The Countdown!!!

Washington is now making progress on moving forward with cutting a compromise on debt ceiling. Harry Reid sought to get Mitch McConnell blessing with tag teaming a deal that they expect to pass the house. I know and hope our representatives can put partisanship aside, and do what is right for the sake of the country. We cannot feel good on the way Washington has behaved over the past several weeks. Nobody can have their way 100% of the time, when negotiators are trying to integrate a package that will affect the country as a whole. Some things you cannot avoid and we cannot continue to sweep our problems under the rug, before we try to resolve unavoidable issues.

The veracity of it all comes down to one thing and one thing only, who will sacrifice to reach a panacea we can agree on to make that deal. The only demographic that is being target to put their lives on the line of this runaway train is the middle-class and lower class America. I think the whole deal stinks of regressive measures that will never jump-start this economy. We must vote reasonable people into office come 2012 elections. Harry Reid and the Democrats cannot govern with a bunch of myopic thinking ideologues that thinks, “talking points” matter more than the lives of suffering Americans. The people that matters the most are the ones being hurt the most if the deal crumbles. Harry Reid excerpted to the real people that will suffer in the video below.

The American people are experiencing the countdown of their lives. We must always remember the high-stakes this country is under due to irresponsible public officials. Thank God! The Republicans are not the majority of both houses in Washington, because the republicans would have brought America to their knees. I voted for President Ronald Reagan years ago, even though it went against the fact I was a democrat. I believed that President Reagan was a great negotiator, and a realistic compromiser that wanted to do the right thing for the sake of the country. This intent has always driven presidents to conduct their position as a fair and conscious leader. Today, you have this, “My way or the highway,” politicians who will not compromise in good fate. The minority leader in the senate Mitch McConnell is acting as if he is the majority leader through filibustering any and everything that does not suit his ideals. America must ask Washington, “Since when we started governing base on personal ideals alone without compromise?” Yesterday, Majority Leader Harry Reid proclaimed that a deal is difficult to reach, and Mitch McConnell interleave with a smirk a deal could be reach.

To the republicans this is all a joke, while the democrats is feeling frustrated by the audacity of the opposition. The democrats have given 80% of what the republicans wanted, without the republicans giving up any conciliation on revenue reform. The debt ceiling has been raise without debate in the past, because it is a mandatory passage throughout our history of governing. We must put reasonable leaders in Washington that have America interest at heart and not special interest in their pockets. The entire system has become corrupt, because they do not live up to the expectations of the laws they written and passed. I pray that the bill the President sign, do not hurt this country in some drastic way, because we cannot afford any more austerity and draconian cuts on the poor people. God blessed, and thanks for reading that’s MMO.


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