The Republican CNN Debate Plus Weiner-Gate

We are losing patience with politicians and the lies they keep dealing America. This economy been stifled by the Congress, yet the blame is being push towards one man. Barack Obama! We can hold him responsible for this Nation as Commander in Chief, so the blame game is an easy conspirator that shoulders the President.

I remember the grieve that swallowed me in December of 2008. I set out to do a little Christmas shopping that year at the local shopping malls in my area. It was the middle of the month in December of 2008, and normally it would be a mad house of traffic moving all about but this time was unbelievably different. There were no bumping traffic, people struggling with bags, cubicles and racks of clothes out of place. No, no loss child roaming around, laughter of joy from consumers or searching all over for a parking spot because the typical Christmas was gone…!  The reality of such discovery destroyed the oblivious optimism dwelling my mind – like jumping off a cliff trying to fly and on the way down realizing you have no wings. Yeah! The recession was true and I was living it.

The irony of it all is that I thought going to each store in the malls to purchase something, just anything would help save those merchants for that year, but scarcity of sales helped closed their doors forever… Tears rolled down my face as I witnessed store after store shut down in the beginning of 2009. The Presidential Inauguration Ceremony was on January 20, and the world was hopeful this new young gifted man – named Barack Obama would rescue us from despair. The challenge was seemingly much more massive than we realize, because he was executing a primary position that was counter by the right wing for failure. The right wing from the start said, “I hope he fails,” even before he takes the oath of office. The Chief Justice even stumbled with swearing him into office – because of him being a democrat, and oh yea did I mention he is black.

The economy was on the brink of peril consequences of a rector scale beyond our comprehension… i.e. only God had the answers. The freshman president taken on conundrums that ordinary people would had fumble the ball on a thousand times over. His poised and analytical shrewdness almost made him seemed cyber to say the least, and yet those qualities given him a likable cascade that calm the hysteria. When President Barack Obama speak you can feel his honesty, and when he said, “If making hard choices makes him a one term president then so be it because I did not run for terms, but to make America a better place for our children.” Well I need not to say anymore to show he has integrity because the truth is in his words. The republicans are out to save only one-dimensional group of people and it is the upper class, while they scrape the backs of the middle class and lower.

Everyone knew from the start it was not going to be a cake ride or a grand old party along the way. If anyone proclaims they have the answers, they are only fooling those who are naïve enough to believe in such things. Well the republicans are betting on those individuals who falls prey to their dishonesties by bashing the President throughout their whole debate. None, no not one of them came up with a significant and sound plan to lead this nation while consenting with each other. I thought this was supposed to be a debate about who had the best policies to become president. Instead, what we got was wishy-washy consent on who hate the president the most. The republicans conducted their interview for the highest office in America to their constituents with proletarian incompetence. If I go before a perspective boss to land a job, my burden of prove is to show I am right for that job and the republicans dressed the part but felt far short from being convincing.

The blueprint they claim will help improve this country from the woes, follows the same blueprint that put us in the black hole economy in the first place. Howbeit, the only ones who seem to be suffering throughout this sequel are the middle class and lower class demographic, while the rich are enjoying this ride. The top two percent salaries and savings increased by 85% while the rest decreased by 11% in this country. Talking about trying times, we will never come out of this strangle-hold economy if the republicans keep sabotaging every effort the democrats make to relief the country of the one sided distribution of wealth we face in this country. Plan, I have a plan, the rich corporations can pay their share of the burden and we will all get along. They are so grimy in the corporate world that when one of their own falls short to uphold their dividends, they are ready to throw them under the bus just like GM and Chrysler. Thank God for Barack Obama, because millions of more jobs would have went to the chopping block if he did not make the executive level choice to aid GM and Chrysler to recovery.

Insofar both parties are responsible for the exponential nature of this economy because of their greed and lack of loyalty to the people at large. Although one could be worse than the other could, we must look at what party defends and represent your interest more. My outlook is that there is a class-warfare against the middle class and lower percentage earners in this country and the republicans along with a few democrats like Ben Nelson are the ones putting it into motion. Anthony Weiner, arrogant as many make him out to be was a true crusader for the middle class that was target by the republicans and his whole party. The “holier than thou” attitude by his party and hypocrisy of the republicans force Weiner to resign from public office. The man personally had more hidden insecurities than anyone had ever known. Anthony Weiner suffered from a complex problem that may have started since he was a kid.

I known men like him who always felt they needed to prove themselves to others by being the loudest in conversation, quickest to engage in dangerous acts and unconsciously always thinking someone’s talking down on him. Weiner’s name became his albatross throughout his life, because growing up kids can be cruel. Imagine girls always calling you little Weiner half of your life. I can bet Weiner used to pull it out just to prove them wrong, the type of person who would take it out in the men’s room before he reaches the urinal. He was sick but an effective representative for New York.

I felt his resignation only reminds us of our own weaknesses in life and the fact that nobody is perfect. The milestones we all face in life aggregates from the weaknesses of resisting the sinful nature of flesh. The seven deadly sins have never felt short from causing all of the chaos this entire world faces. The only thing that makes the republicans so frustrated and it stems from the fact that our President seem immune to having the skeletons in his closet. Therefore, they attack his patriotism and personal character as something we all must fear by calling him the anti-President. I never heard any president called the vitriol things this President been called. Finding a scapegoat for the do nothing leadership of the republicans on job issues since they controlled the house – brings fair reason to point the finger mainly at them when it comes to our economical situation.

Our economy is stable yet stagnant and the future grim but capable of growing for the better. Obama has laid out the fundamentals that can definitely boost this economy and we cannot let them Bush us back to an area of despair. The healthcare bill he passed is the only reason why we have not freefall into the abyss, because healthcare was our biggest adversary. To repeal a program that may just need some fine tweaks, without anything to replace it with sounds ludicrous. We have a choice in 2012, we can give choose not to give Obama the time we gave Bush and the republicans that put us in all of this mess or you can give our President the time he needs to dissolve this convoluted disorder republicans made.

Although the consent, I meant the debate was a bunch of Obama bashing without any real substance for concrete change. Overall Michele Buchman did better than her opponents did because she stuck to an agenda and was not all over the place fishing for a message. Newt Gingrinch in the debate, seem out of touch, out of mind and tried to win with the word “anti” the populist sermon of the right wing when they are desperately trying to send fear in the hearts of Americans. Mitt Romney made out like an abandon throughout the debate because he was not challenge for the so-called “Obamney Care” originally pushed by Tim Pawlenty a week before the debate. Well we know Tim Pawlenty do not have the guts to become a leader of this great Nation. Ron Paul is still the radical get rid of the Federal Reserve representative he always was from years ago. Mr. Hermon Cain thinks having corporate savvy is all you need to run this country, how wrong he is about the nature of the executive office.

May you enjoy my modest opinion on the subjects above and God bless us all – please take your time to check out my store in the menus above I’m sure there are bargains that may fit your liking. Thank you and that’s MMO


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