivocally engage in tampering with your Constitutional rights of others, it destroys our democracy and renders this country under distress of an unintentional anarchy. Thus, causes a breach in the civility of this country’s security. I find that if we become more politically involve with our due process by educating our understanding of the current political culture, it will better our chances of eliminating the egregious and incriminating circumstances we are facing.


A filibuster is a political delaying tactic to prevent a passage of legislation by a majority vote. Since President Obama became the leader of the United States, there are an unprecedented cloture votes by the republicans to block and obstruct the passing of our legislative process. The usage of filing a cloture vote in the 1960’s was 8%, in the 1980’s it increased to 27%, since 2007-2009 it increased by 70% in the Senate, making filibuster at an all time high. The purpose of the minority having cloture votes was essential in the legislative process to prevent mercenary or extreme legislation from passing without some delay for the consideration of demonstrating your reason for supporting or opposing that particular legislation. There is no prudent practice of the cloture vote in the Senate or House anymore, excessive and damn near felonious practices has taking standard in a exponential manner.

The sad part about the whole ordeal is congressional loyalty for the people at large, became nonexistent or tolerated in sense of not challenging the filibuster by either party. This would mean suffering the backbone with doing their jobs by hearing and challenging debates without the sign of going home in the chambers of congress. The parties should call the other party’s bluff, and stay for the grand culmination of hearing all cloture votes without the appeal of going home until the majority vote is recognize into law. The only thing is the people at large are not worth the sacrifice of the congress doing their jobs. Congress spends 5% legislating 10% campaigning 45% being lobbied, and 40% on vacation, and you wonder why things is not getting done in Washington. It is time for the people to wake up and stop letting our democratic process weaken! We should demand they stay in Washington until the voting process is resolve on both sides or get the folding beds ready. That is how you break a filibuster!

The Future

Predicting the future is not hard to do when you weigh in the past policies versus new policies equal fairness, and the results are changes matter for a brighter future. You cannot increase taxes on the job creators is an old cliché of the trickle down Reaganomics that President Reagan himself abandoned by raising tax during his term in office. The brilliance of President Reagan was that he was not a brought politician and he cared for this country enough to know when a policy was not working. That is what made America love President Reagan right up to this day, because he knew when to compromise to get the job done. The politicians today has become anti-rational and anti-American with their professional position and made it about their personal goals of reclaiming the White House at the expense of America’s solvency, and that is anti behavior. The future cannot be secure, if we do not let meritocracy be the rightful intellect process of choosing the best man for running this nation.

The future looks grim under the insane positions articulated by the people running for president in the Republican Party. The sad part is the hyperbole that gets push by their surrogates, vouching their support of them doing a better job for this country than the current President does. They need to forfeit their candidacies, and come up with a more suitable opponent or help this President restore this country from the eight years of destruction President Bush Administration taken America through. To continue with lies that the previous Administration ended with and policies that still exist from the past Administration that the republicans are still trying to resuscitate by stagnating President Obama’s current policies is hypocrisy and fraudulent politics. The American people deserve better than that! We cannot trade off the building blocks of recovery for the bulldozer of destruction by electing a republican with the mindset of the Bush Administration. Having the personnel of a republican executor in the White House would take us back to the old policies of deregulation, depletion in revenues, toxic foreign policies and high deficits of the Bush years, and that will be the future of America.

Good deficit and bad deficit

The understanding of a good deficit and bad deficit holds a stark dichotomy in comparison when you consider smart expenditures versus squandered expenditures. When your car breaks down and it is your only source of transportation to get to work, spending 1500.00 dollars out of your savings to have it repair is a good deficit, because it keeps you with a source of transportation to get to work. When you use the same amount of money to bet at a casino on blackjack and lose it all, that is consider a bad deficit because it does not benefit you with a state of recovery. The debt President Obama has put us in is a good deficit, because it helped stabilize our economy. The debt that the previous Administration put us in is a bad deficit, because it deflated the solvency of this country’s economy. Debt is the integral component that reciprocates the demand in order for the manifestation of profit to evolve; therefore, you call this phenomenon investment. Good deficit is you investing in the domestic acquisition of your country’s infrastructure, new energy, innovation projects, education and healthcare. Bad deficit is you misappropriate funds to endorse a manufactured war that does not produce any incentives for your country’s interest.

You may hear talking heads on the republican side that scream foul with the debt levels this President had to endure. Eight years of taking a surplus economy and turning it into an record breaking deficit is easy to do, the hard part is reconstructing that adverse exigent into a positive, it takes money people. It takes years to construct a 200 hundred-story building, but it only take hours to implode the same structure. Those who claim that they would have done a better job than President Obama is selling fantasy over reality and you would be a fool to fall for their fictitious belief. With all of the vicious resistance in Washington that developed the coup to take down this President by a pseudo republican congress gear with outrage against the American people for electing him, is part of the reason they do not care who they try to put in office.


