Assassination of our Democracy

The world of austerity and plutocratic measures that support the superiority of capitalism will assassinate the life of democracy, as we know it. Everything in this universe must work through the basic functions of causality, action and reaction, cause and effect. The purpose of greed is kernel with the natural apparatus of ambition time’s selfishness, which equal voracity. Therefore, those who believe in the superiority of capitalism cannot surely protect the fundamentals of democracy without gravitating to the ideology of assassinating the liberty of others. Assassination of our democracy is in full effect through the branches of government beginning from the legislation branch culminated with the judicial branch’s ruling that unleash, “Citizen United” on the voting process of campaign funding.

The only crusader within the ranks of government that still supports the lifeline of democracy is the executive branch through partial means only; nevertheless, not all is hopeless for revival. The Republican Party has behave with the disregard for the needs of women, and relentlessly gone after women’s right while carrying the banner of smaller government. Their ideal of smaller government is to increase the austerity measures on the poor by cutting programs that support those in poverty, while passing laws that will only cause government to overreach the authoritative control of local citizens. The republicans are trying to suppress our voter’s right with ID laws and gerrymandering certain districts to maintain control of the voter’s block. The republicans won the House of Representatives in November of 2010 and commence with the duties of control in January of 2011 without sponsoring or permitting one job’s bill to make it to the floor.


Willard Mitt Romney the front-runner / nominee of the Republican Party’s presidential candidacy will roll back the clock on progress in America. In a retrospective marker this country needed President Obama analytical wherewithal to navigate the anticlimactic field of the political divide, that has assassinated the health of this economy. The front-runner / nominee, Mitt Romney is said to be a fix doctor with economic wisdom that will restore our economic woes. As Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney ranked 47th in job creation a record his campaign will not embrace, Romney ran a financial firm that shaved more jobs than he created, yet they try to spin him as a panacea of economic restoration. Romney paraded the “Paul Ryan Budget Plan” as marvelous; contrary to the impoverished intend the Ryan’s budget will trifle our economy with over the years for the middle class and poor. Front-runner / nominee Romney has employed the elitist brand of thinking with inserting the talking points of the right as a mindset policy of conservatism. The assassination of our democracy is at hand this election, and Romney is leading the way with endorsing the radical extreme of handicapping our constitutional rights in this country.

Ryan’s budget plan favors the rich:


I for one hold no nostalgia for taking this country back, because I can recall the devastation of the eight years of republican control did to this country. Focusing on the Bush Administration’s eight years in office …now in a retrospective manner imagine a President Romney taking the helm during the years of crises… Our country would have fallen into an economic black hole of total despair. The auto industry would have collapsed, sparking a domino effect of job loss for the manufacturer industry around the country. The retrospective of a Mitt Romney presidency would have set massive layoff in the public sector in education, first responders, crushing all municipal occupation that would have starved the economy for every city and state in this country. Mitt Romney accuses President Obama of producing a stagnated economy …although President Obama faces a reluctant congress on the republican side, which pledge they are going to do everything in their power to disrupt any policy the President put forth… a violation of due diligence in office is surely a act of treason. The Supreme Court decided to interact with the assassination of our democracy by passing “Citizens United” as a retrospective marker of stopping the Obama’s fund raising machine of 2008, by unleashing the biggest money laundering system that ever existed in the history of humanity.


The rights of this country is under attack – so it does not matter if you are republican, independent or democrat, we are all in this together to save our democracy. The “Affordable Care Act” preserves the rights to access medical privileges that the Insurance Companies reneged on for years …although they taken our payments with the agreement of providing full coverage… the disclosure agreement encrypted certain clauses that denied you the rights to full cover access. This is what burden our economy and pushed President Obama to repair the healthcare system in order to reach some resolution with lifting those burdens from suppressing our economic growth. Scott Brown a republican senator who wants to repeal the “Affordable Care Act,” while wasting no time using the privileges the so-called Obama Care provides, by putting his 23-year-old daughter on his government healthcare plan – hypocrisy at its best. The republicans have proven to be the worst stewards of this economy over the last decade with the respect of job growth. The rights to living wages have always become a non-starter for our legislators, keeping back the properties of the equilibrium balance of price and spend to control the aggravated levels of inflation. The true effect of such demeans of wages scales back the potential of consumption, while allowing the freedom of pricing to perform with impunity producing high levels of poverty. The nature of an affluent society will make capitalism an anemic in regards to its power of persuasion abilities to control supply and demand. Rightfully, in a world of capitalism, it needs debt to strive, but also economic solvency keeps it healthy within a social state.


