Don’t Blame Mitt!

I know it has been a rough week for the republicans, but don’t blame Mitt, for a party that became a run-away train of extremism. You see, Mitt is a victim of his own reckless ambition – an ambition that lack substance or direction. When you want something just because you think you deserve it, you become not worthy and obsess with the need to have it. Mitt never develops a plan, he never prepared for the obvious, he decided to run base on false pretenses and the presidency would be hand over because it was his turn. Mitt never understood the rule when it comes to campaigning that says, “You can fool some of the people through a primary election, but you cannot fool all of the people through the general election.”

The irony of it all is that the republicans never respected the tenure of a black man being president; therefore, it was impossible to respect the people that sent him there. President Barack Obama is not only a formidable opponent, but also one that you must take seriously in order to win. President Obama heard the call in the wilderness and he answered, because the people needed a true leader with the know how to accomplish the impossible. What the republicans embedded with their thinking is they can walk away with the electorate this year because of two particular beliefs. The first belief of the republicans, was their delusion that the President’s winning was a complete fluke due to incompetence with watching the electoral gate for cheaters. The second belief of the republicans was the mandate never existed so they can delegitimize the President’s order by the people to operate his executive authorities.

Republicans under estimated the President’s zeal to woo voters, although they deemed him unelectable for 2012 from the hardships they created for him legislatively – made all republicans salivate at the opportunity to run for president in 2011. It formed a cantankerous Republican Party that disdain for the voting bloc whom elected President Obama… made the republicans promote unpopular laws and policies that appeals only to the TEA Party elements. In the midst of it raises a conformed candidate named Mitt Romney as the republican standard-bearer to lead the misguided party to a hopeful presidential victory for 2012. Don’t blame Mitt, for a party who never properly vetted their choice for a presidential leader. Don’t blame Mitt, for his presumptuous plight that led the belief it was his presidency for the taken – just because his party helped sabotage the full recovery potential of the economy.

Where the Republican Party conundrum comes from is the wiliness to disregard the truthful legitimacy of the electorate genuine selection of a black man becoming a president in 2008. The republicans therefore decided to challenge the voters with strings of ways to suppress the vote – an idea that in retrospect they will realize has a reverse impact and will only rallying liberals and progressives to vote. I for one, always thought that the voter system is inadequate, and in a subliminal way is the epitome of a disenfranchise system that needs a complete overhaul. We are Americans, and voting is the right of all citizens in this country – no matter where their presences are during the time of voting. If you live in NY and visiting Utah on Election Day than you still should have the ability to cast your vote for your district while in Utah. We are not primitive but our voter system is an antiquated apparatus that needs a serious upgrade.

Don’t blame Mitt, for thinking he can run his entire campaign on the base of denigrating the President as a plan. America embodies some of the most intelligent vessels on this earth, so the republicans can change the economic landscape by interrupting the policies of the President through filibusters; but they cannot, erase the past from the minds of Americans. The residual effect of two wars, trillion dollars in tax cuts during a time of war, prescription drug plan, deregulating Wall Street; are the true reasons for an explosive deficit, which roll over effect managed the deficit you see today. President Obama was false to prolong the fiscal policies of President Bush inadvertently to calm the waters of the right-wing implication of calling him radical. In spite of the republicans, hostage takeover maneuvers, President Obama still implemented historic legislation during his tenure.

The intact feature of a functional government consists of a conciliatory system, which primary goals are not a pledge of monetary interest, but a constitutional interest. The violation of deliberately relegating the due diligence of congressional and senate obligations to legislate – cripples and extinguish the chance for a well robust economy. If we continue to expunge the resources meant to support education, infrastructure, agriculture, and environmental protection, which is all part of the fundamental aspects for solvency than it becomes impossible to sustain the reciprocity of society’s economic health. You must realize that our deficit were not caused because we are spending too much money on domestic interest; our deficit expanded from foreign and military spending that was grossly mismanaged by the check and balance of congress, and not solely on the President’s malpractices of fiscal ineptitude.

The Constitution was designed with a check and balance system that describes the obligation of congressional due diligence to maintain our reciprocity. Those who insinuate that the President’s role is to manage our spending behavior unilaterally outside congress control, has misled the conduct of executive powers. Congress is the accountant system for the check and balance of this country’s pocketbook. Every policy the president passes must await the scrutiny of a budget committee or financial committee before it can go into effect. Those committees are head up by members of congress. It is part of a safeguard system meant to keep one person from having plenary powers of mismanaging the financial being of our solvency.

Don’t blame Mitt, for his constant reference of accusing the President with mismanaging our economic system, because he really does not know any better. I only hope that America knows better, when they head to the polls this November. The truth is our government system is lacking the revenue it needs to reverse the course of the insufficiency in capital due to an overlap of spending levels from two wars and high-end income tax breaks that is bleeding our financial stability. The Romney/Ryan plan will never cure the woes of this country, because it target spending cuts without replenishing the revenue. The country cannot go with a fantasize plan, we need the realistic plan of Obama/Biden in order to accomplish the goal of a full recovery. They got my vote because I know they will work hard in behalf of this entire country, without dismissing 47% of those Mitt Romney called moochers and lazy. That’s MMO

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