Gospel of Love

“Love and happiness,” sounds like the paradox that never allows us to reach the full potential of maximizing true self. We all have and will fall in love one day. The point remains; can love alone ever sustain a happy life? This is a question worth answering. I will try to accessorize the nature of love to keep the beauty of it wholesome. The average marriage per (1000) people in 2005 according to Divorcemag.com was 3.6 — the lowest rate since 1970. That means out of 1000 marriages 27.77 ends in divorce and pessimistically that is 27.77 too many. The optimist view of it all is that since 1970 it gotten better.

Speaking of divorce in such terms almost sounds like divorce is an expecting occurrence using the words pessimism and optimism. The veracity of it all is that people marry for all sorts of reasons besides being in love. Money, security, sexuality, fascination, promissory, imprudence, obligation, culpability, and a host of reasons that has nothing to do with love. I found love more than once in my life and, some may say it is “overrated,” when you compare the beginning to the end. The components of love consist of a well balance mixture of so many other priorities woven to support its foundation.

Two people in the beginning, love every moment spent together, at least this was the case for me in my past relationships. Then things started to change and fade into some black hole of misunderstanding. You know the feeling you get when – no matter what she does it seems to be okay, then okay start to be not that bad until, not that bad becomes you’re getting feed up with her mess. All this happens in a short period. The problem is hardly ever anyone’s fault – it just we fool ourselves into thinking things not suppose to change.

Things always changes and this is the true factors of life – get over it people because the love you give up on, may had been the one true love of your life. We most mandate a man in the mirror attitude for us to coexist in this love game. So many women become snuffed with men because one person done them wrong. I want to say, “I apologize,” not for that person because it was his loss… no, I apologize for the needed heart that might never get the maximum level of your tender love again.

Love, is an oasis of knowing all the boundaries of where not to go and, the potential of knowing all the pleasures that soothes a woman’s soul for eternity. So many men would like to think in this way women, but life does not allow you to function in one accord. We are in a reality, consumed by our own shortcomings i.e. imposing on the charismatic nature of the true love, locked up inside of us. There aren’t any overnight cures for a broken heart except for the healing of time.

Years ago, the man was the paramount of his dwelling and now, he stand as a man without a leg to hold him up. This new exchange of equilibrium spawned from the fact that a man isn’t the breadwinner anymore and, this explains the women of today. Autonomy became the true love of a woman’s persona, the idea of free agency with her life. Top it off with the fact that they are good at holding it down as an independent woman, who blames their audacity. My aspiration for the woman is sincerely high – yet it is hard to be upscale by a woman for most men.

The conundrum is that even the simplest man wants to be the center core of the relationship. Then, you have your players; a man who thrives on a woman’s vulnerability and uses her generosity until finally she wakes up and concludes that relationship. In life, we see many other scenarios that can turn a relationship bad, and as we say, “the shoe sometime is on the other foot.” Men too, experienced some coldhearted-let-downs that sour their impression concerning women. The question remains, does all of the pitfalls in a relationship explain the toxic environment that dooms failed marriages?

The answer is no, because many people walk away from their marriage without ever trying to find solutions to their problems. We were not born perfect and there is not such things called, perfect marriage or perfect world. Manageability is being easy to deal with… able to control situations without much difficulty. God is the true functionality that manages the outbreak of social dysfunction in our lives and, without him all else has failed. I know, there are those who thinks that there is some scientific reason why we are all here, so believing in a supreme power falls out of range with your thinking.

I can attest that my life had seen many temptations and ugliness that should had consumed my very existence and expire my life until nonexistence. The formula for me comes from the triangle system that has protected me all of my life: God, The Holy Ghost, and Jesus Christ has centered me in the triangle of protection against the four corners of the world. It allows you to manage your life without the stress levels other people faces and, help you to see the fields around you, so you won’t be boxed in by the four corners of the world.

This is my gospel of love, knowing where to place my first love teaches you how to love others in your life. The world is missing the manageability of the triangle system that forms the barrier against the principalities of this world. God is the true Gospel of Love, my first love, learn how to love him right, and all of the other loves will be manageable. That’s the MMO.


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