Thirteen and three quarter years ago, we experienced a robust and solvent economy before President Bush tenure. Today, we are in a delicate time and how we vote does matter. Over a decade ago, America made the biggest mistake in their lives, not once but twice when they elected President Bush. The people came to their senses when they decided to elect an African American president for the first time in our history in this country. To repackage our decision to go back to policies that are emblematic to the ideologies that brought us eight years of economic renunciation in fiscal prosperity, that it created a deep recession will be the worst-case scenario for this country. Romney repackaged this worst-case scenario ideology of the eight years we do not want to go back to in this country. Too many lives depend on getting this one right again, so voters please do not repackaged the eight years of President Bush, by hiring Mitt Romney who makes President Bush look like a mathematical genius in comparison.

Four years ago, America got it right by hiring President Barack Obama, and I will tell you why he was the only candidate who has the wherewithal to reverse the years of President Bush. In two thousand President Bush and the Republican Party, alter the hands of time by stealing an election that derailed the fate of time. Anytime, the devil reverses the fate of time, our Heavenly Father sends a restorer to reset the damages created from a drastic change in the matrix system of time. “Barack” the faithful, was the perfect mixture of two people from very different worlds who produced a child that one day would be president. A child tormented by the raiment of his own external self and consciously dignified by the shortcomings to fit into a society that could not absorb his personality trace. He was mold to endure the criticism of others without inviting the continence of malevolence into the scope of his philosophy.

He lived the life of the unfortunate, while having the offspring of the privilege ethnic group to the freedoms his own skin restricted him from benefiting from although he is of the Caucasian progeny. I can only admire the spirit of such remarkable triumph that compelled President Obama not to find excuses or blame for his fixture development, he instead embrace those consequences through determination and hard work. President Obama seize the opportunity to elevate his panorama for the meaningful adornment of higher education, accolades that soon paid off for him to experience the “American dream.” The temperament of President Obama persona derived from a past of hardship and inspired by his ability to take oath of the executive position to the highest office in this land. The President achievements caused the republicans to envy such remarkable altitude that they decided to sabotage his resolve with epic and unprecedented changes through filibusters and voter suppression, a unique concept of plutocracy.

2012 Presidential Debate:

Big Plane, Big House

Allow me to digress, President Obama and Mitt Romney staged together before millions in a debate that measured the desperate task of a candidate who needed to overcome his 47% remarks and an incumbent who seemed surprise by the deliverance. Right from the start Mitt Romney was charge up with a shot of adrenaline in confidence, because he brushed his shoulders and maneuvered counter attacks of rhetoric that said, “Big plane, big house will be mines.” Every time the President incited a policy of Mitt Romney’s that would never work for this country, he reverses any assumptions against him by going at the President’s record. The debate became a ‘shut him down strategy’ for Mitt that built up momentum going into the next debate.

The right is patting their backs thinking we got them now! Anytime a party takes whatever they can get from their candidate for a win, you must ask yourself are they trust worthy enough for my vote. There was a lot of contemptuous attitude towards the President by Mitt Romney when he said, “You are entitle as president to your own plane and your own house, but not your own facts.” He envies the big house, big plane the President has as compliment perks of the taxpayers. Romney don’t care about America, he cares more about the big house, big plane that he will not have to pay the heating, air condition, or energy and gas for compliments of the taxpayers.

Let’s dissect the propaganda executed by Romney that the Right is so jubilant about after the debate last Wednesday night. Romney became a recluse to the conservative emblem of extremist policies that believe in protecting the interest of the rich over the care for the poor and middle class. The 47% Mitt Romney said he would disown was his guarded admission of concern in the debate and he relish the chance of taking care of them all, if he’s president of United States. “Will the real Mitt Romney, please stand up,” the President should have asked, instead he wobbled like a prizefighter who just taken a right hook. The 20% tax cut across the board that economist examine as unobtainable to draw down the deficit, as an alternative would increase the deficit by 5 trillion dollars. In Romney’s world, arithmetic doesn’t exist, because he walks on water so his devout greatness will just make it a reality. Mitt Romney repackaged his entire being to contort his message.

Everyone according to Mitt Romney will receive all of the major care the Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers, but his plan will cover all of the uninsured and keep all of the popular benefits the ACA does after he repeals it. The mendacity of Mitt Romney makes you wonder why they say, “The devil is in the details.” People thought the man on stage was a different person that flips his whole script to pander to the middle. Romney indulge on fictitious rhetoric without any regards for the truth when he said, “He won’t reduce the tax burden on high end incomes and guarantees that the middle class will not see any tax increase.” Again, the mechanics of Mitt Romney’s tongue can make the truth disappear without the acknowledgment of his own brain participation. This guy is a crypto advocator of every detail of his life… this could be part of the reason the President was taken by surprise.

Poor Big Bird is the revenue neutrality of Romney’s 20% across the board tax cut plan, according to Mitt Romney analysis. Maybe, brilliance is the only way to describe the republican candidate the night of the 2012 presidential debate. He freelance his policies to support the center core principles of independent voters, while pivoting from the extreme policies of his conservative party. Who is this guy…? The humble stare down at his opponent, the heartfelt interest for the middle class is the mantra he will cite, because he cares for everyone, and must rescue America from the claws of calamity. “Listen out your ears can deceive you his lies will relieve you from the truth, it’s Romney Fraud.” Able to change his mind at the drop of an opinion, can beat down any truth with a slip of his tongue, can transform his words to match any environment – yes, Romney Fraud will save a economy from the brinks of recovery with just some tax cuts, and the lowering of our deficit by firing Big Bird. Yes, ‘Romney Fraud’ is what this economy needs to take us from a positive job growth, to a negative job growth.

We must not get discourage over a poor performance by the President; it does not erase the facts of what President Obama done for the economy, when the other side criticized his intent. The republicans hammer him on the unemployment issues throughout the President tenure, and continue to sabotage his efforts to improve the job growth in this country. The job report came out on October 05, 2012 showing a 7.8% unemployment rate, leaving the republicans without the promise the President made of bringing the rate fewer than 8.0 percent. This is not something to celebrate having the unemployment decreasing to 7.8%, but it shows that we are moving in the right direction. It would require foolishness to expect or suspect three years of a gridlock congress will equal an expedient recovery under the President’s watch, but in spite of the derailment of a do-nothing republican congress, he still accomplished 30 months of positive job growth.

President Obama elevation to the juncture, when he reduced the burden of health care cost by implementing the Affordable Care Acts, the Lily Ledbetter “Equal Pay,” the Car Auto “Bailout,” over 18 tax cuts for small businesses, he setup the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, expanded the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). The list goes on and on in accomplishments for President Obama and all voters need to check all of his deeds before writing him off. Mitt Romney claimed he was bipartisan as Governor of Massachusetts, his claim is untrue and it is always easier to exchange some type of camaraderie with democrats because their will to benefit the constituents whom put them in office, rather than the big money that supported their campaign like the republicans’ ideology protection concerns entails.

Reference sites that give exclusive details of the President’s accomplishments are:

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“Many may come but only a few are chosen,” and President Obama was chosen for this job by a higher source that does not take reference from man. This election is the people’s choice and not the choice of a few billionaires and millionaires who has taken advantage of ‘Citizen United’…! To offset the voting process of the people by a few conservative Supreme Court Judges, who wanted to keep this President from achieving the objective assignment of God through a second term. Big money cannot win this election no matter how many obstacles they set before us, we will overcome! Get out and vote our future depend on it, and look at the next debate that’s MMO.

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