Tribute to Steve Jobs

I will declare that a great architect of imaginational luminosity, have not only incentivize our future, but he created a legacy that has founded a generation of innovated genius. My words can never capture the right sentiment that can describe what Steve Jobs mean to the computer industry, and the sense of quality his hard work has afforded us, through the gift of high tech ingenuity. I never known Steve Jobs personally, but his products given us a personal connection of appreciating his strong leadership to big brother the most computer friendly products we all can enjoy.

Steve Jobs Commencement speech

At Stanford University Steve Jobs, again insert his extraordinary intellect and altruistic honesty to address an audience of college graduates. His address was so astute, and well advised that it captured the hearts of all whom heard. Steve Jobs will always live on through his innovative quality, amazing courage, foresight, and entrepreneur ability to reconstruct future products into everlasting existence. Below is the video of Steve Jobs and his address to Stanford University.

Steve envisioned a world that founded the Apple Company, given us greatness. Rest in peace Steve Jobs, and God blessed.


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