Capitalism and conservatism cannot coexist without social welfare within a society – the republicans’ realization with this understanding is skew with misgivings and this is part of the reason for economic downturns. Just look at the eight years under Bush and times that by four when you include the “Paul Ryan budget,” and the hypothetical measures that austerity will somehow produce solvency sounds ludicrous. Mitt Romney supports the “Ryan’s Budget” full heartedly, regardless of the distinctive history of non-growth this country have experienced under the republican presidents whom sought such measures. You can look at the bionetwork of the Bush years, which present over 4.5 million in job losses during his two terms in office, and over 650 thousand jobs depletion in the remaining months of 2008. Between President Bush and President Obama is a stark dichotomy; in the first three years of the Obama Administration, he manage a 27 months growth that created 3.2 million jobs, despite the antithetic push by the republicans for failure. Mitt Romney is still trying to mold his presidential candidacy to identify his conservative credentials, for an extreme republican base that have reservation on his moral stands to sustain a conservative character. The realization of it all is can America trust Mitt to do what is right for this economy to stay on the path of recovery that President Obama sacrifice his own views and policies to compromise his presidency to do what was right over political expediency.

GOP passes Paul Ryan’s budget plan:

Moral compass

I cannot easily separate from the product of my core values, a realization that may have alienated my moral compass to a changing world around me. The President made history this past week when he announced affirmation with an avoidable topic that insisted on his unequivocal dispensation of support for the LGBT community. Today, the world become divided when we decide that our position in life is to assume the supreme order of God by passing judgment on the way people suppose to live. “Those without sin cast the first stone,” and I would confess there is no one on this earth that can cast that stone. One of the inevitable reasons for the incarnation of Jesus Christ is because none of us was without sin. In which Jesus Christ died for the sin of all people, without making any revocation due to the assignment of an individual way of life. It does not mean he condones the behavior of sin, but he made provision for the salvation of all people base on his judgment and not our judgment towards each other. I think we are accountable for our own lives, but the moral compass is to assure the freedom of all people to have civil liberties that consist of them having the rights to pursue happiness. President Obama brought the realization to the moral compass that says you do not have to compromise your core values to respect the civil liberties of other people happiness. I thank my President for his leadership that opened my eyes to understand that God is the judgment of our sins; we are just the overseer of our actions.

I feel the charge of thinking that setting provisions for those that falls under hardship is the right thing to do. The republicans have met a new low, when they passed the “Paul Ryan Budget” in the House of Representatives this past week. One of the very reasons America cannot afford to take the risk of giving them plenary power of government. The sad part about it all, is those whom the republicans claim they are trying to protect because they will provide the expansion of an solvent model for this economy, are sitting in silence although they know that paying less taxes has very little effect with improving the economy. In The Biology Of Our Economy’s Health, I break down the components of our economy using the analogy of the body and the importance of the system as a whole. We need everyone to act with some level of responsibility for the health of this economy, by speaking out against mindless austerity measures push by those who chose greed over sound policies. Our moral compass compelled many to compose an internal evaluation that features the self-subservient nature to overlook the consciousness of right for the settlement of what is publicly expedient or less controversy. I think when it mattered too so many, the President did what was consciously and morally right, he shown great leadership and encouragement with a controversy subject that some may consider a net-negative for his reelection.

Children’s well being

The big landscape topics of social issues have revolutionize the state of mind with opening a broad discussing that reflects our children’s well being. The ironic temperament of fighting for the rights to pro-life seem counterproductive when you narrowly push the argument of denying poor children the right of being provided with safety nets that enhance their way of life. The republicans has engaged in a pettifog against policies that involve keeping the interest level low for student’s loans, funding for food programs for children and seniors, while protecting tax cuts for millionaires, billionaires, and oil companies. You must ask yourself, “does this type of austerity on the poor, make a person feel good with bringing a child into a world of assured poverty?” Hypocrisy is the biggest mantra of the GOP sermon on abortion and contraceptive issues – without granting provision for a safety net system for children’s well being. America must remember that we are the keeper of every child that exists in this nation. When you start to undermined the children’s well being in life, you set the trap for a byproduct of impoverish conditions.

The Republicans throw students under the bus:

Fix the looming increase in student loan rates:


Part of the problem is democrats share the incredible burden of ripping the taxpayers off with unnecessary bureaucracy that only impede the flow of good governance. The loyalty the GOP shows to their big money donors is remarkably notable, but rescinds on the components of constitutional ordinance with governance. Together both parties are guilty of cheating America of operating within the confinements of the constitution – making their reckless behavior to conduct the check and balance system of managing our tax dollars criminal. Democrats can challenge every filibuster with bringing it to a cloture vote that continues until the last delay tactic of a filibuster ends, even if it takes three weeks without going home. The democrats do not have the moxie to put the republicans to task, instead, they uses the republican’s filibuster method as a scapegoat for not representing the American people. My problem with the government system is their concern for this economy’s health been infinitesimal at best. Congress has shown something of a lackadaisical interest with performing according to protocol of our constitution – democrats and republicans alike are guilty of committing these hideous infractions in government. The constitution has giving us the right to retract power from those in congress who abuse their position in government by the people, the only exemption immune to the retraction of power is the judicial and executive branches. The Constitution predicates congress to inherit impeachment powers vis-à-vis a sitting president’s infractions in office becomes contrary to our constitution.