People use the term anti-American to describe others without merit or proof to their accusation. My true definition of anti-American is when you viciously conduct actions as a group or individual to destroy the health and solvency of this country’s democracy. Soldiers die on the battlefield as sons and daughters of all American families, to protect the well-being of this country’s prosperity of health and stability to live free in this society. We never look at what class, race, political party, and religious background they come from, none of those things matter compare to the sacrifice. We honor those courageous soldiers because of the ultimate price they paid and still paying us to have the freedom of democracy, so that we will remain a great nation of unity. Today the division of this country has become anti to the sacrifice of all of those families who children given their lives to protect this country’s freedoms.

They are the families every wounded and dead soldier believed would always be taking care of without any reservation of thought, whether republican, democrat or independent because of their sacrifice. Today the anti-American rhetoric of the Republican Party and those who stand idle while holding on to their riches without talking up for the prosperity of this country is anti-American. Wanting to eliminate programs that help the needy so that you can protect the billionaires and millionaires is anti-American. Imploding the wall of security and unity that every soldier afforded this country with his or her lives, because of divisive politics in Washington is anti-American.

During the debt debate this summer the leadership of the House of Representatives, Speaker John Boehner proclaimed, “He got 99 percent of what he wanted,” in the negotiation fight over the “Debt Ceiling” debacle against the democrats, “so he feels good.” That would be fine in the bizarre world of this country being 99 percent wealthy republicans, in the real world, there are more poor than wealthy, and not all are republicans. This type of thinking spits in the faces of all of those soldiers whom believed in this country’s civility and morality to agree to disagree with solutions that would work for our democracy. That type of talk and ideology is divisive and anti-American, when you think compromise is a bad word. Although all of those soldier’s families are compromising everyday to get by with less because their love one is out there on the battle fields of danger fighting for this country to do the right thing for their families, kills the meaning of sacrifice when the 1% controls 99% of the legislative process in this country is anti-American.

The so-called Obama care

One of the number encumbrances that hemorrhage the country’s economy for decades was our failing healthcare system. Although, President Obama risked a lot of political capital pursuing the Health Care Act of 2010, he helped administer the proper procedure that stop the bleeding of a major expense to our country’s economy. The reason why we have not experience a double dip recession is in part to the health care act passed and signed into law by President Obama and the Democratic Party. The whole bill in its entirety may suffer great criticism by the Republican Party as a “job killer” and deserve to be repeal, without any language on what they intent to replace it with sounds ludicrous in itself. The so-called Obama care actually did not go far enough in its expansion to cover the full scale of the uninsured, but its lasting effects has percolate through the holes of a lifeless healthcare system and revive the system with hope for those with pre-existing conditions with the right of receiving care for over 31,000 thousand people. The so-called Obama care closed the donut hole for seniors by saving 1.5 billion dollars for more than 2.65 million seniors with prescription drugs in this country. The so-called Obama care helped 24 million people receive free preventive care and 1 million kids remain on their parent’s insurance until the age of 26, instead of the age of 21, has saved families millions around this country. The data provided is in compliment to Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation show, aired on MSNBC at 6:00 pm.

The historical data is a stark contrast to the data we would see if the Republican Party has their way with repealing the Health Care Act of 2010. The overwhelming and complete utter thought is the full consequence of the anti-American policies the Republican Party is pursuant with achieving in government. To rollback, the clock on our slow growth economy will cripple our progressive mobility this administration accomplished over the two and a half years of reversing the diminishing growth handed to them by the previous administration.


The conglomerates in this country built their wealth from the contributed effort of every American whose patronize interest invested in their goods and services. Today, those same recipients of America’s contribution to their businesses are outsourcing jobs overseas causing the security of our personal information to be at risk.

The outsourcing of jobs overseas means all of your personal data like full name, address, telephone number, cell number, income, and social security number is transfer along with the relocation of jobs. The conglomerates are outsourcing our personal data with acknowledgement of the high risk of that information being peddle to clearing houses of thieves with the purpose of making money from their credit protection industry and high interest credit card applications. The only way we can find some type of protection from these erroneous behaviors would require a government agency whose sole rationale is set to concentrate its effort entirely to protecting the consumer.

President Obama’s nominee Richard Cordray that would head the New Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is being block by the republicans for no reason at all. Every moral tenet this President wants to put in place to undo the wild and free will of the malfeasance that taken place on Wall Street is being block and languish by a do nothing congress. The outsourcing and reckless business practices will continue if we do not make these politicians accountable for their actions.

