The Donald, The Ricky Of Our Future

The Donald


The Ricky Of Our Future

ricky_of_the_futureMany would say that the presidential primary of 2015 and 2016 delivered a roller coaster ride that held a hidden gem of surprise, at least on the GOP side. Seventeen candidates competing for the right to become the one left standing to represent the Republican Party for president of the United State of America. The emerging candidate who out performed sixteen political candidates of governmental experience – the insiders who seem lightly to capture the presumptive position as the standard-bearer for the GOP presidential nominee never stood a chance against the inexperience, obnoxious, loudmouth, unorthodox contestant named Donald J Trump.

Donald a self-claimed billionaire who borrowed 14 million dollars from his father that helped launched his real-estate business that exponentially exceeded his father’s real-estate business. Donald has managed to supersede all expectations by turning his skills taught by his father in real estate, and the political influence of his father’s into an enormous empire that facets reached the shores of Atlantic City, New Jersey’s fabulous casino & hotels. Donald in his own rite secured his place as a tycoon in the casino industry, and trademarked the Trump name into a logo that symbolized success. Donald’s brand has become a well know emblem throughout the world in the executive clothesline to the hotel apparatus globally.

Call it an enigma that manifested itself into a nightmare for the Republican Party leaders, when their presumptive nominee turns up to be Donald J Trump. The GOP leadership slowly and cold-heartedly extended their hands of commitment and acceptance, as they stagnantly endorsed Donald Trump, but how will they manage to stand by his side, how will they convince those whom just can’t crossover to embrace a elected presidential nominee that was chosen by the primary electorate? The dilemma that the GOP faces is more of a manufactured predicament than a coincidental misfortune of bad karma. Let’s replay our thoughts for just a moment….

Donald announces his bit for the presidency….

Back in 2011 when President Barack Obama was running against Mitt Romney as an incumbent candidate, the country along with the GOP tried to delegitimize Barack H Obama as an illegal immigrant. One of the most outspoken mouthpieces in the disgraceful accusations was no other than Donald Trump. Donald carried the banner for the birther movement; the movement that claimed President Obama was born in Kenya, therefore he does not qualify to be president under the constitution. When journalist asked members of the GOP the question about Obama’s birth status, they retorted with Disingenuous and vague responses that inflamed the insanity. We must come to the realization that this country called America has always practice racial animus that set a divide in America since the civil war.

Donald rode the horse of that animus right into today’s currency that voted him as the republican presumptive presidential nominee for 2016 to face the formidable democratic presumptive presidential nominee Hillary R Clinton for the general election. Bernie Sanders ignited a platform as a presidential candidate of the Democratic Party that galvanized young people in such a revolutionary way, he help set the tone of socialism through a looking glass, which implicates an economic unfairness perpetuated by the 1% money earners as creating a plutocratic society.

Although, Donald ran under the GOP banner, his unorthodoxy cultivate a estrange mannerism that has attracted the republican base as a candidate who defies the status-quo. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus finding it impossible to keep Donald outbursts in check, so he pretend to have some grips on the situation without pulling all his hair out. The republicans problem did not started with Trump. The GOP problem started when they decided to use the plight of fear as their secret weapon in a subliminal form that painted the picture, “the other guy is much worse than me,” scenario. Donald taken their same tactic to the fifth power and ran with it unchallenged, which wiped out their entire presidential line-up for 2016 primary. Conviction of principles is noble attributes anyone could respect but when you dishonestly embellish reality to create doubts in the minds of voters so you can gain advantage is despicable.

The GOP has lost the respect of their constituents while in the same practice managed to divide this country through racial animus. Donald may have become the recipient who benefited from the social disorder created by the GOP, and now they are stuck with this Frankenstein circumstances that can effectually send losses down-ballot this November 2016 election. Donald announced his candidacy on racial epithets against Hispanic immigrants in an accusatory way that incites a disproportionate segment of this country to galvanize around his racial platform. Donald beefed-up his insanely divide rhetoric by talking wall building, and deportation that aroused the hidden desires of racial animus lurking in the hearts of this country, which were oozing to explode into some, “take our country back,” episode. A marketing genius, Donald himself has always claim to be, used that impetus of ‘us against them’ secret code by subliminally converting it into the slogan, “Make America Great Again.” GOP had to known Donald’s platform slogan would help him not only galvanize the bitter taste people has for Washington DC, but set the momentum that afforded his win over sixteen other republican candidates.

Slogans are a keystone generator that can inspire support for those who really do not have any substantial policies or positive message. What a slogan does is open up a psychological initiation of feeling a part of a movement structure that supports your internal thoughts – even if the massaging may derail from your original excitement. Slogans can make you order a menu of items just to get one particular item that you desire. President Obama wired the minds of support with, “Yes We Can” in a time of economic distress. It fulfilled the impetus that an underdog situation can defeat the rich and powerful who crippled the economy through hope and perseverance of a unify America. The power of a slogan can make an army of three hundred; defeat an enemy of two thousand, just through the pure version of inspiring words.

