Reckless Endangerment

Some things we do becomes a reckless endangerment to the welfare and security of our lives. The biggest excerption of this example would come from the conduct of congress in Washington D.C. lately. Years ago, congress fought to improve public conditions for the average citizens through compromising and exchanging positions between two parties. Today, the word compromise is the sign of weakness, therefore you should never engage into the fundamentals of a compromise. The element of insurmountable negotiation creates gridlock in congress, and this is a reckless endangerment at its best.


John Boehner, the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Congress ran on the slogan in 2010, “Where are the jobs Mr. President.”  The condescending position of such rhetoric falls on the heels of hypocrisy, because the President is not the sole proprietor of job policies. The functioning of government requires the quintessential cooperation of congress for the President to pass policies that would affect the country. To run the executive office of this country, you need a supporting cast we call congress that consist of two divisions, one the Senate the primary check and balance of laws and policies, and two the House of Representatives the primary check and balance of laws and budgets. One system controls the bylaws and the other controls the pocketbook, while the President is the primary check and balance of laws and constitutional conduct that maintains the due diligences of our government system.


The government system as a whole is not base solely on one premise in order for it to maintain solvency. The system entails the due diligence of an operative system as a whole for it to produce proper means. Anyone who completely blame the President for our current situation, are the same people who devise the plan for the failure of this economy under President Obama’s watch. John Boehner the Speaker of the House and Mitch McConnell the minority leader of the Senate has blocked every policy for job interest for this country’s economy. The Infinitesimal position on jobs by the republicans is a reckless endangerment to the security of our solvency as a country. Our country cannot allow this current behavior by republicans to continue by employing them with our votes. It is an incumbent duty to exercise the importance of voting no matter what hindrance the republicans has created to disenfranchise our voting rights through voting identification and the elimination of early voting.


We should not recompense the republican’s senseless efforts by failing not to vote or voting for those who engage in the unscrupulous behavior to undermine the voting process. We must exercise the practice of a sound and responsible voting privilege of selecting the right person to compliment the due diligence of office, not those who conducts an ulterior motive. I believe there is no place in this country for those who want to see this country burn, then to have a African American for a president or support a system that assist the welfare of the poor, the same socialistic system they ancestor built their riches from when they enslave the free labor of black people. The reckless endangerment is not the fact we recognize the harm, is when we standby and remain silent because it does not have a direct affect on the immediate welfare of our lives. Rich or poor, we still have to live together and the effect of the reckless endangerment resonant upon us all, no matter how lethargic the process of reaching your front door.


President Obama has a positive record of accomplishment, of not only saving this economy from the brink of disaster, but he managed this achievement against the extreme intransigence of a do-nothing-congress led by the republicans. They distorted the benefits of the Affordable Care Act with hyperbole in hope that the people never recognize all of the advantages the health program offers. The republicans and Mitt “Liar” Romney hopes we become mesmerize by their hollow rhetoric that the President cannot run on his record. On the contrary, the President should do nothing else but run on his record, because it will expose the sabotage effort of the republicans to manufacture an advantage for whoever runs against him on their side. Tell me who would vote for Mitt “Liar” Romney and I will show you a person who wants the poor and middle class to suffer. This election is about the future of the middle class and the solvency of this economy under the stewardship of a responsible party that cares for this country; please get it right when you vote because we are all connected.


Thank you for reading and God Bless us all that’s MMO.

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