The True State of the Union

The True State of the Union

State of the Union 2

We the people have settled into a complacent mindset, that comfortable trust of security, which can surrender you to relinquish freedom. I have examine the social contract of America as a challenge; the place of perfection that the forefathers envision, where freedom can operate as the primary cause, without intrusive endeavors by the government against its citizens.

The true state of the union evaluation report today would have disturbed the founders of the constitution: due to the gross negligence of the three branches of government inappropriate nature of doing business as usual, without ever employing the constitution, the brilliant documents of declaration that underwrites the government role and responsibilities to protect citizen’s natural rights.

We can start our internal critique with congress wiliness to continue to protect the freedoms of corporations and their insatiable way of gaining wealth by extracting from the average citizen. It became a typical bed fellow of business that undermines our social contract of this society; the production of corruption in such a flamboyant manner by our government, only dismantles the framework of the constitution and renders it ineffective. The trust deficit for government amongst its citizens has increase tremendously with valid reasons.

Congress assembly

Just as congress assembles for the President’s State of the Union Address, the people need to assemble to hold their feet to the fire with upholding their sacred trust to our constitution. Those same representatives you see above are the ones who premise in operating proper conduct to the code of ethics; the very same principles enshrined in our constitution, in which ensures the protections of our natural rights will never get encroach upon by the body that was elected to serve the people, has violated that order.

The true state of the union contains broken promises, false rhetoric, scams, hyperbole, and total corruption stoke with the veil of facilitating those in need. Too big to fail corporations formed an alliance with our government, and together they have created a market of trade, which stays consistently opaque to the masses, while they measure their fiat position over this economy. The luminosity of it all is that we have become the assistant model that enables their ability to market our labor and downsize its quality of worth by cheapening job position through minimum wages. This limits jobs, due to individuals need to hold down more than one job, just to maintain their station in life.

Setting the stage for unemployment to continue to keep rising, because of the equilibrium between prices and wages are incredibly unbalance, sustaining an credible lifestyle seems almost impossible for ordinary citizens. Then they dupe us by quantitatively easing indebt derivative of our market with buying up all assets and lower interest to fit their agenda that everything is okay, and we are revitalizing into a recovery. By assuring calm in our market the Federal Reserve went as far as QE4 and continuing… so panic will never become an issue to their lucrative agenda of the New World Order.

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve is the minstrel of monetary delivery, playing and controlling the world’s economy through various instruments, knowing its powers has been ordained by people’s ability to entrust those very powers with consent – making them a god of financial belief; the devil’s advocate. Accordingly and proportionally aggravating poverty throughout the world with accuracy is just some of mitigating and marvelous deceptions orchestrated by the Federal Reserve. Money is just a belief system of interest that governs our ability to interact with others as an acquisition for service and goods on a scale that measures our station to maintain a lifestyle of diversity.

Deficit has taken the world by storm and the primary director that subject us to fall into their web of lies, thus producing a allegiance of monetary enslavement around the globe. The fundamentals of debt is essential for capitalism to exist, therefore, credit play its role with accumulating wealth via interest on that debt by the lender on the borrower under a promissory agreement. The terms in which is set between the lender and borrower can amount to interest that reaches gains of 25 to 700 percent return to the lender in profit, a state of usury that never should had incur.


Taxation is the dimensional enterprise reconstructed by the government to cement their partnership between conglomerates to refer their tax burdens on the citizens of United States of America. The standard purpose of taxation was obligated to rein in money for the egregious operations committed by corporation’s method of preying on the people and environment from charges of overbearing laborious conditions and toxic waste that damage our environment as well as countless other violations. Causing government to setup agencies of protection so citizens and our environment would be sheltered, therefore a tax system was imposed upon corporations. Today, that same tax obligation has gotten referred onto citizens by corporations with the aid of government to withdraw from wages to meet their burdens of taxation.

W4 Form 2

Income tax is a form of taxing for those who profit through capital gains due to product or services rendered to the public at large. Only a business can make a profit versus an individual exchanging personal time and labor for the receivable interest of wages, making it not considered an act of receiving an income, therefore, wages is not a taxable item. What hoodwinked us into willingly acquiescing to their incorporative measures of taxation is the promissory we sign during our hiring status call W4 form, the brilliant device that give the corporations allowance of referring their taxation obligation onto their employees. Congress administered their prowess as a vehicle that serves corporations over the people, by assuaging the corporation’s tax burdens, and by setting up loopholes that extract those burdens, which put the burdens on the backs of the middle class.

Throughout the preamble of the constitution each article gives an instructive premise on government’s role of conduct by the branches of power amongst its citizens. Have government lived up to the principles founded in the framework of the constitution? Well let’s look at how the republicans abandon the social contract of fair wages, affordable housing, and healthcare by labeling it as socialism; a fortress against capitalism and free enterprise, according to their definition as they seek conservatism as the best practices of having unbridled control over our economy. Their manuscript is a self-gratifying mantra used to weaken the social contract, and prevent constructive dialogue from ever reaching its rightful place in our lives.

Their true goals is a simple-minded grenade planted into the heart of those who cannot see pass the explosion of confusion, and these are the people, who get brainwash into believing in the demagoguery that right is wrong, so wrong is the best resolution to aspire, even over their own interest. Those people who aspire to inject their demagoguery into the mainstream become a fugitive of their own paramount interest. Being a member of an extreme group of people has its moment of gratifying imbursement – just look at ordinary statespersons in congress, from senators to representatives who live above the plight of mediocrity even with their modest salaries – after four years become rich.

