Vile Indignation

Vile Indignation

The democratic process has always engaged in the passionate conduct. Over the years, it transforms the mudslinging that resulted in harsh and ill-minded feelings but, in a small display, decency played a minor-league role somehow. The agony of defeat can impose on the emotions of the one who must concede to the victor. Graciously, and humbly accepting a loss is always the most dignify way to behave after a defeat by a concession speech, which advocates goodwill and solace for your opponent future position. The norm of such apparent actions looks almost inevitably a non-starter for Donald’s vile indignation when he losses on Election Day! The theme pushed by Donald and his surrogates, “This election is rigged” echoes like a beating drum that questions the integrity of the democratic process as fraudulently fixed to change the outcome in his opponent’s favor. Deflecting the self-inflicted wounds from a Hollywood Access video that surface – where he admitted to sexual criminal acts he felt entitled to.

The vile indignation delivered by the Trump campaign sets a new low for politics. When losing an election fairly, and you fictitiously create doubt in the integrity of the electoral process through dangerous baseless conspiracies – chaos is the only outcome. Can we continue to accept the divisive rhetoric in this election course? The media lowered the bar when they started peddling hack emails through a known source of unscrupulosity reporting as a reliable and truthful player of information. WikiLeaks is a controversial element resource linked to Russia as a conduit to deliver unsavory information to the public. They target their enemies in the name of public interest that empowers the citizens in world societies with much-needed revelations against governments, and powerful individuals. The scary thing about an outfit like WikiLeaks is that anytime, they could reverse their target collection by violating the private servers containing information without regards.

The media must maintain some integrity measures that show responsible journalism as a model they thrive on without compromise. They should display-investigated journalism as a badge of honor. Yeah, sure, many people would like to have sound-bite news that penetrates the hidden walls of secrecy regardless how it was obtained, but “careful on what you wish for!” National Security is at stake; when you endorse information acquire by (Russian Hackers) those who have the capability to intrude upon financial, military, and private business systems carrying vital and relative public information. Any security breach of that proportion would devastate our norms, and Donald Trump is encouraging Russia to invade the privacy of his opponent for political gains. I, myself, find it impossible that the danger signs of supporting a presidential candidate with vile indignation that Donald J Trump possess seems disturbing and un-American. Thank God, we only have a third of un-American people in the country that supports Trump, because the two/third is the Americans that keep some type of sanity for a robust and balanced nation to exist.

You can think of my modest opinion on the subjects as over the top, but the entire election cycle is over the top. Standard practices of civil engagement are like some foreign operation that deem civility as capitulating or compromising your position, so insulting and embarrassing your opponent is more feasible – changes the decency of a goodwill system in politics. I call it as I see it. The supporters of Donald Trump are deplorable people who feel fact base principles need not apply for a rational discussion, and conspiracies are the viable practice to a more realistic society. Their chagrin exposes strive that propels the parapet of conviviality as a challenging opposition that destroys decent-proposals. They are the people who foment unrealistic statistics that serve their appetite for hate – until they cannot see the aspect of truth in an economy that constructively afforded them job increases, not decreases. The flaccid health system that denied preexistent sickness, which jeopardizes the lives of hundreds of thousands in America from receiving the health care they deserved. Today, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) reverse the death rate of people who died from insurance companies refusing care for preexisting sickness, an outcome that produced thousands of early deaths in America.

Our dependency on foreign oil has diminished dramatically during President Obama eight years tenure, making us a more autonomous nation from the years prior to his presidency. The representation on the foreign and domestic stage by the Obama family is without a doubt astonishing and esteemed in the eyes of the world… something we all can take pride with seeing in a family. This president diplomacy only presented great orator abilities that demonstrated poise, analytical consciousness, and at times professorial in his vernacular but never too overwhelming for one to comprehend. President Obama’s demeanor programmed a model persona that complimented the opposition who tried to sabotage every position or proposal he embraced… a climate that never reduces him to combative and irrational thinking or dereliction of his presidential duties. I have nothing but appreciation for a family and president who can possess such high qualities that the Obama’s shown yet, the Trump supporters hold some sort of aberration for our first black presidential family seems amusing.

The Trump supporters’ racial animus is so obvious that they rather see a birdbrain embarrassment in the oval office just because they cannot get over the fact that a black man ran this country for eight years – shows the division in this country is rooted from the stem of ignorance more so than realistic concerns. Most of the people who want their country back to iterative and stagnated principles are the very people who benefited from President Obama’s economic management of this country, despite the republicans’ dereliction of their sworn constitutional duties. Stupidity is bliss…! We can never achieve economic prosperity by austerity because it acts contrary to the elite’s key component of capitalism, which thrives from the consumption of debt. Conservatism opposes the operation of a robust economy base on capitalism because of the stagnation effect derails economic viability. Reducing sovereignty conditions into a oppress state that inflates monetary conditions, which will devour the value of goods and service that hinders growth. The government must always maintain prudently and rationally economic spending posture with every expenditure undertake by a government as responsible stewards that represent the people’s currency, but we cannot derail progress for the name of conservatism.

The republicans want to create a system of plutocracy for the good of conservatism knowingly. Their master plan bears the banner of separatism that will historically heist the safety net system right from under our noses, so they can privatize entitlement programs making it a risk factor program for the stock market to experiment and engage in frivolous exercises to gain wealth. Anytime the republicans run the oval office, we are plunged into a recession when they leave office – burdening the successor who normally is a democrat with the reality of raising taxes to get our fiscal house in order. We saw this fiscal irresponsibility of the republicans play out repeatedly throughout our economic history. I cannot fathom the mindset of the median income workers who vote for republicans because they believe their constitutional values are protected under a conservative party, meanwhile; their economic stability is being destroyed simultaneously by conservative principles.

Donald J Trump epitomes a plutocratic system candidate who have not solidify any real policies via public announcement, except for vague rhetoric. Hillary Clinton advocates a robust and unequivocal policy stance in every area that viewpoint goals for this country. Hillary has a history of fighting the fight that represents minorities in this country and received the bruises and cuts that assassinated her character along the way. Heroic events always render the action of regret because we question the performance of our decisions that does not rescue all, but the reality only allows the recovery of a few who must reach for the many for a hero to succeed. Those who say they do not trust Hillary but accepts the barrage of mendacity that flows from the mouth of Donald injects blatant hypocrisy. Donald Trump whole enterprises were built on lies, mistrust, bankruptcies, and astronomical tax deductions that cheated our economic coffers for civil and military services around the world and country.

Donald incredible rant on the integrity of the voting franchise as a rigged system is an invitation to his supporters to take action, “any means necessary” for him to win this election. The subliminal message carries a form of disruptive principles that could inspire a violation of our political process – even fraudulent behavior, which can influence a win for Donald Trump by his supporters. “The dog whistle that encourages his voters to rig this election,” he thinks it is a smart strategy!

I will end my essayistic commentary with this; “we are responsible for our actions this 2016 election.” Electing a president should never make us dilemma on a suitable and logical choice because it is incumbent upon us to put partisan interest aside for us to make a sound and reasonable decision on who represents this country. That type of power cannot be taking in vain because of personal and selfish desires. We need a president with the temperament, poise, encyclopedic wisdom, intuitive nature, as well as experience, and Hillary R Clinton holds the entire gamut. The skill set qualities of Donald, are mediocre at best in comparison to Hillary or will we continue to “cut off the nose to spite the face.” Vote smart this year, vote democrat for prosperity or republican for oppressive policies you make the choice our future depends on it. Thank you for reading God bless you all that is MMO…

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