Donald is not a prolific speaker, and he do get off message with conspiracies but he holds an unrelenting support among people who believe he can supply jobs. He leads Hillary Clinton in two categories that she should be leading in strongly, and that is the economy 51% to 43% and keeping America safe 50% to 46%, Donald leads in both polls. Seems bizarre that someone with no political experience can be leading one with extreme political experience – just do not add up… or maybe this country is so misled on the political process that they are deceived to believe that Donald can stir us on the right course undoubtedly.

Now moving forward to today’s currency, Hillary still has a shackle of nondisclosures involving emails, and the Clinton’s Foundation. Relevantly, the conundrum faced by Hillary and her campaign surrounds the questions dealing with the “integrity of trust,” something every voter has the right to inquire about before they support the position of employing anyone to the highest office in the land…! Although, Donald is the most unworthy opponent any opposition has ever faced. Donald has a workable path to victory if Hillary does not bury this lingering excerption of her character that continues to paint the picture of untrustworthiness as her hallmark nature of her modus operandi. The structure of Washington and Government as a whole has gone distorted, not because their own infractions and lust for money and power, but by the general failure of citizens that curves the responsibility to hold their public official to their sworn obligations. The obligatory methods of due diligence falls under the constitution oath every public official within civil service must be held to as a standard, we the people is the check and balance that assures those public responsibilities are met honestly and judicially according to constitution law.

Every public official come in with modest yearly salaries, but leave office with a hefty millionaire status after a four-year term seems incredibly genius on an accountant standpoint, would not you say… so yes you can suggest the system is corrupted and broken. The private sector monstrously operates in this environment of productive exchange as a natural way to do and conduct business, which we consider quid pro quo when our public servant behaves under such criteria. The management of government incorporates and intertwines the same criteria of the private industries as an everyday perspective to conduct the people’s affairs under plenary intentions without consequences or public scrutiny. Yes, we the people gave the government the platform to operate with such infractions that has reached epic proportions! Now, we must live with the monster we created.

So if we think that Donald Trump would be this personality that will conspire to take down a system that uses the very practices he himself describe to throughout his entire business life is a total wishing-well of nonsensical intelligence that blinded the rabbit who thought the snake was his ally over the wolf. Donald would use the authoritative control of presidential powers as his investment pool of profit to the forth power. He has no intentions to “Make America Great Again,” but he does have every intention to make his bankrupt pockets great again. We are trying to vindicate a known manipulator, as an eligible person for office just because he is not Hillary, than one need to recalibrate their judgment before making such foul and flagrant mistake.

Let me ask a question as a quick survey to gauge who are the intelligent voters. Let us say you were in a burning building on the top floor. Let us say you’re given a choice to have someone rescue you. Your choice is between an arsonist who never been convicted but says he’s great at rescuing people out of burning buildings or a firefighter with great experience and a stellar report for saving people out of burning buildings, but was accused of allegedly starting a few fires but it was never proven, who would you choose? Those who would choose the arsonist are the people who have become aghast with the status-quo so they are willing to take a chance on the unfamiliar, the outsider no matter how dangerous it may seem. Those who chosen the firefighter are those who are the rational thinker and regards the abilities of an experience person who carries a scar of culpability but bears the mindset of a heroic operator.

Donald Trump is the arsonist that will set fire to our entire governmental apparatus for the purpose of his own amusement for power and greed with having executive authority over a massive system that is out of his reach of intellectually understanding or the capability to grasp the level of deliberate recourse. Hillary Clinton is the firefighter that has cause concern with her wiliness to play ball in the prohibited area of life without good explanation. She never gives up the fight with trying to recover the infractions of her actions with deeds that may get lambast by opposition because of her foul plays, but it never makes her discourage from holding her head high. Overall, Hillary experience is a definite product of stability and practical judgment with operating executive authority of global importance.

Donald have not cited one legitimate policy except for building a wall that will make America look like an asylum for the Red Army, instead of a shining city on a hill that President Ronald Reagan envisioned. We are America not an internal prison of ignorance that portraits itself as an isolationist as if a wall can only reveal. Donald Trump is a clueless rhino-skinned myopic thinking racist, who is clever enough to mislead hundredths of thousands by the animus of their own prejudice nature that brought us Jim Crow, slavery, and the civil war that diminished the very harmony to the right to freedom and the pursuit of happiness as a prelude. Donald idea for courting minority voters is by invective rhetoric that is so condescending that it almost sounds like a threat. He thinks he could convince a certain demographic of people that their dystopian lifestyle is dangerously in jeopardy, unless they cast their votes for him because he alone has the answers for the safeguards that will prevent them from being shot…! How apprehensive can he become?

Hillary can springboard her lead over Donald permanently by coming clean with her email infractions, and just ride the wave of people opinions in hope that they will overlook her misdemeanors as a human with flaws but not total improprieties, because once the smoke clears she would have complete advantage without a closet filled with worries. I think a sincere commitment of reversing the narrative with her email controversies from the hands of the GOP by confessing the truth on primetime news. I think it is time to put this general enigma away for good Hillary – all or nothing! I want her to take all fifty states from this bloviating idiot Donald Trump. I think it is doable because America eyes will open enough to start seeing Donald for the true person he really is inside, which I believe will ruin his monetary interest in this country.

