Weary & Beaten

President Obama walked into the Situation Room at the White House to address the public on the debt ceiling update. President’s eyes looked weary and his body beaten as he spoke to reporters. He announced that the leaders in both parties of the Senate and House reached an agreement, which will avoid a default. The deal is a one trillion in cuts and savings over a ten years period. He talked about his favor of tax reform and getting rid of tax loopholes as a crucial component to restoring some revenue stability to an already weaken economy. Something he felt needed to have been part of the debt discussions. Nevertheless, the President assured the nightmare is over!

The President weary & beaten over the long haul of negotiations the past several weeks had a look in his eyes of a defeated prizefighter. The republicans had gotten their way again; the way they did when they held hostage the extension of unemployment funds in December of 2010. You must ask yourself how long we can continue to let the party of “no” get their way. Governing is not about partisanship of redline ideas that cuts out the right ideas of the other party. This is the “United States of America” and not the “My States of America” where one party rule as dictators. The separatism in Washington undermines the Constitution and jeopardizes the freedom of having a functioning body in government. Many democrats will go against the principles that protected the entitlement programs the republicans had been trying to dismantle from the very birth of its existence. They get their votes put you will not see any democrats smiling or happy about the unbalanced deal the leaders in their party made.

The video above summarizes the conditions the middle class are facing and the fact that 71% of our debt was cause by the republicans’ obsession to safeguard the pockets of the rich. The republicans bamboozled the country with the talking points of debt, deficit and the government is too big as the epidemic of our conundrum. Senate Bernard Sanders exposes the truth, and the truth is there is a class warfare waged against the middle class. They may have won the battle, but we cannot afford to let them win the war! The greed has gotten so bad that they are setting demands on the poor and moderates that are unsustainable. Vanity can ruin the soul of a saint once greed is involved, and this country is corrupt from his or her own refusal to do what is right for those who are unfortunate.

Will the people of America continue to wait for government to fight our fight? I think it is time to send Washington a message. “We are mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!” That’s the message we will send the republicans and democrats in 2012 for causing the manufactured crisis in America. President Obama can do more to secure our future if he can govern without the games Washington plays. The weary & beaten President must know that we got his back. The concessions he had to settled for just to get a deal that protects the poor will end during 2012. Republicans will suffer for their deception they imposed on America with this lousy deal they made. The two-part deal that was package only exacerbates our economy over the next several years. The stock market in Japan and China reacted positive to the news of the debt ceiling deal coming close to an end. Hope come morning our market will show the same confidence. God blessed and thanks for reading that’s MMO.


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