Trayvon cannot defend

The idea of someone shooting and killing an innocent 17 years old kid, while the authorities set free the killer with no reprehensible charges ever brought against him is despicable. Trayvon Martin cannot defend the new developments proclaimed by George Zimmerman, reporting that Trayvon attacked him seems fictitious. We will let the facts speak for itself as I walk you through the nonsensical practices committed by the Sanford Florida Police when they failed to apprehend George Zimmerman, due to a trifling law called “Stand Your Ground,” the wild wild west of laws.

On February 26, 2012 approximately 7:16pm, George Zimmerman, a self-appointed neighborhood-watch captain fatally shot and killed Trayvon Martin. Before that very incident taken place on the day in question, Trayvon was walking to his Father’s girlfriend home after purchasing skittles and Arizona ice tea according to sources. Zimmerman invoked self-defense based on his story or recall of events that advocates him as a victim beaten by Trayvon on the night in question. Trayvon cannot defend himself because the dead can’t speak, but evidence does. The facts in this case was made to support George Zimmerman from the very start of him pulling the trigger by the Sanford Police tampering and overlooking the scope of evidence to the case.

The ineptitude of the Sanford Police was massive, but supposedly hindered by a law that refrain their enforcement obligation to make an arrest. The “Stand Your Ground Law,” is a law that should had never existed base on the magnitude of its expansion to create vigilantism among this society. George Zimmerman was a man who needed power and prestige according to his own pursuant nature to become an enforcement officer, but failed to succeed in his endeavors. Stand Your Ground Law, created this force sense of power in George, therefore, made him developed the in-charge character of an unofficial neighborhood watch captain. Anyone with a mentality of that sought will always become the aggressor in any delicate situation, but Trayvon cannot defend his position that George pursued him from the grave, so the evidence must speak for him.

George Zimmerman 911 call:


Everyone by now heard parts of the evidence of the 911 tape of George talking with the operator. The time was about 7:11pm when George reported that he spotted a suspicious character (Trayvon), and he looked like he is looking for trouble. Mind you, George is making this accusation from a distance of Trayvon walking to his father’s place from a convenient store. Trayvon receives a phone call from his girlfriend about 7:12pm as he’s answering his cell phone in his pocket, George is reporting to the 911 operator, “Look like he’s reaching for a weapon and he’s coming towards me, I think he’s up to no good.” Trayvon cannot defend himself from the grave, so the evidence must speak for him. Trayvon passes George as he put his hoodie on because it started to drizzle, George still on the phone says to the operator he’s getting away and the operator warns him not to pursue Trayvon. George makes a derogatory reference about Trayvon to the operator saying, “They always get away,” and the operator asked, “Are you following him,” George cited, “yeah,” and the operator forcefully repeated for George not to pursue him and she had dispatched the police.

Trayvon girlfriend’s retrospect of that moment picks up from George following Trayvon, because Trayvon tells his girlfriend, “I think some guy is following me.” His girlfriend tells him to run and Trayvon told her that he’s not going to run, but he will start walking faster to lose him. The time is about 7:15pm when he tells his girlfriend he doesn’t see the man following him anymore. George catches up with Trayvon and this is when his girlfriend says Trayvon asked, “Why are you’re following me man?” according to his girlfriend. George confronted him by asking, “What are you doing in this neighborhood?” before the phone went blank according to Trayvon’s girlfriend. Trayvon cannot defend himself, so the evidence must speak for him.

At 7:16pm, an ear-witness is on the phone with a 911 operator reporting that she hears a young person crying for help, and in the background of the call, you can hear Trayvon yelling for help just before the single shot rings out and the yelling goes silent. According to the officers on the scene, they arrived at 7:17pm to encounter Trayvon on the ground bleeding from a chest wound. The evidence of that timeline leads you to the understanding that the officers was in close proximity to bear witness to the screaming and the sound of the gunshot.

The Father’s testimony:

My take

My take on what happen is the officers treated George with the code-of-silence because of his ties to the infrastructure of law enforcement. Too many people tried to sweep this incident as if it didn’t existed. Thanks to black leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, it received the level of attention it deserved. Those who say the incident that arise shouldn’t reach the circulation of concern on a national level, think of your child profiled and killed by the hands of an overacted individual who took the law in his hand against your innocent child. My take on George in protection and safeguarded from facing an arrest due to the evidence looks suspicious. The whole claim of him screaming for help, and his head pounded on the ground by Trayvon as well as his broken nose is suspicious. Just base on the timeline of events, the 911 call and girlfriend’s recollection of that night contradicts George whole claim. The screams were fluent and continuous without interruption, until you heard the gun shot. Therefore, I will give you my take on what really happen on that very day base on the account of events.

