The Hidden

Most controlling episode of any one’s life is to fall under the spell of a substance. We fear drugs because of its habitual and phenomenal effect it can have over the stability of your life. Though many understand, drug’s elated and intriguing uses comes through legal tender of a prescript written by a physician, and dispense by a pharmacist for pain or medicated therapy to heal a sickness or cure a disease. The hidden drug that nobody talks about comes in the form of currency. You might ask, “What is he talking about?” Well what are the characteristics of money in comparison to drugs?

The comparisons are as follows: (The characteristics are astonishingly identical)

• Drugs will make a addict labor to get more of it (sell your body)
• Money will make you do overtime to receive more of it
• Drugs causes people to kill over it
• Money causes people to kill over it
• Drugs can make you complacent
• Money can make you become complacent
• Drugs causes war
• Money causes war
• Drugs is control by cartels (Drug Czars)
• Money is control by cartels (Federal Reserve & Banks)
• Drug separate societies (social class)
• Money separate societies (social class)

The videos you about to see explains why we must understand money and the fiat and plenary control it have over our society. We blame President Obama for our current economic conditions, when the actual blame sits on the banking system. The quotidian state in our lives comes in a form of money and who controls all of it are the Banks and Federal Reserve systems around the world. The fluent nature of currency is a versatility that manages its form according to the society it embarks. Rothschild, Morgan and other filthy rich monopolist, formed a cartel on a private island off the coast of Georgia called, “Jekyll,” where they created the Federal Reserve. The place where the Devil’s advocate became a syndicate that pushed the habitual need of selling everyone’s soul. Our wars, our division, our depravity, our poverty, and all of the confusion in our lives comes from the stricken state money has on the true freedom that God bestowed us.

The Matrimony

The deal of creating the Federal Reserve became the matrimony of our dedication of serving the Devil perpetually without any self-reservation that can assert independence. Everything we do has an end goal that concludes money as the last resulting makeup of our actions. God never intended us to live in a world controlled by money. Money devalues the life of a human and replaces it with expendability. I never had been a primary apprehender of money, and I am content with using it to maintain a moderate life style. Most people are obsessed with seeking the source of massive wealth, and that type of interval fantasy from reality can manifest irrational behavior.

These are the hidden lies that appoint the matrimony control in our lives – which stricken our natural freedom for the exchange of democracy. The grotesque nature of it all is that we have penalized our own freedom through our fundamental need for a commerce system. Maybe, there is no other way to exchange service and goods in our lives, but the debt levels and usury confinement only surrender us to sinful acts. You can see it in the government system that manages our society, and look at our judicial system – when the Supreme Court passed “Citizen United.” President Obama is not the reason we face the massive layoffs – he cannot turn this economy around only. The people must educate themselves on the science of politics for us to engage in a proper way.

The Hype

All of the republican candidates traveling the hemisphere of this country are imposters of the truth. The hype of them claiming they can fix this economy through cutting taxes and deregulating the banks to practice plenary banking methods… will submerge this country into a inflated bubble that will make 2008 bank’s financial malfunction a joke. We need to prepare a road of independence from the banking system that has a total control over our lives through their virtual currency. Money is an automatic debt system that keeps us salivating for the use of it – like a drug that keeps you on the comeback. You release the control to the cartel system of the Federal Reserve System and its subsidiaries; you will have financial chaos in this country.

The hype you hear coming out the mouths of these Machiavellian candidates in the Republican Party telling you they know how to fix this country through a formula used by President Bush to a third power, will surely destroy our economy all together. I hope everyone take this upcoming 2012 election seriously, and vote by merit and not by hype. Thank you for reading and God blessed that’s MMO


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