Silent Cries

The incredible thing about life is that we are our brother’s keeper. I know the conduct of moral judgment has escaped the average internal conscious of us all, and beckon our individual character to justify the lack of a humane recital towards doing what is right. The love between us is so obscure and diminished; you can say it is nonexistent. I write a lot about my concern on where the republican’s motives taking the country. I want to apologize for being such a harsh critic on republicans as a whole, because not all republicans are the same or think the same. The real Republican Party has become hijack by polarizing figures of the TEA Party claiming to be fiscal conservatives. Capitalizing from the divisive atmosphere, they created to undermine this great country from prospering while deceiving the political spectrum to work against the middle class. The President became the target of the fake Republican Party scheme that they perpetrated against this president as some insane European socialist, who wants to destroy this country.

We must drop the silent cries and come together as one voice, the roaring lions of the true America patriotism. The “stimulus package,” that all republicans voted against was scrutinize right from the start before the country could even comprehend its effect. The “Healthcare,” bill is still being dissected by committees in government who wants to pass amendments that will weaken the strength of the bill. The premeditated sabotage of every law this President signed is still flowing through committees scrutinizing the germane legitimacy of its intent. The practice of stalemating a signed law by the President is the republicans’ way on decelerating his success for failure. “I hope he fails.” The true reason why they crippled President Obama’s agendas and programs that was gear to improve the economy.

In the above video, the President is referring to the FAA budget extension that the republicans decided to forfeit on carrying out their duties as public officials by denying something they passed twenty times since 2007. The grand plan is let us not hope he fail, let us make him fail, no matter how many suffer in the process. This is not about right or left, it is not about democrats or republicans, and it is about us standing together as Americans to save our country from the “Grand Plan.” The manifesto of their plan is to grow the riches of corporations, while they reap the award of riches from the suffering of Americas. They are biting off their nose to spite their own faces. We went from losing 800,000 thousand jobs a month from late 2008 to mid 2009, to gaining 120,000 thousand jobs a month ladder half of 2009 up until today. “People must stop watching fox news and start paying attention on what is really happening in this country, because we are all in this together!”

The video of the Young Turks shows the incriminating assault on unions, but it gets more serious than we think, because the republicans managed to change the imperative talk about jobs, while switching our mind frame on budget cuts. They keep protecting Corporate Jets from paying higher taxes on the talking point that they are the job providers. The real deal is that they are part of the Grand Plan, by not hiring and stifling the economy from working, and republicans limit the hands of government from monetary powers through cuts. The perfect combination to make sure America fails under this president is working like a charm. Please wake up people and come to the aid of our President for the good of this country, because we are in this together. Thank you for reading God blessed and let us stop the “Silent Cries,” that’s MMO.

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