Blue Tinted Lens

The trouble with popular opinion is; it can turn a lie into a believable truth, when you keep hearing everyone exalting the same lie. A man walks into a crowd, and a robbery takes placed. Everyone in the crowd was wearing blue tinted lens when the robbery taken placed by the beach. Two men were wearing the same shirts; one was green and the other yellow. The man wearing the yellow shirt robs the crowd, that were wearing the blue tinted glasses, and the other man who had just walked up to the crowd, who also witness the robbery was wearing clear glasses. Well the cops grabbed both men wearing the identical pattern shirts. The crowd wearing the blue tinted lens reported to the officers that a man wearing a green shirt committed the robbery, but the man who were wearing the clear glasses who witnessed the robbery said, “It was the man wearing the yellow shirt.” After the cops talked to the one man who said it was a yellow shirt, they informed him that the others said it was the one wearing the green shirt. That made the man who was wearing the clear glasses that would not had distort his vision, change his story because of popular opinion.

The moral to the story is that an innocent man went to prison, because the crowd wearing the blue tinted glasses never taken into account that blue lens on a yellow surface will look green. The man that seen the robbery through his plain sight vision, change his opinion because the majority said it was green. Today, we are all looking through blue tinted lens, because polls has project the popular opinion of belief into the psyche of our thinking. Lies are push like the “Gospel of Peter” as the undefined truth that redirects our minds from making rational decisions, therefore, alters proper performance. We are brainwashed by a system that causes us to look through blue tinted lens of choices.

Who’s the blame?

The people are subject to have the pundits push information via polls, emails, newspaper, TV, computers, and anyway they can sell popular opinion to the naïve and sophisticated alike. Their job is to capitalize from the information they can circulate through the mainstream of society. Many organization services quality and fact base content as media institutions, but many are out to poison the well of truth with fiction and deceitful content. Manipulation is the oldest con game that exists, and it can trick the most blinded hearted into believing the unbelievable from the black magic it derive from many centuries ago. News was meant to stand behind integrity, the paradigm of dignify information that objective and directive was to inform the uninformed. Today, news is saturate with industries like Fox News that ceased the decisive moment for the exchange of exploitation. Who’s the blame? The people that invite the indecent exposure of lies that Fox News pushes into their home empowered Fox News. Who’s the blame? The people who have the opportunity and the resource to fact-check the things they hear, but take heed to the lies as a reliable source. It may sound cynical, but we are the blame for the nonsense that has plagued our society, because we never challenge those sources of intelligence to deliver the truth.

Indirect Violence

We think and see violence as a direct assault that causes bodily harm. Indirect violence is something of the same affect but of a casual outcome. When someone suffers the right to live through denying them viable means of support from things like food or water, it is a violation of human rights. The denial of any type of common resources to live, you could consider a form of indirect violence.


Today, they are pushing lies through their polls and cheating the voter’s system to coincide with the number trajectory forecasted by their surveys. We keep falling for the wave symbol of lies and deceit that controls our society, the eminent possibility that some things has to exist regardless of the facts that says it is not true. President Obama must be the reason our economy is in this lateral mobility, even though, we are still living under the full policies of President George Bush. Everything President Obama have done so far has never reach a effective policy level, because congress still have most of his policies under the scrutiny of their committees. The sad part is they were able to shift our mindset from a Bush’s failed economy to an Obama’s failed economy. Nothing thus far can be so distance from the truth, and then to look at Obama policies as anti-economic, when President Bush’s whole eight years was anti-economic and counting.


