Truth of the Matter

It been over a week since the Republicans painted the electoral map red, and we already have a toxic level of partisanship in Washington D.C… The Democrats failure to connect with their constituents is what broadsided the “shellacking” on “Election Day” from the Republicans. That leave us with several questions we all can be asking each other.

Did America mandate a fiscal policy for the republicans? Did the economy woes become the democrats’ kellies-heel November 2nd? Was the TEA Party interception of the political football part of the reason the democrats loss support with likely voters? Do President Obama and his administration have a communication problem with connecting with the voters? Will the republicans work with democrats to get this country’s feet on solid ground again? Will the Debt Commission Advisory Board be hard medicine for America to swallow? Can we afford to let millionaires keep getting an unfair tax cut while they keep investing money overseas? Can US keep borrowing from China and remain a solvent nation? What is government in our lives and the role it must play? What is the power of special interest in politics?

To answer all of those questions, we first need to be acceptable with handling the truth in our lives, and understand that nothing comes easy. Everyone knows that our fiscal stability is unstable and at the rate of mismanagement, it cannot sustain solvency. These things are so easy to acknowledge, but the hard part is doing something about it. Do we keep blaming George Bush for his incompetent leadership over the past eight years? No, at least I hope we do not keep at that path, because it is like beating a dead horse to get us passed the finish line. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to dealing with the conundrum in our lives with some healthy resolution.

Everything starts from a constructive standpoint before the destructive could ever take place, otherwise nothing would ever make progress. We learn to control our kids through the power of persuasion and compensation, packaging their intuitive behavior to always need the prospect of generating a “what is in it for me attitude” that causes our grownup outlook to become selfish. The level of branding the eternal selfish attitude occurs on different echelons, meaning that the more privilege one might be; the more selfish one could become. This phenomenon can be call the “I Factor,” which derive from a perspective of my own personal opinion, and should not be viewed or criticize as an expert opinion with the humanism of society. My standpoint will illuminate as you continue to read this post.

Let us start with government, and its sanction role by the people that constitute the exercise of government to interact in our lives as Americans. During the Seven Years’ War that caused the British Parliament to suffered a financial debt. They decided to impose an increase in tariff on the colonies although the British Parliament did not represent America. This indeed ignited resistance that started the Revolutionary War, creating our Declaration of Independence. Our entire history holds a resounding affect on what the Constitution of America means and the very lives that were sacrifice to protect our Union. Those today who scream, “I want my country back,” do not understand the true nature of this country’s history.

The Founding Fathers never designed the Constitution for the Coup of government, it main purpose was to protect our innate rights from being tarnish or exploited by the very institution we erected. Our failure comes from the deficiency with the role in how the government functions. The lobbyist exercise infallible measures to get their program crafted by the government officials, the same people the voters hired in each district to uphold their interest. The problem is special interest derails public officials intentional work for the voters because of the remarkable influence that comes from the special interest visual and monetary contributions. Do you respect the order of the people you do not see or do you respect the order of those who directly interact with the process.

Our vote holds a great influence right up to the day of the election, and afterward special interest becomes the rapid fire of attention to the elected. Washington D.C. is look upon as some secret agency of our society that sits out of the radar of our admission. Every time the Senate and Congress pass laws on our society, they do it in the comfort of empty assembly full of vacant seats that a hand full of lobbyist occupies. “Out of sight, out of mind” is the very sentiment of our lawmakers concerning the failure of our citizens to take interest in how they pass those laws. We are big with complaining and small with maintaining a common interest in the strength we carry as citizens.

I really admire the spunk of the TEA Party, although they do not represent all of America, they do carry the weight for America’s right to express their concerns on where this country is heading. The reason the TEA Party is respected and regarded as a grass-root organization that has deserve the attention of the politicians, it is because they work for their position of influential recognition. Maybe you can call it something that is not so pretty or uncivilized at times but it sure has the attention of America. The TEA Party are setting a paradigm on the way we need to show some proactive interest on what is going on in government today, by crowning those empty seats with our presence.

Many people in America are contrite with the present state of this economy and where do we go from here seems to plague the back of our minds in fear. Democrats blame their defeat this past election cycle on the stagnant economy for the dislodgment the voters has against them. If democrats think that we are so shadow with our depth of what the last eight years put us through; then they underestimate the moral certitude of the true American. The American people cannot be a proponent to a spineless party that walk away from their own policies, because they fear what the other side will keep spinning out of it.

The economy sounds like the ultimate scapegoat for the democrats, but the real heartbreak is that they needled pin the steam out of the momentum they had going from 2008’s election. You cannot lead a charge of people to a battle and the chance comes for you to engage with the might of moral certitude, you start waving the white flag for compromise and sweet back deals behind a smoke glass room. President Obama had a mandate to get the people’s work done without minimizing his position on the public-option, yet he and the democrats dropped the ball. President Obama and the democrats passed a “keep quiet about it” health-care bill which total impersonation was carryout by the talking points of the republicans; without any defends or support by democrats on the worthiness of the bill. They passed a host of other bills that has a long life importance to the solvency of this country’s future in which the democrats seems dumbfounded to even wave banners about it.

