Intimidation within Itself

Today’s the day of 9/11 and, the fear that haunted our civil liberties… that threatened the way of life in America has managed to divide America in a nonsensical way. Many people died for no reason on 9/11 because of hatred and radicalism in the hearts of people who don’t value life. Their biggest hope was to abolish the unanimity that appeases the center core familiarity of our democracy. The vile actions of the cowards that attacked America on that dreadful day tore apart our financial system sending Wall Street into a tailspin for several days.

We managed to develop a support structure that resonated amongst us all and treated each other with respect because it was the American way! Today, the patriotism that filled the atmosphere back then was surreal for the time it lasted compared to the divide we’re facing in America at this very moment. We had coined their purpose of devastating our financial system, separating our unity and breaking down our democracy. The selfish behavior of our legislators to take down our President; no matter what it may cost America, only plays the tune of victory for the extremists in this world.

The critical nature of what religion and indigenous legitimacy of the President shows the mainstream bigotry of those who thinks a black man should never hold the prestigious position of the executive office of United States. They never question John McCain’s natural born position of citizenship, although he was born on a ship outside the waters of this land. They accuse him of being prejudice, although he was born from a white mother and race by white grandparents. How long will this ignorance continue to mobilize within the conservative party… the treason in this country against President Obama by the same officials who pledge their allegiance to the flag?

The same people, who helped put Obama in the house, are the same people sitting there while the Republicans and this reformed KKK called the TEA Party have shown their true colors during the passage of the HealthCare bill. Please don’t mistake my intentions, I know that a big chunk of the TEA Party are good noble and open-minded people, it just the people who are leading them distorting the fray. This is what has helped the extremist win their war. The more we fight against each other only makes our country weaker and, causes the real intimidation within amongst ourselves.

The lies that has plagued this country by those who don’t want to share the burden of taxes on this country like everybody else, eviscerates the fabric of this country’s solvency. The face-lift this country needs, stems from the deepen negligence of our healthcare, infrastructure, financial system’s reformation and government’s structure change. The whole allocation of enhancing such a tremendous task takes an investment of huge acquisition. Balancing a deficit in a climate that spent billions outside this country eight years ago and never mattered – when finally after eight years we have a President who wants to invest in our country, people gets upset “unbelievable.”

The blatant disrespect of this country just because their pure hatred for a President who stop the downturn of this country’s economy and bringing us out of a restrictive implosion of the financial stream. The Republicans talk about the stimulus never worked is an overstatement and alienates the truth from reality. The politicians raised and created a falsehood of trust in America’s political climate. Wacko preachers, who allege on burning (Korans) the holy bible of Muslims, are threatening civil and religious liberties. The same frustration they felt during the eight years of Bush morphed into a state of detention of our freedoms.

The Republican Party has undermined the voters of the 2008 election; by thinking, they’re so stupid not to recognize their true obstruction of the democratic process and their highjack of the economy’s recovery. Only fooling themselves to believe they will win back the house when they loss organization within their own party. Their whole party went out-to-lunch and haven’t come back to serve the welfare of this country… tells it all for the support of improving America. With this type of attitude by our leaders – soothes the growing pains of divide in this country. The total observation of the hostile demeanor explains the intimidation within itself that controls the people on the edge; waiting for the right words or combination of phrase to set off their rage.

Please America, don’t let the extremist win by employing their first intentions of dismantling the unity of this country – because we are better than they are and it’s a fact. God blessed the lives loss on 9/11 and the families who are still suffering their absence. That’s the MMO.


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