Outsourcing is a practical measure among business when leveraging or downsizing their operation to gain profit, while producing the same goods and service quantity. The down side of outsourcing is the quality in goods and service weakens. Unskilled workers result to poorly made product. We are being duped by thinking today’s product is equal to yesterday’s product, if cheaper labor and material are not the same. Prices go up and quality goes down. Outsourcing is what depletes jobs in America, and should be the reason we stop investing in product that does not carry the label, “Made in America.”

 Payroll Tax Holiday and Unemployment Benefits

The republicans last year highjack the payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits by forcing the President to withdraw his position on the Bush tax cuts for the rich. The President allowed the republican to win the battle last year, when he capitulated so that congress would pass a bipartisan bill with extending the payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits for the middle class. This year the President has his game face on and he refuse to surrender the welfare of the middle class to the Wall St. interest of the republicans.

President Obama made the contrast between him and the republicans this year’s fight for the 2012 campaign war on which side the republican will be on, Wall St. or the middle class. The republicans want to use the prospect of the payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits as a bargaining chip to attach draconian and extremes measures against the middle class. The republicans loaded the bill with keystone pipeline proposal, cutting unemployment benefits by 40 weeks, forcing those without a diploma to enroll in GED programs to receive unemployment benefits, and allowing states to drug test the unemployed before you can get unemployment. Not to mention they want to freeze federal workers pay just to avoid increasing taxes on the rich.

President Obama promise to veto a loaded bill with unrelated proposals that does not help the middle class through this hard economic time. The payroll tax holiday and unemployment benefits, the President wants to pay for it with a surplus tax on millionaires by a small margin without hurting the economy. Republicans refuse to let the President or the democrats, entertain the notion of tax augmentation on millionaires, but the republicans do not mind cutting benefits on the middle class. The deleterious policies imposed on the middle class by the republicans; will burden everyone in the long haul.

Who is the blame

If I said President Bush or the Republican Party is the blame, it would be a misleading statement, when it comes to who is the blame. We the people fell into a reliable mode of dependency! Every time crisis faced America, we turned to the government for answers without questioning to resolve our woes. Never inserting a check and balance of the panaceas offered by our government to ascertain what was best for our society. The vulnerability that government inherited empowered them to sanction felonious behavior. Consequentially America handed plenary power to government as a lax society of trust. Who is the blame? The American people, for letting an institution erected by the people, become corrupt by the same citizens we elect.

Every person in government comes from a neighborhood, shop in the same stores, eat at dinner tables with their family, but somehow they are never accountable to those around them means we stop caring for our neighbors. The walk of shame is never place upon their conscious for the quid quo pro in government of those who we elected to serve the American people and protect our constitutional rights. The partisan views have distorted the language system in government to its lowest form – until an incendiary exchange is the ways of life over dignify verbal communication. We are guilty for such barbaric behavior because we incite the landscape by being entice, instead of asunder the mix emotion into prospective of a decent dialog.

Without check and balance by the people that forces government to operate like an organization of mature and malleable character, we will never have a productive assembly. Who is the blame? We all are the blame for the acquiescent belief that government can work out its own predicament, while resolving ours. The mindsets of the young people are becoming more vigilant…! They are the masses with a cross to bear for a better future, and the protesters are proving it. You see the determination in their eyes, you can hear it in their chants; they are sick and tired and they are not taking it anymore!

Identity crisis

The crisis of locating their identity for the republicans is a deliberate concern amongst the party line. They have demonstrated that by the volatile disposition, with which of the republican hopefuls running for president would become their nominee. The “flavor of the month” is a phrase used like some ice cream at ‘Basket n Robbins,’ showing that the landscape of voters isn’t happy with the choice of candidates they have to go against the sitting incumbent. They momentum in 2010 shellacking, the republicans served the democrats at the polls, seemed to have loss it gravitas because of the mishaps concerning the candidates; leaving the Republican Voters with an identity crisis.

The identity crisis involve the uncertainty the voters felt with making a big mistake in choosing the wrong candidate to lead this country. The republicans want to replace President Obama; because they are bewildered into thinking, he is doing a terrible job. The voters’ mindset about President Obama is a contribution of the obstructionists in congress, and in state government whom goal is to have him fail. All of the Governors of each state are responsible for his or her state’s economy through the entire hierarchy of governance. Howbeit, the voters’ whole focus remains on only the President when all of government abides responsibility to manage their economy of their own state.

The identity crisis comes from not knowing whom to blame for the abysmal circumstances we find ourselves in awakening the 2008 financial calamity. We must rebuild our trust system by getting the money out of politics. Congress is quick to balance the budget by cutting government jobs and pay, while leaving their pay and job saved from the inspection of cuts. Congress walks around us with immunity from the recklessness they create, while the rest of us undergo the hardships. The congressional salaries of government should rely on performance base pay according to the health of our economy, if the economy goes, so goes their salary. This will restore some dignity and accountability in government.

