Rick Perry: Declared Candidacy for President of the United States/and the debate

Rick Perry stood at the podium in South Carolina complimenting the state for electing Nikki Haley, and calling it the red state, he could appreciate, while bragging that Texas was the largest reddish state in America and he was proud to be from Texas. Secondly, he took a moment of silence for the Navy S.E.A.L.s whom loss their lives a week ago in a horrible air attack; he then concluded by saying their sacrifice was, “Immeasurable and profound.” Rick Perry, introduced a partial Bio of his native Texas roots, and gave acknowledgement to his wife, Anita Thigpen, the childhood first love he pursued since the age of 8 years old. The happy marital union produced his son Griffin and daughter Sidney, and he called out his daughter in-law Meredith to take a stand.

There are many ways to improve this economy, and stifling government is not one of those things. Yet, Texas seems to produce a one-template ideologue, the type of thinking that government is the problem, therefore, it must become less involve. Rick Perry started with the old Texas four step program; balanced budget, lower taxes, less regulations, and civil justice reform as part of his recipe to solving Americas’ ailment. He audaciously imported his job growth record as a governor in Texas for being the highest in the country by 40%, greater than the rest of the states. All sounds remarkable considering that most of those jobs are under minimal requirements and Texas produces the highest air toxins, ranking 47% in the nation for having less safe air quality control.

The persona of Rick Perry is identical to the Texan, George W Bush, you people still remember him, the man who is responsible for what America is going through. Maybe the old saying, “Out of sight out of mind,” provided President GW Bush with a pass of innocence. If you listen to all of the republican hopefuls, President Obama caused all of this in two and three quarter term in office. Any man whom can cause such an massive atrocity in such a short period of time, deserve another term to fix it, because he has more power than what we give him credit for. The only folly in such statement is that he did not cause this disaster, the problem is he is the only one trying his hardest to fix it. The playbook here is blame the other guy and we will look good, while keeping the same agendas that made the problems of remodeling America’s economy the same way China treat their working class citizens. You can learn a lot from the debate they had this passed Thursday.

We can choose to carry on the immaterial understandings that will never serve the true commitment of finding a real solution to a decade old quandary or we can stop listening to the political talking points, which will never implement trouble shot ideas that will cure the ills we suffer. The first form of taxation started in 1764 called the “Molasses Act,” and it become the way of life to help grow our society ever since. You cannot maintain two wars while cutting taxes for businesses making record profits in the billions, and continue to reap the comfort of entitlement protection that our citizens shares. The citizens sacrifices their love one to wars and pays the most taxes when you look at the ratio per growth earnings per capita in this country, compare to the average conglomerate. While business inherits the right to have, their business protected from burning down by firefighters, and safeguarded from theft and rioting by police officers just like the average citizen’s home. You start to contemplate the candidate’s true loyalty to their constituents in this country.

I watch their debate with disbelief by the redundancy this country faces, and their whole rhetoric was feature on President Obama not having a plan for the country. My only escape were the sounds coming from Ron Paul who seems to be focus on the conundrums of our economy, rather than a unimpressive record that will never sooth our needs like the other candidates were trying to boast about during their answering. You cannot solve problems with creations of more problems, we been there and done that now let us move on with unraveling the issues with real solutions. Everything, which is being reveal to us, has its place and the common revoke system they have cast around this President, indeed speaks of their true intent on scapegoating their whole jobless-cut-out-the-middle-class-plan on President Obama. Just look at the companies that has spawned their businesses overseas, and you will find the workers there work for far less income than we do, they have no job security, they have no healthcare plan, and they have no retirement plan for when they reach of age and cannot work. The model comes from the offshore capitalism they have greatly come accustom to, while trying their hardest to push the same model system here.

Ron Paul is the only naïve candidate that is innocent to their descent on America’s freedom to bargain and have affordable benefits that the average citizen work tireless to gain. Michele Buchman assured she would have never increase the debt ceiling. Because the republican toyed with the debt ceiling is the reason we gotten downgraded to an AA+ credit rating. America originally accrued their debt from decades of fiscal incompetence that mainly sits on the backs of the stewardship of the past predecessors. The treatment of making President Obama the sole perpetrator of causing the downgrade and the economic chaos we all face. Mismanages our thinking pattern from looking at his accomplishment and the record braking tax relief ever imposed in the history of our government and saving America’s auto industries; resulting in avoiding an economic calamity that would have cripple this nation’s solvency for years to come. The debt we face needs to be fix and our economy’s train needs to be put back on track, this is something we all agree on. What we cannot afford to keep doing is trying to sabotage the other for political gains, while using the divide in conquer method to push myopic goals that will work for special interest, but not for all of our citizens, because we all have some skin in this game.

If President Obama has the wrong agendas, work with him to ensure the right agenda, because our work will always go undone in the eyes of completeness, so nobody will ever reach the maximum level of omniscience deeds. Even God, has to return for another opportunity to make it right again, so we will spend our life trying to get it right, let us at least get along in the process. We are the human race, our goal is to love each other as we would love ourselves, only then will true progress be our written legacy. Thanks for reading and God blessed that’s MMO


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