Republican Agenda

Women must open their eyes to the transgressions of the Republican Agenda that has imposed on women’s right. It does not matter rather you are Independent, Republican, Democrat or just a citizen who varies on position. It is time to take a stand against those who thinks minorities and women should eat from the wasted field of opportunity. The TEA Party Republican Congress has demonstrated plutocracy over democracy, draconian cuts over sensible acquisition that will stimulate our economy. The do-nothing congress led by Speaker John Boehner (Ohio Rep.) of the republican agenda, are pushing bills that will further hinder job incentives. The republican agenda are trying to cut the EPA, USDA, FDA, and other agencies by over 575 billion dollars, agencies that protect our health and environment. Plan Parenthood is one of the most scrutinized non-profitable programs by the republicans, making cuts in government funding that will take away women’s right to receive special care for those without healthcare.


President Obama gave a speech that may have felt insulting to those who do not understand the true rhetoric he was trying to impress. This President was sent to the White House with a mandate that gotten distorted by the TEA Party because so many of us laid-low while President Obama fought against an opposition determine to destroy him. We point our fingers saying that the President have not done enough for the working class or minorities – only indicates how complacent we become. It was never enough just electing President Obama into the Oval Office – we forgot to keep the momentum going by countering the opposing interest through protesting and flooding congress with phone calls every day in support of the President. We were complacent in many areas that caused the President to capitulate on policies that left him with no other choice, but to compromise because of pressure from the TEA Party Republicans. The Special Interest and the TEA Party Congress are setting traps targeted to poison the political landscape through the right-wing media and Republican Governors by suppressing votes with laws that change the rules on early voting and ID requirements.

Starve the Beast

Starve the Beast,” is a philosophical idea by conservative that implies, “If you cut the tax revenue of government, it will result to lowering and shrinking government spending and size. Starve the Beast sounds good in a theoretical standpoint, but the reality is you cannot starve a beast who seeks to survive. The government will just create other avenues for fulfilling its huge monetary appetite – causing us to face fiscal crisis of astronomical proportions in debt. The worse diet to implement is starvation, because it makes the body unhealthy and speed up the process that alternatively cause you to gain weight at a greater margin. The term “Starve the Beast” is just a metaphor that never carries any true results, except for exacerbating consequences. President George W Bush thought he could implement such weak and unproven methods with the “Starve the Beast” metaphor, and look at where it left this country. The country is now face with an unhealthy economy, unmanageable congress, high unemployment, 14.9 trillion dollar deficit, two unpaid wars, deprecated government, deteriorating infrastructure, and a divided country of leaders who has no answers – yeah let’s keep starving the beast.

American Jobs Act

I will employ the black leaders in this country, not to construe the wrong impression with the President’s address to the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) when he said, “Stop complaining, grumbling and crying we need to press on.” It was not a put down like some black leaders has forsaken it to be, it was a depress cry for us to soldier up and face the opposition that insists on oppression American’s prosperity. Any black leaders who see it otherwise has already helped defeated our struggles and set the barriers to hinder the cause. The “American Jobs Act” must become a priority interest of all Americans for the solvency of this Nation. The TEA Party Congress already has drawn a line in the sand that says, “Protecting big corporations and draconian cuts on the middle class is the republican’s agenda.” The American Jobs Act under the leadership of the Republican Party currently holder the mantle will never pass, without the voices of every citizen, young and old, rich and poor, and yes independent, democratic and republican. This country must acquiesce to overcome our dichotomy and return to the core values that made this country great throughout our history of crises. Conservatism is not the only thing that enriched the strength of this nation, it took envision of entrepreneurship that help forge the interest of acquisition that manifested the dreams of those who were willing to invest and take risk. The American Jobs Act inspires those true values once again; therefore, we must not shy away from making our country great by putting us first. This is what I interpret in the President address to the CBC, and the video below says it all.


The President spoke with passion and not with insulting rhetoric; the media may cause you to believe. He was trying to incite that it is not time for retreat but it was time to beat the street and let your voices, be heard in some subliminal way. The passion must become a seed that microcosms into a force, capable of getting the respect that will gain the interest of congress. The same passion that is starting around the cities of so many states in America today that letting Washington know we are not sitting down anymore. Bring the passion like those in the videos below.

Protest of Wisconsin:

Protest downtown Madison Wisconsin:

Bank of America Protest in the Financial District of Boston:

Bank of America Protest in St. Louis Missouri:

Wall St. Protest in New York:

Protest “Occupy Wall Street” in New York:

United Front

President Obama is actually massing a united front of Americans willing to engage in pushing his American Jobs Act. We must rally the people to form a United Front that expresses the voice of how democracy works. Bank of America is now passing new fees that will charge you $5.00 a month for using your debit card to offset the loss income from the Financial Reform Bill that caps the banks from charging merchants fees for customers using their debit cards for purchases. Bank of America is planning to lay-off over 100,000 thousand in 10 years. We bailed the banks out and their greed just will not stop cheating and beating their customers. The united front movement must become visible and effective when it comes to taking a stand against those who are out there trying to destroy the fabric of this country’s democracy.

Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act

The most employed and reliable service of domestic and foreign mail transportation service is in jeopardy of closing or minimizing their agency costing customers millions in liability. In 2006, congress passed the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act that has weakened the US Postal Service ability to remain solvent. The overreaching arm of the 109th congress led by Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert (Illinois Rep.) demonstrates the ongoing stress the republicans have put on the future of this economy. The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act was sponsor by Republican Rep. Thomas Davis of (VA) and cosponsor by three other Representatives two democrats Danny K Davis of IL, Henry A Waxman of CA, and republican John M McHugh of NY. One of the oldest package and letter-handling agency in this country needs our help to keep surviving, tell your congressperson to pass H.R. 1351. We need our US Postal Service for the future of this economy, because not everyone could afford to use the service of FedEx or UPS.

Chris Christie the Entertainer

The GOP platform for 2012 leaves republicans with a desperate mood. They are longing for that White Knight to come riding in ready to take on President Obama. The field of politicians cannot feed the appeal of that confrontational candidate who will entertain their expectation of defeating President Obama in 2012. Chris Christie the Entertainer knows he has no desire to run for the presidency of 2012, but why not enjoy the flattery of humbly accepting their money. Chris Christie the Entertainer has adamantly said, “I’m not ready and have no desire to run for the highest office in the country,” but he will continue to play their game of coercing the impossible. The problem with the GOP is that they prefer inferiority to quality to put in the Oval Office regardless of how incompetent their candidate might be. Chris Christie the Entertainer is not only smart, but he knows exposing all of his weaknesses in the late stage of the game will eliminate his chances in 2016. Sadly, for him Hillary Clinton will become the first female President of United States for two terms. The GOP will not see the White House again until 2024, and that will depend on rather they change their anti-government and inequality policies.


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