 Careful on what you wish for

Today the political will of the battle of parties to influence the elected outcome is too radical. You can see evidence of this in Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, South Carolina, and Virginia with the freshmen republican governors. People wished for hard right-wing change, and now they are regretting it. The saying, “Careful on what you wish for,” fit just right for those states that is facing the harsh reality of republican state rule. The anecdotal hype of the right wing has concentrated talking points of manipulation into a craft that seem to work magic with converting those unsure voters.

The republican candidates running to replace President Obama are more radical and devious than any stage of candidates who have run for president in the history of candidates. They will tell America that the present President has not created any private sector jobs through his policies. The truth is President Obama has created more jobs in the three years of his first term than the entire eight years of the Bush Administration. They will tell America that the new regulatory system under President Obama caused uncertainty, which interfered with the job creator’s ability to supply jobs. The truth is President Obama put in safety regulations that protect the average consumer and ascertain prudent measures that would enhance the business paradigm.

Being careful on what you wish for would mean fact checking the beltway press for honest rhetoric, before choosing whom you should vote for in 2012. I hope and pray that you vote by what is best for this country, and not base on the lies coming out of the months of the republicans whom vow to make this President a one-termer way before he initialized any policies.

 Conservatism versus Liberalism

The republicans has convoluted the word conservative, making it into the general definition of today’s GOP talking point. Today, we look at conservative as a new branded meaning cover with an interpretation of fiscal discipline mix with open-minded market freedoms. The real understanding of conservative is a myopic persona that undercuts the true freedoms of fundamental changes.

The liberal on the other hand embraces change; believe in the individual development of freedom in the market place. The non-interventionist of change for a better future; is the characteristics of how a liberal operate. Today, the GOP injected the poison pill that reinvented liberalism as a toxic meaning. The intransigence of conservatism is the principle belief that change is bad; therefore, need not be considered or entertained in today’s society or no society on this earth.

This fixation that rule out our perspective goals for a brighter future, and the clock should be rollback to yesterday, stifles hope and diminishes possibilities. We can operate from a two-sided playbook of caution and moderation, along with progression and excessive innovation. That would mean being wise and adventurous could restore this economy. If the world were ending tomorrow than would our deficit matter? I feel a two-part system of both, conservatism and liberalism coupled as a package deal is a success that would build a stronger future.


Congress gambling with passing the payroll tax holiday and the unemployment benefits for over 160 million people was the biggest oops of 2011. The republican congress strategy to pursue a game of chicken and hostage taking of policies was a reckless endangerment of 160 million people lives that the economy could not afford. Their whole entire agenda is calibrating between the House and Senate republicans to be against any and everything the President is for, no matter the consequences. The biggest oops is the two leaders of the republicans wires gotten cross when Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell came to concession on a deal that was forwarded to John Boehner, who fumbled the high five deal for Mitch, when the TEA Party Republicans decided on not playing ball with passing the deal through the House.

The trifling actions of the republicans has met it plateau of carelessness for oops moments! We need legislated mentalities in our democratic process that will put all feelings aside, and get the job done for the American people. Our democracy cannot stay healthy without grownups exerting some sort of bipartisan efforts. I may write with many charges against the republicans, but the entire institution is corrupt because of the albatross around their necks of the financial influences needed to remain in position. We can eliminate those types of pressures just with changing our apparatus to the franchise. The AVM is the only way to downsize the money traffic of politics into a more respectable and fair process because it would not need big money for advertisement, with the capabilities it allows the candidates with loading their own videos at budget cost.


I must end this post with my deepest appreciation for the troops! They are the heart of this country that allows the true blood of America to flow with the fortification of encouragement and sacrifice. To say just that I love my US Armed Forces would be an understatement to all that they give every day to this country. We owe it to them to conduct our democracy with some harmony and bipartisanship for the America they felt was worth fighting for on the battlefields of chance. We could never pay them back with money that will never equal out to what they given us, and with the waste political capital on damaging the other candidates scorns the meaning of democracy.

Our Troops needed this country to take time out of their lives and show them the recognition the troops so highly deserve, by having a ticket tape parade in every state honoring our troops coming home from Iraq. The other parade should be the grand finale, right outside the White House for all the troops of the 50 states showing our solidarity to their sacrifice. Thanks to the men and women who keep this country safe, abroad and at home! Thanks for your noble and selfless actions on the battlefields of chance! Thanks for just being an American soldier of the US Armed Forces! Thank you and America loves you very much! God blessed our troops and welcome home!That’s the MMO.


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