May 1, 2011 marks the day of historic proportion in the lives of so many who seek hope for the capture or death of the most wanted terrorist in US history. This man was responsible for thousands of Americans on September 11, 2001, when planes collided into the World Trade Center in New York City, and the Pentagon in Washington DC. Due to the courage of the passengers on the plane that went down in the fields of Pennsylvania many more lives was saved, although it was a sacrificial exchange for those whom loss their lives on the forth plane that very day.


Many had questioned the leadership of President Obama’s security policies and ability to lead the war on terror, mainly becoming part of his critique of the “3:00am phone call,” during his presidential candidacy of 2008. Osama Bin Laden became the face that undermined the President’s credentials on having the proficiency to get the job done in regards to mobilizing the intelligence that will finally eliminate Osama’s terrorist leadership. We can rest to sure that the President is not only decisive as the “Commander in Chief” of our military operations, but his ability to lead the directive plot that leads to the covert operation of Osama demised was nothing less than a incredible achievement.


What can I said about the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), the operative unit that carried out the orders by the President that took out Osama Bin Laden. JSOC is a Special Mission Unit (SMU) that provides covert operations around the world and domestically in this country to aid local, state, and federal agencies. Their ghost like ability to appear and disappear without a trace is next to none. Their exactitude to take-out known targets and congregate informative intelligence that leads to the capture or kill of their target almost seems underrated of praise. The Obama’s Administration capability to assure the compartmental craft of confidentiality, speaks well of his impressive leadership and trustworthiness they have in his ability to lead.


Today, the questions remain an inquiry to all Americans with the regards to our military residence in Afghanistan. The question of where we go from here? Do we consider the return to our civil liberties? The liberties that were challenge by the unspeakable acts of Al Qaeda distort every natural freedom we share in this country. Osama’s death was a textbook model of the effectiveness of a confident President, and remarkable talents of Special Forces infiltration to proceed without incident, become our future tactics on fighting terror. I cannot explain the jubilation that radiated around this country, after receiving the powerful words announced by the President to validate the death of Osama. All out, wars should have never served the years of occupation that it has over the years in the Middle East.


The Middle East is an open terrain of trees, deserts, and mountains that imposes difficulties for those who is not familiar with its inhabitants. Invading such territories takes skills and patients when engaging war, and not to mention the vigilance of identifying the enemy from an innocent civilian. In some cases, the enemy would use a child, as IEDs to send a message. The auxiliary process to maintain an exclusive line of defense to combat these types of war assaults, takes years of training, and our military is the best in the world with developing the capability. Yet, it does not take away from the fact that some wars are most effective using special ops, and May 1, 2011 proved it.


America has a choice to keep fighting an endless war in Afghanistan or gradually drawdown our troops from Afghanistan and use only special missions. I cite the ladder, because it would be the right thing to do for a host of reasons:


  • 1. It will give us advantage on our enemies to deal with them in a strategic manner, by using special ops.
  • 2. The lives and money we will save by administrating such actions.
  • 3. It will put the enemy in a disadvantage.
  • 4. Give us a chance to deploy mobile apparatuses of remote capabilities like drone attacks etc… without putting boots on the ground.
  • 5. We are in a transitional war affair that has revolutionized a new way to accomplish our wars.


President Obama has become completely aware of his position in regards to the change of commitment to our terms of engagement with the war on terror. The President’s leadership and unique approach on this matter has heightened. No longer, can the republicans use the trump card of citing military incompetence when it comes to President Obama. I think he have well proven his strengths in the area of war.


The topic of not showing the graphic horror of Osama Bin Laden photos was the right choice by the President. Mainly, because we are not in the business of reliving the ugliness of publicizing to the world pictures that can cause further infractions with our ally building process in the Middle East. The stakes of damaging our position as a nation that is bigger than the dirt that attacked us on 9/11 require us to conduct a more humanitarian outlook with respect and dignity. Although, Osama outlawed his self from humanity, he still has a family who may deserve a little discretion on our part not to show the photos. America conduct is what gives us the exceptional posture that causes us to stand as the envy of the world.


I trust the troops who risk their lives and the President verification on Osama demised, and it is the only confirmation we should need. God bless the troops, the President, and America for the greatness we uphold. That’s MMO


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