Where are the Jobs?

Time in the Encarta Dictionary: time as causative force, time conceived as a force capable of acting on people and objects. Time ravages.
I think of my youth years when going jogging, playing basketball and working out was a second nature. Today, just getting up in the morning seems like a struggle, time controls the outcome of our ability. To think you can keep using antiquated ideas on a time of transformational conditions, only stagnate the flexibility to adapt or improve the current condition to advance. Linguistically we are hearing old proposals by republicans in the debates that describe a tangled web weaved through words of deceit. There were no agendas stated by the republicans that address the depleting job situation in United States. Where are the jobs? The republican has not answered this question, throughout the entire debate.

I will try to answer the where is the jobs question; the republicans seem to keep avoiding.

To analyze the job inadequacies lets rollback to when everything first started to fall into a predicament of negative growth. Many years ago the imagination of job creation relied on a unison development system that worked from ideas and determination. Most of our abilities to stay innovated were a welcome mat and an encouraging market for finding new ways to make things better. That brought on competition in the market place, but it made the gift of efficiency a leg-up on enterprising the future. Government and Banks helped solidify the opportunity to use capital as an investment tool for the next big idea. We grew in this country because the future had matter and leading the way of that future was an honor to carry. Politics never interfered with the leg of progress, but it acted on leveling the playing field so monopolies could not cause price frenzies that gotten out of hand.

Like interest rates, implementing price serve several key components. The first is to acquire wealth that can keep and maintain a business commerce, second is to attract sales over your competitor, third is to keep inventory regulated ( through increasing or decreasing price you can change the flow of supply and demand), the other is for research and marketing, and the last is to maintain a staff. The problem with businesses today is that they never learned the balancing act of calculating those components. They had escape into a stratosphere of solace profits, without investing back into the latter component above. The big businesses feel it is worth more to spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions on advertisement, over giving their employees a raise. Stagnating the middle class and limiting the true commerce value of a healthy economy.

The burden

The republicans’ debate the other night seems almost directed at the President than solutions. Gingrich the insignificant candidate, acted as the rebel of goodwill for protecting the honor of the republican’s voice of unity. Ron Paul has the same makeup philosophy of attacking government for not relying on the gold system as a monetary gauge to print money. Romney seems to have a presidential intellect on stage, but has a robotic personality for business and conservatism, while lacking in the truth department and on sensitivity for social concern. Perry is a “Hee-haw-big-Stetson-stick-to-the-guns” straight shooter, who believes in gutting the government and freeing-up businesses of any responsibility to the environment or people. Bachmann faded into the background of masculinity as a voice waiting for her turn to speak. Kane aggressive in his delivery, but short on knowing the field on the way government operates.

The burden of this economy will not and cannot rely on one person, when there are too many participants that are part of the economy’s algorithm. The main retainer of this economy is the banking system; they are the monetary developers that enable the capital scheme for us to measure growth. We heard the republicans talk as if the President and his healthcare bill is what caused the exacerbating economy we all face. When the truth is, the President helped stabilize the free-fall recession from forming into a depression. The Federal Reserve is the real identifier on how the economy will perform – they substance concern is to prevent an inflationary economy; in part this conscious act is actually starving our economy growth. You can observe the current interest rate and the low levels the Federal Reserve is keeping it…purposely, it goals is set to attract borrowers.

The mechanics of borrowing in a time when banks closed the doors to affording new ledgers on their bank’s portfolio – demonstrates the chokehold the banks have with driving us into a high debt society. Debt without creating additional borrowing sheets of liabilities is an oasis for the banks. It deleverages the bank’s responsibilities on taking on novel debt – while capitalizing off committing existing positive loans into higher increases, forcing longer-term balances. People usually withdraw their spending in a recession or they fall deeper into debt trying to maintain a common lifestyle. You couple that with a high unemployment rate and low interest rate, and you get the template for the biggest debt setup in economic history.

