Everyday people use words to express action of communication and some words still does not quite characterize the action of people. The title of this post comes from the action of all those politicians who seems to show hypocrisy with their position on Libya and the functionality of executive authority. I find President Obama acted within the framework of his executive privilege and right as the President of this great country, with the handling of Libya. On March 1, 2011, the senate overwhelmingly voted for resolution 85 a no fly zone using military involvement in Libya that sanction the President’s decision to act. What strikes me is Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich a democrat of the Ohio-10th district is calling President Obama actions an impeachable offense. This is coming from a man who bitten into a wrap chicken sandwich, and wanted to sue the restaurant for an olive seed that he claimed damage his teeth.


The problem with Dennis is he unsuccessfully tried running for the presidency, and failed at his endeavor in the first round, jealousy, I will let you be the judge. The President is in his right to use logistical air support for humanitarian and tactical engagement without the congressional consultation. The only time when the President must get the consent of congress is when he must declare a full-scale war that will involve ground troops under an open-ended schedule that require an costly sum. The President’s morning starts with briefings that hold a vital interest in foreign and domestic concerns that is not privy to every member of congress. We all know the leaking of information in the past when it came into the wrong hands, and this is the reason some minute measures the President must take will fall outside the knowledge of congress as executive privilege, until he scrutinize the importance of that information.


The President first priority is always and foremost is to protect the American citizens, which he did by clearing all Americans out of Libya. The President than acted by approving an all out interest multilaterally with the UN Security Commission before taken on an no fly zone procedure against Libya. Throughout our involvement with the Libya situation, we managed successfully stopping Khadafy from committing genocide in his own country. The President gets my full approval and compliment on how he handled the Libya intervention. The republicans are warmongers who sees this as an opportunity to exert forcible engagement for the removal of Khadafy. Applying such tactics only commit us to another war dependence country, this will only leave us liable for the quagmire that will manifest in the end.


The oval office held a certain demanding respect, and those who held office received revere criticism, never in the history of previous presidents has such distasteful rhetoric were use to descript a president. When President Obama was candidate Obama in 2008, he never stooped as low as the rightwing nuts with his criticism during his candidacy. Today, President Obama still conducts his character with the same classy demeanor he shown during his 2008 candidacy. We, the people, appoint those to office according to their level of diplomacy, and not just base on loud mouth rhetoric of ignorance. President Obama, will win a second term because he has a unique quality that appeals to this country and the world.


Two years ago, our standards of foreign appeal around the world stood in sixth place. Today, a Gallop poll shows our favorable approval rating is as follows:


Country Approve Disapprove

United States                            47%                             25%

Germany                                   40%                             17%

France                                       39%                             22%

Japan                                        37%                             19%

United Kingdom                    35%                             23%

China                                         31%                             27%

Russia                                       27%                              31%


The above status report is a vital interest that sustains a parallel balance of who we are as a number one power player of the world. Two years ago being the world’s leader with a misfit approval rating only served the interest of Al Qaeda extremist. We are gaining allies across the world because we have a President that does not poke his nose at every country who refuses to capitulate to our demands or interest. The candidates of 2012 for the republicans are people that do not have an agenda or proper management qualities needed to lead this country. Last year’s shellacking put a streamline of TEA Party Candidates in congress and gubernatorial positions around this country that have taken on a mandate to shot down the middleclass. Will this country become so displace with their personal feelings that we will allow this crusade to take down the stability of the working class by republicans, depends on us as a country.


They are attacking the stability of programs through defunding and abolishing those programs that poor people and working class need to function in their everyday lives. I listened to the lies and misconception the republicans continues to push on America, and the crazy talk of felonious speech by a airhead like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and disgrace characters like Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee can only lead this country into a civil war. My reason for talking in such outrageous terms stems from their rhetoric against priority needs of this country’s working class interest.


When can we act as responsive individuals that can work together to solve the neck wrenching tribulations this country faces. I do not care rather you are democrats or republicans, when it comes to solving the imminent conundrums of this country. We are Americans and stand under one nation, one flag, one God, and one honor for the betterment of this country. When two soldiers are in battle they protect and die as one, black or white, democrat or republican, and Muslim or Catholic had never play a role in war for those soldiers. We can learn a lot from 9/11 when every New Yorker shared the pain and hurt of that tragic day. Please people I know we are better than we pretend, and I know that republicans and democrats can do so much more…, if we work as one government body to resolve our economic challenges.


Let us not be fooled by the deception that causes the misbehaving of this country towards each other, because the bible already claimed our future perfectly. The enemy we face the bible foretell this in Genesis 16:11-14 says that Ishmael the son of Hagar will be bless with a nation of kings and they will be wild men that will be against their brethren. You see the living bible words come to fruition through Al Qaeda forces in the Middle East. Jesus said, “There will be war and rumor of war and this will just be the beginning of our sorrows.” Nothing is new under the sun to the Lord so we must become closer to God in our everyday lives. Barack H. Obama was sent to reverse the chaos George W Bush gotten us into and this confuses those who do not know the power of the Lord.


They attack the character of the man and not so much his policies, and it is because they know his policies fits right for America no matter how they try to railroad every guiding principle Obama put forth without giving us one alternative. I know we can do better than questioning President Obama birth records, as if our vetting process is so incompetent that a Kenya citizen can manipulate our security system so easily. His mother would loss all sense of purpose to know that being a white woman in this country the moral turpitude of the birthers only prove their ignorance and dislike for respecting a black man’s right, to legitimately exhort executive authority in America. Bush cheated his first year in office, and yet his legitimacy to hold office was favored in the eyes of America.


Until we learn how to love one another for the content of our character, and not for the color of our skin this world will be a better place were part of MLK beliefs. The hypocrisy in this country by politicians makes them untrustworthy in the eyes of the people they serve, and this is what compelled me to make up the word hypocratic. This year we actually need to look in the mirror before we judge our sisters or brothers because we all deserve the benefit of some respect. That’s MMO

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