Badge of Honor

The world can be a cruel place, this everyone knows. What separated America from most of its neighboring countries is due to the remarkable will to do what is best for our citizens. When the majority of voters seated a president in office to act as our representative for worldly and domestic encounters, it is a badge of honor. The role of congress is to administrate the check and balance system that hashes the acrimony of assuring the president interest supports the people’s viability to have a solvent state. At no time should it become a personal agenda by any party to conduct a stratagem to seek the demise of an acting president. The President’s badge of honor is under attack by a scandalous do-nothing-congress aimed to manufacture dubious quandaries to gain selfish interests.

The simple act of sedition

When a certain party of congress purposely abuses the privilege of filibusters as an minority, and as an majority prevents the minority’s right to bring a bill to the floor for a up and down vote, it jeopardizes our democracy. The flagrant act of sedition has reached the walls of congress right under our noses. The simple act of sedition becomes an uncommitted platform that shreds the propriety of our Constitution, and causes an internal impertinence towards our democracy. They might not like the President personally, but you do not engage in destroying the rudimentary practices of signing legislation needed to aid the citizens of this country. Bills that passed through the House of Congress by a majority’s vote for years suddenly comes into scrutiny, becomes the simple act of sedition. The republicans are now holding out on the extension of the “Transportation Bill,” in congress, just to assure failure for the President is incongruous.

The above video explains the republicans in congress insurgency against this country’s solvency, just to regain control of the White House again. We must examine the people we elect in congress before voting in the type of people who fail to represent our interest. The fact that President Obama tried his hardest to reach out to the republicans, just to have his hand slapped away diminishes the badge of honor given by the people. Today is the day for the Democrats and the President to take it to the people, and regain the respect of that badge of honor. This fight is not with the red states against the blue states, it is the majority rule that mandated the badge of honor to this President, and to have it treated as an illegitimate act undermines our democracy. We did not trust the 2000 election of President Bush’s victory, but we all stood behind him in the time of crises and respected his badge of honor because that is the American way.

Wipe the tears

The republicans need to wipe the tears because it is what it is, he is our President and he deserves the respect of office. You want the White House back! Then get it back on meritocracy and not through hypocrisy. Wipe the tears, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and deadbeat-cannot-take-care-of-my-kids Joe Walsh, and “Man-up” to the challenges of this country by coming out with solutions, instead of just criticism. The President has put the plug into the abyss of a sinking economy, and now we need real soldiers who are fit to live up to the challenge of enhancing this economy. The body of this economy has loss the revenues that floods through its veins and you cannot transfusion an anemic through cuts, because it will only deplete its revenue from reaching a healthy recovery. To cut anything will only drain its strength, just as if placing cuts on the body will bleed it to death, the same metaphor applies to the economy.

Little kids should never be in charge

Eric Cantor reminds me of a little boy in a playground, when the game starts and he loses, the losing side sits down and another side get pick to oppose the winning side. Well there goes Eric Cantor taking home his ball, because he feels that he should play because it is his ball no matter if he is the losing side. The congress cannot run with irrational children and coaches who let the star player call all the shoots because he does not trust his own decisions like John Boehner. Little kids should never be in charge when they would do anything to sabotage the game. Just look at the behavior of the Republican Party since President Obama taken office in 2009. The Republican Congress filibustered more under the administration of this President than any other president ever experience throughout our country’s history, and the math stands a record without him serving a full term.

They have called him “tar baby,” “monkey,” “liar,” and who lied more than President Bush’s WMD. There has never been benevolence for any black man who becomes the tip end of a spear that penetrates the walls of bigotry, and why should it be any better for President Obama. My disappointment comes from the fact that I thought we broken down those walls since Jackie Robinson and many other prominent blacks who survived the self-hatred of others with dignity.

In the background, of the last video you can hear Rep. Joe Wilson yelling, “You lie,” in the chambers of congress. Afterwards, he used his outburst to raise thousands of dollars as one who would stand up against the President. Joe Wilson has faded from the eye of the media since then, but it seems incredible that he ever received the attention of raising money and exposure from calling the President a liar.

Can we all get along

It been years since the Rodney King’s police brutality beaten. That sparked a riot that almost destroyed the streets of LA. When the media asked Rodney King, does he have anything to say and he said quote, “Can we all get along,” unquote. The seriousness of a civil union in this country is as serious as breathing is to the lungs. The vitriol and malicious behavior of a few can spark a divide that elevates into a racial war; if we keep letting, the disgusting acts of a few remain employable to our society. We will find ourselves fully responsible for a fire that is hard to extinguish. As a citizen of this great country, my prescription is for us to all get along, and there will be better days. Thanks for reading and God blessed that’s MMO.


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