The true cataclysmic of President Obama’s governance is that he went into office with the mentality of forming a bipartisanship arena. His second failure is that he continues to try in shape a bipartisanship with dissenters of the opposite party, who are never going to agree with his policies, even if he incorporates their policies along with his to reach a 50/50 compromise. Republicans are ruthless natured people with selfish intent, their only goal is to disrupt the status quo of compassion, and replace it with misery and despair. The new breed of republicans is not the real Republican Party of President Lincoln, but they had evolved into a greedy, no-good, nonconformist party that has a myopic vision on life. President Obama is a man that is hopeful he can bring about a degree of bipartisanship, because he sees shades of purple, instead red states and blue states. The problem is that he is taking his naïve approach to oblivion, because the end results is he is behind in the polls, something the rightwing element is injecting into the minds of voters. The TEA Party darling Senator Rand Paul said, “The poor is getting richer faster than the richest rich person.” That is an elaborate assault on the poor person’s psyche of indirect violence perpetrated by imbeciles like Rand Paul to boil the pot of despair. The video below states his position on the vast prosperity position on the trajectory of the poor.

Optical illusion

That type of talk get generated enough in the atmosphere of optical illusion and you will start to become a believer to the nonsensical statements of Rand Paul. People need to take into account that if we started from nothing than how can we blame everything on the man who came into a nothing economy. President Obama has tried to pass sound and efficient policies that are economically appealing to the creation of jobs, but he has been block with anti-economic intent by congress. The optical illusion is to project a bad economy under his watch, and when they regain the White House, they can than start properly governing this country, because they know democrats do not have the animus to stifle their policies in the way they did theirs. Optical illusion manipulates the innocents and distorts the truth like black magic it can make a believer out of you. The truth is we are slipping further and further into poverty while the rich selfishly keep counting and protecting their capital.

Our fault

The centralize problem falls on the built up notion that prosperity was going to last, so why plan for a future that we are experiencing the luxury of now. Parents started buying their kids things they could not really afford, and the country setup the borrowing mindset that grew the bubble that burst in the faces of every borrower. The enigma of prosperity was no more than an optical illusion that we all signed up for with no regards for the future. It is our fault because we continue to stand idling by while the republicans keep selling us lies. It is our fault because voters vote by choices of party and not for the choice of choosing the best candidate. It is our fault for letting government spawn a contra of a two party system that derail from the microscope of transparency and accountability. I can only imagine what the authors of the Great Constitution would think, if they could see how their tireless work besmirched to the levels of such low class intent. The framework of the Constitution is an extraordinary document that injects the freedoms of prosperity for the rights of all US citizens, not to distort or descend upon those freedoms through the optical illusion of plutocracy.

We cannot award them

As a child brought up by a single parent along with my other siblings, a value system were part of my upbringing. My mother taught us never to tell a lie, treat others in the way you would want to be treated, stay out of grownup conversations, never steal, share with the unfortunate, and respect the laws of society. My mother is a tough individual whom held us at high expectations, but understood that sometimes we may not succeed in every academic level; she just wanted us to do our best. I learned a lot from that woman and one thing I remembered is she did not award us for not trying or for doing the wrong thing. We cannot award them for saying “no” to everything this President is trying to achieve for the middle class families. We cannot award them by voting in more republicans that has no real agendas that will help improve our living conditions. We cannot award them for belittling the executive office just because a black man holds its position. We cannot award them for undermining every effort the President makes to work with them by refusal of cooperation.

The time has come

The grand standing these public officials are doing when it comes for them to act on solving our woes in this country, is beyond the pale of arrogance, it is a blatant irreverence to the oath of office. We should walk up to the Capitol in Washington in place every congressperson that refuses to work on resolving our crisis under citizen’s arrest. We do have rights as citizens to enforce certain features of our Constitution when they violate the law of a sword oath. The time has come for us to become vigilante and self aware on the rights we have as a citizen, and start exercising those rights. The time has come for us to study our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights so we can combat the transgressions committed by our public officials. The time has come for all bloggers to come together in protect our rights from being violated, because they has strike indirect violence against our livelihood. It is not about democrats or republicans it is about right and wrong, because they have stolen billions if not trillions from our social security, now, they are telling us that the program will be a failure. No, they are the failures, to start wars in Iraq and Afghanistan without collecting the taxes to pay for it, while siphoning our social security to pay for those wars. The tax system is set to support the wages of war, not our social security that the republicans want to privatize. Let us kick the bums out in 2012 and replace them with people who care about democracy and not plutocracy. Thanks for reading and God blessed that’s MMO.


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