Anyone who knows about trauma knows that when a person getting his or her head pounded on the ground makes it impossible for anyone to maintain a continuous scream without interruption. Any medical profession could agree to my indication base on the 911 tape, the voice of a pounded head screaming could not keep a fluent cry for help, while at the same time being pounded on concrete the night in question. The voice heard was Trayvon’s screams for his life without a doubt. George claimed Trayvon broken his nose just before pounding his head on the pavement. My take on George claims do not render the reason why in the video of him entering the precinct coming out of the patrol car his blood was not on his clothing, nor was there any sign of swelling in his facial area of the nose. Usually when a person receives a broken nose the area surrounding becomes black and blue. Case in point, George perfused bleeding of the nose would had flooded the sinus canal cavity when his head was pounded causing him to choke preventing the ability to scream.

Trayvon Martin’s last call:

All of the evidence points to George acting irresponsibly against an innocent young African American kid for no real or justified means, resulting to the death of that young man. George was a punk with a gun and attitude that decided to take the law into his hands without any crime in progress or reason for his actions of shooting Trayvon Martin because his ill-minded belief he was protecting his neighborhood. The Sanford Police aid and abetted George’s crusade on crime because they affiliated the assumption of authority was on his side when he made those seventy or more frivolous emergency dog-watch calls with no reprimanded action coming from the Sanford Police to stop misusing the call-in privilege. George vigilantism was create by his community and state law making him a product of his own surroundings – leaves the question of how many George Zimmerman are out in this world with the belief they are doing the community at large some good.

There is only one true victim

There is only one true victim in the death of Trayvon Martin and it is Trayvon. The others are his parents for not getting a fair procedure enacted upon following their son’s death by the Sanford Police. There is only one true victim in the death of Trayvon we know, but he’s no longer here to feel the pain of the aftermath following his death, so we must look at the assailant George as a victim of the society that created him. The society that privileges those because the esteem positions their parents assures in the community. The lawmakers who passed laws they know may become a prospect of criticism though it is pass regardless. The community that invokes the contra of prejudicious behavior base on inherited differences. The silences of those who can make impressive inroads against inequality yet remain stifled by their own selfishness. The essential role played by the media that mislead and exuviated the layers of truth by creating lies to benefit the political hype. The medical field of science that develop the drugs administered to us from birth ceasing our ability to cope without some dependencies – helped abduct the next drug user and dealer.

Government need to build more prison facilities than schools with the strong derivative and preoccupation to pursue that type of environment among our society help encourage crime. All of the things I mention are the products that manifest misgivings with our way of life – erecting the monster in the room that seizes apprehension with how we think about each other. The peculiar character you must engage or else attitude become an outreach call for action by the individual. I know George is a person, who wishes he had another way out of the criminal implication of that day, but there is only one true victim that day on February 26, 2012 at 7:16pm and his name was Trayvon Martin. I pray that God blessed the soul of Trayvon Martin and bring him the justice he and his family deserve, so he can rest in peace. The wheels of motion must get it right in Sanford Florida, because the whole world is watching.

Defense team

The Zimmerman’s defense team is recklessly trying to tie their client to the crying voice of Trayvon, as George who is crying for help is a serious gross negligence of practice. It will never meet a passion of doubt with jurors of his peers because of the obvious circumstances adopted around this case nationally. The arrogance of George’s Defense Team to cowardly use the stress-call identity of a victim as their client’s identity and their client to have initiated such nonsense is despicable. The only defense that could reach any level of doubt with a jury of George’s peers would be he thought Trayvon was reaching for a weapon base on his original call he made with 911, when he said, “I think he is reaching for a weapon or something. That would have been more believable for George’s Defense Team than the fabricated claim of getting your head bashed in while yelling for help.

Everyone knows when a person is winning a fight, you become vigilant to every move your opponent is making because your adrenaline flow will exaggerate those abilities; making it impossible for a fight of that magnitude, to allow such a short timeline in events. Secondly, Trayvon would not surrender so quickly the upper hand with a cry for help without primarily trying to retrieve the gun. George Zimmerman confronted Trayvon than knock the cell phone out of his hand causing the connection with his girlfriend to disconnect, and George pulls out his gun causing Trayvon to yell for his life and pulls the trigger killing Trayvon, accounts for the one-minute period of event. George committed premeditated murder because he had ample time to reconsider his pursue of an unarmed kid, who never devoted to any crime that day. That’s MyMO, what is your understanding?


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