He Had a Dream

No one knows why God chosen certain individuals to carry out his intentions. One thing for sure he measures the time-line of their existence to fulfill the purpose of his order. We look at Dr Martin Luther King Jr. as the great orator of our time and a man whom epitomized peace and equality for all human beings. Dr King did not see the world through the eyes of man, but he saw it through the eyes of God. We all share some familiarity with the legacy of Dr King throughout our history, without really understanding the true heart of the man.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. was a man of God who shared the full balance of his life prophesying the vision that the Lord given him. He stood as a marquee that shadowed love throughout his occupation, in spite of the opposition he had to undertake. I was just a baby when his life expired and although I was coming to be four that May of 1968, I understood the sadness that captured America on April 4, 1968. I was playing with my older brother’s G.I.JOE figurines on the living room floor and my mother and grandmother were watching a 20″ inch black and white T.V., when I heard them screaming and crying. I became so nervous that I ran and sat next to my mother’s leg as she sat on the couch weeping, as I watched the commotion on T.V…

I was confused as they showed people crying and rioting braking out all over and I started to cry along with my family. It was surreal in the back of my mind until the moment engraved my memory forever. I could not understand the nature or reason behind the death of Dr King, because my innocence never allowed me to comprehend as a child of 4 years old. My mother and grandmother explained to me in some child-like way, that he died because bad people, who did not like peace. I understood that as they did not want to be his friend anymore, so they hurt him so they did not had to stay friends.

Today, I am a grown man who understands the true legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and the love that he tried to instill in us all. The problem with us all today is we stopped dreaming. Dreams are our only connection with hope, it serves the conscience to believe in a better tomorrow and give us a doorway to see the intentions of God. When one dreams it imposes on the cerebral encryption that unlocks the true state of interpretations that causes the body to interact with knowledge impeded in the brain. Some dreams display a product of fantasies and some produces nightmares, because the gift of dreams summons the pattern of reality from idealism that deals with the perpetual knowledge of good and evil from the forbidden fruit consumed by Adam and Eve.

Déjà vu; is a phenomenon experience of seeing an illusion of previous occurrences happening right before your face. It is as if you catapult your way into the future before you actually lived it. The only explanation for such phenomenon is that we been here before, but it would not allow the understanding with how it happens uniformly to one’s dream. The only explanation is the predestine nature of God’s intentions being reveal to us in our dreams. We do have free agency of choice, we determine our ending according to what choices we make between good and evil, and God is the architect of the reality of our decisions. Dreams give us hope and condition our lives so that we can contain a source of believe that provides our weaknesses with the aspiration for a chance to make changes for the better.

Dr Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that God himself given him and, this is why he was not only an elegant orator filled with the prospective nature of God but he was send to us in a time appointed by God to do his work. The bible gives account for his existence in the book of Isaiah chapter 3 verses 1-5 and in those verses God said he will give us great people that will not remain long with us, but has come to fulfill a purpose. When Dr Martin Luther King gave one of his last speeches about the “Mountain Top”, it was the predicament of his death and in the last verse he stated, “My eyes has seen the glory of the coming of the Lord”. He was not just a man of peace and a leader of righteousness for civil obedience; he was a man of God first who kept his deliverance of God’s order.

He had a dream and Dr Martin Luther King followed that dream unto his very own death. I love Dr King and I dedicate my love and intentions to keep living out the legacy of his dream in my everyday life. I am not perfect in my ways and there are many times when the demons of thought invade my intentions, my only hope is that I can one day overcome the bad temptations and live my dream. Let us all try to amend our ways and bring a little civility in our lives because our dream depends on it. That’s the MMO


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