Donald love for Putin is something we should worry about….

There is no limit to how far or low he would go just to gain advantage over people, just look how he managed to make money by increasing the rent space in Trump Towers for his campaign headquarters by 75% from the original price of $34,458 during the primary to $169,758 for the general according to Huffington Post. If Donald wins this election, we have three entities to thank! The media with their inability to vigorously report and investigate Donald’s illegalities in several areas, the republicans for their irresponsible role to exaggerate the eligibility of their presidential candidate as legit even though they know he’s a fraud, and Russia’s cyber-attacks on our voting system’s infrastructure accountability as a trustworthy apparatus. I feel that there are major ties to this republican presidential nominee and Vladimir Putin than we literally expect. Maybe our Media and Internal Affairs should vet the potential relations of these implications.

I do think that the FBI has disgracefully attempted to tip the scale against Hillary Clinton right from the start, and the Director James Comey, has conducted a bias interest by pursuing the email controversy with such dilemma in hashing the conclusion of his findings, report, and recommendation concerning the email saga with continuing circumstances as his final analysis. Donald factual character holds the elements of untruth, underhanded dealings, unprepared, unfit, and just unbelievably confusing that a person like Donald can manipulate the entire country almost unilaterally seems bizarre. Yet I respect Donald’s ability of persuasion and unorthodoxy from the norm. Nevertheless, this country is responsible for the future of this country by their decision on what candidate they choose to lead the conundrums of United States in November.

Revealing the reality of today, again, racial tension has become the vanguard topic of discussion when the hands of police officers killed two black men. These repeated incidents come in the wake of exemplary work by local law enforcement apprehending a terrorist just days before. We respect and honor the work done by the law enforcement personnel on all levels but the lives of our citizens are the primary reason we employed enforcers of law in the first place… so the resonating anger is an anticipating flow among those citizens who feel targeted. The solution for both sides of this equation will take more than marches, riots, push-back, rhetoric by pundits whose life do not reflect the conscious realities of those who are suffering although, optical exposure is needed to shine light on the problem.

The real engagement must come through revealing that this is a divided country monetarily, and greed has set precedence over those who are impoverish due to the very laws that aggregate wealth base on unjust usury by conglomerates, governments, and principalities designed to extract without fair reciprocity. Donald is the biggest recipient of such aristocracy, so he may pander to those with kind insults as he tries to relate to regular people, but don’t believe the hype! Donald has gain wealth by scheming, skimming, and skipping out of obligations to contractors and vendors for monies owed. The man is a brilliant manipulator.

The Birther Candidate should release his taxes or the proof he’s being audited….

Donald says he’s going to make everything great again… bring the country back to the good old days when America was great. My sentiment to his punch-line rhetoric of rolling back the clock of rear-view enthusiasm can only mean one thing, oppression and despair for those who aren’t like us policies. He will rake America of every percent in taxation schemes that will increase our debt to the 6th power while using the treasury’s coffer to pay-down his personal domestic and foreign debt a conflict-of-interest we cannot afford. This is Donald Trump real reason why he refuses to release his tax information to America but he wants America to employ him to a executive position managing our lives, a one sided deal we must consider vigorously. Show America your tax returns or the audit papers that says you’re being audit, Mr. Donald Clever Trump! Donald pushed President Obama to reveal his birth credentials; well the country is challenging you to reveal the audit papers, Mr. Donald Clever Trump.

“Maybe I do the tax returns, when Obama does his birth certificate.”

Tonight, it’s the first presidential debate between Hillary and Donald. Everyone thinks it will be a close debate, and the underdog Donald Trump has a low-bar to hurdle because of his outside status to politics. Donald’s camp says he has not prepared for this debate, according to traditional sense; he’s just going to step into this debate as a sub-base candidate. Hillary’s camp feels Donald will be graded on a curve, making her performance a steep hill to climb. I believe that not only is Donald studying, but also he’s fully prepared, although they pushing the narrative of a low sell for his performance.

This entire presidential debate tonight will depend on how NBC News anchor Lester Holt moderates the presidential debate. Impartiality, fact base intervention, and time allowance control should take precedence in Lester Holt management of this debate. How Lester Holt moderates the debate tonight, will definitely determine the outcome of this debate for both sides. Hillary has an edge if there’s a communal exchange between her and Donald, but an all out fight-fest gives Donald the edge because his persona craves that type of atmosphere. We will see, what remain to be seen tonight from all three key components that will sure bring us all to a questionable and opinionated tomorrow.

And again, I cannot begin to state the importance of the ‘get out in vote campaign,’ and the various factor it serves the public when we have a full turnout vs. a low turnout electorate this year, so I urge everyone to get out in vote because it is exclusively vital for 2016’s election! Let’s not make the Donald the Ricky of our future. I pray ‘The Most High’ lead your hearts and minds this coming election, and thanks for reading MMO.

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