The Game of Deception

When will politicians take priority over the political pomposity going on in Washington concerning the Debt Ceiling? I see a distraction by the Republican Party to withdraw our critique of the candidates running for the presidency of 2012. The more we become engage with the debt ceiling debate it keeps America from tentative discussions on the lousy format of candidates on the republicans’ platform. We must not let all the mendacity the republicans have been spewing about President Obama as a “runaway-tax-n-spend-president,” without a plan for reduction. The president’s job is to put forth an outline in which he expects the House and Senate to use as part of their framework to produce a bill policy that he would sign into law. President Obama advocated his terms on several occasions to both parties as he did last night with his address.

Again, the President spoke with optimism about the opposition party as a straight shooter who preserved room for negotiation, an open door to come to some concession. He clearly has put on the table the cuts in entitlement programs that the republicans ask for without the republicans meeting him halfway with some cuts in tax loopholes for the rich. How long are the republicans going to avoid the compulsory position on shared sacrifice? The country cannot continue to hemorrhage our monetary stability because of a lack of revenue. The money this President spent was a mandatory executive decision he had to make that was compliments of his predecessor George Bush. President Obama kept this country from spiraling into a freefall calamity. Now, you’re told that the President wants a blank check, so he can engage in a spending streak that would destroy this country’s economy, is a bogus and extreme statement manufactured by the republicans.

The President has capitulated with his negotiations with republicans, while going against his own party’s congressional position to stand strong on protecting entitlements from deep cuts. The right-wing talking points are, “Washington does not have revenue problems it has a spending problem.” I would like to ask the republicans, “What planet are they living on since 2008?” They have avoided answering difficult questions, while charging hyperbole about the debt ceiling as part of our dilemma with the economy. Please America it is not about republicans or democrats, it is about putting the right people in office to represent your interest, and the TEA Party is not a preferred choice. Electing Walsh, West, Paul, and a host of other TEA Party freshmen that are all ideologues who put their intolerant and personal views over what is right for this country was the biggest mistake by voters ever made.

We must utilize and exercise common sense when we go to the polls. I think that we need a more informative measure on how they provide us with the candidate’s credentials. The best way to employ such info you must become diligent with your inquiry on that particular candidate. Rather it is a democrat or republican; let us make sure we employ the right candidate for 2012 election and evade the game of deception. Thank you for reading and that’s MMO.


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