Morning Stupidity

Morning Stupidity

I cannot fathom or entertain the criticism that cosigned some degree of respectful position for the actions Donald Trump has engaged in over the series of campaign revelations that offset the decency, which is pursuant of the presidency. I have the highest regards for Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and the morning Team that is why I feel disillusioned by their latest opinion on the 2nd Presidential Debate as some sought of winning strategy by Trump’s via performance. Mr. Trump behavior was erratic, combative, accusatory, disengaged, angry, and very juvenile with no penitence or sincere atonement for those he offended. There were no excoriating remarks weighing the dismal behavior of Donald Trump in any serious manner by the Morning Team. Instead, the morning team collapsed on the backbone and strong pundit attitude to inject an honest description that references truth, by implying those Trump dissenters in the Republican Party should feel regretful. Mika went as far as calling the dissenters, “pathetic, weak, and spineless.”

Comments like those that Morning Joe Team peddles, unfortunately, can mislead a segway understanding that perpetuates a determine force of people that feels obligated to support someone like Trump. Joe’s team diminishing the importance of calling out the madness that surface in the video of Donald Trump, exposed this past Friday as something not shocking for the misguided individuals who support for Donald is influential media-hype; explains the fact-free rhetoric of Trump comes from impropriety concerning the media responsibility to vet Donald’s claims. Donald has managed to maneuver the political landscape unchallenged, unscathed, and purposely enabled by the news-flash interest of journalism over fact base reporting, so we get the results of a Donald Trump supported by the typical association of bigotry.

Joe, Mika, and the Morning Team are a popular opinion of propaganda, buffoonery, and discontent for a realistic point of view. The complicit nature that compelled those journalists to condone the misbehavior of an idiot like Donald Trump, and now the frightened discourse has surrendered a shred of decency to appear – now publication is feeling responsible enough to report a long waited truth about Trump by doing something that should be generic seems hypocritical. The makeup system for total disrespect for one of the most analytical, prolific, professorial president that tenure the walls of the nation’s executive office; still cannot get you right-wing conspirators to put the title “president” before his name, being black or brown in this country is a hardship! I see the biased rhetoric that gets a push in some clandestine manner derailing truth by ‘Morning Stupidity’ only astounds me that such arrogance can be so contagious. MMO… over and out.

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