My Heart Keeps Beating

The loss of Trayvon Martin’s life has not only devastated a community, but it hurts every black man in America though my heart keeps beating. The day we elected President Barack H. Obama to the sacred office of the white, men only house club, America the beautiful started looking not so beautiful! The blue tinted glasses everyone seemed to have been looking through over the years have transformed beauty into bigotry, though my heart keeps beating.

George Zimmerman is one of many men living in Florida with the sick privilege of thinking they have the right to use deadly force without facing consequences. Florida Statue 776.012 (Stand Your Ground Law):
A person is justified in the use of deadly force and does not have a duty to retreat if… He or She reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or bodily harm… This law to me sounds like the wild wild west of laws! You need to ask yourself something with laws that grant the right for civilians to take matters into their own hands, along with the easy access to guns, how many minorities understood the existence of that law? My guess not many, because so many minorities fail to draft the common interest of laws, if they feel it does not involve any immediate interest to them. Knowing outrageous laws like the one that exist in Florida should become a marquee interest of all American citizens, because I’ve vacationed numerous of times there oblivious to the danger of that existent law in Florida, though my heart keeps beating.

The Young Turks report on Trayvon Martin:

My heart keeps beating in the memory of a young black man living in a society that tips the scale of justice against him who probably never really understood the wrongs of bigotry or hatred, because we have padded that understanding with lies of change. The lawmakers and leaders of society have victimized Trayvon Martin’s generation with the belief that those days of racism is long gone… so let us move on without addressing the truth, helped killed Trayvon Martin, though my heart keeps beating. The comfort of this society is we indulged our whole demeanor based on documents that outlined the conductivity of America in which we call, The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights and The US Constitution in which most of America do not understand the full disclosure of its operative authority, but let us digress for a moment.

The Great Men

The great men whom doctored the scrolls we so dearly hold as the beatitudes to our daily functions, may be turning in their graves from the mockery we have brought to the true meanings of the precious penmanship of language we misinterpreted. In the second amendment of the Bill of Rights it states; A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. The second amendment was appropriate due to a Militia structure within an infringement against natural citizen’s right to a Free State in a time of war. We are States of laws that protects those very rights for our citizens, enforced by a government system structured by The Constitution of United States. Therefore, the great men who written the second amendment has been taking out of contents to service the need of the NRA’s interest to get rich. We actually do not have the right to bear arms without a threat against a Free State Society. The Great Men of marvelous thinkers would feel depress over the wrongful misinterpretation of such a well-accomplished document, inflicting the right to kill the innocent of our society as it has today.

Our Society

I cried tears over the young man Trayvon Martin, killed by George Zimmerman in Florida, because he is the son of our society. Our society that failed him includes the officers, who responded to the scene, it includes the lawmakers who sponsored the law that let George Zimmerman escape the responsibility of his reckless actions. The (Stand Your Ground Law), must become outlawed and void in the name of Trayvon Martin. He was the son of our society, who became a victim of America’s tolerates towards these kinds of travesties by circumventing our position to act in favor of not dealing with racism. It really hurts to know our society will not come together as human beings with the will to love one another, regardless to your position of race or wealth, because the sun shines on us all the same.

Witness speaks out:

I will end by sending my condolences to the family of Trayvon Martin, and I pray that God help them to get justice and comfort for the loss of their son. It is not easy living in our society when there are those who still believe that the right of one is not good enough for all. When people decide it is okay to criticize one group, but think you are exempt from those same criticisms. When lawmakers encroach on women’s right to control their decisions with their own bodies, and divide the principles of good from ever reaching preventive care with their health. Our society let thousands of people live in starvation and homelessness, while candidates going around spending hundredth of millions on campaign wars. The ill-minded ways of this society is remarkable and callous when you think of the streamline core belief of those who wants to take us back to the hardships we are slowly climbing out of since the recession.

God bless this country and the world beyond, because at the rate we are going I feel we are going to need it… and at long as my heart keeps beating, I will always speak out against bigotry and racism. Thank you for reading that’s MyMO.


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