Incompetent Leadership

What makes leadership something we can all respect and admire is when you are willing to sacrifice the steadfast position for the best outcome of the majority, and not just for selfish reason. To conduct yourself as a leader, you must exercise the hindsight of easing the relative strategy of negotiating a thorough and sound understanding that best serve everyone. Our government must drop the grandiose attitude they are displaying over the debt ceiling. Moody’s the credit rating agency has threatened to lower America’s triple “A” credit rating to a double “A” rating because of Washington’s incompetent leadership. This country’s financial obligation is more than just a national one – it is a global obligation when you think of all of the interconnected financial markets that rely on America’s stability.

Today, President Obama in a disgusted tone reported that the talks with Speaker Boehner have broken down! He took some questions from reporters as he explained the seriousness of passing the debt ceiling. The only thing that keeps poking holes in the negotiation of the debt ceiling is raw-dog freshmen representatives of the house, who really do not understand the detrimental importance of raising the debt. Here is the President on what will happen in a lightly-hood of a default.

Speaker Boehner’s problem with reason the debt ceiling stems from his misconceptions on how the economy actually works. He keeps proclaiming that he is protecting the job providers and the middle class from facing turmoil, from a tax increase on small businesses. I have not seen any small business come to his side defending their position against a tax hike. The small businesses have suffered and are suffering because of the high unemployment, and not because of tax hikes. Under President Clinton, those businesses enjoyed a profitable and striving period during the 1990’s before President Bush became the successor. The economy during 2005 started taking the turn for the worst because of lack of revenue, orchestrated by Bush’s tax cuts and budget expenditures on war. The republicans had no problem raising the debt ceiling seven times for George Bush’s presidency. Their whole makeup to have this sudden need to alter the usual rank and file procedure of conducting the people’s business, after over spending our revenue on two wars and tax cuts for the rich seems ironic. The President today sounds the alarm of urgency!

My personal opinion is that there are those who are so… disturbed with having an African American in the Oval Office that they are letting their hidden internal soul of bigotry show. Everything this President tries to accomplish for the sake of the country, it gets scrutinize, criticize, opposed, transient support, mockery, uncompromised and thrown to the side of failure regardless the consequences it manifests. Where is the leadership on job creation the republicans ran on last year in November when they gave the shellacking to the democrats? So far, they had done everything in their power to undermine this economy since they had control of the House of Representatives. The republicans passed bills that targeted social issues on woman’s right, unions, gay rights and voting practices against minority’s ability to vote, without passing one job bill. All of the groups of people I just mention are the targets of suffering the republican’s wrath for supporting and putting a black man in the White House. Nevertheless, President Obama believe in the integrity of the republicans by still hoping for the best scenario outcome of coming to some conformity with the debt ceiling negotiations.

Rep. John Boehner may have sincere feelings on ending this seriate of talks and come to a decision on the debt-ceiling debacle. He would have to begin by acting more like a leader and not a wimp with standing up to the TEA Party and minority whip Eric Cantor. The President believe that Boehner can impress his leadership on his party enough to get the green light that will settle the opposing rhetoric that has surface between Boehner’s inner circle. Boehner can wrap the whole thing by teaming up with Nancy Pelosi for the numbers he need to pass the raising of the debt. Boehner’s contesting blunder is he has this steadfast position to protect the vast 2% top income from paying their share of rebuilding and increasing the country’s tax revenue because of his incompetent leadership.

I will end this by saying, our Constitution set executive powers in the Constitution that will provide the President with authority to protect the financial stability of this country. He and he only need to look into the framework of the Constitution and find all the areas that will allow him to exercise those privileges. I know that come 2012 the republicans will pay at the polls for their condescending ways. Thank you for reading and that’s MMO.


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