The Truth of the Matter pt2

The Need for an Erection:

This post emanates the subjects that capture my earlier writing, and enclose some sought of detail from the prospective of my earlier post. I touch on areas in my earlier post “The Truth of the Matter,” that identifies today’s malfunctioning and our consistency to come together to solve yesterday’s blunders with tomorrow’s solutions leaving today with the problem. They had beguiled people with necessitated worry, and only focusing on the deficit while conservative functionality in government developed this draconian persona, while destroying the middle class in the process. I love planning for my kids to have a better future, but not while destroying the health of today’s society with extreme measures we all know inserts unbalance.


The TEA party is one of the strongest allies that advocates support for things they really have not detail all of the consequential variables that says, “In case of emergency balance the tax code fairly.” Public officials who rule by their biggest donator’s interest and not by the people at large are dangerous legislators. In retrospect, many voters in November of 2010 voted for republicans, base on their intolerance to have patients for the recovery to reach some noticeable effect that the recession were breach. The last administration under President Bush had eight years alongside six years of a republican seated majority’s malpractice of their governmental duties of this country, and they are now screaming fiscal discretion…! Shame on you for the arrogance and participated contribution you all committed in concocting the birth of this crisis.


Two years and some months cannot solve the crisis of this country – show us an individual who can unravel our problems in two years and some months than he or she should be king or queen instead of president. President Obama had to take the centralistic approach on certain core policies that did not sit well with his base. The President’s administration had to undergo diverted disasters around the world and this country from, the BP oil spill to the tsunami that devastated Japan. All of which have occupied the President from domestic focus in dealing with the conundrums this country faces. “No excuses…,” And I am not trying to find one, but you must admit that some people find it hard to multitask beyond chewing gum and walking at the same time.


I must digress for a moment… “Please let us all take one brief moment for a special prayer for Japan.”


They are battling something that we all need to pay attention too. Thank you for the moment of prayer.


President Obama made many promises during his campaign and tried softly with keeping the ones we hold him accountable with fulfilling. I concur with everyone’s feelings who are upset with President Obama, because I feel the same way as you. One thing I have not stumble upon is the need to change hands when the hand we have in office is just getting started to build this country’s foundation for better interest. We seen trillions of our tax revenue spent in places that never helped this country’s growth in infrastructure, new energy that will efficiently wean our dependency off oil, and years of domestic negligence. “Well the negligence has come home to roost.”


We are driving, flying, riding and trusting old apparatuses that had wore out the ability to perform properly, putting this whole country in danger. The bridges that millions of motorists travel over everyday will soon meet levels of unsafe conditions, if government continues to waste money on foreign interest over domestic interest. The taxpayers had their money wasted by the repetitive appetite of an incompetent government, who reaped dividends for mismanaging this country’s coffer. The government has always remained an investment project of the people – where is the benefit in having a government that is so broken that we are losing our investment? The answers rely on our ability to assemble peacefully, and have our voices heard. The derailment of congress lack to form a more robust and viable union for the stability of this country’s economy, does not mean we must stand victim to the onslaught.


The middle class must come together to avoid the pressure that convoluted our intelligence and divide us as a nation. Anytime political posturing become negotiating tactic to use with regards in ratifying the country’s debt ceiling, while our credibility remains at stake is ludicrous!  The people need leadership on what actions you will take once the ceiling is raise, any argument before depict immaturity. To wrap-it-up in a nutshell: you are the provider of the family and expenses have gone up, and you refuse to raise their allowance to pay for the increase in debt, while the delay currently putting them behind. You insist that your family remain with the small budget even though the prices and interest went up and the increase in allowance is truly in need. You make your family first agree to how they will behavior before they receive the much-needed funds. Knowing the debt is not going away and you can work a budget in the process of keeping your debt current after you raise the allowance. This is part of the ignorance congress is showing with our debt allowance.


I cannot stress the need of making inroads on issues that mean a lot to the movement for investing in America. Trivia dilemmas should not have any place in our country’s future. When the opposition had force, the President to change his position on the Bush tax code, the TEA party never made a sound against stopping this country from staying with an unbalance and unfair tax code. The TEA party gets respect when it comes to standing up for the wealthy, I have yet to see them stand up for what is right. This country needs a face-lift that will attract a future other countries can only dream about. Today, we must practice sound fiscal behavior conjunction with sound future investing. Our goals should not become crisscross that we sell fear over truth for a crippled future, because the world is too complacent to deal with their environmental issues, and passing on financial security to our kids along with a desolated planet makes us bad custodians. The deficit should not take priority over what we are doing to this planet and the great damage pollution has on the livelihood of this planet. The government keep selling us a big box full of rocks for the latest lie they keep giving us on things that does not benefit us.