Self interest does has its place in a despot society, but in a democracy it perpetuate poverty through the granted state of voracity – while enabling levels of scarcity for the unfortunate. The game that’s being played by government against the citizens of this country is a disgrace to our constitutional rights. The true state of our union is in jeopardy of reaching the humble allowance of a true free state, the place where education, healthcare, equal opportunity, fair wages, and natural rights become the primary source we struggle to protect and maintain.

Usually my writing speaks on a wide variety of topics, mainly backing the President and his policies – lately I’ve been a little disappointed by the political landscape as a whole. We must find a way to engage the political arena through a much conducive conduit of attention, which advocates progressive involvement in a subtle but effective manner; less disruptive from the TEA Party method, but diligently as engaging as the rightwing apparatus. The attitude of persuading congress to act with the due-diligence that serve the people’s interest – seems as far fetch as tropical weather in the arctic hemisphere, but in today’s society even the impossible could become possible.

We are in a delicate time where people like Senator Mitch McConnell and Senator John Cornyn, whom of which are both up for reelection, stepped up to the plate of courage with a yes vote that opened the door for other republicans to do the right thing to overcome TEA Party Senator Ted Cruz snob of allowing a simple majority passage of the debt ceiling by filibustering – their change of heart helped passed the debt ceiling with a 67-31 super majority. The craved insane young TEA Party senator, Ted Cruz, again force the hands of fellow republicans in the senate by pushing for a procedural vote through filibustering the 55-43 democrat only, simple majority to pass the debt ceiling – into a super majority procedural vote threshold that put certain republicans on Front Street.

Debt ceiling is a fundamental imperative that has govern the spending liabilities that congress allowed through budget allocations afforded to the president, so he or she can operate the required acquisitions for government to function for debt already incurred. Anyone who thinks disturbing the natural process of those functions is only engaging into dangerous territory and jeopardizing the trust worthiness of the dollar. When you hear and see congress make a mockery of this natural budget process through demagoguery, while they pretend that they are the fiscally responsible party or individual pushing for the safeguards of our tax dollars – they’re selling you the bridge of make-believe. “Make no mistake about it, republicans has proven to be the reckless spenders, whose history shows higher unemployment and big deficits under their tenure in office!”


The prophecy of Revelations, gives great references on the future according to the visions of John the Apostle. The seven churches in the Bible in the book of Revelations represent the timeline of our future. The timeline we are living in as of now, happen to be the church of Philadelphia’s timeline according to Revelations. Many Theologians are oblivious to the word of the Lord, and do not know the appropriate analyzes to the meaning of the churches in Revelations. Those with ears will hear, and those with eyes will see the true meaning of the works of the churches. The last state of churches is Laodiceans, which represents the New World Order of autocratic interactions that will manifest the state of plutocracy.

The many-factors of truth will become convoluted by the growth bluster of rebels trying to persuade those to hearken unto their belief system, while leading infidels into the fire of ignorance. The unveiling prophecies has reached passing of the times in a remarkable way that cannot be elucidated by historians right up until today, because the word of God will not fail…! The religious factions that has embarked upon the innocent to defuse the hopeful into falsely believing they are prophets of the Lord, when the last and true prophet is Jesus Christ himself, and thereafter there will be no more. Jesus Christ is the reason the Book of Revelations became the closure of the Bible Books, making it a sin to add or omit the contents of the Bible, because only a true prophet has that permission to continue God’s words, therefore, there are no more prophets in the world.

The center component of The True State of Union is to revisit the actualities engulfed in the lives of individuals so everyone who reads this will let their people know that our government has hindered natural freedoms due to our lack-luster-actions to do nothing vs. the momentum of a united front with the goal to meet a check and balance of the people’s government. We enable the rich to become richer because of our contributed behavior to desire their products and services. You want cable to lower their prices, then closed your accounts and go without television for awhile, stop using and buying there gadgets of technology and they will come down on their prices. We set the true state of the union, the people, not the president – because his control and position is titular compare to the people.

Stop letting government hold the sacred control on how we live by austerity measures that fatten the pockets of corporations, while putting us in mediocrity through extracting their wealth on the backs of the middleclass. They finagle the gifted notion of securing our debt for the children of the future, while suffering our children of today seems scandalous and downright cruel, because tomorrow is not promise to nobody. They poison our earth and enrich their enterprise by violating the constitution with mockery, while setting the separatism of state as a way of life – you see it in their goal to undermine our voter’s franchise in the states under republican rule.

Now they are invoking the prophecy of the Book of Revelations in chapter 17 about America the Harlot that burns on fire, by trying to build the Keystone Pipeline Project that splits America in half with the pipeline infernal that will burn this whole country, without a way or means of extinguishing the fire. They are enriching themselves by the deadly apparatus that has corroded the mind of those individuals who practice a heart of prejudice intent with laws that protects the actions of vigilantes and bigots under “stand your ground.” The true murderers are the gun makers and law makers, who encourage the proliferation of weapons over the convenience of peace; because there is money in war, just look at the Rothschild’s rise to power.

I must say that we can change the direction of our current state to a more vigorous mobility to step up for the right of the social contract that wraps the very fiber of the constitution as the red, white, and blue of natural freedoms, which represents the bloodshed loss by those who sacrificed their lives for this country. The place where conglomerates loses their power to erect the plutocratic government, in which protects companies over individuals interest – the place that protect our climate future over the monetary programs of federal control.

The True State of the Union depends on us, and the essential will to preserve the constitution over the Federal Reserve power to persuade that interest base on levies that pays for conglomerate’s responsibilities to the people by the people’s promissory that’s unbeknownst to them.

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