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When we think of opportunity, we look for the chance with gaining or favoring our time with beneficial outcomes. Opportunity allows the ability to elevate your situation into a more fortunate and conducive reality for the average person. Opportunity entices people to look forwarded to creating a more prosperous future for all walks of life. Without having the chance for opportunity, than cause and effect becomes delineated as a loss source that hinders natural potential of able bodies creating a more modern society. Anytime, you take away those opportunities that increases the chance to grow society by applying austerity, you cripple and stagnate growth; it produces poverty, and misfortunes that devastates the circulation of monetary exertion.


Today, the republicans convoluted the voyage of our Nation’s future with ideological speeches of mortgaging our kid’s future, stopping government spending, and smaller Capitol Bldggovernment. Here’s the breakdown on all that erroneous rhetoric, by reminding everyone on how the economy works. There are three major money franchises of society; one is the Government System, two is the Banking System, and each is controlled and monitored by a central system called the Federal Reserve System. Their enlightenment on society is to create financial instruments via: money, checks, credit cards, and other fiat components used to induce debt know as capitalism.


Why we will always need debt to produce a capitalist society?

Contrary to popular opinion push by republicans, debt is the main ingredients that introduce money interests of capital in our society. The consumption of money fermented by service and goods built the modernization of a healthy and updated society. Money is the practical way of life for every citizen or person who exists in the world. Your day starts with usage of things that money afforded you the right of having, from food to the clothes you wear. What accomplishes wealth is the ability to incur capital through labor, investment, and credit with the intention of having that money work for you to produce a form of interest.


The Government, Banks, and Federal Reserve System has engage into misappropriating funds in several categories that undermined our economy for the last eleven years. The first category is pricing, yes our prices has inflated beyond the productive levels of household income, causing poverty to increase among minorities. Second category is interest fees, our interest fees has become astronomical and erroneously over charged – which will implode on the internal working class of this economy. Third category is redistribution of wealth, money is concentrated into areas that has downgraded society, and handicap us with the formulated imposition of credit scrutiny by agencies to determine our financial worthiness.


Within the framework of credit redistribution, comes the mindset of monetary enslavement, which forces us to serve the interest of a promissory condition. The fourth category is media deception; our first amendment rights can also become the conundrum that services the fact free zone that the right-wing media operates in – causes an irrational belief system that separates the social enterprise from coping as a unit of common goals. The fifth is anonymity in the medical field, we go to hospitals unaware of the prices they charged for various procedures and medicine administered by that particular facility. When the bills comes you are almost comatose by the numbers that accompanies the total, and the irony of it all is that you feel helpless to do anything but pay it.


 The seven deadly sins of this world weakens us to do things against the virtue spirit of righteousness, and it consist of the following; wrath, sloth, greed, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.


The Government practices can be critique in many ways but, the biggest flaws of government is their greed and mismanagement of taxpayer’s money. The sloth government shows when it comes to resolving fundamental problems that are manageable. You can see the wrath towards those who voted for President Obama by legislators who are now trying to impede on our liberties as a way to silence the average voter from the ability to exercise voter’s choice. The attractive form of lust is fair gain in politics, when it comes to taking bribes or quid quo pro for writing bills that ensures certain rights for big money conglomerates.


The ability to write-off their mistakes with no apology engulf the pride in the body of politics. The state of mind to envy each other accomplishments goes too far but, it exists when it comes to the preoccupation of trying to carryout Mitt Romney’s post election policies, although he’s not the occupier of the White House. The gluttony to extract more from the median level of wages, while keeping the more fortunate from paying their share demonstrates the seven deadly sins in government.

Banks are regulated by federal and state governments as an organization structure that Bank picservices the monetary needs of the community. The largest five banks are JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citigroup, Well Fargo, and Goldman Sachs, which assets equal 56 percent of the American economy. In 2008 too big to fail banks created a bubble from their high interest credit swop predatory lending, helped to implode our economy into a free fall of depleting funds. The government during President Bush’s tenure deregulated the banks that caused them to package these faulty loans in the housing industry that was remortgaged by other financial industries with incredibly high interest on the borrowers. Unbeknownst to the borrower their mortgages extended the debt ratio to income agreement the original loan was predicated under, forcing borrowers to default on their payments.


Today, the Banks and Financial Markets are sitting on billions, if not trillions of reserve funds due to the generous bailout of taxpayer’s resources that secured their ledgers, restoring their viability in the banking community is the corollary of government intervention. There was no uncertainty with the banks shoring up the need of taxpayer’s money when the bubble burst from their reckless behavior that nearly destroyed the economy. Now, the financial institutions refuses to boost the economy, when it comes to hiring and investing their lending process, because of uncertainty with the political long term commitment to setup a safety net system – something that will divulge government’s intentions on debt and policies.


The strategy of the republicans are extreme because of their ill-minded views to destruct the political landscape until they could win back the White House from the democrats – can be a very dangerous miscalculation on their part! Because the geographic map has shifted, and continue to keep shifting towards a more unified approach to governance. The conservative mantra has worn out its welcome in America – people are claiming philosophical views over mediocrity and deception to balance the future. I think it’s because we’re more interconnected as a country then years of divisive thinking that plague our stationary thought with the attitude, “I got mine, now you get yours,” belief system.

Opportunity matters and this is what helped the banks rebound from a calamity in 2008, because they were given an opportunity to correct their endeavors. Where will we be without the opportunity to cope and change our directive approach to correct mistakes – which summons our internal inner core potentials to go beyond the scope of failure? The future cannot exist without opportunity, something the republicans and conservatives seem to have forgotten.


