“Got Something To Say”

“Got Something To Say”

The country seems terribly engaged with the high numbers of unemployment, and their unenthusiastic attitude has manifested a noticeable charge towards the republicans. The augmentation of crowds at town halls and the demanding effusive for job solutions, discourage most republicans not to conduct town halls. Those that decided to have town hall meetings were inundate with crowds of “job-shouting-constituents” whom demystify any of the republican’s talking points on deficit concerns and tax cuts for the wealthy. Yet, many republicans try to avoid the freedom of speech, by charging an admission just to allow their constituents to speak. Others had security take away cameras and video recorders from the people who attended the town hall meeting. They are afraid the microcosm of job issues will overwhelm their jobless agenda, perpetrated by the republicans to keep the unemployment high. The country “got something to say,” and the republicans are not listening.

The video shows Republican Representative Steve Chabot of Ohio banning the rights of Americans to express their freedom of the first amendment. Although, they can exercise such bar for private affairs, but this was a public place and there was no prior notice prohibiting video cameras. Here is a closer look at the people whom cameras were confiscated.

Commander in Chief

Libya six months ago was in total chaos and threats by Khadafy promising he would senselessly commit genocide of his own people. Dealing with two wars and the post liberation of Egypt that spark the Arab Spring in the eastern part of the world, President Obama never relinquish his cool rational approach. He quickly summons support of the UN and Arab Nation, along with NATO forces to engage with air support that thwart the cruel dictator plot to slaughter his people. He promise that he would not use any boots on the ground, and he conduct a small price tag involvement, while affording the Libyans the chance to independently provide their own defense of liberating their own country from the hands of Khadafy. Never beating his chest over the achievement of exerting his executive authority with decisive and effectiveness, President Obama shown his ability to deal with foreign affairs on every level. He is the undisputed “Commander in Chief,” and the republicans cannot validate their reason for the hyperbole of their denouncement of his achievements since the extermination of Osama.

Beware of willing critics

When I were younger one of my strongest asset was my gift to draw a crown on the dance floor, because of my ability to dance like a person who invented the articulate motion of moving to the beat of music. Girls would gather around just to get a chance to dance with me. This made many male peers a critic of my dancing. Telling girls that I couldn’t dance like my older brother and I’m stealing his moves, and they know people that would I do me any day of the week. When people cannot do better they always trying to diminish the abilities of others, and I found you will never see them surrender a compliment on any level, so you need to “beware of willing critics” because they will always try to undermined success. President Obama made a central decision to aid Libya without boots on the ground, without reverting to the Bush’s doctrine used to invade Iraq that proven to be a costly war in totality. President Obama sought after his own manifesto with handling all of his executive decisions moving forward on military involvement and planning.

The Perry Facto

Rick Perry climbed at the top of the polls, and claimed the front-runner position over Mitt Romney. Right from the start “Slick Rick” started putting his foot in his mouth. Criticizing the Fed Chairman, and questioning President Obama patriotism. He promised that as president he would repeal the healthcare bill signed by the President, without saying what he would replace it with that could aid those who need medical assistance. Slick Rick applied for over 19 billion dollars of stimulus money that lead to saving and adding 115,000 government jobs, while the private sector in Texas cut 40,000 jobs after receiving a big tax break by Rick Perry. After, promising he would not cut public education, Slick Rick has imposed a 4 billion cut to education, even though Texas ranks 47th in high school dropout rate in the nation. The Perry facto job plan has ruined union level paid jobs and replaces them with minimum paid jobs, because of deregulation in the private sector.

Offshore riches

Perry would like to set sanction for lowering the tax obligation for multi-international corporations to repatriate their funds at a cheaper rate than small businesses pay domestically in taxes at the current 35% rate. Have you tried calling Dell, Apple, and other big money making conglomerates? The phone call is transfer overseas to India and China’s customer service, and the transfer of over the phone sales and internet sales is credit as an overseas sale, so most of the money made by those corporations comes from domestic customers. The capital made by these so-called overseas corporations is disguise as capital accrued through the funneling of domestic sales as overseas assets. We are being cheated by the corporations, and told that their capital was create from “offshore riches,” meanwhile; they filter in billions from the pockets of Americans without us setting foot on foreign soil.

Hurricane Irene has brought the need for Big Brother

Nature is a good indicator of how bad this storm could actually be. The birds has been flying Northwest in my area by the flocks. Beavers are running into their holes and digging holes, I guess some of it may be routine, and again it could be preparation for Irene. I received an automated call from the mayor in my county in Rockland NY to buy batteries for flashlights, and to buy two-way radios if needed. It will always be a need in our lives for government, although many republicans will lead the charge of limiting the government role in our lives. Republican Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia seem to think there should be an exchange of budget cuts to match the expense of emergency monies spent by government via Irene. He advocates budget cuts for something like emergency relief, while the republicans decided to cut FEMA during their section in congress and many other programs for our citizens by billions.

Hurricane Irene is over 500 miles radius, and winds had lower to a category one with torrential rain that causing floods and outages to rural, urban areas in its path. People must take this hurricane seriously and stay indoors. The dereliction of those who risk their lives in this storm can jeopardize emergence responds teams; because they will do everything, they can to rescue those in distress. I pray for you all and hope all is well as we ride out this storm. Hurricane Irene has brought the need for Big Brother (Government) to setup all type of emergency respond units on alert and shelters. The government is an important agent created for the people by people, but the republicans think we must eliminate the role of government to provide deregulation for the rich by cutting programs for the poor. The video below explains it all.

Red state to a blue state

I can only hope and pray the red states that put the overwhelming republicans in the congress post 2010 election will realize they had made the biggest mistake in their lives. They never implemented one job’s bill the entire eight months of controlling the House of Representatives. Their only focus was nugatory cuts and repeals of bills that protect the middle class and poor, while trying to rescind the rights of unions to bargain. When you see other republicans say that the TEA Party has moved the party too far to the right, you know something is wrong with this new breed of young children trying to make adult decisions in politics. We need to change the red states to a blue state for us to win over the radical and intractable mindset of this TEA Party phenomenal movement. The only way to reverse the mess we end is by raising the tax on the rich so that we can return to a fair and balance system.

The world can be a better place

You can fall prey to the lies and misconception of the republicans or you can make them pay at the polls. It does not matter rather you’re red or blue it all stand under the background of a white field of unity, call the American flag of the United States, and we cannot fail the bloodshed for which the freedom of that flag honors. We are one that will never be separate by the incendiaries and ugliness brought to the political arena, because we will prevail as one. My hope is on Americans, because I believe the world can be a better place when we all come together. Thanks for reading and God blessed that’s MMO.


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