Second Amendment


Second Amendment


The power of the Second Amendment controls our lives without solace for those who mourn the life of a loved one. Guns do not kill, but people are the perpetrator that senselessly causes the loss of life. Man cannot responsibly maintain the mental capacity of calmness in every intense situation, because we are emotional creatures who reacts base on impulsive output. People use the Second Amendment as a safe haven for the right to own instruments of violence. The mass killing that taken place in Newtown, Connecticut was an act of matricide, as well as horrific, unfathomable, senseless, heartless, and evil, because of having the right to bear arms promotes a trend of terror in this country. Twenty children between the ages of 5 and 10 lost their lives and six adults at an elementary school and many other kids are emotionally traumatize from the unforgettable tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut on 12-14-12.

When will the time for discussion on gun control be the right time in this country? Half-Staff Flags and Candlelight Visuals only shows respect for the dead victims for the moment. We mourn the lives lost because our hearts trade the place of thought concerning our children and loved ones who we keep in hope of hearing from and seeing at the end of each day. Everyday my heart lingers in pain for the innocent people who are killed in this country for no reason, while our legal system creates the false impression of the second amendment as a right for all citizens. The framework of the second amendment is a narrative convoluted by special interest groups. The NRA most powerful talking point comes out of the fear of gun owners having their guns taken away by government – making government treatment of the implementation of smart gun laws as hands-off engagement for lawmakers.

The mass hysteria that follows each tragic event reflects on the social conscious, forcing our will to want a change in the laws surrounding the weakness in a system that protects our social contract of citizenry. The news special reports give scattered information that relies on sources that comes in vague as the developing information concentrate on a more reliable report days later, which creates the proportionate narrative into a full picture. We start to learn how abstract our reality becomes from all the days of reporting tragic events versus the will to make the changes in our laws that may have manicure a safety-net system that addresses the magnitude of violence in America. The government system must set forth a resolution that compliments the second amendment and provide a safety net in our laws we all can feel comfortable living by in this society.


In this sad time, my thoughts and prayers goes out to those families that lost a loved one on 12-14-12, in Newtown, Connecticut and, those who are suffering that horrific event on that peculiar morning. I want to share a poem of condolences for the victims and their families in hope of bringing some comfort.



Our Love

Every day we walk in hope for our love

Seeking a path of eternity that protects our love

The heart will never allow us to forget our love

Because it is always there to remind us of our love

Life can seem so unbearable without our love

Nothing can take the place of our love

There is no sense of living without our love

We must remember, we are here because our love

So we must keep living because our love

Stronger than any substance on earth is our love

In the time of tragedy, commence the action of our love

That brings forth hope and promise of our love

No evil can conquer the existence of our love

Because of the everlasting goodness of our love

Comes from a awesome source that create our love

He died on the cross to represent the truth of our love

There is no greater sacrifice for the eternity of our love

It live forever in this humanity for the place of our love

The spirit that glows in the ever-beating moment of our love

As the electrolytes in the heart of life, that sustains our love

The two side of the equation that controls the demeanor of our love

The knowledge of good and evil that preserves the conduct of our love

The perpetual state of that knowledge is the fruit that confuses our love

Dismantles the path of righteousness in spite of our love

Born innocent in the beginning to the world is our love

Until the knowledge of evil victimizes the action of our love

Do we persecute the bad behavior of our love?

When we are guilty of providing the tools of evil used by our love

We must take some responsibility for the action of our love

By opening the revelations of the mental health of our love

That will implement a healing process of professional help for our love

Please do not isolate the mental suffering of our love

Learn a way of rehabilitating the mental conscious of our love

For a more healthy state in this society for our love

I wish that there were a way; I could bring everlasting comfort to all of our love

Allowing the promise of hope, love, and prosperity for all of our love

God blessed the strength of our love

The fallen soldiers, victims of tragedy, and all that are the product of our love

Our hope and prayers will always play a role for a better tomorrow for our love

As we manage to live on in the memories of our love

We must lift the voices of concern for the ongoing problem in this country. Many innocent young people die every day in America, without cause to the hands of gun violence and, we cannot keep avoiding the much-needed affair to tackle gun violence. Those who resist the discussion of protecting our children from becoming the target of a stray bullet from the hands of an assailant or mental-ill person, who falls prey to the temptation of reckless behavior, are contractor of a failing system. Our kids and citizens deserve more… because life is too precious to have wasted by a barrel of a gun. I pray for the day when this world can choose life over war and, senseless killing, than this world will be a better place. God blessed the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School and let their souls rest in peace. That’s MMO.





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