America, loves a tough person more than a wimp, and they will stand behind the underdogs as long as they believe in something. The republicans obstructed the democratic process for 18 months and gotten awarded for it. They stuck to their guns without flinching like some scared little weasel or some spineless coward and this is the reason their supporters shown up on Election Day. America, loves people who shows conviction, and not persons who runs from their own signature. This was not a mandate for the republicans, but a lesson for the democrats to stand up in take charge. Obama look as if he lost his entire party to the republicans, suck it up mister president and hold your position, because America want to see how you handle the incoming.

The funny thing about this economy is that we have ways of overcoming the fiscal woes and the aggregated taxation system in which seems to show an under-nutritious intake of capital. The idea that we are borrowing from China, as if China is sending ships of their currency to America seems little allegory to the truth. What is going on is US has been selling bonds to China with no real abilities of supporting the monetary exchange for those bonds i.e. equals debt. This country follows a capitalistic ideology, so borrowing is not in its DNA structure, but buying, lending, and selling is part of its fundamentals. Everyone knows that the government sells US Treasury Bonds for the acquisition of future investment on constructive projects down the road years from now. Right now, the best way to secure China’s investment in our future is by actually investing the capital in our infrastructure and other future projects that will enhance this country’s economy.

What we need is manageability in government by reconstruction of our tariff system and more transparency with how our government works. The waste in government cemented dishonest practices in how illusive the government operates in this country. The only way to cocoon the solvency of this country’s interest in this economy, and it means we have to invest in smart capital getting use in this country. The middle class is the funnel that plays a vehicle for the transfer in which balances the financial system – keeping the flow of currency from isolating itself, something of a relay if you will. Congress must change the tax laws to help monetize the insufficient revenue the high scale income earners been receiving tax cuts for over the years that crippled the economy’s mobility to invest in our country. The tax should get increase for those who find ways to beat the system anyway; the same people whose doing all of the complaining about paying their share.

When you implement a responsible government that runs efficiently without the corrupt ideology of thinking a tax break for the rich is not mortgaging the country, than we had fallen under the republicans’ spell of crazy talk. This is how President Obama should excerpt the tax compromise with the republican, who has insisted on being tenacious with seeing the broadside of the equation. The first year we raise the taxes on millionaires and billionaires, and when they start investing in America the tax will decrease by a percentage according to the growth of this country. Having an incentive for millionaires & billionaires to strive for only helps the balance and proficiency of the financial system. See this is where the “I factor” phenomenon that kicks in every time you ask the republicans to stop disconnecting themselves from the reality on what needs to happen for this economy to survive. By President Obama keeping a strong stern position on this proposal helps minimize our jobs going overseas.

The republicans find it hard to play ball with Obama because of the insurance they have obligated their life to enshrine – the protection of those who influx millions in their pockets. We cannot keep a strong economy when special interest can control the political debate with a phone call from their corporate jet. I must digress though, “we as citizens gave latitude to the very conditions that has obliterated the common good of this world.” Still the republicans feel that their financial philosophy can be a panacea for our ailing economy… then put your philosophical belief to the test. By dropping the “I Factor” phenomenon, and let the tax increase for the rich and as they invest their money here, we can than give a tax decrease according to the growth of our economy. This will keep a robust balance of revenue in our system and show some type of continuity with properly managing the money flow in government.

My understanding amount to the fact that too much money is involved in the republicans’ schema with special interest which make them scare to go against the masses. This will be a political bloodbath for the Obama’s Administration and Democrats next year, if they stand their ground with the American people, they will win. Because the republicans’ theoretic tax cut, proposal has never resulted to any sustainable level of economic algorithm in this country and it is a fact. The real problem with our economy stems from, “the take from Peter to give to Paul” government funded programs…, which only siphon monies from workable programs to support failing programs. The Government must start managing our tax revenue properly, until than we will only keep kicking the can down the road to ruins.

The Debt Commission Advisory Board has given a partial recommendation with what cuts we need to make in our programs to bring some level of prosperity in America. The criticism that has already surface in opposition to the DCAB proposal seems natural when the recommendation is mostly aiming at cutting programs geared on helping the needy. The only acquiescence to the DCAB’s proposal is their recommendation on integrating the “public option” as one of the vehicles that will offer a remedy for our ailing economy. To hear the harsh reality check on the conditions we need to follow for our economy is an hard pill to swallow for the “I Factor” attitude we all are guilty of possessing. The “truth of the matter” is we must undergo a drastic change in our lives and around the world. Because there is no other way to overcome the atypical nature of being able to step out of the “I Factor” phenomenon, and grasp the desire of sacrificing.

The blueprint of it all looks a little scary and it may restore the goodwill nature that is missing in our everyday interaction. The government must start doing the right thing for the people and enshrine the state of our Constitution with extreme vigor for the right of all people. The Government needs to set our tax system with a meritocracy policy in the way they design the distribution on how they assess the expenditures from the actual monetary intake. We can no longer keep taking from Peter to give to Paul – which only stagnate the programs that are healthy from remaining prosperous in operation. The gray area of President Obama’s policies supports these same agendas… yet his administration find it complicated to affirm such understanding to the American people from the bills they already passed. The only way Obama ever going to connect fully with the American people and it is call “passion,” Obama has to show more passion in how he governs. Obama is the (HPIC) head person in charge and the buck starts and stops with him when we face the critical moments with our economy and he has to start behaving with that type of attitude. That is the MMO


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