Any representative of government vis-à-vis congress must respect the canon for which the constitution was implemented, and abide by the laws that construct the operation of due diligence in office. To plot or conspire with the notion to take down a president elect through impeding the natural order of governance is treasonous, because it undermines the will of the people that the constitution suppose to protect. The framework of the Constitution isn’t a document made to constrain the people’s conduct of due diligence, but it was ascertain to keep a check and balance of a governmental system. Congress controls the pocketbook so that they can scrutinize any unnecessary spending committed by the executive branch, making it very absurd to accuse any president of the sole responsibility of our deficit. The people have control over their representatives in office, and this allows us to picket outside their office held in every district until they assure proper representation. Congress has gotten too big to listen to a whisper, so we must elevate our voices for them to listen by demanding representation or step down from position! The people must stifle congress flamboyant ways in office that allows them to favor big money over votes – otherwise the constitution will never assure the due diligence base on its words alone, the people is the power that constitutes the language of conduct in government. We must exercise some sort of interest in the conduct of our government before they commit the greatest infraction of all times! The assassination of our democracy… will be the results of a lame duck America refusal to engage!


The CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, the global market whiz kid of smart investments loss 2 billion and counting base on derivatives, a flashback of 2008 seems to be emerging. The reckless sport of risk betting by the financial firms that led to the recession in 2008, extend from deregulation of the investment markets. The flashback of those years can make you quiver, but the fight in Washington right now is over greater regulations by the democrats and less regulations by the republicans. The crisis phenomenon of 2008 consists of bankers swapping credit debt of home ownership through derivatives and back by hedge fund insurance. The bubble started to occur by homes going into default and exposing the false numbers of the original note repackaged to reflect extreme interest on predatory lending. You sign a promissory note on a home created by a felonious salary base on low interest secured by a flexible-rate model. The interest rate shots up due to market changes the payee goes in default because the interest rate added over three to four hundred dollars more to the monthly payments. The bank than repackage your loan as a derivative for a credit swap to a clearinghouse at wholesale value protected by a hedge fund that counterparts investors capitalizes through gouging the interest rate on the original note. The flashback moment is when the bubble started to burst and it caused the recession of 2008.


The deficit in this country is being played like a swollen-thumb that gotten slammed in the door of democratic bad spending habits. The republicans are behaving like frugality have been their fiscal policy since 2001 – 2008 under the Bush Administration, although their stewardship has been a fiscal disaster they manage to convoluted those years as Obama’s policies that collapse the economy. The deficit raised by President Obama stems from the residual economic avalanche that created a recession that forced the President into deficit spending to reverse the downward motion into a recovery status. The recovery has never reached its aspiration because of the sabotaging the republican have been doing to discourage Obama’s policies from ever manifesting its maximal potential. Mitt Romney can never solve the problem of this country because he continues to tell bold face lies on the status of this country’s economy and his true intentions to turn us into a plutocratic state. The Romney / Ryan budget plan will increase the deficit in this country by 7 trillion dollars and make the safety-net system in this country obsolete because of the depletion of revenue for our government to function in a viable manner. One of the culprits for causing the high deficit is the central bank i.e. (Federal Reserve), because they lend out capital to banks at 0.01 in interest at the discount window to financial institution that lends those monies out at astronomical interest to the public. The Federal Reserve lending methods to financial institutions makes the safety-net systems of government burdensome in depleted funds because of the interest rate levels lend to the public by financial institutions that impoverish the society.

The end game

The end game comes down to rather you want a country that is infested with civil wars to restore the freedom of our Constitution and regain our democracy. We cannot afford to rollback the years of progress for the regressive intent of the republicans’ ideology. The end game is capitalism cannot work without responsible lending by the central bank system known as the (Federal Reserve), without charging a deficit fee of 0.05 percent on every dollar lend to financial institutions that get used to pay down our deficit. When the Federal Reserve takes on a sound approach to lending, it strengthens the dollar and controls inflationary spending that can devalue our capital system. The end game is in order for our government to return, it needs revenue not draconian cuts pushed by the Republican Party, because they want to cut off the lifeline for a safety-net system that once benefit the same people who opposes it. The end game is the President’s policies has us on the right track, and the only thing that is holding our recovery back are the treasonous behavior of those who proclaimed they would do everything in their power for him to fail is a blatant assassination of our democracy. The end game is do we want to let the most capable president we ever had fail because of the intransigence and bigotry of the Republican Party purposely preventing America from succeeding? I think this is the question one must ask themselves when you claim your love for America this November! That is MyMO.

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