The banking system is causing America to starve from monetary depravity – setting up our appetites for their capital at a high interest rate we will be force to borrow. The grand scheme is to cause an esoteric policy of usury and profit – we will never see it coming until it is too late. The government has no control over the economy, its design were made to control our society to operate in a global economy through laws – the banks were design to control our economy to operate in a viable society through monetary premise. The Federal Reserve sits at the head of the cartel’s table of the banking structure in this country. The burden is not the full responsibility of the Executive Office and government to turn around the economy; it’s the job of the Federal Reserve and banks too.


Making claims you cannot deliver on, has become the normal accolade of politicians winning elections. Their lies become an assembly of diverted truths, searching for the right extension of affirmation. The politicians will diminish facts to broaden fiction on their opponent’s true record. In the debate Mitt (The chronic liar) Romney, said he created more jobs as a Governor, than President Obama created his entire term for this country. The truth is he created 48,500 jobs as Governor, and his job growth rated 47th in this country, and President Obama created 1.8 million to 2.9 million jobs while in office. Perpetrators always obscure the truth when they know it will hurt their chances to keep it honest. (Slick) Rick Perry is very adamant with where he wants to take this country, and you can bet your shiny quarter, it has nothing to do with the middle class succeeding. He would privatize social security and gut all regulations, while giving the markets the free-will control of unlimited usury and profiteering, with no protections in place for the average citizen. These perpetrators has no answer for unifying some inclusive solution for this country, it is all about only the strong will survive mantra.

Fat Cat Syndrome

It is incumbent in those who seek massive and unlimited wealth, a spirit of vanity that without measure pursuit’s lucrative wealth regardless the nature of dishonesty or wrong doing it causes in the scheme of detection. The Fat Cat Syndrome has a propensity to never feel satisfy with enormous wealth it accumulates – gluttony becomes the profile of its existence, because what they have is never enough and sharing is not an option. The Rothschild’s mentality markets the epitome of the Fat Cat Syndrome; their empire is the golden brick road to every existing economy in the world. They’re setting us up for a microchip implant that controls the viability of every citizen around the world. President Barack Obama is powerless against a trillionaire empire that the Rothschild family possesses, so they rear their influence around this world anonymously.

Look at the current stock market negative losses, the perfect description to make people sale before their losses compiles. That type of scenario give those the power to buy at low prices, and the companies of those stocks capitalizes from buying back those stocks, and remain idle just long enough before skyrocketing the stock’s value in a debt market society. The current stock market’s losses is blamed on the European’s troubled economy, when they know the Fat Cat Syndrome is part of the Illuminati, perpetrated by the banking system, to economically enslave the world. Waiting to introduce the next big product, they know everyone will desperately want, and then they will resale the stock at astronomical prices to those who can afford to buy their unreasonable stocks.

Set the stage

The presidential debate of all those Nay Sayers who proclaim they know how to resolve our woes will set the stage for the New World Order to take place. Signing pledges that promises to never raise taxes, compromises the solvency of any institution, and some of the republican candidates are guilty of making those pledges that will set the stage for global domination. We must understand the bellicose nature of war is part of a debt application that stacks major deficits for any nation, because you must print money to maintain war or borrow enormous sums of money to uphold the facility of war. We are fighting a war that really has no end game or cutoff period in which we can declare victory. The republican candidates never mention their intent to end this war, except for Ron Paul, who advocates that we should had never enter into the two wars we’re currently fighting from the start. America economy is suffering; while billions are spent, fighting two wars set the stage for us to fall deeper into debt fit the framework of the Illuminati.

The American people need to look at the rhetoric of each candidate in the debate and you will find that none of them has the answer to meet the requirements to fix this economy.

The Republican Debate

Businesses grows job according to the environment it inherits – the actual job creation comes from the structuring incentives the government sets. The republican debate shows they know we have an economic deficiency that has crippled job growth. The problem I have is that I never heard of any corporation initiate rehabilitation projects to improve our infrastructure without the leadership of the federal government. To hear Newt Gingrich talk as if he has the understanding on what the President is thinking and accuses him of inciting class-warfare, only explains the true intention of the Republican Party’s directive.

