Wake Up America!!

Wake Up America!!

Unveiling the truth always hurt but we must confront today’s combustive atmosphere orchestrated by a nostalgic nature to conserve an order of oppressive ideas that is baked-into antithesis behavior, which rivals the status-quo of progression. The key component that creates the Frankenstein illusion, which says, “Change is bad.” The phrase that echoes the society of the alt-right begins with thinking in a cocoon of freeze-framing a desired measure of time adopted through parental influence of the good old days. The hidden animus that opposes libertarian propriety and the will to enjoy practical freedoms endowed with equitable entitlement. No, no one can qualify the comfort of their kind; a foolish supreme race of people that prejudices comes uniformly through isolation and enslavement of others.

The 2016 Presidential Debate….

What can conspire the notion that prescript the mind frame that ignorance is the capital conclusion for plenary control over those different or an outfit that breaches your constituted ideas. Trump has gain habitual support from people who believe in capital conclusion; the aristocratic station of wealth that commands the right to unfairly mistreat, disrespect, intimidate, assassinate, and take advantage of others without consequences being dole out. Although, Trump’s supporters don’t sway his capital conclusion, they are inspired by his character to possess that optical-illusion of that rich slave master who ran the plantation humanely, but always made sure his slaves knew their place in life according to the good old days. So, they want to make “America Great Again” is not some inclusive idea that stretches a welcome mat for all walks of life… it regions only extends the shores of the feeble minded folks.

The Presidential Debate Fact Check…..

Many people cannot imagine that those types of people still exist. They do and their insane ideology was breast-fed from childhood through generation after generation, by no fault of their own except for pure ignorance. The Alt-Right generational influence is diminishing slowly but steadily over years, and because of a new interactive generation springing out of the trenches of the womb capable of overcoming generational prejudices due to advancement in technology. Technology allows them to learn and interphase pluralistic involvement that evade the superstitious persuasion maintain by paternalistic ideas passed down over the years that isolated inclusion. About 58% of republicans suffer the fate of prejudice persuasion passed down by their parents, which offsets the balance of equality, through the lens of conservatism, capitalism, austerity, and drape under the guise of fiscal-responsibility that infringes upon the freedom of progression.

The identity of myopic thinking people can always be notice by their antisocial characteristics, and their obstipation to compromise with reason no matter if the circumstances of wrong devalue their argument. They will cut off their nose to spite their face. They will convince themselves as a majority rule although they are really the minority, and if they lose, an argument or vote it is to a detriment regarding their ego no matter if the outcome is advantageous for both sides. They’re the imperialistic archives that pillage continents, countries, cities, and towns by any means necessary. The minions that supports Donald Trump believes in his declaration that taking the oil of an sovereign nation of people is a good thing without the burden of consequences, otherwise, “fair-gain” is how they see things.

Hillary Clinton Emails Is Just A Distraction…..

They have ostracize President Obama by delegitimizing him as one who is not considered a natural citizen base on their own loony belief, and Trump carried the mantle that raise the flag of the birther movement against our first black president. It did not matter if he’s truly a citizen, and the vetting process to becoming a president of this country is so rigorous, no, their goal was to punish the majority vote that put him in office, starting right from besmirching the executive station they held at such high regards once a black man presence grace its walls. The republicans in congress blatantly stopped the operation of practical function – by refusing to carry out the people’s business granted under the constitution as a mandatory sword oath of office requirement. The republicans short-change the mandate given by the people for President Obama to mitigate the burden of the financial crisis brought on by irresponsibility of governmental malfeasance. The right-wing unhappiness with having a black man control the sanctity of their must honorable enterprise did not sit-well for them so they denigrate its authoritative value by not serving the due-diligence of office obligated by the constitution.

These people call themselves patriots and loyal citizens when it fit their criteria only, and when it do not go their way, well, this country is going to hell in a hand basket, we are in dire straits and all hope is loss scenarios are the way they paint the picture of our country’s future. Because rational thinking people still exist is the only reason why their alternate reality can have an inkling of existence. Yes, we are the good of the world you wrongly consider the minority who balances this world from the chaos system implemented by your ludicrous ideology that only impoverish the growth of prosperity. You may think you’re the majority rule, and scorn at the idea of us superseding your authority by a faux minority belief, but we have outnumbered you since the 1900’s and expanding in population despite your eugenic programs and divisional tactics. They crippled the mandate of President Obama by austerity and divisionary propaganda that make us think we living in Gotham City the capitol of dire circumstances under our first black president – now they on the verge of duping us again by default, just because we think our first black president let us down. No, the contrary is we let our first black president down by giving him a filibustering congress of republicans.

“What Is Aleppo?” Gary Johnson Intelligence Crisis…

We cannot afford them to paint this picture of dystopia before us about President Obama left alone uphill battle achievements, as the worse thing since natural disaster hit this planet, on the contrary we must build on his achievements so it can become a realistic fixture in our lives by electing Hillary R Clinton for our next president. Gary Johnson is the biggest hoax since Santa Claus and an implant by the conservative to extract from Hillary’s chances of winning this election. Donald Trump doesn’t even mention this guy name, and it is because he knows it keeps him competitive with Hillary from blowing him out the water. A Narcissist like Donald would have attack Gary Johnson a long time ago if he thought for one moment he was interfering with his lead in anyway. My advice to all undecided voters that will never go for Donald but have reservation with voting for Hillary, so you think wasting a vote on a third or fourth place candidate is a statement. It will not value you in anyway and it will guarantee Donald Trump chances of succeeding in this election. The consequences of making an ill-advice statement could mean the next four years of a crook, liar, cheat, irrational, bloviating idiot the keys to the most prestige executive position ever, just to destroy our lives is the most dangerous thing we can do. Just look at the true patriotic Americans in the Republican Party that put country over party coming to the aid of Hillary Clinton by crossing over should tell you young people something about the importance with voting this year and voting for the right person matters base on dissident republicans’ actions. Please young people and undecided voters use sound judgment when casting your votes this election, and may The Most High Bless You All MMO out.

Gary Johnson Brain Freeze Makes Him A Joke…

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