The Blinded Truth

Where is the loyalty for the poor and middle-class in Washington? Why are they putting the wool over our eyes? They are “wagging the dog’s tail,” hoping we stay fooled by the sudden fiscal discipline the republican is selling. The TEA Party and Republicans are manufacturing the crisis of all crises over the Debt Ceiling. The S&P and Moody’s have injected their prospective on the issues transpiring over the debt ceiling. The “panic” on Wall Street over the massive deception the TEA party has cooked up along with the Republicans got Brokers writing letters of concern to the leadership in Washington. Do you really think that President Obama is the reason we’re in this mess? The answer is no, no, and no! In addition, I can explain why he is the best thing we got going for the American people. Let’s listen to one of the whistle blowers over the debt Joe Walsh in the video below.

What the TEA Party representative Joe Walsh is saying in the video sounds more like a preemptive strike against the President’s executive authority as the leader of the free world. Never in my life have any president been so humiliated by a subordinate freshman congressional representative. The status of the oval office should never be undignified and lowered by some big mouth subordinate, who cannot begin to comprehend the complexity of this economy. President Obama had to put a plug into the abyss George Bush created when he, starved the country’s revenue stability. President George Bush’s actions undermined the economy’s growth levels by a 29% dip below the GDP hindering the reciprocity in the US consumption. The lack in revenue intake and the increase in spending form a bubble effect causing a recessionary aggravation in the demand side. Without supply in domestic spending, the demand for growth diminishes creating a cut in the need of labor, product, and service, the three key components of the economy’s anatomy.

Joe Walsh the representative that portraits himself as some kind of fiscal conscious father, cares more about his children’s financial future, then he does about their present financial conditions. Talking about writing the laws that you swore to protect by owing $117,400.00 in back child’s support for three kids is a hypocrite about his concern on what the country is spending. Joe should get charge with ethic violations when he disgraced the office of congress, making his actions a breach of conduct – accepting his job knowing he owed child support. He should resign!

President Obama did not waste money on buying 787 billion worth of hook caps for GM and Chrysler. He did not spend the taxpayer’s money on keeping the White House’s chimney burning with green backs and US treasury bonds. None of the money he spent was wasted; the money was utilized to restore some stability to our failing economy. Howbeit when money is spent on America, it is a bad thing, but when it is spent abroad, it’s humanitarian. Anyone who accuses this President of misappropriating the capital of this country is making a fool out of you. This country has been financially hijack, so they can bring down the economy and distract us from the real issues like jobs. The republicans and many others who practice the talking points of flooding the pundits’ questions with unrelated answers are dodges of policies. We elected President Obama to protect the interest of the small person without having his back, and that is the people’s failure to engage. If Obama is failing to progress the economy and bring down the state of unemployment, take a serious look in the mirror and point the finger there.

The TEA Party couldn’t outnumber the entire pedestrians in Central Park on a stormy day, and yet they manage to take control of our financial credibility. How did we let it come to this without shutting down the minute weasels of central sabotage? The TEA Party is not the voice of America, the people who sent President Obama to the White House carrying the badge of the people’s mandate. Let us shut down the nuisance that is disrupting the people’s business with nonsense, with the voices of the real America. The economy is not really on the brinks of failure, we just need to supply it with government spending on infrastructure, and it will generate an incentive that boosts reciprocity while we pass laws that will bring down our prices. Prices are the biggest albatross this country has – besides our dependency on foreign oil. The biggest culprit that practically brought this country to its knees, are the credit rating agencies. They help empowered the birth of predatory lending by underestimating the full value of someone’s credit worthiness.

Imaging getting charge interest rate of 35% to a lender, when they know that type of aggravated interest becomes compounding into a 300 to 450% of profit. All because the credit agencies help setup the rip-off scenario, it inflated profit levels above a sustainable path of reality. Throw in the mix all of the insurance companies that invented, packaged and restructured a way to have you paying for a new car 15 times passed the life of the vehicle, and you got a financial conspiracy. Doctors are not competitive enough causing their prices to skyrocket in an astronomical way, that it has surpassed the true GDP algorithms. This causes America to rely on other resources for spending, like credit cards and withdrawals from the saving account to pay the high doctor bills. If we can regulate the way doctors’ charge by forcing them to list their prices before procedure, it will help other providers stay competitive. The doctors would have to stay in the price range of their competition cause and effect brings down prices.

The President has handled this manufactured crisis by the republicans with a bipartisan posture in his talk, and in his demeanor without panic. He refuses to start with the name-calling like his subordinates in the opposite party. The republican Speaker of the House John Boehner loss total control of his leadership, and capitulated, by changing Thursday’s bill into the sound-of-music the TEA Party candidates wanted to hear before he could even bring it to a vote. Thankfully, the John Boehner’s bill never made it pass the Senate. The default on this country should start on the backs of the people in Washington, by not paying their salaries before not paying everyone else’s benefits and salaries. President Obama needs to start with the House and the Senate’s payroll, and fix it where they cannot get any retroactive payments for lost wages. That type of line in the sand will make them think twice before taking such hash stands against this economy, because it is much bigger than the TEA Party’s ideological purity. It is about the people of United States and the sovereignty of this “Great Nation.” The seriousness of the caliber of playing the debt ceiling so close to the deadline is cataclysmic. The blinded truth is the Tea party and republicans will dismantle the whole economy, if it meant destroying Barack H Obama.

Stay strong and supportive of this President, by not letting him stay vulnerable to the attacks of the ring-wing’s job killing agenda. Remain vigilante my friends at all times, because they are trying to suppress our right to vote in Wisconsin by Governor Scott Walker. The republicans stripped the FAA of funding their budget causing over 3,000 workers to go on furlough losing billions in revenue, yet they keep saying we only have a spending problem. In their heart, only the white man should have the power to spend America’s money, I supposed. I do not want to come off as narrow-minded person because there are plenty of good republicans who really want the country to succeed no matter whom are in charge, and God blessed their hearts. I also know there are wealthy people who really want to pay their share, but the extremist has taken over the conversation. I hope they can see pass “the blinded truth,” Senator Reid and McConnell along with Speaker Boehner and Nancy Pelosi, by ending the masquerade come Monday. Thanks for reading my post and that’s MMO God Blessed!


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