It is impossible for the Healthcare Bill that they branded Obama-care, can be the actual prime-made setback of this economy that is a total lie and misinformation. The truth is all of the candidates are looking out for the special interest who paid them to repeal the bill, and they just want to make up for the special interest monies they spent before the bill got passed. Repeal with no replacement of our healthcare bill only shows the irresponsibility of the candidates in the Republican Party. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), reported that the healthcare bill that passed in 2010 will help lower our deficit, and without some reform of our healthcare system prior to the new healthcare law this country would had fallen deeper into massive debt.

The true effect

The legibility of the healthcare bill will have more effect that is tangible in 2014, when the main structure for customer protection matures. Many protections are currently in place that has saved customers from carriers taken advantage of patients. The carriers cannot cut access to care for precondition and kids can remain on their parent’s insurance unto 26 years of age. Just those few areas alone is the true effect of saving us millions from people utilizing emergencies to seek care, because of no coverage. The healthcare bill save hospitals millions in liability coverage, from uninsured people taking advantage of the emergency rooms, and help keep the administrator from layoff nurses and doctors. One of this country’s biggest foes was the high cost of the uninsured depleting our budget. The true effect is that Obama care is actually helping this economy to recover from the free-fall of 2008.

Siphoned capital

Social security is a program under attack by many conservatives, and quite so, because it is the most stabilized institution of money safety accounting system ever created. The money generated by social security was so adequate that it service billions in surplus and counting. What interfered with social security ample surpluses were the bad management of congress purse snatching to pay for wars and failed programs that taxes was meant to appropriate the accountability to support. Congress siphoned capital from social security to pay for our wars, while cutting taxes just to gain popularity for reelection. The problem with government is they will take from “Peter” to give to “Paul” as a way to manage the coffer. Congress siphoned capital from social security by finagling funds into areas of government programs that dissipate millions of our tax dollars, so why not use the capital from social security, with intentions of paying it back.

Wage recession and Price inflation

Incredibly, our social security does not need any tampering with; it just needs government to leave it alone and let it recover on its own. Our real problem is in the fungible exchange of our commodity market of labor and bonds to withstand the high levels of negligence in government to strengthen it solvency. During Jimmy Carter’s Presidency, inflation ran rapid and the dollar declined. The Federal Reserve helped to cap-off the inflation and stabilized the dollar for America’s economy. Today, price inflation is a sporadic occurrence and wage recession became the formula that is the playbook for companies. The reason our economy is failing to compete with the down swing of employment has to do with two elements, wage recession and price inflation. Our economy never balanced the inflationary changes in price to stay compatible with wages of the average working family. Companies learned the playbook of over working employees for less money, while downgrading the number of employees. They hindered the unions of collective bargaining rights, and companies at the same time inflated their prices on goods and services, a bad formula for the health of our economy. The congress played along with companies suffering the growth of our economy, in exchange caused the GDP to decline. To indulge in such reckless irresponsibility by government created a bubble in our economic system to exist in a world of extreme wealth without tangible growth.

The greed lives on

Conservatives are telling us, to pull down our pants and continue to take the “back-door-assault” perpetrated by these mega-billion dollar companies. The greed lives on in this country, because those politicians whom are there to do something for America, efforts are stored in legislative gridlock. The Treasury Dept. is selling off bonds as fast as they can print, without any real existing collateral to protect the securities of the bond’s value. The greed lives on because investment in this country has stalled and promises have increased. We cannot sustain such incompetence in the region of job creation because conservatives believe in aiding funds abroad, while neglecting to invest in this country domestically.

Country first

The republican’s strategy is to stifle President Obama’s recovery; while they claim that, they can do better, how about putting country first. Where are the jobs? John Boehner and Eric Cantor are the majority party since nine months in the House of Representative, and they haven’t passed one job’s bill their entire section. The whole plot is to regain control of the White House regardless how much they hurt the country. I think we should make them pay at the polls in 2012 for their deceit. Where are the jobs? All around us, the only thing we need to do is just invest in our country first, before we keep spending billions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bring our troops home and rebuild this country, because it is about country first. Thanks for reading and God blessed that’s MMO.


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