Rick Perry the Machiavellian Candidate

When you take the veil off the face of a bandit him or her, become an unhidden face of terror. The rhetoric of Perry speaks and reeks of remodeling our economy like a third world system, where minimum wage becomes the paradigm of America’s economy. The place where companies pollute our air, sweatshops are born, and retirement comes at the expense of death. The Texas four steps will work well in China or Mexico, but this is America, “The land of the free and the home of the brave,” a mantra that embraces the true meaning of democracy. Governor Rick Perry advocates the government is the problem, and somehow by lessening their role will free-up businesses to employ out of work citizens. Well, our trade program follows those same promising conditions, and its only product encourages the freedom for companies to carry our jobs offshore, seeking cheaper labor.

Rick Perry is pushing this Machiavellian message of untrue product; because he wants to enable companies to gain the narrative of ending bargaining rights to design a slave crave economy. Slick Rick wants the type of toxic atmosphere that will eradicate our clean air act, and substitute it with unsupervised and limited government control. Impeaching government of protecting the citizens through downgrading their civil right abilities will usher in an era of anarchy like you never seen! The Government is the stimulus-product of this society throughout the history of America and President Hoover learned that from his stifling hands off approach that nose-dive us right into “The Great Depression.” Businesses do not create the jobs, they role is to multiply the model that government starts; more like an offspring from the risk taken government had started. Example: the “Cash for Clunkers,” was what helped to boost and encourage buyers to trade in their old for the new through exchange incentives. What company would have invested on a risk taken design, without having some assurance, except our Government? We need to be asking ourselves this question when you think of all of the grants government spent for researching programs that business refuses to invest their own money to achieve improvement that will only benefit them, if the research turns out to be successful.

Government is the risk takers by design and companies are the multipliers of profiting the positive side of those risks factors to stabilize our system solvency. The first year or two a new business can lose money before they starts to see a profit, who do you think absorbs those loses? The Government allows businesses to write-off the losses as an incentive to keep that business at float for two years. Slick Rick the Machiavellian candidate, also tried to convince his state of Texas that they had the right to secede from the union. The Texas Governor is the one who cried for emergency relief fund, when Texas had a natural disaster this year of 2011. The same operator who used the stimulus package to help produce those 40% jobs he keeps bragging so much about. Use the government when you need them and stab them in the back when you can is the model slick Rick believe in and have no shame with pushing that type of showmanship.

We can fall for the Texas four step program of balanced budget, lower taxes, less regulations, and civil justice reform as the panacea to all of our problems slick Rick is trying to hustle or you can believe in working as a proponent with government to resolve our fears. Yesterday, Warren Buffett announced in the papers, “That congress needs to stop coddling the super- rich from paying their fair share in taxes,” because he feels that corporations can pay more to help boost this economy.

The people are the government, and we bailed out the super-rich when they were facing one of the biggest financial crises since “The Great Depression,” and when we need them to do the right thing by America they clamp-up on funds from a crisis they helped build. What kind of people are they and why can’t they listen to real Americans like Warren Buffett who appreciates those who facilitated his riches? My believe is people like, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann, John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, and the so-called TEA Party are the derailment of this economy, get rid of them and the system will work again. You never hear the big corporations advocating any disgust with higher taxation, because they know it induces long-term stability and improve the health of the economy. The congress cannot keep negating the sword oath of office by choosing special interest over the constitutional obligations to public interest. Too much money exchanging hands without proper transparency is part of the reason we are in this mess, and the ruling of the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United,” helped disguise a floodgate of money laundering and deception into the political arena.

Standards & Poor’s position on the downgrade surely resulted in the placating mobility of the republican’s playbook to siege the common practice of a procedure that never been politically scrutinize to such extreme throughout our governess history. The deficit is a long-term discussion that needed to get rationalize through the committees of government, and never introduce as part of our debt ceiling allowances. People deal with their debt ceiling by adding on a second job to help pay for the new family car, they do not decide they are going to drive the new car without some means of paying for it. The republican’s behavior was to deny government the right to print the sufficient amount of money needed to absorb accrued debt. This confirmed S&P decision to downgrade America for the first time in our history, “A perfect blotch added on President Obama’s legacy,” orchestrated by the republicans. Now, Rick Perry the Machiavellian candidate is out to capitalize from the plot of taking down President Obama at any means necessary.

Rick Perry has all the answers without the questions, next he will want to sell you a trip to Jupiter for a million. They will try to fool you into believing all of the hype or you can open your eyes, and stay cautious of the man and party who want to implement the same program that got us here. I think America is too bright of a country to elect another President George W Bush in the White House, because we know what that brought us for eight years. Come 2012 it will take rational and sound voting selection, and I trust in America that we will pick the right combination of elected officials that will compliment President Obama’s policies with putting America back on track. Thank you for reading and God blessed that’s MMO.


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