The Federal Reserve is the power that is! Beyond our everyday lives sits the watchful eyes over our monetary system – maneuvering the plight of our economy’s solvency through meticulous calculations over the easing and tightening of our money livelihood. The Chairman of the Fed and its Board of Governors controls our massive monetary policies in a modest way that disguises their powers. Ben Banake FedBen Bernanke, the chairman of the Federal Reserve is the wizard behind the curtain of our financial system’s security and readiness to ride the wave of this economy without capsizing. During the two weeks before our 2012 presidential election the job report was anything but promising with the numbers of jobs gained, yet the unemployment when down by a couple percentage points. The right-wing blogger’s field went crazy calling the report lies, false information, and went as far as liberals cooking the numbers so the President could win the election theory. None of which was true, but it fed their contempt for President Obama.


What never cross the minds of ignorance is why the unemployment numbers went down – instead they was trying to imply how it went down, not knowing the why would had brought in the what scenario. Qe3 is the culprit that manipulated the numbers because it flush in the opportunity for banks to cover their liability access – which able the banks to supply spending levels into the economy for consumers that triggered price sales. The complexity of quantitative easing goes beyond the scope of my understanding because of all of the devices it takes to comprehend. I do know that without the watchful eyes of the Feds our economy’s bottom will plunge into total chaos under plenary control of congress conflicting interest.


The bottom-line is this; we must invest for us to maintain a future for our kids to have that will provide the opportunities for gifted potentials. Austerity measures denigrates the health of our economy, because suffering our kids today for the replenish savings of tomorrow undermines any chance for us to behold a modern society. Debt cannot abolish because it will diminish the power of money and promote stagnation in our economy’s capital. You cannot stifle the poor for the means of paying down our debt crisis – unless you have plans to exterminate the poor all together or influence enslavement as a way of life in America. Inciting Chained-CPI as a way to deal with social security because you are hurting its potential monetary growth levels from a suffocated economy derails social security lifeline achievements.


Chained-CPI is the reverse effect and rhetoric that the republicans is using to disguise their true opposition with maintaining the government’s contractual commitment with the chained cpi folderimplementation of securing the social security benefits by keeping employment growth levels stabilized. The less employment in our economy’s nest, the less replenishing funds goes into social security reserve tank. We do not have a spending problem on our domestic side as much as we do on the foreign frontier. The government engages with foreign expenditures like drinking water and pissing it in the tub of debt that is drowning our country’s economy. We never truly benefit from abroad spending because its returns on the dollar is dismal – compare to domestic investment of infrastructure, clean energy as an alternative to oil, could usher a future that sustains growth and enhance job opportunity.


CPI (consumer price index) evaluates the average consumer’s spending habits that reflects a latent report that says, “When the price of one product increases we seek out the more reasonable priced product,” therefore gives us savings in a overpriced world that is not cpi fruit basketaccounted for during inflationary times. In other words they think the cost of living increases you receive from social security is overstated, and should become downsize to reflect Chained-CPI’s reporting. This could shave off hundreds of dollars for social security beneficiaries over the years and set their support system in jeopardy. Because Chained-CPI doesn’t take into account the excessive differences for housing increases, medication expenses, and energy prices etc. Do we have the freedoms that will allow us to become thrifty in those areas? I could assume not!


We must enforce hospitals and private practices to provide some transparency with their prices to assure quality and service would not burden you with outrages prices. I think if government would pass a law that will make the medical industry post their prices online Medicalor in the receptionist area, so that patients have a choice with picking the best price for checkups and walk-in visits. It is a proven fact that Healthcare charges 40 to 75 percent more in this country, than other countries and makeup about 27 percent of the US deficit. The agony is our legislators are making tons of money passing laws that condone the gouging of prices in the medical field. They give you an aspirin and the price can cost you between 95 cents to $2.75 for one aspirin. With such uncontrolled and unrestricted behavior in the medical field – it becomes part of the business application to conduct service in that form.


The formula that caused the “Great Depression,” in the late 1920’s is the same formula the republicans want to push on this country right now! Smaller government, less government spending, deregulation, and let the free market run-a-muck with their risk taking, and everything will be fine… We all can recite the brilliance of that conservative ideology!  America became the financial global titanic of the world… because of their innovation and risk taking philosophy that elevated an industrial environment that helped inspired the “New Deal Era” during President Roosevelt. When you invest in America, it reaps high yield rewards that reflect the global strength of our greatness and President Obama has that same belief with the policies he has pursued.


Opportunity in this country is the stepping stone that help enrich those in poverty with the chance to elevate their social status. It repairs the gaping hole in the economy’s job unemployment rate and manufactures revenue in the economy. Republican has crippled growth in this country because of the exacerbating results of draconian measures taking place in those states where they control the legislator body. There’s nothing wrong with smart discretionary spending that acquisition goes to the proper appropriated projects, which will enhance the people in this country. Giving more tax breaks to the rich while overwhelming the poor and middle-class with tax burdens on homeowner taxes, property taxes, and sale taxes to meet the gap in revenue for maintaining our wars and more, kills the opportunity to revive our economy.

Opportunity 6

The Paul Ryan’s recycled ideas for budget planning is the biggest joke and fraud that will increase the poverty in this country by 7% annually… if it goes into effect! Although, the chances of his budget surviving the senate is ephemeral – the very thought of his vacuous budget only shows his extreme disdain for the median status of this country. Paul Ryan and the Republican Party are trying to create an oligarchy government – where a few Americacontrol the many through monetary austerity. Once they cut of the supply of capital for those in need while expanding their laws that would imprison our freedoms; it would help erect their oligarchy right-wing government system. That’s one opportunity America must oppose if we want a unified America. Thanks for reading that’s MMO.



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