Ignorance fall upon the mind of the unknown, the lack of knowing the issues at hand does not make you unintelligent, it just a measure of improving your knowledge base on the unknown subject. We know the externals of many things, without including the internals of those things we vicariously engage in conversation with everyday. To monitor the advancement of the liberty of conversation in our mind, we rely on memory and the power to naturally structure words that extemporaneously manner the ability to converse. I find that to compute the civility within our diction, we must first feel it in the heart before it reaches the brain. The brain is where we retain our experiences, and the heart is what governs the value of those encounters.

When we start to let the brain mandate the full control of discourse in conversation – the sense of humanity become a robotic superfluous condition. The countenance of a person comes from the wiliness to seek the heart for guidance. Vanity has reached the heart of this generation, and the black-hearted influx of greed has become a palpable nature of everyday interaction. The sign-of-time is upon us. Revelation is more of a veracity that measures the true effects on where the world is going and the word of the Lord will not fail. We cannot continue to live out our lives staying under the persistence nature of greed, without feeling expendable to the plutocracy we face in this country.

Democracy is just a vivid element of the nostalgic imagination that maintains a façade manufactured by the aristocrats of the world. The Constitution was a document written to control the separatism from seeding growth that would strip the right of liberty from the citizens of this country by government. Today, finally, minorities inherited the right of the Constitution, yet the strong-arm of special interest manage to undermine those rights, and replace it with hyperbole and distractions. They decided the precious document that meant so much to the masses a century ago seems expendable in this current time. The economy that they induced massive riches from when the pathos of slavery was a socialist scheme to labor-in all the riches they could ever dream of – has become expendable.

The executive authority of their secret office that imperative deference was a mandatory excerpt of the mannerism in which it was address, became expendable since a black man hold its edifice. The Supreme Court opened the floodgates to legal money laundering in the political arena, something they had incarcerated many people for under federal law, became expendable. The country is now chasing to implement laws that require state ID for you to vote, so they can discourage and eliminate voters of this country, while they layout egregious inroads on disenfranchising the rights of citizen’s ability to vote, because it is expendable.

“The powers that be,” can cause havoc on those who suffer from things that is beyond their doing – like the victims of this past weekend’s Hurricane Irene that caused devastation throughout the east coast. The republicans decided the emergency relief must meet with the exchange of cuts in programs of education, EPA, entitlements, and anything concerning the middle class before they would release the funds, because the constituents are expendable. They advocate vehemently that no tax shall be raise on the wealthy, because they are the job providers – meanwhile the corporations created a formula of producing astronomical riches in this downsize economy. Efficiency and profit is the manifesto playbook of every CEO’s committable promise to their shareholders. Do you really think they would diminish the leverage of profit for the sake of hiring the unemployed? The answer is explicable that they would not surrender that advantage.

We’re Dupe

The world can be a cruel place to live when the outer core of our desire smites our inner person. The money we make is an integral part on how we live our lives. Most will do anything to possess exceeding control of money. I look at money as the Devil’s advocate, the way of calculating the need of our insufficiency for the momentum of sin. It has no boundaries, and it does not discriminate its interest to initiate the weak, its only goals are to serve the Prince of Darkness as it recruits sinners. Just look at the word lucre and the word Lucifer and it tells you the meaning of money. Money is the “if” factor in our lives, and when you incorporate the word “lucre” with “if” you get Lucifer, the “re” is the “reverse factor,” he has on our lives from God. I hold these sayings to be true from the internal deity of what God put in my heart. People when I write, something takes over and my heart becomes overwhelmed by words that compel me, and I become a conduit for the Lord’s expressions within my heart. We’re duped by the Devil’s ability to marginalize us with the lights of money as the palatal of voices that keeps invoking the nature of sin.

Don’t fall in love

Money we should use to conduct our lives, but money should not use us. The manner in which the Devil uses his derivative to intercept the virtues of our lives comes from his coward nature to reveal his true existence, so he obscures the direct control through money. It can deceive you when you can’t see its endeavors, don’t fall in love with it because it will sell your soul, it aggregate nature can transit from city to city, state to state, and country to country. Money has no bounds and it can transform into any vehicle of exchange, touching the lives of rich and poor alike. It isolates, but cannot be isolated – dividing the have from the have not in a single default as a temporary friend of conditional love it can simplify your life, and at the same time become the corner-stone to your down fall. Don’t fall in love with money, because it will make an innocent kid sell the precious temple of flesh, make your best friend take your life; force a man to leave his wife. The evangelist may preach the tithes of giving money to the church is God’s will, when the true tithe is sharing 10% of your knowledge of God with your love ones, from your knowledge growth of God’s canon is the Lord’s will.

Oblivious will

Divine intervention will have you caught up with the Lord’s spirit and surrendering to the spirit elevates the gifts of beatitude with your travels as a Christian. You stop seeing the ugliness of the world and relieve your dependency of seeing everything through the need of money. Oblivious will of those who oppress others because of vanity and gluttony that manifest a remarkable detachment from other people’s needs. Distort all affirmation that makes them believe their riches belong to them without the care of sharing. The Lord said, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” Promoted our longevity on this earth and qualified our chances for salvation. We can fall under the passion that coins a reflective will to mimic that same passion, but as the Lord said, “The spirit truly is ready, but the flesh is weak.” Our flesh is the obstacle to the fascination for money, thus giving us an oblivious will to serve the devil.

We must find the inner person

To break-free from the Devil’s control, we must find the inner person that will comfort the inner passion to do well. The due diligence of emulating the will of the Lord takes purity in one’s ability to be truthful with those around you with complete devotion of the internal personnel of the spirit, over the external parapet of the flesh. Money and all of the fundamental abilities it promises bequeath our weaknesses. You see it on the commercials, movies, music videos, and other apparatuses used to infiltrate the minds of our children. The kids come up wanting and believing they need to enjoy the finer things in life too. They are the same folks, who feel they must divulge some dichotomy between their life and your life style as an upper class affair.

I will end with saying, “We must find the inner person,” before we can appreciate the outer person of those around us. We are one under the Sun, and it does not pick what color or the limit of your riches to shine upon you. God never excluded or included those through monetary conditions. The Devil’s advocate surely seems to conduct those practices of exclusion in the life of those with less money. The TEA Party, Corporations, Republicans, and Special Interest groups will divide this country and deliver us to the brinks of homelessness, if we let them get full control of our democracy. Stay vigilante and beware of those lies they keep telling you about protecting the rich from tax increases, and they will provide jobs for the unemployed. The government has always and still is the initialization of jobs, how you think most of those corporations made their riches, via socialize incentives. Thanks for reading and God blessed that’s MMO.


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