The State of Decisions

The State of Decisions

On Tuesday February 12, 2013, The President addressed the Nation. The podium rose as the Speaker of the House introduced the President of the United States. He opened his address with a quote from President John F. Kennedy, “That the Constitution makes us not rivals for power, but partners for progress. It is my task to report the state of the union, to improve it is the task for us all,” he said of Kennedy. He then exercises his opinion on the condition of our state of union as being stronger. While almost diving into a lecture on how to maintain and strengthening the union more… This President look poised and announced with confidence that says, “Bring it on.”

The very essence of his speech was devoted to the three big E’s, ‘Education, Economy and Energy.’ The President broad stroked his address by including topics from: immigration to equal pay, climate change to infrastructure, and gun control to increasing minimum wages, areas that went passed the normality of expected addresses.

Some may say that the President over committed his address with unrealistic goals for legislative achievement, but I argue that anything is possible when we have bipartisanship amongst those who are the legislators of reaching those goals. The divisionism in Washington has several distinctive practices that corrupts the fiber of due diligence, and creates the intransigence which stagnates the progressive nature in our government. The inactive behavior in government freezes the will to perform as respective legislators for the better good of this country, it has moth the conclusion that resembles a divided state.

The President shown optimism when he proclaimed, “The State of Our Union is stronger,” making it almost impossible for the republicans to criticize his patriotic position. Again, the republicans convoluted the President words by letting it just pass through one ear and out the other leaving them with pessimistic criticism and vitriolic rebuttals that doesn’t resemble any of the President’s address to the Nation. There is one special thing I could say about the President, and it is that he has matured.

The President’s State of the Union Address: with Sen. Marco Rubio’s rebuttal

The assembly gathered in a unified arrangement, with republicans sitting beside democrats a wonderful sight to see. John McCain stood cheerfully when the President said, “We need to pass a comprehensive immigration bill.” Marvelous look until the President agrees on the way the bill is accumulated, than harsh criticism and oppositions seems to plague the Republican Party. Our government cannot be made a mockery of or used as a bargaining chip for special interest; because once the core position exists for only a few, than incrementalism in government becomes discourage. The perfection of our union comes from our ability to summon the best ideas from both parties, and letting those ideas compromise an end result of best practices.

Draconian and austerity measures geared to cut budget for the middleclass, while demonstrating avoidance for the wealthy to pay more, a policy that deprive the many and enrich the few, only rejects the notion of a stronger union. The President has stabilized our economy when we were in the brink of destruction, and managed a prosperous financial market, staying well above 12000 percent. He has the true patriotic interest for the welfare of this country, while republicans refuse to work with this President even when he adopts their own ideas.

He is not the panacea to America’s problem, but his heart is definitely in the right place, a lot more than we could say for the opposition party, whom seem to be stuck in a time chamber of the 1800’s. Conservatism does not encourages a better future, no it is a infinitesimal look of excepting optimism that leaves progress dismantled and our future grim. The misuse of conservatism becomes a hindrance to our legislative endeavors and deludes the fundamental attention of resolving our problems with the immediate involvement for compromise.

Senator Marco Rubio, started out implying that America is exceptional, and how his parents made it because of government programs for the poor with one hand, while chopping down the government system with the other hand. Mr. Rubio went on to incite all of the opportunity government afforded him, while stating that government is out of control and overreaching in its scope of providing aid. I think that Senate Marco Rubio gave a wonderful response, except it was for the wrong President or wrong timeline. The republicans hyped this young man up to fill the shoes of being the answer to confronting the democrat’s leader of the party with Romney’s campaign rhetoric that did not cross reference the President’s address.

I do believe Senator Marco Rubio will have a stellar career with the Republican Party; his only albatross will be their earmarked banner of conservatism as the main ingredient of their party’s ideas. He must reinvent his party’s goal principles as a segment of progressive imagination, coupled with their standard believes.

Senator Marco Rubio awkward moment:

Overall account of Marco Rubio’s performance is that his delivery was standard, the rhetoric was a boilerplate message, and he foils the high expectation with the water bottle and touching of the face instances. My true confession is that the republicans put too much pressure on the young lad, hoping that he was ready to be their Barack H Obama, and there could be only one every fifty to a hundred years who wield the power of the assembly.

Senator Ran Paul’s Tea Party response:

Senator Ran Paul stood behind a back drop banner that said, “Restore Liberty – Honor the Constitution.” Ran Paul stage is a divergence, when you compare the actual belief system of his actions against the poor. He mentioned, “Adam Smith,” A Scottish moral philosopher who believed that gluttony of the rich helps the poor endure. That type of admiration of a person by Ran Paul makes me realize why his first name is Ran, because we should run far away from a person with such ugly understandings of life. Although, Adam Smith was a great mind and lecturer of moral principles, he was an odd man who spent a great part of his life buried in books.

Senator Ran Paul would like to strip the government of any possible solvencies to maintain a society or protect those individuals who are unable to manage the expenses of modern society. It’s every man for themselves, and may the best man wins in his world of immoral conditions. Ran Paul along with republicans feels that austerity is the answer to our economic woes and, those who manufactures wealth should not have to depart with their fortunes in behalf of helping us out of this economic depravity.

Both Rubio and Paul accuse the President of exceedingly purging our stability by over spending us into unprecedented levels of waste, which they say created the biggest debt in history. Not true, on the contrary this President inherited a residual expenditure prior to his tenure in office that overlapped his budget report. The President has made remarkable strives in budget cuts that actually scaled back our government deficit by 1.2 trillion dollars. Guess Marco and Ran along with their entire party missed that report.

The State of Decisions

The state of decisions is never easy when you navigating a terrain of traps and opposition. I do think that the state of decisions for this President will come with a price because his role includes all of America, regardless of those who may despise of him. Those are the same people he kept in mind when he gave up his trump card during the fiscal cliff debate, by pushing back on the threshold of 250,000 to 1,000,000 in taxation increases. My assessment on his capitulation with the exchange he made to avoid the fiscal cliff was a bad move, and the same people he’s trying to protect will get the short end of the bargaining stick in the long run.

The President’s addressed the Nation on Tuesday the 12th of February laying out a long agenda that conservatives already has grown opposition to with disdain rhetoric. Marco Rubio said, “The President’s immigration plan was DOA,” and others accuse him as being afraid to lead on massive budget cuts. Sequestration is an automatic undertaking both parties want to evade from happening. The harsh reality of sequestration will undermined our economy, and downsizes employment and minuscule employee’s weekly hours, resulting to shorter paychecks.

People need to understand the truth about the problems we’re facing, and the importance on our ability to become engage in the process. Some of Ran Paul response did painted real concerns with the wasteful spending in our government system. Guantanamo Bay Naval Base (Gitmo) is one of the most wasteful expenditure on our budget that costs us billions every year. The republicans will cast the stone of austerity measures for programs on education, must needed social programs without looking at areas that could save billions without hurting the poor.

The President ends his address by talking about improving our franchise of the voters system, and acknowledging the cruel actuality of our titular gun laws and the need of voting on a bill that will put stronger laws in place. The state of decisions for the President will not be easy, but together as citizens who hold the vast interest in the President’s approach to improve our union can help bring it into fruition. Thanks for reading that’s MMO.

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