In a leader, the biggest component of a chief’s personality rectitude depends on restraint and the calculative measure to engage upon crucial situations. He must practice resolve to handle the tough calls with sound and comprehensive conclusion. The internal power of leadership possesses natural qualities one is born with from the very start of their life. Anytime someone leap first and look afterwards, the results would be a miscalculation. Mitt Romney has become such an opportunist that he mindlessly makes decisions, which demonstrates his lack of restraint and virtuoso capability. The President continues to lead with vigor and presidential conviction as a confident leader.

Mitt Romney reacted to the Libya crisis with reckless intent to belittle the Obama Administration by putting out critical statements without chronological awareness to the timeline of events surrounding the Embassy in Libya. Mitt Romney going after President Obama and his Administration while the American Embassy in Libya diplomatic personnel was still not account for seems appalling and grotesque. Mitt Romney then doubles down on his insane position by having a press conference that morning without categorical intelligence on the depth of the crisis in Libya.

Never has a presidential candidate go before the press with nonsensical rhetoric before the CIA renders the full account to the President so he can address the situation more accurately from the Rose Garden. Everyone knows Mitt Romney is not ready for prime-time when you have the onus responsibility to conduct restraint, instead he spend every moment wishing for a dismal job report implicates his jubilance for the failure of America’s economy. The President has stabilized the economy although the republican congress obviates every proposal to lift the economy by President Obama. With the hope of benefiting from the results of portraying the President as incompetent, the republicans keep talking as if congress does not have any skin in the game of America’s economic failure.

President Barack Obama Addresses the DNC Convention:

As the President come off a bounce from his DNC Convention, making Mitt desperate for the loopholes that he can explore to demagogue the posture and gravity of the President’s analytical brilliance. Those who try to share some sense of purpose for the blunder of Mitt’s adroit character are just fooling themselves into thinking he is prime-time material. To sound off like a raven buffoon full of blustering stupidity about foreign policy and appeasement of American values is unseemly coming from a presidential candidate. At no time has this President ever apologized for America, but Mitt Romney running his entire campaign base on fraudulent accusations about President Obama regardless if there isn’t any factual existence to support his position. Mitt Romney thinks we should not show contrition for the actions of Americans, although America holds a past that can show a lot to apologize for ‘slavery’ being one, to show contrite only heighten our exceptionalism around the world.

Romney and the republicans’ biggest upheaval is their wiliness to disrespect the executive power of this country during a critical foreign state of engagement. They have literally besmirched the executive office all because of their hopeless desire to command power as the majority and chief. Because such disdain for President Obama by republicans – coupled with Mitt desperation compelled him to overreact Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning behind the embassy crisis.

Timeline: 6:17am September 11, 2012 – Embassy in Cairo, Egypt

“The Embassy… condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feeling of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believes of all religions.”

The Embassy released the above statement due to the anti-Muslim video produced here in America by an individual, who never care about the ramifications of his actions for the men and women abroad – who sacrificing their lives everyday representing America for peaceful missions. Mitt Romney’s leadership should have attack the idiot who is playing Russian roulette with the lives of our service women and men abroad by making the anti-Muslim video that spark the protests, instead; he embarrasses himself by attacking the President with platitudes of inattentive rhetoric.

Timeline: Mitt Romney releases statement to press after 10:00pm 9/11/2012

“It’s disgraceful that Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but he sympathizes with those who waged the attacks.”

Timeline: Mitt Romney call for a press conference that morning 9/12/2012

Restraint, would have afforded a more intelligent approach for the delicate situation in the Middle East by the Romney Administration – a position him and his administration refuses to walk back. I guess Mitt is following the title of his book, “No Apologies” recompense for his insatiable need to accuse the President for being apologetic. While Romney and his clueless Administration continues to stick their chest out without condemning the disgusting video – Secretary Hillary Clinton is on the job condemning the despicable anti-Muslim video produced here in America that help set the tension in the Middle East.

Secretary Hillary Clinton gives press conference on video and Embassy crisis:

Mitt Romney will now get intelligence briefings every morning, I guess simulating the position of president is the closes he will ever come to the real thing. The right-wing must practice restraint in what they say, because it can metastasized the anti rhetorical against those who are looking for anything to fuel the fire in the Middle East. Supporting the effort of this president is the right thing to do as Americans. The predictors of outcomes cannot possibly prevented the attack if Mitt Romney were president, and for them to imply such nonsense only form the nostalgia… when it did happened under their watch, just check history.

The origin of it all stem from biblical times when the Angel of the Lord said to Hagar in Genesis: 16 v 11 and 12 reads,
“Behold, thou art with child, “and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmeal; because the Lord hath heard thy affliction.”
And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.

Those who think they could have prevented something the Lord himself given account for need to understand the depth of it all, before criticizing the measures this President has taken. Romney blustering and cowboy vernacular against China even cause their news agency to react with this statement.

Xinhua, China’s official news agency: made this statement

“It is advisable that politicians, including Romney, should abandon… short-sighted China-bashing tricks and adopt at least a little bit of statesmanship on China-US ties.

Mitt-Liar Romney could never lead this Nation without involving us into a series of external conflicts, because of his inability to practice restraint. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on the other hand are steady at the tiller compare to Mitt and Paul Ryan irrational behavior. I know whom my vote will be for in November, and I hope America make the wise decision when they vote on 11/6/2012. Thank you for stopping by that’s MMO.

I let President Bill Clinton make the case:


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