The issues that we voted for will stay debunked and derailed by those who keep imposing as the “American People,” and they speak in our behalf, are not those who set precedent for the President in 2008. They are not the TEA party, and they do not stand with one special interest group. These voices sent Obama to the White House to set balance to our sick economy and failing foreign interest that deepen the problems of this country. The time has come for this country to erect the principles that matter to revive the wholesome good in the world. The reelection of Obama in 2012 will move the country forward into a future that advocates better education, innovation, new energy, and infrastructure improvement. The areas in America that can no longer stay neglected, if we want a tomorrow of evolution and prosperity.


Look around in America, when people go on vacation they travel abroad, even in a time of war and terrorist alertness. America must rekindle its beauty and glamour by upgrading our look appeal to make our own citizens eager to vacation here. I know people who vacation every year to the same islands, and had only visit two different states besides the state they live. Countries about and abroad are instituting full-scale change in their infrastructure, newly developed or just keeping up with modern times. Regardless, they recognize the warning sign and these countries are responding sporadically towards displaying the upgrades of their country. You cannot find an interesting commercial that depicts the beauty of this country that gets you excited enough to want to vacation here. It is not that America loss the beauty, it loss the motivation to maintain that beauty. In the 1800’s America was building and creating jobs through development projects that upgraded America, and made us the envy of the world. The industrialism of America should not become yesterday’s news, but it should stay our slogan to inspire tomorrow’s invention.


Factories were the strongest target of supplying the job markets in the 1800’s, and today’s supplier is a fast paste industry represented as “Silicon Valley,” the future of artificial intelligence. Those who are perceptive in this area can make thousands in revenue and those who are not fall between the cracks of joblessness. Education is an imperative driver of securing a meaningful future that will stand relevant in tomorrow’s evolutionary change. I stick with the leader who advocates the true vision of America, and not one who cling to our past like a static sock. Obama has the goods for America to grow for that better tomorrow, a stark difference from the ones who are trying to embrace our past while the country’s future in progressive projects languishes. I see the side-liners and distractions the perspective candidates keep throwing into the ring. Attacking the President personally, only discloses their occupation to win without true agendas that they can bring to the forefront of their campaign’s platform that will make them a viable adversary for the presidency.


I hope that we make the right choice come 2012’s election by choosing a president who is not trying to make us pessimistic about the future by embracing the blunders of our past. We need to pick a candidate who cares about our future and the will to evaluate all sides without prejudice or myopic standpoints, but analytical and prudent steps for the best outcome. Obama has proven to conduct his leadership with inherited qualities that surpasses the unfit qualities of his opponents for 2012 upcoming election. America, likes the best in everything we do, and we are a shrew and meticulous society with who we find fit to operate the executive authority of this country. I know many people regretted some of the candidates chosen to serve office over the years. Wisconsin republican Governor Scott Walker has proven to be the biggest elected blunder of 2010. Today, the citizens of the state of Wisconsin are fighting to recall the governor of that state and several republican representatives.


We do not have the opportunity for a recall with federal level officials like in Wisconsin if we make the wrong choice in 2012. Let us make our choice base on the strongest and healthiest messages put forwarded by each challenger. The truth of the matter is that none of them so far carries the right tone to shore up the incumbent of 2012. Obama holds the characteristics of a great president if his base would sponsor an erection that will give him the stamina to speak for the people at large, just like the TEA party given the republicans the capital to pull rank on issues involving their best interest. We are in need of an erection that will speak for the real America, and not for special interests of fat-cat corporations (aka TEA party). We need the party of America to form around real issues to improve our country.


The biggest problems that keep exacerbating the proper growth of this country, is we are mismanaging the departmental categories of our taxation system. Each governmental structure works through generating its own revenue system by taxation and operational charges gear to resource the existence of each department. The government will protect the existence of a failing department that lacks the true revenue generating streams to survive, by sponging off a department that has a robust stream of revenue. The concept of borrowed revenue of one department to rescue a failing department is what gives us the turmoil affect that plagues us today.


We need a plan that upholds achievement not failure, a plan that will stick to the policies that reward good decisions and abhorred the bad decisions. We take the (DOT) for example: the Department of Transportation generates billions in revenue every year, and has the revenue to take on hundreds of new projects in improving our roads and bridges. We are charge for tickets, tolls, license renewal, registration, parking, and moving violations that generate billions of dollars each year in revenue. The proceeds of all those billions of dollars never reach the proper contribution towards improving our infrastructure. The money become misappropriated and absorbed for projects that has nothing to do with our infrastructure. This ongoing behavior has dismantled the safety net systems made to keep this country running with solvency.


The only way to hold the people in Washington DC accountable for their actions come from us standing together and making our voices heard. We are in need for an erection in this country of people who are tired of having politicians playing games with our future.

Moreover, get ready because the campaign of 2012 is going to be a bumpy ride. That’s MMO   


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